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  • Title: 99% Invisible | A Tiny Radio Show About Design with Roman Mars
    Descriptive info: .. A Tiny Radio Show About.. Design with Roman Mars.. Skip to content.. Kickstarter.. Home.. Episodes.. News.. Subscribe.. About.. Radio.. Press.. FAQ.. Read the Plaque.. Search.. 99 percent invisible.. Episode 95:.. Future Screens are Mostly Blue.. 14.. We have seen the future, and the future is mostly blue.. Or, put another way: in our representations of the future in science fiction movies, blue.. November 20, 2013.. Listen.. Queue.. Download.. Episode.. 10.. 94: Unbuilt.. November 12, 2013.. There is an allure to unbuilt structures: the utopian, futuristic transports; the impossibly tall skyscrapers; even the horrible highways.. They all capture our imagination with what could have.. 16.. 93: Revolving Doors.. November 6, 2013.. The story goes like this: Theophilus Van Kannel hated chivalry.. There was nothing he despised more than trying to walk in or out of a building, and locking.. 8.. 92: All the Buildings.. October 28, 2013.. I love those moments when you're walking in your neighborhood and suddenly nothing is familiar.. In a good way.. Sean Cole began seeing his neighborhood, actually the whole city.. 2.. 91x: Kickstarter Season 4 Announcement.. October 26, 2013.. Support Season 4 on Kickstarter! We’re taking the show weekly in 2014 with your  ...   99% Invisible: No cardinals.. Meaning, we deal with the built world, not the natural world.. So, when I read Jon Mooallem’s brilliant book, Wild.. 5.. 90a: Strowger Switch.. October 2, 2013.. If you are an undertaker in 1878 Kansas City, and you learn that your competitor's wife works as a telephone switchboard operator and has been diverting business calls.. 90b: Purple Reign Redux.. Last July, we told the story of the Purple Hotel.. Here's the original story, with an update at the end.. Visual spoiler: (Credit: Gwen Macsai) What’s the difference between what the.. 4.. Spotify: Score your life like 99% Invisible.. September 27, 2013.. Mostly instrumental, some words.. All good.. New songs added with each episode.. Enjoy.. Featured Posts.. 99% Invisible started.. one.. Design Matters with Debbie Millman.. Last year I appeared on Debbie Millman’s Design Matters and.. +.. Ira Glass comforts journalism grads with 99% Invisible.. 2012 Commencement: Ira Glass, Host, PRI's "This American Life" from.. 40: Billy Possum.. (Above: Teddy Bear exits the scene to make way for.. 30: The Blue Yarn.. In 1998 Dr.. Gary Kaplan, the CEO of Virginia Mason.. 29: Cul de Sac.. When people critique cul-de-sacs, a lot of the time, they’re..

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  • Title: Episode | 99% Invisible
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. 95: Future Screens are Mostly Blue.. By.. roman.. on.. Or, put another way: in our representations of the future in science fiction movies, blue seems to be the dominant color of our interfaces with technology.. They all capture our imagination with what could have been.. **Be one of the 10,000! Support 99% Invisible.. There was nothing he despised more than trying to walk in or out of a building, and locking horns with other men in a game of.. Sean Cole began seeing his neighborhood, actually the whole city of New York, with new eyes because of.. Join us! There are lots of very cool thank you gifts on the Kickstarter page (scroll down for a few examples), but we're just  ...   been diverting business calls meant for you to her husband, you have.. Visual spoiler: (Credit: Gwen Macsai) What’s the difference between what the public sees and what an architect sees when.. 43.. 89: Bubble Houses.. September 17, 2013.. If you were a movie star in the market for a mansion in 1930s Los Angeles, there was a good chance you might call on Wallace Neff.. Neff wasn't just an architect--he was a starchitect.. One of.. 58.. 88: The Broadcast Clock.. September 3, 2013.. There’s a term that epitomizes what we radio producers aspire to create: the “driveway moment.. ” It’s when a story is so good that you can’t leave your car.. Inside of a driveway moment, time becomes elastic--you.. Post navigation.. Older posts..

