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    Archived pages: 16 . Archive date: 2013-08.

  • Title: Amanda Network Backup: Open Source Backup for Linux, Windows, UNIX and OS X
    Descriptive info: .. Download.. |.. FAQ.. Wiki.. About Amanda.. General Information.. Copyright.. Download Amanda.. Support.. Amanda Wiki.. Amanda forums.. Tape Type List.. #amanda.. Mailing Lists.. Commercial Support.. Project.. Source Code.. Developer Documentation.. Open Tasks.. Amanda Network Backup.. Open Source.. Open Formats.. Open APIs.. What is Amanda?.. AMANDA, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver, is a backup solution that allows the IT administrator to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts over network to tape drives/changers or disks or optical media.. Amanda uses native utilities and formats (e.. g.. dump and/or GNU tar) and can back up a large number of servers and workstations running multiple versions of Linux or Unix.. Amanda uses a.. native Windows client.. to back up Microsoft Windows desktops and servers.. The most recent.. stable release.. is version 3.. 3.. 4, released on July 3, 2013.. The latest.. release.. in the 3.. 2.. x series is 3.. 3, released on May 9, 2011.. It is a bug fix release for version 3.. 1.. 3, released on October 5, 2010.. It is a security release for version 3.. Amanda-3.. 2 has a.. known security vulnerability.. , and all users should upgrade to Amanda-3.. 3 as soon as possible.. See.. the security alert.. Download here!.. (.. README.. ).. Release Notes for 3.. 4:.. amreport.. new --format argument.. new 'json' and 'json_raw' format.. amanda.. conf.. new REPORT-FORMAT option.. amtape.. new 'verify' command.. amadmin.. new 'force-level-1' command.. ampgsql.. Add VERBOSE property.. S3 device.. handle DURABLE_REDUCED_AVAILABILITY for google storage.. Many bugs fix.. 3:.. amdump.. X log files use timestamp instead of number, amdump and amdump.. 1 are maintained as symlink.. chg-disk.. Use the changerfile for the statefile.. s3 device.. Support CASTOR storage.. New REPORT-USE-MEDIA and REPORT-NEXT-MEDIA setting.. amfetchdump.. New --extract, --directory, --data-path and --application-property arguments.. It allow to do the extraction on the server.. --exact-match argument to many command, and '=' prefix to expression.. It diable use of expression for host, disk, level and datestamp on command line argument.. All changer scripts.. Add LOCK-TIMEOUT property.. Many bug fix.. 2:.. amgtar.. New IGNORE-ZEROS property.. amsamba.. Fix use of subdir for restore.. New PROXY property.. New PASSWORD, USERNAME, TENANT_ID, TENANT_NAME properties.. New STORAGE_API property.. New S3_MULTI_DELETE property.. New CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET and REFRESH_TOKEN properties.. New CREATE-BUCKET property.. New PROJECT-ID property.. New REUSE-CONNECTION property.. Works with swift and google storage.. NDMP device.. Add INDIRECT property.. Add 'max-warnings', The maximum number of warning lines in the report.. Default 'columspec' changed to: HostName=0:-12:12,Disk=1:-11:11,Level=1:-1:1,OrigKB=1:-7:0,OutKB=1:-7:0,Compress=1:-6:1,DumpTime=1:-7:7,Dumprate=1:-6:1,TapeTime=1:-6:6,TapeRate=1:-6:1.. Add --no-default and --print-source arguments for config and disklist command.. Print progress.. Add --decrypt, --no-decrypt, --server-decrypt, --client-decrypt, --compress, --no-compress, --server-compress and --client-compress options.. fix for compilation with newer glib.. fix for compilation on cigwin.. Many bug fix.. 1:.. amrecover.. new 'settransalte' command.. new '$s' substitution in autolabel.. new 'max-dle-by-volume' global option.. new 'eject-volume' global option.. diskfile.. new '--client-verbose' argument.. all programs have a new '--version' argument.. ampgsql can take property from server configuration.. amgetconf can print one property of a section.. new S3_SERVER_SIDE_ENCRYPTION property.. use multiple thread to speedup deleting a volume.. many bug fix.. 0:.. The default auth is changed to "bsdtcp", if you are using the default bsd then you must add it to your configuration:.. in amanda.. conf.. in amanda-client.. in dumptype/disklist.. in xinetd (if no '-auth' argument to amandad).. amdump trap crtl-c, it still send the report and do cleanup if you do one crtl-c, do it more than once to abort the run.. use multiple threads to speedup the transfer.. can connect to eucalytus and google storage.. new NB_THREADS_BACKUP property.. new NB_THREADS_RECOVERY property.. new S3_HOST property.. new S3_SERVICE_PATH property.. new S3_SUBDOMAIN property.. chg-aggregate: new changer that use other changer sequentially.. meta-volume.. Add meta label in tapelist file.. chg-disk:.. new NUM-SLOT property.. new AUTO-CREATE-SLOT property.. new REMOVABLE property.. new MOUNT property.. new UMOUNT property.. new UMOUNT-LOCKFILE property.. new UMOUNT-IDLE property.. Change in amanda.. new meta-autolabel option.. autolabel can include org, config, barcode, meta in the label.. new client-name option in appication and script.. application and script in amanda-client.. conf can be used to set default properties for application or script.. amlabel.. The label argument is no longer required, an autolabel can be generated.. new --meta option.. new --barcode option.. new --assign option.. amgtar, amstar: The path must be specified, it will not works with a device.. amrecover: decompression and decryption are now done on the client if compression/encryption was done on the client.. amtape: inventory print the current slot.. conf:.. autoflush have value "no|yes|all".. script have single-execution setting.. Add pre-amcheck, post-amcheck, pre-estimate, post-estimate, pre-backup and post-backup to execute-on of script.. Add  ...   