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  • Title: AACRAO International Education Services: Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to AACRAO IES.. This is your resource center for foreign education systems and institutions outside the US.. IES provides a range of services, from foreign education evaluations to training programs for those in international admissions and credential evaluation.. Click here.. to check the status of your evaluation.. Please select.. Individual.. Insitutions.. Immigration.. Licensure.. Study Abroad.. UMUC.. Military.. Tel:  ...   One Dupont Circle, NW,.. Suite 520.. Washington, DC 20036.. Monday Friday,.. 9:00 AM 5:00 PM.. EST.. Fax available.. 24x7.. All other services available during normal business hours.. 2000 2013.. American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.. All rights reserved.. No parts of this site may be reproduced in any form including information storage and retrieval systems without prior written permission..

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  • Title: AACRAO International Education Services: About Us
    Descriptive info: AACRAO International Education Services (IES) provides evaluations of academic credentials from all countries of the world.. Our extensive network enables us to accurately research any educational credential and produce in-depth reports.. We currently provide evaluations to over 1,500 institutions and organizations and 1,000s of individuals.. Our evaluation staff averages more than 23 years of experience in the field of international education, with each evaluator specializing in specific world regions.. Although organizations like the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) exist, credential evaluation services in the United States are independent organizations, operating without any direct governmental authority.. We are well known in the industry and widely trusted because we adhere to and set precedents for the best practices.. History.. In addition to AACRAO being the premier publisher of references on foreign educational systems since the mid-1950 s with  ...   Agency for International Development (USAID), Office of International Training, Academic Advisory Service.. In 1991, with the end of USAID s scholarship program for developing nations, AACRAO created International Education Services to provide evaluations for AACRAO member institutions as well as the general public.. Extra Services.. Extra Copies.. (requests processed once a week).. Sealed Envelopes.. FedEx.. General Info.. View General Info.. International Publications.. View AACRAO s International Publications.. IES Personnel.. Director.. Dale Gough.. Staff.. Beverly Blue.. Customer Service Representative.. Matt Cragle.. Administrative Assistant, Operations.. Kemi Fadoju.. Julia Funaki.. Associate Director.. Rob Hatfield.. Senior Evaluator.. Tiffany Hsu.. Associate Director, Marketing Institutional Liaison.. Ann Koenig.. Southwest Regional Director.. Zina Rumleanscaia.. Associate Director, Operations.. Kaitlin Scanlan.. Peter Vasinius.. Customer Service Representative.. Evaluators.. Edward Devlin.. Evaluator.. Peggy Bell Hendrickson.. Lynn Loper.. David Mihalyi.. Alex Pong.. Christy Samford.. Deana Williams.. Evaluator.. EducationUSA.. More About EducationUSA..

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  • Title: AACRAO International Education Services: Evaluation Application
    Descriptive info: There was an error choosing the form.. Please try again, or contact IES if the problem persists..

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  • Title: IES Status Login
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the AACRAO International Education Services Status Check.. To check the status of your credentials evaluation, enter your username and password and click Submit:.. User Name:.. Password:.. One Dupont Circle, NW.. Suite 520, Washington, DC 20036 | (202) 296-3359 | Fax (202) 822-3940..

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  • Title: AACRAO International Education Services: Institutions
    Descriptive info: Benefits of using AACRAO IES for foreign credential evaluations.. IES evaluators are country specialists.. We do not employ generalists who process evaluations mechanically and have little or no knowledge of the process.. This gives us a distinct advantage in reviewing the authenticity of documentation and the evaluation process.. Our evaluators have an average of 23 years of experience.. The AACRAO Foreign Credential Evaluation Service Advantage.. You ll receive detailed, comprehensive evaluations based on authenticated documents that provide educational equivalencies in a clear and concise manner.. This includes:.. General home country grading scale and suggested US scale.. Security paper by Verify First Technology  ...   and resources cited.. An easy to read format.. Home-country credit and grade for each course, clearly indicated in US terms (course-by-course evaluations only).. You can easily refer applicants from your web site to our online application at.. ies.. aacrao.. org/apply.. For your convenience, we provide evaluations in two forms: electronically or hard copy.. Benefits for AACRAO Members.. Bill the cost of evaluations.. Immediately reduced for evaluations.. Reduced rates for all training, workshops, webinars and publications.. AACRAO institutions, organizations, and agencies interested in having AACRAO s International Education Services evaluate foreign educational credentials, and want to be billed for the evaluation please.. click here..

