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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center.. Home.. About Us.. Services Training.. News Events.. Fundraisers.. Contact Us.. Affiliated Blind of Louisiana - Training Center Image.. 409 West St.. Mary Blvd.. Lafayette, LA 70506.. Phone: (337) 234-6492.. Fax: (337) 232-4244.. TTY: (337) 264-9259.. VP: (337) 205-0500.. More than meets the eye.. Welcome to Affiliated Blind.. Our mission is to teach people who are blind and deaf-blind the skills that lead to independence, employment and community integration.. Affiliated Blind of Louisiana is also a consumer organization, which promotes the general welfare of the visually impaired, blind and deaf-blind, educates the public  ...   seven nights a week at 425 Ranch Road in Judice.. Vermillion Bingo in Abbeville is open seven days a week.. Most Viewed Pages.. Adjustment to Blindness Training.. Communication Access Services (CAS).. Project COPE.. Employment Services.. Randolph Shepperd Vending Stand Assessment.. How can I help?.. Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center Logo.. Home Page.. |.. Services & Training.. News & Events.. Site Search.. Copyright 2013, Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center.. All rights reserved.. | Lafayette, LA 70506 | Phone: (337) 234-6492 | Fax: (337) 232-4244 | TTY: (337) 264-9259 | VP: (337) 205-0500.. Site designed by Bizzuka.. Lafayette Web Design..

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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | About Us - What We Do
    Descriptive info: Admission Policy and Criteria.. Our Founder.. Our Logo.. Our Mission.. To teach individuals who are blind and deaf-blind the skills that lead to independence, employment and community integration.. ABL is also a consumer organization which promotes the general welfare of the visually impaired, blind and deaf-blind, educates the public about blindness, and informs consumers of services available to them.. Our History.. Affiliated Blind of Louisiana, Inc.. was founded in 1983 as a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing special services and training to Louisiana's visually-impaired, blind and deaf-blind populations.. Although numerous services were provided by ABL during its early years, creation of a training center was always envisioned by the original founders.. In 1989 Mr.. John Lemaire and others founded Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Enterprises, Inc.. ABLE was created as a fund-raising entity to help fulfill the dreams of the training center.. In less than three years ABLE raised over $1 million through bingo operations.. Potential sites for the training center were explored and in 1990, ABL purchased the Most Holy Sacrament on West St.. Mary Boulevard in Lafayette.. The cost was $750,000.. The convent contained 70,000 square feet of floor space in seven buildings and four acres of property.. The original buildings were constructed in 1923.. Upon assessment it was determined nearly $3.. 5 million  ...   Disabilities Act.. With renovation funds in place, ABL next turned its efforts to securing operational funds for the training center.. A three year establishment grant totaling over $3 million was obtained from the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services.. This grant was used to purchase furniture and equipment and pay for initial staffing for administration and programming.. Smaller training grants were also received from the Louisiana Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Hospitals.. Additionally, ABL entered into contract with the City of Lafayette to provide transportation services to Lafayette's residents with disabilities.. In 1993 the first phase of renovation was completed.. In 1994, the second and final phase was completed and the center became fully operational.. During this time, ABL put an experienced management team in place to join its founder and executive director, John Lemaire.. Within a year of this inception, management processes had been implemented, renovations had been completed, training programming had been developed, training and residential staff had been hired, and the center became operational.. Through the years, ABL has grown significantly.. The organization has four chapters and approximately 190 members throughout Louisiana, and over sixty employees throughout its various operations.. If you would like to make a donation, please click on the link below.. We thank you so very much for your support..

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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | Our Services & Training
    Descriptive info: Randolph-Sheppard Vending Program.. University Transition Program.. Maison De Lemaire.. Non Career-Specific Training.. The ABL Training Center offers training and/or services for individuals who are blind, deaf-blind or visually-impared.. These services are designed to maximize an individual's independence and give them the confidence they need to succeed.. Some services are extended to non-impaired individuals who are in need of specific vocational and or technology training.. - Affiliated Blind of Louisiana offers studends courses that will make it easier to adjust to living blind.. Coursework includes: Basic Typing, Home and Personal Management, Orientation and Mobility for clients with or without wheelchairs, Computer training, Other Adaptive equipment and more.. Adjustment to Blindness Training also offers Peer counselling, Residential Services, and Supervised Individual Living.. Project Cope.. - Assisting elderly men or women who are legally blind, totally blind or have a condition that will lead to blindness, Project Cope is there to help.. It teaches clients to become more confident and self-sufficient.. - The Vending Facility Program authorized by the Randolph-Sheppard Act provides persons who are blind with remunerative employment and self-support through the operation of vending facilities on federal and other property.. - CAS,  ...   college.. Working closely with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette ( U L ), clients learn their way around campus and become familiar with workings of campus life.. Trainsition training is good for any individual that will be attending further education to include two or four year colleges or even vocational or technical schools.. Non Career-Specific Training for Laid Off Individals.. - ABL also offers Vocational and Technology training to non-impaired individuals that qualify through Louisiana Workforce Commission to help persons laid off from their job due to Oil Spill related reasons.. Contact ABL for further information on the specifics.. It is possible that if you were liad off from your job after April 20, 2010, that you may qualify for this training.. - Named after the founder of ABL, John Lemaire, this program helped to organize funding for subsidized housing for people with disabilities.. Eye Deal Store.. -.. The Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center also operates a small retail store which sells items specifically designed to assist individuals with visual impairments.. If you have any questions or need more information?.. Please give us a call or send an email.. !..