drive amanda can write to in parallel.. deprecated configuration keywords:.. amrecover_do_fsf.. amrecover_check_label.. The CONFIG parameter to amidxtaped is now required; this means that versions of amrecover older than 2.. 4.. 3 will be unable to recover from servers running Amanda-3.. 2 and later.. The new dumptype and global parameters 'recovery-limit' can be used to limit which hosts may recover from a particular DLE.. See amanda.. conf(5) and amanda-auth(7) for more information.. Several old changers have been removed - these changers will work with Amanda for the forseeable future, but are no longer included in the distribution.. chg-chio.. chg-chs.. chg-iomega.. chg-juke.. chg-mcutil.. chg-mtx.. chg-null (use the new "chg-null:").. chg-rait (use the new "chg-rait:{dev1,dev2}").. chg-rth.. chg-scsi-chio.. chg-scsi.. Amvault is much improved, but still experimental:.. supports assembling split parts on the source volume and re-splitting them on the destination.. supports filtering dumps with the same syntax as amfetchdump.. a --fulls-only option skips all incremental dumps on the source.. an --export option tries to move tertiary volumes to import/export slots when completed.. command-line syntax has changed incompatibly; see manpage or 'amvault --help'.. Rewritten and improved:.. amoverview.. amcheckdump.. Release Notes for the 3.. x release series:.. config.. The 'rawtapedev' keyword was removed, and the 'label_new_tapes' keyword was deprecated.. New warnings for dangerous splitting configurations.. changer.. We have many changers implementing the new changer API.. The new changers are faster, more reliable, and have many new features.. One new features is that the changer keeps track of which label is in which slot, allowing it to locate a tape faster.. But with some changers (new chg-multi or chg-robot without a barcode), it doesn't get automaticaly notified if you change the volume in a slot.. In this case, you must notify the changer of it with the 'amtape.. update' command:.. amtape DailySet1 update 3-8.. amtape DailySet1 update 3-8=.. amtape DailySet1 update 3=DailySet003.. See amanda-changers(7) for more information.. ndmp, dvdrw.. New Amanda devices - see amanda-devices(7) for more information.. amsamba.. The default amandapass file for the amsamba application is $CONFIG_DIR/amandapass, but it is /etc/amandapass for program GNUTAR.. Don't forget to move the file if you switch to the amsamba application.. ampgsql, amsuntar, amraw.. New applications to back up PostgreSQL databases, Solaris systems, and raw device files, respectively.. amtape.. Amtape's behavior has changed; see NEWS.. amrmtape.. Rewritten with new command-line interface; see NEWS.. amdevcheck.. New --label and --properties options give more information about device.. amreport.. New, more natural command-line interface (try 'amreport $config').. Release Notes for 2.. 6.. 1p2:.. amtapetype: new -p option.. Bug Fixes.. S3 device driver.. file not removed from holding disk.. sendbackup compatibility with a 2.. 2 server.. handle EROFS error from tape device.. zfs snapshot name us the diskname.. fix fd allocation in amandad.. crash in amflush.. 1p1:.. amplot: better output.. Don't include genversion.. h in distribution tarballs.. rait device driver.. amstatus.. configure.. application-api.. compilation on some platform.. others small bug.. Application API: Allow to easily write wrappers around any backup program, See the 'amanda-applications' man page.. amgtar: Use GNU tar, it is a lot more configurable than the GNUTAR program.. See 'amgtar' man page.. amstar: Use star to do a backup, it work only on a partition.. See 'amstar' man page.. amsamba: Use smbclient to backup a cifs share, see amsamba man page.. amzfs-sendrecv: Do a backup of a ZFS filesystem with 'zfs send'.. Script API: Allow to run script before and after amanda process, see the 'amanda-scripts' man page.. amzfs-snapshot: Do a snapshot of a ZFS filesystem, then 'amgtar' application will backup the snapshot.. See 'amzfs-snapshot' man page.. script-email: Simple script to send email.. see 'script-email' man page.. Changer API v2.. 0: perl-based changer interface supporting concurrent use of multiple devices and changers.. currently operating in "compatibility mode," calling old changer shell scripts.. under active development.. Xfer API: generic library to move and filter data with maximal efficiency.. can read from and write to arbitrary devices, files, etc.. only used in some applications.. Amanda archive format: A simple archive format that an application can use to create backup image.. 'amarchiver' program to manipulate file in amanda archive format.. Many improvements to report better error message to user.. amtape subcommands 'slot prev' and 'slot last' are removed.. Dozens more perl libraries, with more stable interfaces.. Bug fixes and improvements.. amgetconf '--client' option to retrieve config from amanda-client.. conf on a client.. Amanda configuration file changes.. new application-tool section.. new script-tool section.. new device section.. new changer section.. Amanda Web Pages.. Amanda wiki.. Backup Recovery.. (O'Reilly 2007) has a.. chapter dedicated to Amanda.. Last updated: $Date: 2013/07/03 18:38:22 $..