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  • Title: AACRAO International Education Services: Evaluations
    Descriptive info: Basic Statement of Comparability.. A general description of foreign credentials and suggestions of the comparable US education level.. In most cases, this type of evaluation is suitable for employment purposes and university admission as a first year student or as a graduate student.. to view a sample.. Course-by-Course Evaluation.. A basic statement of comparability plus a  ...   credit.. This type of evaluation is usually needed for students transferring to U.. S.. institutions with previous university-level study from outside the U.. Study Abroad Evaluation Service Report.. For US students who have studied abroad for up to one year, this report contains a listing of coursework completed, along with suggested grades and undergraduate semester credit hours..

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  • Title: AACRAO International Education Services: Training Opportunities
    Descriptive info: AACRAO IES offers training opportunities for International Admissions and the evaluation of foreign educational credentials:.. The Winter Institute for Transfer Credit.. Winter Institute is designed for experienced international admissions professionals.. The training will concentrate on understanding credit from foreign study and provide recommendations for translation into the context of US institutional degree programs.. The Summer Institute for International Admissions.. The Summer Institute for International Admissions, is a week long intensive training workshop, covering all aspects of international admissions and the evaluation of foreign educational credentials.. The program is primarily designed for professionals new to the field, but those with longer experience benefit from this training too..  ...   review your structure or processing of international admissions? We can help by sending an experienced IES professional to your institution to train your staff to evaluate foreign credentials while reviewing your admission processes and policies for international applicants.. Contact us.. Baden-Württemberg Seminar.. A delegation of 12 AACRAO and/or NAFSA members will be invited to attend a seminar on German-American educational exchange in Tübingen, Germany this October.. The seminar will focus on the German educational system, German-American academic equivalencies, and student exchange between German and the U.. Lectures and discussions will be complemented by visits to secondary and tertiary educational institutions in the German state of Baden-Württemberg..

