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  • Title: a4nr.org
    Descriptive info: .. a4nr.. org.. Home.. About A4NR.. MEET OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ROCHELLE BECKER.. MEET OUR OUTREACH COORDINATOR DAVID WEISMAN.. MEET OUR BOARD.. MEET OUR SUPPORTERS.. Donate.. Contact.. Subscribe.. Privacy Policy.. What s New.. Action Letters.. Actions.. California News.. Diablo Canyon.. License Renewal.. NRC.. State Law Precedent.. Seismic Issues.. Documents.. Historic News Headlines.. Historical documents.. Kariwa-Kashiwazaki KK Japan reactor quake.. Letters of Support.. San Onofre.. Letters and Correspondence.. Requests for Support from San Clemente City Council.. Energy Comm.. Legislature.. Contact Assembly Senate Members.. PUC.. Events.. Library.. Aging Nuclear Plants.. GEIS.. License Renewal Outside of California.. Nuclear Economics.. News.. Newsletters.. Videos.. Cartoons.. Search:.. Topics:.. Select category.. Documents Notices.. Subscribe to Posts.. You are here: Home.. A year without San Onofre.. It’s been a year now since defective, expensive and brand-new steam generators failed at the San Onofre nuclear plant, leaving California regulators scrambling to figure out not only how to keep the lights on, but who should pay for this $700 million fiasco.. A4NR weighs in with the anniversary op-ed in the.. San Diego Union Tribune.. R.. EAD IT ALL:.. http://www.. utsandiego.. com/news/2013/feb/02/tp-no-more-blank-checks-for-utilities/.. PG E did.. what.. ?.. As the second anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster approaches, PG E is still playing fast and loose with facts about the seismic safety issues at Diablo Canyon.. Read more here in this guest editorial in.. California Current.. by Rochelle Becker and John Geesman:.. http://cacurrent.. com/storyDisplay.. php?sid=6664.. Does the Nuclear Regulatory Commission really know what is or isn t seismically safe at Diablo Canyon.. watch this video and decide.. Is it.. safe?.. San Luis Obispo residents question NRC on Shoreline Fault report at Open House meeting.. see the video here:.. http://a4nr.. org/?p=2477.. Alliance reviews latest NRC report on Shoreline fault Fed Agency plays fast and loose with science to back its hasty conclusions.. Read A4NR s response and analysis.. A Fault-y Report.. org/?p=2399.. FISH AND CESIUM DON T MIX.. Whether it is ongoing contamination of seafood, the devastation of the fishing industry, drastic clean up plans or overall impacts to the marine environment, the marine consequences of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima continue:.. org/?p=2330.. California Can t Afford Nuclear Power and our state doesn t have a plan to deal with this!.. Rochelle Becker and John Geesman spoke to the Sustainability Alliance of Southern California.. They explain how regulators have failed the public and offer suggestions for creating an energy PLAN B for a future without nuclear power.. READ THE OP-ED BY ROCHELLE BECKER IN THE SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE:.. http://m.. com/news/2012/jul/20/nuclear-cost-analysis-needed/.. CALIFORNIA.. WITHOUT.. NUCLEAR POWER?.. YES!.. ALLIANCE TELLS CALIFORNIA ENERGY REGULATORS TO TAKE ACTION AT LOS ANGELES WORKSHOP.. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ROCHELLE BECKER SPEAKS UP FOR RATEPAYERS AS SAN ONOFRE FIASCO COSTS MOUNT:.. JOHN GEESMAN, ALLIANCE ATTORNEY, REMINDS AGENCIES OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP THE LIGHTS ON, AND THE PRICE OF FAILURE:.. THE LOS ANGELES TIMES AGREES: READ THEIR EDITORIAL HERE:.. latimes.. com/news/opinion/editorials/la-ed-onofre-20120620,0,3489562.. story.. THE COMMISSION WILL BE IN ORDER.. ALLIANCE PRESENTS CASE BEFORE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION: SEISMIC STUDIES AT DIABLO CANYON DOES PG E EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS LOOKING FOR AND HOW MUCH WILL IT REALLY COST?.. Pressing questions were raised by Alliance attorney John Geesman during a tense day of hearings.. HEAR ATTORNEY JOHN GEESMAN DISCUSS THE CASE ON KQED RADIO S CALIFORNIA REPORT.. Read about it in BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK:.. org/?p=2168.. ALLIANCE QUESTIONS NRC CHAIRMAN GREGORY JACZKO AT SAN ONOFRE.. The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility had a meeting with the NRC Chairman last Friday after his tour of the disabled San Onofre Nuclear Plant.. The NRC approved of the replacement equipment at SONGS, and now they don t work.. But the Chairman can t answer our pressing question: WHO WILL PAY FOR THE FIASCO AT SAN ONOFRE??.. Not one more penny for replacement steam generators.. Not one penny for fixing them.. Not one more penny for replacement power, Rochelle Becker, Executive Director of the Alliance told the North County Times.. READ FULL PRESS COVERAGE OF THE ALLIANCE HERE:.. org/?p=2070.. Fukushima.. remembered.. read the  ...   must decide if alternative cooling methods are possible to continue operating the plants.. A draft plan for hiring consultants to do the studies needed is in the works, and the Alliance s executive director, Rochelle Becker, was appointed on the oversight committee.. To learn more about the effects of once through cooling, watch this 5 minute video clip from the Alliance s documentary film featuring Dave Lochbaum of the Union of Concerned Scientists and Stanford attorney Deborah Sivas:.. NRC held public meeting on Waste Storage in San Luis Obispo on October 6, 2011.. The NRC held.. one of only three.. national meetings to get public input on plans for the environmental impact report for the revised Waste Confidence Decision.. What issues and concerns arise with a plan to store waste on site for at least 60 years and possibly 300? The Alliance spoke at the well attended meeting.. Read our comments here:.. org/?p=1707.. ALSO ATTENDING THE MEETING WAS.. ALLIANCE BOARD MEMBER DR.. SAM CASALINA,.. ASKING THE NRC TECHNICAL QUESTIONS.. ALLIANCE BOARD MEMBER FROM SAN CLEMENTE, JUDY JONES (right) WITH ALLIANCE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ROCHELLE BECKER AND OUTREACH COORDINATOR DAVID WEISMAN (left), AT THE NRC MEETING.. * * * * * * * *.. What can the state of California do to protect itself from aging reactors in dangerous seismic areas?.. Watch A4NR s Rochelle Becker explain our state s rights in this clip from a new, multi-media investigation by journalist Sam Osborn!.. In his new report, Under the Influence The Nuclear Landscape, Journalist Sam Osborn of the USC Annenberg School of Communications has created an interactive investigative report on the influence of money and lobbying to forward the nuclear power industry agenda.. He puts a special focus on the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and its consequences in seismically active California.. Read and watch the full report at:.. http://usc.. news21.. com/sam/home.. * * * * * * * *.. NATIONWIDE PBS T.. V.. PROGRAM PROFILES SEISMIC PROBLEMS AT DIABLO CANYON !.. DOUBLE FAULT AT DIABLO featured on.. NEED TO KNOW.. on PBS.. In a joint investigation with the Center for Investigative Reporting and Capital Public Radio, NEED TO KNOW brings you this Watch List report.. See State Senator.. Dr.. Sam Blakeslee.. , US Geological Survey Geologist.. Jeanne Hardebeck.. and California Energy.. Commissioner James Boyd.. discuss the troubling new seismic concerns at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.. This well researched story packs a lot of information into 20 minutes!.. Click the link below to watch the entire program.. :.. pbs.. org/wnet/need-to-know/environment/video-double-fault-nuclear-safety-at-diablo-canyon/10457/.. * * * * * * * * * * *.. Share on Facebook.. eNews Updates.. Sign up to receive breaking news.. as well as receive other site updates!.. Please Support Our Work With A Donation.. Your financial support is important because it helps us continue our work.. Please consider making a one-time donation or better yet, provide on-going support through our monthly giving program.. Use the form below to join the monthly giving program:.. Donation Options.. Option 1 : $1.. 00 USD - monthly.. Option 2 : $10.. Option 3 : $25.. Option 4 : $50.. Option 5 : $100.. Option 6 : $200.. Option 7 : $1,000.. Recent News.. Sierra Club Activist Network Grant Proposal Project.. Crystal River Reactor withdraws NRC License Amendment Request.. A4NR Opening Brief for SONGS OII filed February 25, 2013.. A4NR files Complaint against SCE at CPUC.. 021313 A4NR files Complaint at CPUC regarding Edison shareholder disclosures.. New video coming soon!.. New Video: Are Nuclear Regulators Paying Attention? Could we have a B.. P.. type disaster on the California Coast?.. Senator Sam Blakeslee says "no" to hasty answers for seismic questions facing Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant.. Get Our Free And Informative Newsletters.. Click here to sign up for our informative mailing list.. For.. Email Newsletters.. you can trust.. Links.. Everything Nuclear.. Sensible Women Advocating Nuclear Safety.. Return to top of page.. Posts.. Comments.. Log in.. Powered by.. WordPress.. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.. Magazine theme.. by.. StudioPress..