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  • Title: Download Amanda
    Descriptive info: PLEASE NOTE: THIS SOFTWARE IS BEING MADE AVAILABLE ''AS-IS''.. UMD and the Amanda contributers are making this work available so that other people can use it.. This software is in production use at a number of sites around the world, but we make no warranties that it will work for you.. There is no free support available other than users helping each other on the.. amanda-users mailing list.. Other support options.. can be found here.. Binary packages.. To download Amanda binary packages (e.. RPMs, debian packages, Win32 Windows client) for stable and beta versions for various distributions and source tarball please visit the following page:.. http://www.. zmanda.. com/download-amanda.. php.. Source packages.. Amanda project is hosted at.. SourceForge.. You can download the most recent release (source tarball) from this page, and both new and old releases (source tarball) can also be found on the.. sourceforge download page.. Daily snapshots from all active branches are available from.. com/community-builds.. Status.. Release.. Date.. CVS.. Subversion.. tag.. branch.. STABLE.. 3.. July 3 2013.. amanda/tags/community_3_3_4.. amanda/branches/3_3.. January 10 2013.. amanda/tags/community_3_3_3.. July 25 2012.. amanda/tags/community_3_3_2.. February 21 2012.. amanda/tags/community_3_3_1.. 0.. June 2 2011.. amanda/tags/3_3_0.. May 9 2011.. amanda/tags/3_2_3.. amanda/branches/3_2.. March 10 2011.. amanda/tags/3_2_2.. December 14 2010.. amanda/tags/3_2_1.. October 18 2010.. amanda/tags/3_2_0.. October 5 2010.. amanda/tags/3_1_3.. amanda/branches/3_1.. August 12 2010.. amanda/tags/3_1_2.. June 29 2010.. amanda/tags/3_1_1.. May 28 2010.. amanda/tags/3_1_0.. 2..  ...   in CVS.. Note that some old, unsupported Amanda releases are available from.. ftp://ftp.. amanda.. org/pub/amanda.. Subversion Access.. Amanda subversion repository is hosted at.. Amanda Subversion tree access.. Browsing Amanda subversion tree anonymously.. Amanda subversion access for downloading source tree.. Branch use in Amanda subversion tree.. The tag in the above table will allow you to get the same source as the release.. The branch in the above table will allow you to get the most recent source for this branch, it include the fix since the release.. To check out a specific tag or branch:.. svn co https://svn.. code.. sf.. net/p/amanda/code/ tag_or_branch.. eg.. net/p/amanda/code/amanda/trunk.. Git Access.. The git repository at.. github.. is a mirror of the Subversion repository.. The mirror polls periodically, so it may lag Subversion by a few hours.. Several of the Amanda developers use git for day-to-day development, and github provides an easy way for new developers to get involved with Amanda.. http://github.. com/zmanda/amanda.. CVS Access.. Note that the Amanda CVS repository is no longer maintained.. It is hosted at.. The CVS module name is:.. Amanda CVS tree access.. Browsing Amanda CVS tree anonymously.. Amanda CVS access for downloading source tree.. Branch use in Amanda CVS tree.. cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@amanda.. cvs.. sourceforge.. net:/cvsroot/amanda co -r tag_or_branch amanda;.. net:/cvsroot/amanda co -r amanda-251-branch amanda.. Patches (Old).. Patches for 2.. 5 or prior releases..