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  • Title: News | 99% Invisible
    Descriptive info: 99% Invisible started as a side project I made in my bedroom at night, and after two years of making the program, I turned to Kickstarter to see if.. 99% Invisible Live in SF.. September 8, 2013.. 99% Invisible Live at SPUR, October 30 Roman will present 99% Invisible Live at SPUR in San Francisco.. In conjunction with Unbuilt San Francisco, Mars will explore the city that might have been, plus other invisible design stories from.. 3.. We re in Wired!.. August 17, 2013.. The August 2013 issue of Wired calls 99% Invisible one of the "best reporters, writers, and thinkers on the Internet," along with some our favorite people, Paola Antonelli and Geoff Manaugh.. They go on, "With his plainspoken delivery and.. Fast Company s 100 Most Creative.. May 10, 2013.. I was named one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business.. As someone who has spent most of his  ...   for your.. December 17, 2012.. 2012 Commencement: Ira Glass, Host, PRI's "This American Life" from CUNY Grad School of Journalism on Vimeo.. Ira Glass mentions me and 99% Invisible by name in his commencement address at the CUNY Grad School of Journalism.. OK Ikumi.. October 11, 2012.. Kris, a longtime listener (way back from the Invisible Ink days), tipped me off to his brother’s band OK Ikumi and the songs are just spectacular.. I used a couple tracks already in the Q2 episode.. The Architecture Alphabet.. August 29, 2012.. Stephen Wildish’s “The Architecture Alphabet” arrived from the printer today! The first set goes out in mid-September to all the amazing Kickstarter backers.. Funded!.. August 11, 2012.. Thanks everyone for making 99% Invisible the highest-funded journalism project in Kickstarter history.. (Above: Most funded projects in the “Publishing” group.. Seth Godin (never heard of him!) is #1 in the non-fiction category and 99% Invisible is..

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  • Title: Subscribe | 99% Invisible
    Descriptive info: Subscribe to the 99% Invisible podcast in.. iTunes.. or the podcatcher of.. your choice.. All of the past episodes are evergreen (that s radio lingo for they are never pegged to any date or time ) and they never repeat.. So you should subscribe and then immediately download all the back episodes.. You ll be glad you did.. Each episode gets better and better, no matter if you go backwards or forwards, it s amazing and impossible, but it s also true.. 7 thoughts on.. Pingback:.. All the mighty rivers | hippoblog.. Amie..  ...   never look at white stripes the same again.. Rhonda.. October 12, 2013 at 7:24 am.. So glad to have discovered the podcast! Fascinating! Love the background music and sounds.. doug.. October 24, 2013 at 12:31 pm.. such amazing stories thank you.. Anis.. October 30, 2013 at 5:13 am.. I totally agree, no matter if you go backwards or forwards it is amazing and so true.. These podcasts are amazing.. Dhruv Seth.. November 2, 2013 at 10:12 pm.. fascinating stories :) and roman s voice is so taking things together.. Leave a comment.. Cancel reply..