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  • Title: About A4NR.org : a4nr.org
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. / About A4NR.. The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility works to educate and protect the citizens of the State of California and future generations from the dangers of radioactive contamination.. We support educating the public on options for energy generation, the dangers of aging nuclear plants and the increasing production and storage of high-level radioactive waste on California s coastal zone.. The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility Legal fund lobbies for California legislation to limit the production and storage of high-level radioactive waste on California s coast to current license terms and to prohibit license renewals for California s nuclear plants until there is a permanent safe and operating solution to the storage of high-level radioactive waste.. We are supported entirely by people like you.. All of the funds we receive are used for education programs and travel expenses.. Funds received for the Legal Fund will be used entirely for that purpose.. We have one part-time paid staff person; all other members are unpaid volunteers.. As you can see donations are used wisely and have resulted in:.. California Energy Commission reviews of the state’s dependence on aging reactors.. Testimony to challenge ratepayer funding for license renewal projects before the California Public Utilities Commission..  ...   addressed before utilities are allowed to use ratepayer funding for license renewal.. This is exciting and our hope is that these studies will benefit reactor communities coast to coast.. Please join us and help demonstrate that democracy works when we all participate together.. Read our Mission Statements:.. The mission of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility is as follows:.. To protect the public and future generations from radioactive contamination.. To provide educational materials on safety and security issues at California s aging nuclear plants.. The mission of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility Legal Fund is as follows:.. To amend state laws to prohibit nuclear power plant license renewals in the seismically active state of California and restrict the amount of radioactive waste stored on site to the amount permitted for the duration of the current operating licenses;.. No license renewals should be applied for until a there is a safe, permanent solution to the storage of high-level radioactive waste produced at each reactor.. The prohibition on license renewals would include Units 1 2 at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant and Units 2 3 at the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station.. View our film –.. www.. everythingnuclear.. Honor the women who lead nuclear efforts nationwide –.. swansweb..