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  • Title: AMANDA, The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
    Descriptive info: WHAT IS AMANDA.. AMANDA, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver, is a backup system that allows the administrator of a LAN to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts to a single large capacity tape or disk drive.. Amanda uses native tools (such as GNUtar, dump) for backup and can back up a large number of workstations running multiple versions of Unix/Mac OS X/Linux/Windows.. HISTORY.. It was originally written by James da Silva while at the.. University of Maryland.. 's.. Computer Science Department.. where it was initially fielded.. Over time, Blair Zajac picked up around version 2.. 0 and  ...   was created that has seen people come and go.. The current list of people who considered developers (that is, they have write access to the CVS repository) can be found in the AUTHORS file in the top of the Amanda distribution.. After maintenance stopped being supported by the.. , AMANDA moved it's CVS repository and main web site to.. Sourceforge.. , where it lives today.. The mailing lists left the department and the cs.. umd.. edu domain, and have been living at.. org.. compliments of.. Omniscient Technologies.. since January of 1998.. Today, Amanda's development is supported by.. Zmanda.. MORE.. See the.. Amanda README.. for more information..

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  • Title: Amanda Copyright
    Descriptive info: Amanda Copyright.. Copyright (c) 1997, 1998 University of Maryland at College Park, All Rights Reserved.. Portions copyrighted by individual contributers, see the distribution for details.. Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell this software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting documentation, and that the name of U.. M.. not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of  ...   any purpose.. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.. DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO THIS SOFTWARE, INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS, IN NO EVENT SHALL U.. BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER RESULTING FROM LOSS OF USE, DATA OR PROFITS, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER TORTUOUS ACTION, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OR PERFORMANCE OF THIS SOFTWARE.. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SOFTWARE IS BEING MADE AVAILABLE ``AS-IS''..

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  • Title: Amanda IRC channel
    Descriptive info: Amanda Wiki.. FAQ.. Amanda forums.. Tape Type list.. #amanda.. Mailing lists.. Commercial Support.. Amanda IRC channel.. The #amanda IRC channel was founded to provide a complimentary resource to the AMANDA mailing lists and website.. The regulars (and channel founders) dwell in the southern hemisphere, so don't be surprised if we're not awake then! We definitely need some more northen hemisphere regulars, so feel free to hang around and contribute what you can.. You can find #amanda on irc.. freenode.. net, or use the applet here:..

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  • Title: Amanda mailing lists
    Descriptive info: Where to get more information about Amanda.. There are several channels available for Amanda support:.. Amanda mailing lists (see below).. #amanda on IRC.. NOTE: You must be subscribed to a mailing list to send mail to it.. Also, the address you send from must match the address you subscribed with.. Additionally, there are size limits on messages to the lists ranging from 40k-60k, (amanda-hackers is larger).. If you are sending something larger, your message will silently fail.. Please trim logs down to the relevant bits or put them up on the web and include a link in your request.. This is primarily as a courtesy to the thousands of people who receive the emails.. Please note:.. To subscribe or unsubscribe to a mailing list, DO NOT, EVER, send mail to that list.. Send mail to.. listname -request@amanda.. org.. with the following line in the body of the message:.. subscribe your-email-address.. and when you want to unsubscribe, use the following line in the body:.. unsubscribe your-email-address.. where.. listname.. is one of the following:.. amanda-announce.. The amanda-announce mailing list is for important announcements related to the Amanda Network Backup Manager package, including new versions, contributions, and fixes.. NOTE: the amanda-users list is itself on the amanda-announce distribution, so you only need to subscribe to one of the two lists, not  ...   mailing lists:.. Amanda Users.. Amanda Hackers (eGroups search-capable archive).. If you have problems with the mailing lists themselves (such as you receive a bounce message indicating that amanda-users doesn't exist) or some other problem where you suspect the lists are not functioning correctly, please contact.. postmaster@amanda.. NOTE: The Egroups/Yahoo mailing lists *DO NOT* accept email messages and you will get an error back indicating as much if you attempt to send mail.. If you want to send out email asking for help, you MUST send it to the @amanda.. org addresses listed above.. If the mailing list support is insufficient, or you'd rather just search out someone who may provide some degree of commercial support, go to the.. commercial support page.. Some messages (mentioned in the Amanda distribution) about converting from the flat file directory structure of amanda-2.. 0 to the tree format used after that may be found here:.. 4 index conversion.. Amanda contact information.. The following addresses can be used if you run into problems using the amanda-users/amanda-hackers/amanda-announce mailing lists or the web site.. These are *NOT* for general purpose Amanda questions, which would be better suited to the Amanda mailing lists or.. - problems with mailing lists.. webmaster@zmanda.. com.. - problems with the Amanda Wiki or Forums.. webmaster@amanda.. - problems with the amanda.. org web site..