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  • Title: AACRAO International Education Services: Content Template
    Descriptive info: Q: What documents do I have to submit with my evaluation application?.. A: You must submit transcripts or mark sheets issued by each educational institution you have attended.. These are official documents issued by institution/s you attended that give a complete record of study and marks, dates of attendance, grades received and credits or hours awarded.. A transcript is usually a summary document that gives this information for the entire course of study you have completed.. If you have completed a degree, this will usually be mentioned on the transcript.. A mark sheet may be an official record of one or more terms of study.. If you have completed a course of study, the educational institution or the government will issue a document called a diploma which is an official statement of the award you have received.. In most cases, completing a course of study will result in both a diploma and a transcript or set of mark sheets.. Copies of all documents issued to you must all be submitted in order for AACRAO to do an evaluation of your study.. If any document has information on the back of the document (grading information, transcript legend, official stamps or seals) please also include a copy of the back side of the document.. Q: Should I submit original documents?.. A: No, please submit clear, legible photocopies only unless you are requested to send originals.. All documents submitted to IES, become the property of IES and cannot be returned.. Q: What if I do not have all the documents available? Can AACRAO just evaluate part of my study?.. A: You must list all of your studies in the educational chronology on the form requesting an evaluation.. If you find you cannot provide all of the documents from the institutions you have attended, you will need to explain why you cannot send these records.. Q: How will I know that AACRAO has received and processed my application?.. A: All applicants receive a confirmation e-mail from IES approximately 3-5 days after receipt of your application and documents.. It is extremely important that you provide us with a valid e-mail address.. You must maintain this email address throughout the application process or you will not receive this message or other important updates, such as when additional records are requested or when the evaluation is complete.. Q: What are the meanings of the file status?.. A: Under review means that your file has been assigned to an evaluator and will be evaluated as soon as possible; it is likely that your file will remain in this status until 'completed'.. Waiting indicates that we have requested that you provide additional information.. You will need to see Special Instructions to review what is needed.. Your evaluation will not proceed until we receive the requested items.. Verification means that we have sent the records that you provided to the institution(s) you attended to verify the accuracy of the documents you submitted.. You need take no action in this matter.. We cannot proceed until we hear from the institution(s) you attended.. Researching indicates that the evaluator needs to do more research on the credentials you have presented.. You need take no action in this matter unless requested specifically to do so by your evaluator.. Completed means your evaluation has been finished and will be mailed to the address(es) you listed on your application.. Q: How far in advanced on my deadline date should I apply for an evaluation?.. A: In every instance, this process needs to be started as soon as possible, preferably at least six months prior to any stated deadline by the organization to which you plan on submitting a copy of the report.. Please review the answer concerning the length of time it takes to complete an evaluation.. Q: How long does it take to complete an evaluation?.. A: When your application is complete (to include the request for evaluation form, payment and all  ...   at certain times during the evaluation process, but that work is continuing on your application.. Q: What if I don't agree with my evaluation results?.. A: If you feel your evaluation is wrong, you will need to request a re-evaluation.. You will need to complete and mail or fax a.. Re-evaluation Request form.. to AACRAO within three months of the date of your evaluation completion.. This form is found.. here.. After that date, you will have to pay for an entire evaluation, not just a re-evaluation.. You will also need to submit a detailed explanation that describes why you do not agree with the results of the evaluation report.. Your previous file and your explanation will be assigned to a different evaluator than the one who did the original evaluation.. Re-evaluations often take longer than the original evaluation to complete because two separate evaluators will review your file.. Q: After checking my status online, my special instructions request I send additional documents, but they're the same ones I already sent.. What do I do?.. A: Please check carefully to be sure that the documents that you sent are actually the ones we are asking you to send.. Even if you think you have already sent the requested documents, please read the request carefully and send the documentation, as this will save time in the long run.. If you are sure you have already submitted the documents, please give us a call.. Q: If I am applying to the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), does AACRAO automatically forward a copy of my evaluation report to their office?.. A: Yes, if you submit the UMUC application form found at.. http://www.. umuc.. edu/studserv/international/aacr.. shtml.. , IES will send one copy to the UMUC and one copy to you, the applicant.. Q: If I am applying to the Texas Medical Board ( TMB ), does IES automatically forward a copy of my evaluation report to their office?.. A: No, at the request of the Texas Medical Board we do NOT send copies of evaluations to the Board.. Instead, we send two copies of the evaluation report to you, applicant.. You, the applicant, are responsible for submitting one copy to the TMB.. The form to request an evaluation for the Texas Medical Board is:.. tmb.. state.. tx.. us/professionals/physicians/forms/Physician_Applications/AdditionalForms/FORM%20N.. pdf.. Q: It has been many years since I graduated from secondary (high) school and I have already completed university studies.. Do I really need to send in high school level documents?.. A: It usually is not necessary to provide such documents but you do need to list such study in the educational chronology portion of the form requesting an evaluation.. In some rare cases, your evaluator might require you to provide high school records.. If your evaluator requests this, it is because the evaluator needs the documentation in order to complete the evaluation and you should provide such records as soon as possible.. Q: My school issued my transcripts in English.. Do I need to get the records issued in the language of the country where I was educated?.. A: Some countries do issue official transcripts in English, such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan.. If this is the case with your records, you do not need to have records issued in the native language.. In most cases, however, original official records are issued in a language other than English.. You will need to include an English translation.. Q: Do I need to include a syllabus or course descriptions with the records I send to IES?.. A: No, you do not need.. If we need your syllabus or course descriptions, we will contact you and specifically request such documentation.. Q: How long do you keep my records on file?.. A: All records are scanned into an image system when received.. The paper copies are filed for three years before being destroyed.. IES keeps the image of your file and your completed evaluation forever..