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    Descriptive info: /.. / MEET OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ROCHELLE BECKER.. Rochelle Becker has been active on nuclear safety issues in California for 35 years.. She co-founded the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility in 2005 to focus on her experience working with elected representatives and oversight agencies – both state and federal.. Rochelle has testified before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, California Energy Commission, Regional Water Quality Control Board, as well as the state legislature and Congress.. She is currently intervening on license renewal issues at the CPUC and sits on the state’s review committee analyzing water-related impacts from aging reactors.. Rochelle was instrumental in gaining the support of California’s Attorney General (AG) and the County of San Luis Obispo for federal appeals and continues work with the county and AG’s office.. Rochelle met with NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko in March of 2010 to request the agency stay PG E’s request for a license renewal and work in collaboration with California’s oversight agencies to investigate new  ...   interviews and the media is following the Alliiance’s focus on state jurisdictional concerns.. The Alliance is closely monitoring Southern California Edison’s efforts to push towards license renewal at SONGS.. Rochelle Becker has been quoted in articles and published Op Ed’s in local, state and nationwide newspapers.. She is often interviewed radio and television network and outlets including NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR’s California Report, KPFA, KPFK, NOW, Newsweek and the New York Times.. Rochelle has won several environmental awards over the years.. Rochelle’s non-environmental community activism includes: founding the birthday program for homeless children at the Santa Barbara County’s after school program in Santa Maria; working on Child Abuse issues in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County; president of the Camp Fire Board, and Executive Director of the March of Dimes in Santa Maria.. Rochelle Becker graduated from the University of San Francisco.. She lives with her husband of 47 years in Grover Beach, and also in San Diego, where her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughters live full time..