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  • Title: Commercial support for Amanda
    Descriptive info: Commercial support for Amanda.. We have assembled a list of companies and people who are available to provide some sort of commercial support for amanda.. Although Amanda is provided as-is, some consultants and companies have made their services available to provide more support beyond what's available on the mailing lists.. If you want to be on this list, please.. Contact us.. PLEASE NOTE:.. Companies and Consultants listed on their page are listed solely at their request.. Their presence is not necessarily rated or endorsed by any part of the Amanda core team or anyone else for that matter.. This list is presented in alphabetical order by name.. Name:.. Alanta.. Contact:.. info@alanta.. info.. URL:.. alanta.. Expertise:.. Open source tools for core computing infrastructure.. Amanda deployment on heterogeneous environments.. Linux and Open Source consulting, deployment, training and support.. Several Amanda installations.. Consultora, implantacin, formacin y soporte en torno a Linux y Open Source.. Varias instalaciones de Amanda.. Location:.. Madrid, Spain.. Willing to travel:.. Yes.. Rates:.. Based on duration and location.. Amanda CVS Write access:.. No.. Last Updated:.. 2004/08/02.. Essential Systems, Inc.. info@essensys.. com.. essensys.. Deployed AMANDA on distributed systems using both tape and hard disks.. We have extensive experience with Linux and have an RHCE.. We also can develop applications to integrate existing software products..  ...   agreement.. 2003/08/10.. Matthieu J.. Jung.. mjung.. networkengin@wanadoo.. fr.. Address:.. Network Engineering.. 6, rue du Tabac.. 67100 Strasbourg.. +33 3 90 41 29 08.. Backup solutions (Amanda, Arcserve, BackupExec and more).. Fance and Germany.. Willing to Travel:.. Amanda CVS Access:.. 2004/09/14.. Damien KETTLER.. amanda@parabug.. Open source development and security consulting.. Deployment of Amanda on heterogeneous networks using tape/disk.. Europe (East France, Southern West Germany, North Switzerland).. YES !.. 2004/01/20.. LinuxCertified, Inc.. amanda@linuxcertified.. linuxcertified.. com/.. Implementation and support services.. Feature enhancements.. Environments:.. Any.. US.. Negotiable, based on work.. Amanda CVS access:.. 2005/03/05.. Omniscient Technologies.. info@omniscient.. omniscient.. com/services/amanda.. Large scale systems deployment of Amanda, adding features to Amanda, Kerberos expertise.. Northern Virginia, US and Prague, Czech Republic.. 2003/07/23.. oops! linux consulting & implementation.. office@oops.. co.. at.. oops.. at/.. Several AMANDA-installations, AMANDA-docs-maintainer, active member on the amanda-users-mailinglist.. Offers worldwide online AMANDA-support, in english and german language.. Austria.. 2004/10/22.. RestonTech, Ltd.. info@restontech.. restontech.. Network security and management.. Northern Virginia, Washington DC suburbs.. 2003/12/17.. Suretec Systems Ltd.. enquiries@suretecsystems.. suretecsystems.. com/services.. Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.. Yes.. Based on duration and location.. Open to negotiation for new clients.. No.. 2004/02/30.. Zmanda.. info@zmanda.. www.. 888.. 496.. 2632.. Several Locations.. Zmanda is home for the current Amanda development team and provides support and implementation services for Amanda worldwide.. Linux, Solaris, Windows, OS X.. 2010/03/09..

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  • Title: Amanda Security Alert - October 5, 2010
    Descriptive info: Amanda Security Alert - October 5, 2010.. The Amanda development team has discovered a security vulnerability introduced in Amanda-3.. The vulnerability affects both Amanda servers and clients, and could lead to remote execution of code as the Amanda user.. The problem is fixed in Amanda-3.. 3, which is released as of  ...   3.. x series, and contains the fix for this security vulnerability as well as fixes for several other significant bugs in 3.. This upgrade should be considered a high priority upgrade.. Updated images and tarballs are available at.. sourceforge downloads.. Zmanda Packages.. The MD5 sum for the release tarball is f72fa06d4f90f7997b17ded1d7b4314e..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Amanda (The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver) Backup Software Copyright (c) 1991-1998 University of Maryland at College Park All Rights Reserved.. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SOFTWARE IS BEING MADE AVAILABLE "AS-IS".. We make no warranties that it will work for you.. As such there is no support available other than users helping each other on the Amanda mailing lists or forums.. Formal support may be available through vendors.. WHAT IS AMANDA? --------------- Amanda is a backup system designed to backup and archive many computers on a network to disk, tape changer/drive or cloud storage.. Here are some features of Amanda: * Written in C and Perl.. * Freely distributable source and executable.. University of Maryland (BSD style) license and GPL.. * Built on top of standard backup software: Unix dump/restore, GNU Tar and other archival tools.. It is extensible to support new archival applications.. * Open file and tape formats.. If necessary, you can use standard tools like mt and GNU Tar to recover data.. * Backs up 32 and 64 bit Windows machines.. * Will back up multiple machines in parallel to a holding disk.. Once a dump is complete, Amanda will copy finished dumps one by one to virtual tape on a disk or tape as fast as it can.. For example: * A 30 GB backup to virtual tape on disk may