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  • Title: AACRAO International Education Services: Content Template
    Descriptive info: Q: What does IES do to evaluate my academic work?.. A: Evaluations are based on original, primary research done by colleagues in the field of applied comparative education who have specialized knowledge about the educational systems of other countries; research compiled by specialists in this area; the placement recommendations approved by the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials; and evaluation and placement practices at higher education institutions in the United States.. IES has been sponsoring and/or contributing to this body of research since the 1950's.. The evaluation recommendations reflected in IES' evaluation report are in line with the general practices of knowledgeable university admissions offices and reputable foreign credential evaluation services in the United States.. In order to complete an evaluation, IES assembles a file including all your submitted documents.. This file is assigned a unique identification number.. An IES evaluator then examines the file and prepares a detailed report based on reference materials.. The evaluator notes these resources in the report.. In some cases, the report will be a basic statement of comparability.. In other cases, a more complete evaluation called a course-by-course evaluation is prepared.. Q: What is the difference between a basic and course-by-course evaluation?.. A: The basic statement determines only the level of comparability between your foreign education and U.. The course-by-course includes the comparability level of your education and lists each of your courses along with the equivalent U.. marks and credit.. In most cases, a basic evaluation is suitable for employment purposes, university admission as a first year student or as a graduate student.. A course-by-course is usually needed for students transferring to U.. You should inquire with the final recipient of the evaluation as to what type of evaluation they will need to receive.. Q: Can IES evaluate any degree from any country?.. A: Yes, IES evaluators have extensive experience and can evaluate educational documents from anywhere in the world.. Q: Is IES a U.. government agency?.. A: No, IES is a non-profit membership organization of college and university admission officers, and registrars.. Q: Is IES approved or accredited by the U.. government or any other agency?.. A: No, the U.. government does not approve, or accredit foreign education evaluation services.. There is no approval or accreditation by any organization of foreign education evaluation services.. Q: Can IES approve or accredit my institution?.. A: IES does not accredit or approve institutions.. The accreditation or approval process of institutions is one that originates in your home country by the Ministry of Education or other official accrediting or recognition body.. IES will indicate the status of the institution, based on our evaluator's research, a key feature of the evaluation.. Q: How much do I pay for an IES evaluation?.. A: The fee is $75 for a basic statement of comparability and $190 for a course-by-course evaluation.. Q: How do I know which type of evaluation to request?.. A: You must contact the requesting agency/school/institution in order to find out which evaluation is required.. Please note that if you choose the basic statement of comparability and then need to do a course by course, you will be required to pay the difference of $75 to change evaluation types.. Q: May I come to the IES office to fill out/drop off my application?.. A: Our offices are located in a building with limited public access open.. Furthermore, our evaluators are not located in the Washington, DC office and are therefore not available to speak you about neither your credentials nor your evaluation.. We recommend you mail or use a courier service (FedEx, UPS , etc.. ) to send your applications to IES for evaluation.. Also, please feel free to call or email us with questions.. Q: Will IES give me transfer credit?.. A: No, we cannot.. Only educational institutions can award credit.. IES makes careful recommendations that an institution is free to accept or not, depending on its own policies but IES does not have the authority to grant credit(s).. Q: Are there additional fees if I submit more than one transcript with my application?.. A: No, the fee does not increase if you submit more than one transcript.. You are paying for the type of evaluation you are seeking, not by the number of documents you submit.. Q: Will IES evaluate my  ...   your application, documents, and payment.. Q: I have additional records which I did not submit at the time of the initial evaluation, what do I do? I have completed additional study after the time of the initial evaluation, what do I do?.. A: You will need to apply again and pay for another evaluation.. You will also need to comment on the request form that you have had a previous evaluation from IES IES.. Q: The university to which I applied will not accept some (or any) of the credits you evaluated.. Why not?.. A: The University not accepting your credits is not the same as the University not accepting an IES evaluation.. The decision to accept or not accept credits evaluated by IES is entirely up to the university and based on their policies.. You need to seek an explanation from the university.. Q: Do you give credit for professional or work experience?.. A: No, we only evaluate academic studies.. Q: I asked that a copy of my evaluation be sent to a university but the school says that it has not received a copy.. What happened?.. A: Colleges and universities receive hundreds of pieces of mail each day and without a specific office or addressee, the copies of your evaluations could spend weeks trying to find the right office on a campus.. Several things could cause this delay.. One, though you may have indicated that a copy be sent to others, you may have neglected to include payment for extra copies.. Two, how specific was the address you provided? You need to give us at least the name of the office to which you want copies sent.. Ideally, you the address provided includes an addressee.. This is the best way to assure that the copies will reach the correct recipient.. Q: Will IES contact my school(s) to get my records for my evaluation?.. A: The only time we will contact your school for records is if the documents or translation you submitted with your application need verification.. Q: What happens if I want to cancel my request for an evaluation?.. A: You may cancel your request at any time during the evaluation process, but you will be subject to a $30 cancellation fee.. If you request cancellation after the evaluation is completed, even if it has not yet been mailed, you will not receive a refund.. Q: If I only want some of my records evaluated, will you still proceed?.. A: No, IES evaluates your complete educational background.. Please submit all documents as missing documents will hold up your evaluation process.. Q: I completed my education many years ago.. Can you still do an evaluation?.. A: Yes.. Q: What happens if it takes me a long time to get the records that you have requested?.. A: You have six months to secure records needed to complete your evaluation.. After that time, your file will become 'inactive'.. In order to reactivate 'inactive' files you will need to pay the evaluation fee again.. Q: My current name is different from the name on my records.. What name should I use?.. A: You should use your current name on your application.. Make sure you also provide us with the name used on the records and proof of your name change.. Q: How do you mail the completed evaluations?.. A: Completed evaluations are mailed first class mail.. If you want to have it sent by courier service, you will need to provide us with a prepaid envelope.. We recommend FedEx.. Q: There are typos (misspellings of names, incorrect dates of birth, etc.. ) in my evaluation.. A: IES does its best to ensure this does not happen.. On the chance that it does, please return the evaluation, not a copy, to our office.. Include a note stating what is incorrect.. We will correct the mistake and resend the evaluation free of charge.. Q: I asked for a course-by-course evaluation but only received a basic statement of comparability.. Why?.. A: Course-by-course evaluations can only be done for studies that are comparable to university-level study in the United States.. If your studies are determined to not be university-level, or if the institution you attended is not recognized in your country, we will only complete a basic statement of comparability, rather than a course-by-course evaluation..