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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | News and Events
    Descriptive info: Graduation.. ABL Convention Registration.. ABL State Convention 2012.. Daigle House Apartments.. ABL Calendar of Events.. AUGUST 2012 - Calendar.. August 17th at Grant Street Dance Hall -.. The Don Rich Band Is Playing At Grant Street Dance Hall To Benefit ABL! Friday, August 17.. th.. - Starting At 8:00PM - $10 Entry Fee - All Proceeds Collected At  ...   info call Andy, Tim or Chyvonne at ABL - (337)234-6492.. OCTOBER 2012 - Calendar.. October 19th through 21st - ABL State Convention in Oppelousas LA IF YOU GET THE CHANCE TO SIT IT OUT OR DANCE.. DANCE! ABL State Convention.. 20.. 12! Register now! Click the link below for Convention and Registration information.. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION..

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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | Our Fundraisers
    Descriptive info: How Can I Help.. Louisiana J.. A.. M.. Make A Donation.. is funded by various sources, including donations and fundraisers.. We also operate Vermillion Bingo in Abbeville , the Bingo Ranch in Duson and another Bingo in Leesville.. will be held starting on May 12th, 2012 from 9:30am til 11pm.. Click  ...   : Hand Up Thrift Store.. Are you doing your annual spring cleaning? Looking for a place to make it count? Want to support the national "Go Green campaign? This is your opportunity to support a great mission and recycle.. Click here to visit the HUT website.. ABL Bingo Ranch.. Vermillion Bingo..

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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | Contact Us - Our Location
    Descriptive info: Email Us.. Driving Directions.. Mary Boulevard.. Lafayette, Louisiana 70506.. Telephone:.. (337) 234-6492.. Toll Free:.. (800) 319-4444.. TTY:.. (337) 264-9259.. VP :.. (337) 205-0500.. View Larger Map.. Lynn Blanchard.. Executive Director.. Bruce Lye.. Vocational Services and Randolph-Sheppard Coor.. Katherine Smith.. CAS Liason.. Tyrhonda Thomas.. COPE Project Coordinator.. Scott Crawford.. Instructional Supervisor, COMS.. Gertie Bias.. Social Worker.. Chyvonne Blanchard.. State Coordinator..

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  • Title: ABL Bingo Ranch - Fundraisers
    Descriptive info: > ABL Bingo Ranch.. Location:.. 425 Ranch Road, Judice, Louisiana.. CONTACT:.. Mary Roy Jennora Thibodeaux at 981-0031.. We are open 7 nights a week.. Doors open @ 4:00 p.. m.. Monday through Sunday.. Bingo starts @ 7:00 p.. We have Nickel Bingo on Monday's and Thursdays.. Regular bingo begins @ 7:00 p.. The regular packs are $10.. 00, secondary packs are $5.. 00, the 18 on 10 packs are $20.. 00,  ...   also have a pink progressive game that can be won in 49#'s or less and a $10,000.. 00 Prize on a sealed card progressive game that can be won in 49#'s or less.. This # goes up once every 21 days until someone wins!.. We have video bingo machines for you to play from 4:00 p.. until 10:00 p.. Come enjoy our full concession stand which opens @ 4:00 every day!..

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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | Adjustment to Blindness Training
    Descriptive info: One of the primary functions of ABL Training institude is Adjustment to Blindness Training.. This is done through a variety of courses designed to strenghten not only everyday skills that the client brings with them, but to offer them alternative ways of doing things, and teaching them entirely new skills.. The coursework offered is  ...   about a particular course.. Basic Typing with Keyboard.. Communications.. Home and Personal Management.. Orientation and Mobility ( O M ).. Orientation and Mobility (to include visually impared with Wheelchairs).. Peer Counselling.. Residential Program.. Supervised Independent Living.. Technology Training (Computers, JAWS, iPHONE, etc).. For more information on a particular course, please click on the above links..