take less than 75 minutes.. * A 41GB backup to AIT5 (25MB/s transfer) may take 40 minutes of tape time.. * Maintains a catalog of files being backed up and their location on the media.. * Does tape management: e.. Amanda will not overwrite the wrong tape.. * For a restore, tells you what tapes you need, and finds the proper backup image on the tape for you.. * Supports tape changers via a generic interface.. Easily customizable to any type of tape library, carousel, robot, stacker, or virtual tape that can be controlled via the unix command line.. * Device API provides a pluggable interface to storage devices.. Bundled drivers support tapes and virtual tapes on disk, DVD-RW, RAIT, and Amazon S3.. The bundled amvault can then copy to removable media for off-site (D2D2T) or cloud storage (D2D2C).. * Supports secure communication between server and client using OpenSSH, allowing secure backup of machines in a DMZ or out in the Internet.. * Can encrypt backup archives on Amanda client or on Amanda server using GPG or any encryption program.. * Can compress backup archives before sending or after sending over the network, with compress, gzip or a custom program.. * Supports Kerberos 5 security, including encrypted dumps.. * Recovers gracefully from errors, including down or hung machines.. * Reports results in detail, including all errors, via email.. * Dynamically adjusts the backup schedule to keep within constraints: no more juggling by hand when adding disks and computers to your network.. * Backup normalization: Amanda schedules full and incremental backups so you don't have to, and so as to spread the load across the backup cycle.. Amanda will intelligently promote a backup level in case it is determines that is optimal for resources.. * Includes a pre-run checker program, that conducts sanity checks on both the tape server host and all the client hosts (in parallel), and will send an e-mail report of any problems that could cause the backups to fail.. * IPv6 friendly.. * Runs transparently from cron as  ...   On the other hand, if those terabyte drives are partitioned into 50 GB filesystems, they'll probably compress down to 25 GB and you'll only need that much on your holding disk.. Amanda will perform better with larger holding disks.. Actually, Amanda will still work if you have full dumps that are larger than the holding disk: Amanda will send those dumps directly to tape one at a time.. If you have many such dumps you will be limited by the dump speed of those machines.. WHAT SYSTEMS DOES AMANDA RUN ON? -------------------------------- Amanda should run on any modern Unix system that supports dump or GNU tar, has sockets and inetd (or a replacement such as xinetd), and either system V shared memory, or BSD mmap implemented.. In particular, Amanda has been compiled, and the client side tested on the following systems: AIX 3.. 2 and 4.. 1 BSDI BSD/OS 2.. 1 and 3.. 1 DEC OSF/1 3.. 0 FreeBSD 6, 7 and 8 GNU/Linux 2.. 6 on x86, m68k, alpha, sparc, arm and powerpc HP-UX 9.. x and 10.. x (x >= 01) IRIX 6.. 2 and up NetBSD 1.. 0 Nextstep 3 (*) OpenBSD 2.. 5 x86, sparc, etc (ports available) Solaris 10 Ultrix 4.. 2 Mac OS X 10 Windows: XP Pro (Server pack 2), 2003 server, Vista, 2008 server R2, Windows 7 (*) (*) The Amanda server side is known to run on all of the other machines except on those marked with an asterisk.. Backup operations can be CPU and Memory intensive (e.. for compression and encryption operations).. It is recommended that you have a server class CPU in the backup server.. WHERE DO I GET AMANDA? ---------------------- Amanda, including its source tree, is on SourceForge: http://sourceforge.. net/projects/amanda Or see http://www.. org/download.. php Most Linux distributions include amanda rpms or debian packages pre-built for various architectures.. Pre-built binaries are also available at: http://www.. php HOW DO I GET AMANDA UP AND RUNNING? ----------------------------------- Read the file docs/INSTALL.. There are a variety of steps, from compiling Amanda to installing it on the backup server host and the client machines.. docs/INSTALL contains general installation instructions.. docs/NEWS details new features in each release.. You can read Amanda documentation at: http://www.. org and at the Amanda wiki: http://wiki.. com WHO DO I TALK TO IF I HAVE A PROBLEM? ------------------------------------- You can get Amanda help and questions answered from the mailing lists and Amanda forums: ==> To join a mailing list, DO NOT, EVER, send mail to that list.. -request@amanda.. org, or amanda-lists@amanda.. org, with the following line in the body of the message: subscribe.. You will receive an email acknowledging your subscription.. Keep it.. Should you ever wish to depart our company, it has unsubscribe and other useful information.. amanda-announce The amanda-announce mailing list is for important announcements related to the Amanda Network Backup Manager package, including new versions, contributions, and fixes.. To subscribe, send a message to amanda-announce-request@amanda.. amanda-users The amanda-users mailing list is for questions and general discussion about the Amanda Network Backup Manager.. To subscribe, send a message to amanda-users-request@amanda.. amanda-hackers The amanda-hackers mailing list is for discussion of the technical details of the Amanda package, including extensions, ports, bugs, fixes, and alpha testing of new versions.. To subscribe, send a message to amanda-hackers-request@amanda.. Amanda forums: http://forums.. com Amanda Platform Experts: http://wiki.. com/index.. php/Platform_Experts Backup, Share and Enjoy, The Amanda Development Team..