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  • Title: AACRAO International Education Services: About Us
    Descriptive info: Foreign credential evaluation business for over 31 years.. Expertise includes Latin America, Indian Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka), Romania, Bulgaria and international education in both engineering and medicine.. Contributed to the PIER publication on Romania, is the author of The 13 Rules of Credential Evaluation and Altered Documents and has made numerous professional presentations both nationally and internationally.. Evaluators.. Edward Devlin Evaluator.. International Education (admissions, program administration, classroom ESL teaching, research).. Authorship and editing (books, articles, workshop reports, including books on Poland, Czech Slovak Federated Republics and Australia).. Professional consultancy, document evaluation, professional workshop organization and presentation, mentoring, regional and national professional committee memberships and chairs (AACRAO, NAFSA), conference presentations since 1963.. Institutions of paid employment include San Francisco State University, Monterey Peninsula College (28 years), Stanford University (7 years), University of.. California/Berkeley, University of California/Santa Cruz, Foundation for International Service, International Advisory Services and AACRAO.. Country Specialty: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, Anglophone Canada, as well as Taiwan, China, Hong Kong SAR, China.. Julia Funaki Associate Director and Evaluator.. International Evaluator, University of Maryland.. International Admissions Officer, American University.. Foreign Admissions Officer, Ohio Wesleyan University.. Assistant Director, Columbus Council on World Affairs.. Presenter AACRAO, NAFSA, College Board.. Country Specialty: Russia, former Soviet Union, China, India, US modeled Asia, Canada.. Rob Hatfield Evaluator.. Bellevue Community College.. Henry Cogswell College.. Foundation for International Services (FIS).. Central Washington University.. City University..  ...   Foundation for International Services, Bothell, WA: Foreign Credential Evaluator.. University of Maryland University College, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany: Registrar and Head Advisor.. Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee WI: Coordinator of Graduate Admissions.. Educational Credentials Evaluators, Inc.. (ECE), Milwaukee WI: Foreign Credential Evaluator.. Country Specialty: Switzerland, Soviet based/CIS region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzebekistan).. East/Central Europe region (Albania, Bosnia and Hezegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, FYROM, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia).. Lynn Loper Evaluator.. Records and Registration, University of Delaware.. Admissions, University of Delaware.. Consultant/Japan, International Consultants of Delaware.. Senior Analyst, International Consultants of Delaware.. External Evaluator, Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT).. David Mihalyi Evaluator.. Evaluator, Educational Credentials Evaluators, Inc.. (ECE).. Evaluator, HR Analytical Services, Inc.. Evaluator, International Educational Equivalency Evaluation Services, Inc.. Country Specialty: Spain, Central and South American, France, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, India, UK.. Alex Pong Evaluator.. International Credentials Evaluator and Admissions Officers, University of Texas Austin.. Country Specialty: Central and South American Countries.. Christy Samford Evaluator.. Foreign Credential Evaluator, Josef Silny Associates.. Associate Registrar, University of Richmond.. Consultant/Professional Services Nolij Corporation.. Assistant Registrar, University of Colorado.. Country Specialty: UK based education systems, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, ECTS.. Deana Williams Evaluator.. Assistant Director of Admissions (Graduate and International), University of Texas Austin.. Country Specialty: Latin America.. Staf f.. Tiffany Hsu.. Associate Director, Marketing Institutional Liaison.. Associate Director, Operations.. Administrative Assistant, Operations..

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