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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | Support Service Provider for Deafblind
    Descriptive info: ABL Communication Access Services (CAS) mission is to provide services to the Deaf, Deaf-Blind Hard of Hearing community in Lafayette and the surrounding areas, with tools that empower their rights to equal communications access.. Support Service Provider (SSP).. - A.. Support Service Provider, or SSP, is trained with communication in American Sign language ASL and sighted guide skills who accompanies a deaf-blind person, providing visual and environment information and communication facilitators in performance of accessibility options which allow the consumers to make informed decisions.. With the provision of SSP services, the deaf-blind are able to full participle in actives of daily living with  ...   based on availability and eligibility.. Examples of equipment loaned can be anything from a loud bell ringer or light flashers, to the Deaf-Blind communicator.. Click here for more information about the Telecommunications Access Loan Program.. Hearing Aid Program.. - This program provides hearing aids to qualified Louisiana residents age 50 or older with a documented hearing loss of 40 dB or greater in the better ear.. Click here for more information about the Hearing Aid Program.. Sign Language Interpreting Services.. ABL provides certified and qualified sign language interpreters in a multitude of settings.. Click here for more information about Sign Language Interpreting Services..

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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | Project COPE
    Descriptive info: There are solutions for the elderly blind.. Many elderly visually impaired men and women have been assisted by the free services of COPE.. The COPE program is grant-funded though.. :.. Affiliated Blind of Louisiana (ABL).. Federal, State and Private Grants.. Direct Appropriations.. Private Contributions.. Who can COPE assist?.. COPE can help those who are:.. 55 or older.. Legally Blind.. Totally Blind.. Have a condition leading to Legal Blindness.. Louisiana residents.. COPE requires verification of age and a letter from an eye professional, documenting the eye condition.. "But my vision is too poor for me to be helped".. COPE offers:.. Braille.. In-home or Classroom Training.. Orientation and Mobility Instruction.. Activities of Daily Living Skills Training.. Kitchen Techniques and Home Safety Training.. Item Identification and Organization Training.. Adaptive Device Training.. COPE also offers:.. Confident Living Program (CLP).. - A thirty hour training session over a series of four days.. Clients meet in small group settings of 8-12 persons (at centers for Counsel on Aging (COA), assisted living or church facilities).. Clients participate in activities that include but are not limited to: low vision screening, orientation and mobility training, money management, advocacy training, cooking safety, arts and crafts, secondary disability training, social activity.. Home Based Training.. - A four hour session held in the client's own home.. Instructors assist Clients with learning to prepare meals using the adaptive aids provided, with safety as a key factor.. Instructors evaluate clients on their abilities and awareness  ...   A presentation has been developed to explain our services, eligibility requirements, and the process to becoming a client.. This service was developed as a means of providing information to the underserved population of our state as well as Home Health agencies, Counsel on Aging and other providers who come into contact with potential clients.. Participants in this program will also be given a packet of information to better understand the importance, qualifications and services of our Training Center and Project COPE as well as beneficial information on various eye disorders and much more.. Support Service Provider.. (SSP) - Over two days participants will be provided with the skills needed to work with and interpret for deaf-blind persons.. This training will allow the SSP to participate in future Confidant Living Program's (CLP) specific for the deaf-blind clients.. This training is provided at no cost and you may apply for CEU credit.. Adaptive Aids.. Cope provides a limited number of adaptive aids to clients based on the recommendation of project staff.. Adaptive Aids promote independence and safety.. An adaptive aid may be a talking clock, writing guide, mobility cane or a large button telephone.. Referral To Other Service Organizations.. State Library / Talking Books Descriptive Video Service.. Directory Assistance Exemption.. Low Vision Evaluations.. ABL's Training Center Program.. Support Groups.. Deaf Action Center, Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, Veteran's Affairs, etc.. and other statewide agencies.. For more information, Please call our Project Coordinator:.. Kelly Huntsberry.. 1-800-319-4444..

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  • Title: Affiliated Blind of Louisiana Training Center | Employment Services
    Descriptive info: ABL Training Center provides everything the client needs to be placed into the workforce.. Below is a brief summary of what Employment Services has to offer.. Assessment and Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation and Counselling.. - An initial evaluation helps to identify a new clients aptitudes, values, interests, motivations and education, allowing ABL to cater a program that optimizes their experience.. Job Readiness Training.. - This training  ...   retention skills, helping the client to not only find a job, but how to keep it.. Job Development and Placement.. - A job placement specialist will search for a job match between the client and an employer.. A client's interest and ability to perform the required work are critical to a good job match.. ABL is very proactive in searching for employers to hire our clients..

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