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  • Title: AMANDA Patches
    Descriptive info: The AMANDA Patches Page.. This page contains a list of important patches to some of the older releases of AMANDA.. Please be aware of the fact that the current release of AMANDA is 2.. 1p2 or higher, so think twice about applying some old patch.. We, the AMANDA Core Team, strongly recommend to update to the latest stable release !!!.. The links below contain pointers to messages posted to the AMANDA mailing lists.. Please read the messages for additional information on the problems they fix and any additional action you must take for the patch to work.. You may use GNU patch in order to apply these patches.. It is available at.. the GNU anonymous FTP site.. or at any of its mirrors, in a file named.. patch-.. release-number.. tar.. gz.. Most patches are.. application/x-patch.. MIME attachments of messages posted to AMANDA mailing lists, and this is the recommended form of posting patches, because such patches can be downloaded directly from the archives (not as of May 23, but eGroups is working to fix the problem).. Some have been included in the mail text, so you have to click on the.. Source.. button and save the page.. With a bit of luck, you'll be able to use the.. html.. file as input for.. patch.. , but it may require some tweaking.. If you cut and paste a patch file from the browser window, make sure to run.. patch -l.. so that the patch program does not get confused because of differences of tabs and spaces.. A.. -p0.. or.. -p1.. switch has become almost mandatory in latest releases of GNU patch; if you don't issue a.. -p.. switch, patch may guess incorrectly the file to patch, and you'll get rejected junks for files such as.. INSTALL.. and.. Makefile.. am.. For applying a patch that contain.. Index:.. lines, setting the environment variable.. POSIXLY_CORRECT.. before running the patch command may help getting the patch applied without human intervention.. Thanks to.. ">Evan Champion.. for pointing this out.. A detailed explanation of why this helps can be found in the GNU patch man-page.. Patches for older releases are no longer listed here.. Patches for AMANDA 2.. 5.. amanda-2.. 5-amoverview.. patch.. : This patch by.. Orion Poplawski.. adds new options to amoverview to toggle new output-columns.. The patch also includes additions to the amoverview-manpage.. 5-planner_incrlargerthantape.. Paul Bijnens.. solves the problem that  ...   that tar-files produced before this patch are still usable, as the problems addressed by this patch are in the restore code only.. The problem is already fixed in Samba 2.. sambatar.. : Samba 1.. 9.. 18p5 up to 1.. 18p10 will print messages to stdout, even when asked to create a tar-file and write to stdout.. Since AMANDA asks SAMBA to create tar-files to stdout, if you do not apply this patch in SAMBA, your backups will be useless.. Problem reported by.. "> Ronny Blomme.. According to.. Todd Pfaff.. , this problem is fixed in Samba 2.. samba-gtar.. 18p4 (and probably previous 1.. 18 versions) won't read tar-files with gnutar-style long filenames, even ones produced by itself.. Patch by.. ">Rob Riggs.. Fixed in Samba 1.. 18p5.. (Apr 12, 1998).. Samba 1.. 17 and higher will print incorrect size information for large (> 2GB) filesystems on hosts whose ints are 32bits.. If your C compiler supports `.. unsigned long long.. 's and.. printf().. supports ".. %llu.. " for printing them, you should apply.. , available in AMANDA distributions since release 2.. 0b5.. Anyway, beware large SMB filesystems: some MS-Windows hosts were reported (in Samba mailing lists) to randomly corrupt such filesystems, but then, this has nothing to do with Samba or AMANDA.. GNU tar 1.. 12: there are two known problems (described below) that can be fixed by applying.. tar-1.. 12.. On SunOS 4.. 3, HP/UX and possibly other systems, GNU tar 1.. 12 will report incorrect output sizes, because printf does not understand ".. ".. 12 would report.. Bad file number.. error messages at estimate-time for sparse files.. 13: even though the second problem in release 1.. 12 is already fixed in 1.. 13, the other is only partially fixed.. Besides, there are a couple of other problems in release 1.. 13, related with exclude patterns and.. restoring.. , so its use is not recommended.. Hopefully, all of these problems will be fixed in GNU tar 1.. 14.. If you want to use something past 1.. 12,.. 1.. 13.. 25.. appears to be stable.. 18: This.. fixes two problems in tar-1.. 18:.. A workaround for a bug in fnmatch from glibc.. A bug that can cause a core dump.. This page is maintained by the AMANDA Core Development Team.. Please report changes and/or additions to the.. ">AMANDA-hackers.. mailing list.. Last updated: $Date: 2010/03/16 17:23:21 $..