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    Descriptive info: / MEET OUR OUTREACH COORDINATOR DAVID WEISMAN.. David Weisman has been producing award-winning educational documentary and non-fiction film and video works since 1982, specializing in issues of social awareness and environmental concern.. In the late 1980s and early 1990s he created a series of videos focusing on shelter and environmental issues in the developing world, including “ON BORROWED LAND,” set amid the shantytowns of Manila, and executive produced by Oliver Stone.. Following this he co-produced a series of award-winning videos for U.. S.. A.. I.. D.. on community development in the newly democratic South Africa and the old city-centers of Morocco.. In 1994 he produced “AT HOME WITH MOTHER EARTH”, an exploration of “earth architecture” building techniques narrated by Eartha Kitt.. This experience was later expanded during the period from 1995 through 1999, when Mr.. Weisman produced and directed a 28 part environmental education series, “PRESERVING THE LEGACY” for PBS and their distance learning affiliates.. The subjects of these videos included environmental history and regulation as well as pollution prevention and radioactive waste storage.. Mr.. Weisman’s films were funded and sponsored by the National Science Foundation which resulted in the delivery of the $1.. 5 million dollar series.. The completed programs, in addition to airing over  ...   at www.. texaslegacy.. org where the streaming video clips can be viewed and studied.. A companion book, Texas Legacy, co-edited by Mr.. Weisman, was released by the Texas A M University Press in October, 2010.. More information about the book can be found at:.. org/?p=1199.. His years of global travel and experience have given Mr.. Weisman an insight into many of the environmental and social justice issues facing humanity.. In 1999, he joined the Oaks Project, a division of the Santa-Monica based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.. Among the successes of the Oaks Project during this period were the passage of local campaign finance reform laws in five California cities, as well as a the blocking of a legislative, taxpayer-funded “bail-out” of the California Edison utility in the wake of the energy deregulation fiasco.. Weisman also provided video services and media assistance to such organizations as Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Committee to Bridge the Gap.. Weisman became involved in assisting local advocates on issues involving safety at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.. More recently, Mr.. Weisman was appointed by the Morro Bay city council to his city’s Community Promotions Advisory Committee and served a 4 year term, with two years as the chairman..

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  • Title: MEET OUR BOARD : a4nr.org
    Descriptive info: / MEET OUR BOARD.. SHIRLEY VAINE, REALTOR (President).. Shirley s professional activities include: Founder of the Real Estate Information/Education Center, Past Governor South of the NAR of Women’s Council of Realtors, Mediator for San Diego Association of Realtors, Lecturer/Educator, Past State President of Women’s Council of Realtors/California, co-author of ‘Here Comes the Sales Trainers,’ and member of the National Association of Realtors since 1971.. Shirley has been active in community efforts, including: Founder of the San Onofre Citizens Council, Past Ombudsman for the Elderly, Past President of PQ Rotary Club, Founder of the Professional Women’s Center, Co-founder of Sunshine Village/Battered Women Children’s Center, Co-founder of the National Association of Federal Women’s Contractor, and delegate to the 1st White House Conference on Small Business.. She has served on the California Small Business Advisory Board, on Vice President Bush’s Advance Team, and as President of the Professional Women’s Center, and is the creator of Women’s Opportunity Job Fairs.. Ms.. Vaine is the 2011-2012 President of San Diego North Rotary Club.. SAM CASALINA, Ph.. Casalina has worked for decades as a Senior Industrial Hygienist, starting in the early 1950s with work at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley, California.. There, he spent several years as Technical Coordinator providing complete radiologic health planning for the researchers.. He is  ...   values, often somewhat at odds with business owners.. Deidra has gained national attention; Working Women’s Magazine declared Rosebowl Florist one of the top 15 florists in America in 1998; both of Rosebowl’s designers win virtually every contest they enter; and last year, the San Francisco Bay Guardian Reader s Poll voted Rosebowl Florist and Wine Shop the best flower shop in the Bay Area.. She is currently involved with the Lower Polk Neighborhood Association – a small business and building manager group addressing all neighborhood issues actively with city officials.. Prior to this, she served as a board member for The Utility Reform Network (TURN), a consumer advocacy organization.. JUDY JONES.. Judy lives near San Clemente, and in previous years has run for California State Assembly in the 73rd Assembly District, from Oceanside to Laguna Hills.. Her MBA from the University of Chicago and her Peace Corps experience teaching in Belize give her a background that combines problem solving with understanding of a wide range of people and issues.. She s been a consultant, helping businesses find the right software tools for more than 25 years in both the southern California and Chicago area.. Judy has volunteered in her community for youth, literacy and the environment and participated in multiple political campaigns.. TAMA VARANO-BECKER.. (Treasurer)..