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  • Title: About | 99% Invisible
    Descriptive info: 99% Invisible is a tiny radio show about design, architecture the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world.. The show started life as a project of KALW public radio in San Francisco and the American Institute of Architects in San Francisco.. We are distributed by PRX on PRX Remix and public radio stations around the country.. We are a completely independent production and raise all of our funds directly from the listeners, most notably from our.. record breaking Kickstarter campaign.. , and from.. podcast underwriters.. Praise for 99% Invisible.. 99% Invisible is completely wonderful and entertaining and beautifully produced.. -Ira Glass,.. This American Life.. We think what he’s doing is inspiring.. It has a kind of rhythm and musicality that you don’t normally find in radio or podcast storytelling.. -Jad Abumrad,.. Radiolab.. Roman Mars lights the radio.. His pieces conjure other worlds, grapple with big ideas, make sound three dimensional.. They are smart and funny and original.. The Kitchen Sisters would like to be Presidents of his Fan Club.. -.. The Kitchen Sisters.. , Peabody Award-winning producers for NPR.. I love the show.. It s wonderful.. [It] actually reminded me of why I love radio.. -Jonathan Goldstein,.. CBC s WireTap.. Mars is the Ira Glass of design.. -Allison Arieff,.. design columnist.. for.. The New York Times.. Staff.. Roman Mars (.. @romanmars.. ) is the creator of 99% Invisible, a short radio show about design and architecture.. With over 11 million downloads, the 99% Invisible podcast recently reached #2 in the iTunes rankings for all podcasts as well as #1 in both the Arts and the Design categories.. Fast Company named him one of 100 Most Creative People in 2013.. The 2012 season 3 fund raising campaign for 99% Invisible broke all previous records for a journalism project on Kickstarter.. He is also the host and program director of PRX Remix, a 24-hour, innovative public radio story stream broadcast on XM 123 and public radio stations across the country.. Sam Greenspan s (.. @samlistens.. ) pursuit of a good story has lead him to debate the merits capitalism waist-deep in a dumpster, talk street soccer with displaced Palestinians in Brazil, and investigate claims of secret music inside of public transit systems.. (Twice.. ) He has lived and made radio in Florida, Philadelphia, Maine, DC, Baltimore, and Oakland where he currently resides.. Hear more at samgreenspan.. net.. 23 thoughts on.. Luís Belo.. August 31, 2013 at 10:56 am.. Hello Roman,.. It took me a while, but I finally finished to listen to all of your podcasts.. Thanks for all your hard work, I ve learn a lot and it inspired me to create more and better.. When after listen to 5 podcasts I decided I wanted to listen to them all and write you I imagined a much more elegant message.. I m sorry.. If you ever came to Portugal, you ve a friend.. I ll be around, listening.. Thanks again,.. Luís.. David Curran.. September 1, 2013 at 1:07 pm.. I just listened to you (Roman Mars) on NPR.. I have listened to one of your podcasts since I got home and I like the feel of your style or your angle , if that makes any sense.. I plan on listening to you guys on a regular basis now.. If you ever want to do some stories about poverty in Columbus, (C-bus) Ohio I would love to work with you.. Thank you for guys for being who you are.. Maybe someday we can become 99 percent visible.. :) D.. C.. forwarddk@yahoo.. com.. September 10, 2013 at 5:32 pm.. You and your show are with me when I am pulling weeds, cooking, baking, or just sitting in my favorite macramé chair while hanging in the mountains of Southern Colorado.. Sometimes I laugh out, and sometimes I have to gather my thoughts and reflect.. Thank you for the program what a marvelous discovery!.. Best regards,.. Deb.. P.. S.. Your sons sound awesome too.. James.. September 15, 2013 at 9:52 am.. Although I dread the day I have to wait for new episodes, I literally cannot stop listening to this show.. I think I m averaging 2.. 5 episodes a day, so I ve got about a three weeks before I run out of archive.. Thanks for the great work.. Kevin Parks.. September 28, 2013 at 6:39 pm.. I just discovered your show, and website, so I m a little euphoric, but.. finally, the internet realized.. Aside from the actual podcasts, and from feeling like I just discovered radio all  ...   great listeners and talkers on any subject.. Please keep up the enchantingly interesting work.. With very best wishes to you, all involved in 99% Invisible and your all loved ones.. Dave.. October 24, 2013 at 11:05 pm.. Hi there, great show!!.. Have you ever searched youtube for car running on hydrogen?.. Yorkshire green fuels? Or.. http://fuel-efficient-vehicles.. org/energy-news/?page_id=927.. Most Interesting and near 99.. 