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    Descriptive info: Index: client-src/getfsent.. h =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/amanda/amanda/client-src/getfsent.. h,v retrieving revision 1.. 4 retrieving revision 1.. 1 diff -u -r1.. 4 -r1.. 1 --- client-src/getfsent.. h 1998/07/04 00:18:15 1.. 4 +++ client-src/getfsent.. h 2001/04/12 00:58:47 1.. 1 @@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ void close_fstab P((void)); int get_fstab_nextentry P((generic_fsent_t *fsent)); -int search_fstab P((char *name, generic_fsent_t *fsent)); +int search_fstab P((char *name, generic_fsent_t *fsent, int check_dev)); int is_local_fstype P((generic_fsent_t *fsent)); char *amname_to_devname P((char *str)); Index: client-src/getfsent.. c =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/amanda/amanda/client-src/getfsent.. c,v retrieving revision 1.. 20.. 2 retrieving revision 1.. 4 diff -u -r1.. 2 -r1.. 4 --- client-src/getfsent.. c 2001/03/30 02:40:21 1.. 2 +++ client-src/getfsent.. c 2001/04/12 00:58:47 1.. 4 @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@ /* * Amanda, The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver - * Copyright (c) 1991-1998 University of Maryland at College Park + * Copyright (c) 1991-1998, 2001 University of Maryland at College Park * All Rights Reserved.. * * Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell this software and its @@ -144,24 +144,29 @@ #include.. static FILE *fstabf1 = NULL; /* /proc/mounts */ -static FILE *fstabf2 = NULL; /* MNTTAB */ +static FILE *fstabf2 = NULL; /* MOUNTED */ +static FILE *fstabf3 = NULL; /* MNTTAB */ int open_fstab() { close_fstab(); #if defined(HAVE_SETMNTENT) fstabf1 = setmntent("/proc/mounts", "r"); - fstabf2 = setmntent(MNTTAB, "r"); +# if defined(MOUNTED) + fstabf2 = setmntent(MOUNTED, "r"); +# endif + fstabf3 = setmntent(MNTTAB, "r"); #else  ...   != NULL) { sfs = stat(fsent->fsname, &fsstat); sfsr = stat((rdev = dev2rdev(fsent->fsname)), &fsrstat); - if(sfs == -1 && sfsr == -1) - continue; + if(check_dev == 1 && sfs == -1 && sfsr == -1) + continue; } if((fsent->mntdir != NULL && @@ -520,8 +532,9 @@ { generic_fsent_t fsent; - if(search_fstab(str, &fsent)) - if (fsent.. fsname != NULL) + if(search_fstab(str, &fsent, 1) && fsent.. fsname != NULL) + str = fsent.. fsname; + else if(search_fstab(str, &fsent, 0) && fsent.. fsname != NULL) str = fsent.. fsname; return dev2rdev(str); @@ -532,8 +545,9 @@ { generic_fsent_t fsent; - if(search_fstab(str, &fsent)) - if (fsent.. mntdir != NULL) + if(search_fstab(str, &fsent, 1) && fsent.. mntdir != NULL) + str = fsent.. mntdir; + else if(search_fstab(str, &fsent, 0) && fsent.. mntdir != NULL) str = fsent.. mntdir; return stralloc(str); @@ -544,7 +558,7 @@ { generic_fsent_t fsent; - if (!search_fstab(str, &fsent)) + if (!search_fstab(str, &fsent, 1) && !search_fstab(str, &fsent, 0)) return stralloc(""); return stralloc(fsent.. fstype); @@ -603,7 +617,7 @@ close_fstab(); name = newstralloc(name, "/usr"); - if(search_fstab(name, &fsent)) { + if(search_fstab(name, &fsent, 1) || search_fstab(name, &fsent, 0)) { printf("Found %s mount for %s:\n", is_local_fstype(&fsent)? "local" : "remote", name); print_entry(&fsent); @@ -612,7 +626,7 @@ printf("Mount for %s not found\n", name); name = newstralloc(name, "/"); - if(search_fstab(name, &fsent)) { + if(search_fstab(name, &fsent, 1) || search_fstab(name, &fsent, 0)) { printf("Found %s mount for %s:\n", is_local_fstype(&fsent)? "local" : "remote", name); print_entry(&fsent);..

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