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  • Title: Donate : a4nr.org
    Descriptive info: / Donate.. Make a one-time donation below:.. Join the monthly giving program below:.. 00 USD monthly.. The Alliance is supported entirely by people like you.. Tax-deductible donations to help educate the California public on the dangers of aging nuclear plants, including the daily production of high-level radioactive waste currently stored in fragile coastal zones can be mailed to:.. Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility.. PO Box 1328.. San Luis Obispo, CA 93406-1328.. NON TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS TO  ...   contributions from California residents to support legislation to prohibit license renewals for the state s nuclear power plants.. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is relicensing nuclear plants twenty years in advance of license expirations.. To date thirty license renewals have been approved by the NRC, despite the fact that there is no planned permanent waste disposal for the radioactive waste produced under continued operation.. Donations can be sent to:.. Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility Legal Fund..

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  • Title: Contact : a4nr.org
    Descriptive info: / Contact.. Mailing Address:.. San Luis Obispo CA 93406-1328.. Email.. Rochell Becker rochelle@a4nr.. David Weisman david@a4nr.. Telephone.. general and media inquiries:.. (805) 704 1810 – David Weisman, Outreach Coordinator.. (858) 337-2703 – Rochelle Becker, Executive Director.. email us:.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message..

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  • Title: Subscribe : a4nr.org
    Descriptive info: / Subscribe.. Help us keep you informed about important developments at the Alliance For Nuclear Responsibility..

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  • Title: Privacy Policy : a4nr.org
    Descriptive info: / Privacy Policy.. takes your privacy seriously.. This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it.. See this.. privacy policy primer.. to learn more about privacy policies in general.. Routine Information Collection.. All web servers track basic information about their visitors.. This information includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, browser details, timestamps and referring pages.. None of this information can personally identify specific visitors to this site.. The information is tracked for routine administration and maintenance purposes.. Cookies and Web Beacons.. Where necessary, a4nr.. org uses cookies to store information about a visitor's preferences and history in order to better serve the visitor and/or present the visitor with customized content.. Advertising partners and other third parties may also use cookies, scripts and/or web beacons to track visitors to our site in order to display advertisements and other useful information.. Such  ...   interfere with your use of some sites.. The best option is to disable or enable cookies on a per-site basis.. Consult your browser documentation for instructions on how to block cookies and other tracking mechanisms.. This list of.. web browser privacy management.. links may also be useful.. Special Note About Google Advertising.. Any advertisements served by Google, Inc.. , and affiliated companies may be controlled using cookies.. These cookies allow Google to display ads based on your visits to this site and other sites that use Google advertising services.. Learn how to.. opt out of Google's cookie usage.. As mentioned above, any tracking done by Google through cookies and other mechanisms is subject to Google's own privacy policies.. Contact Information.. Concerns or questions about this privacy policy can be directed to panoramarick@charter.. net for further clarification.. This privacy policy was generated by the.. Privacy Policy for WordPress.. plugin..