98% Invisible!! :).. ps Crystal Radios.. Catherthuns Scotlan?? :).. Tran Khanh.. October 26, 2013 at 5:17 am.. Hi Roman, Because English is my second language so sometimes I couldn t catch up with you.. Wouldn t it be great if this site provide full transcript for each episode?.. Bernard Marszalek.. October 27, 2013 at 8:32 pm.. What s invisible is what goes on behind the walls of small manufacturing districts like West Berkeley.. See this video called Made in Berkeley.. http://zeldabronstein.. com/videos/.. Marty Spiegelman.. October 30, 2013 at 5:37 am.. Roman,.. i know you have heard this before but I wanted to say it anyway.. The podcast is wonderful.. It is is beautiful and stimulating and I am always so desperately sorry when it ends.. On top of that it has actually changed my life.. The episode on the Feltron annual report opened up a world of data visualization that had a HUGE impact on my career and happiness in my work.. I can t thank you enough for what you have brought forth.. Things are better for it.. marty S.. Aubrey Ralph.. October 30, 2013 at 11:50 am.. Like so many, you have inspired me, not only in my radio work, but also that it is possible to make great radio independently.. Siri A.. Everett.. November 2, 2013 at 9:24 pm.. Greetings, Roman all The contribution I made to your extraordinary show is for you to keep, and is not contingent on meeting any goal.. Thank you for making radio so smart.. All my best! Siri Everett.. Grace Godino.. November 6, 2013 at 9:28 pm.. Hi Roman,.. Just donated at Kickstarter.. Speaking for many out here in the female world, it would be AWESOME if you had the option of the same cool tee shirts in a women s style.. Men s tee shirts suck for girls.. Aside from that, you all totally rock.. Jeff.. November 7, 2013 at 6:40 am.. I finally got my butt in gear and kicked in to kickstarter.. Can t wait to get my T-shirt! I was reading plaques back in the day.. Mark Dawson.. November 7, 2013 at 1:30 pm.. When my sons were your sons age, we would talk about something as being exceptionally cool.. Well! 99% Invisible qualifies.. In fact, I am encountering so much coolness on your web broadcasts, I am overwhelmed with coolness! I face coolness gridlock! Aaaaah!.. Kyle T.. November 14, 2013 at 1:27 pm.. 99% Invisible T Shirt spotted in other local news.. http://sfist.. com/2013/11/13/father_of_teenage_hate_crime_victim.. php.. Un programa de radio que se financia con sus mecenas/oyentes | Crowdacy.. Lawrence Grown.. November 17, 2013 at 12:45 pm.. Hi Roman and Sam,.. I m a big fan and I m hyper local, here in Berkeley.. I love your show, and hope to meet you some time.. I just contributed to your kickstarter campaign.. Keep up the great work! I ve got about 5 episodes to go to have listened to them all so far.. I ll have a hard time waiting for the new weekly shows.. Thank you for making the design world visible to non-designers, and for using your platform to highlight exciting projects and concepts that might otherwise remain unknown to many.. While I m here I ll make a couple of shameless plugs (feel free to edit them out) for Metro Lighting, where we design and build lighting fixtures on San Pablo Avenue, and the West Berkeley Design Loop, a group of locally owned home improvement merchants.. We re hoping to spread the word that West Berkeley is the best place for retail home improvement shopping in the Bay Area.. Lastly, I d like to make sure you are aware of a couple of my favorite eccentric local architects and their work.. Eugene Tsui is the architect of the fish house near San Pablo Park, and many other unusual biomorphic structures.. And Daniel Liebermann who is building an amazing property in Inverness, but also designed my favorite Bay Area home, on Panoramic in Berkeley, a terraced hillside home with a sculptural tree-like roof structure.. So, You Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star (pt.. 2)? | Heartbreak A Stranger..

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  • Title: Radio | 99% Invisible
    Descriptive info: New episodes are released every 10-14 days, but there is a huge back catalog of evergreen episodes designed for radio airplay.. Each radio episode is 4:30 exactly and made to fit in the C block of Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, or ATC.. Some stations broadcast 99% Invisible in the news hole of hour-long weekly shows.. On KALW, this 4.. 5 minute show generates an outsized and overwhelmingly positive response from the listening audience.. Try it on your station, you ll see.. We  ...   Invisible to your audience.. We are distributed exclusively on.. PRX.. for terrestrial airplay.. Full length episodes are heard around the clock on.. PRX Remix.. We air regularly on.. APM s The Story with Dick Gordon.. Our home station:.. 91.. 7 KALW, San Francisco- Friday 7:35am 4:35pm, Saturday 8:35am, Tuesday 10pm.. Also heard on:.. 5 WBEZ, Chicago- Sunday 7:01pm.. 90.. 5 WESA, Pittsburgh- Saturday 3:01pm, Tuesday 9:35am.. 89.. 3 WFPL, Louisville- Thursday 3:30pm.. Vermont Public Radio- Sunday 10:40am.. 1 WFYI, Indianapolis- Saturday 10pm..