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  • Title: What’s New : a4nr.org
    Descriptive info: / What's New.. Posted by.. admin.. on March 14, 2013.. Leave a Comment.. The now-closed Crystal River Reactor in Florida has withdrawn its NRC License Amendment Request for a power uprate of the reactor that has since been scuttled because of the massive failure of the 2009 steam generator replacement.. 031413 Crystal River w:draws NRC LAR Share on Facebook.. Filed under.. ,.. What's New.. Tagged with.. on February 26, 2013.. Opening Brief of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility filed with the CPUC in the SONGS OII 022513 A4NR Opening Brief-013 Share on Facebook.. on February 22, 2013.. 021813 A4NR Complaint-SCE-CPUC Share on Facebook.. California Attorney general files in CPUC San Onofre (SONGS) Investigation.. on January 30, 2013.. Filing by the California Attorney General in the CPUC Order Instituting Investigation (OII) into the failure of the San Onofre (SONGS) steam generators.. Motion for Part… California Share on Facebook.. A4NR files opposition to SCE protective order on SONGS OII.. on January 7, 2013.. The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (A4NR) has filed opposition to SCE/SDGE request for protective order on documents relevant to the CPUC Order Instituting Investigation on the SONGS steam generator failures 010713 I.. 12-10-013 A4NR motion Share on Facebook.. A4NR Comments on NRC Waste Confidence EIS proposal.. on January 2,  ...   in the Order Instituting Investigation for the failed steam generators at the San Onofre nuclear plant (SONGS).. 120712 A4NR-CPUC motion OII Share on Facebook.. Alliance 2012 ACCOMPLISHMENTS and 2013 GOALS AND FINANCIAL NEEDS.. on December 5, 2012.. Here is a recap of the Alliance s 2012 Accomplishments and the costs that come with them.. A4NR 2012 year end review And here are our goals and plans for 2013 along with our anticipated budget needs A4NR 2013 Budget goals PLEASE READ THE ABOVE AND CONSIDER A DONATION!! Thank you and we look forward to [.. ].. Japanese Attorney Masaki Kito on Fukushima and real estate.. on October 25, 2012.. Masaki Kito is a consumer rights attorney who is suing TEPCO for $69 billion on behalf of 1300 Tokyo residents.. His lawsuit is unique in that he is personally suing the executives and board members of TEPCO for their complicit negligence in creating the lack of safety culture and awareness that allowed this accident [.. A4NR analysis and commentary on NRC Shoreline Fault report.. on October 24, 2012.. The following is the analysis and commentary by A4NR of the NRC s October 2012 report on the Shoreline Fault and seismic hazard at Diablo Canyon: 102412 A4NR on NRC-re-Shoreline Share on Facebook.. Next Page..

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  • Title: Action Letters : a4nr.org
    Descriptive info: Sample letter to City Councils regarding San Onofre and CPUC.. / Action Letters.. on January 25, 2013.. Please download the sample letter from the highlighted link below.. This letter may be sent from local city councils and elected officials or public agencies (i.. e.. , school boards, etc) to the California Public Utilities Commission to seek relief for ratepayers who have been paying for over a year for the inoperative nuclear reactors as San [.. Take Action on Nuclear Emergency Planning.. on March 12, 2012.. Send an action letter to state senator Mark Wyland.. Ask him to sponsor legislation to investigate the costs and logistics of expanding the current 1o mile emergency planning zone around our nuclear power plants to the 50 miles recommended by the NRC for Americans in Japan after Fukushima.. There is currently no plan or coordination [.. Earth Day Petition.. on April 21, 2011.. download and print this Earth Day petition.. Mail completed petitions to Alliance address on the bottom of the petition and  ...   the Public Advisor at the California Public Utilities Commission.. In the Subject box type: A.. 10-01-022 OPPOSE Settlement Agrement public.. advisor@cpuc.. ca.. gov RE: A.. 10-01-022 Please note my [.. Dear Michael Peevey, President, California Public Utilities Commission.. on January 21, 2010.. Please copy and paste the following letter to the following: http://docs.. cpuc.. gov/sendemail/(apg20445tev00ljy3hcmmtrx)/sendmail.. aspx?cmr=5218 Dear Michael Peevey, President, California Public Utilities Commission Subject: Application of PG E for Approval of Ratepayer Funding to Perform Additional Seismic Studies Recommended by the CEC As a California ratepayer, I wish to join Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee (R-SLO) in support of PG E’s application seeking [.. Dear Chairman Greg Jaczko, NRC.. on October 27, 2009.. org/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Ltr-to-Jaczko-re-application-to-relicense-Diablo-pdf.. pdf Regarding PG E’s application to renew the operating license at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant for an additional 20 years.. Please print out the letter and send it to: Chairman Greg Jaczko c/o Annette L.. Vietti-Cook Secretary of the Commission U.. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Mail Stop O-16G4 Washington, DC 20555-0001 Share on Facebook..

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