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  • Title: Press | 99% Invisible
    Descriptive info: 99% Invisible and Roman Mars in the news.. (Gabriela Hasbun for.. California Home + Design.. ).. The Eye, Design Blog.. , Slate: September 2013 By far the best design podcast around—and one of the best podcasts, period.. Absolute Ultimate Podcast Playlist Pt.. 1.. , GumShoe: August 2013 Roman Mars is a bit of a podcasting hero.. 101 Signals: Design.. , Wired: August 2013 “Mars offers mini master classes to tell big stories unlike anything else in design media.. ”.. Roman Mars: public radio maverick.. , The Guardian: August 2013 the podcast innovator and Kickstarter star.. The Best Podcasts You Aren t Listening To But Should Be.. , Yahoo! News: August 2013.. Media Talk: How To Succeed in Podcasting.. , The Guardian: August 2013.. 3 Great Podcasts for Summer Listening.. , Parade Magazine: July 2013.. Roman Mars, 99% Invisible Podcast.. , Telling the Story: July 2013.. 100 Most Creative People.. , Fast Company: May 2013 The Accidental Architectural Savant.. Rewind Radio: 99% Invisible,.. The Guardian|The Observer: May 2013.. One Way to Make Money: Ask People For It.. , On The Media: May 2013.. Roman Mars live interview at SF Sketchfest.. , Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: February  ...   Invisible: Design Stories for Radio.. , Core77: August 2012.. 99% Invisible Uncovers the Hidden World of Design.. , East Bay Express: August 2012.. 99% Invisible Wants You to Listen to Great Design.. , Smart Planet: August 2012.. How 99% Invisible Will Change Public Radio.. , Wired: July 2012.. 99% Invisible More Visible than Ever.. , USA Today: July 2012.. The Awesome Little Radio Show About Design.. , The Awl: May 2012.. Episode #96: Roman Mars, host of 99% Invisible.. , The Conversation Hub: April 2012.. Roman Mars interview.. , Design Matters with Debbie Millman: April 2012.. Radiolab Presents: 99% Invisible,.. Radiolab: December 2011.. The Back Story to Great Radio Storytelling: 99% Invisible.. , Howsound: December 2011.. In which Roman Mars reveals one secret formula to good radio.. , Transom.. org: May 2011.. Show: 99% Invisible.. org: March 2011.. 99% Invisible: a podcast on the power of design.. , Boing Boing: February 2011.. Required Reading: Mary Roach.. , 7 7: October 2010.. One thought on.. Ben.. September 26, 2013 at 4:24 pm.. I was wondering if you had ever considered a story about the amazing Yugoslavian WW2 memorials? Known as the Spomenik:.. http://floobynooby.. blogspot.. com/2011/10/25-abandoned-yugoslavia-monuments-that.. html..

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  • Title: FAQ | 99% Invisible
    Descriptive info: Q: What are your favorite podcasts?.. I listen to every new episode of these within a few days of them being released.. In no order:.. Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything.. *.. The Truth.. On the Media.. Strangers.. The Memory Palace.. Answer me This!.. The Sporkful.. Love + Radio.. Too Much Information.. WireTap.. Re:sound/Third Coast.. DecodeDC.. Everything Sounds.. The Hackney Podcast.. Snap Judgment.. How To Do Everything.. The Bugle.. Bullseye with Jesse Thorn.. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo.. Fresh Air.. How Sound.. Pop Culture Happy Hour.. The Longest Shortest Time.. Slate Culture Gabfest.. Slate Political Gabfest.. Sound Opinions.. Blank on Blank.. Filmspotting.. The Dinner Party Download.. Judge John Hodgman.. Stuff You Should Know.. The Moth.. Planet Money.. Design Matters with Debbie Millman.. BackStory with the American History Guys.. *Produced by 99% Invisible alumni.. Q: What are your favorite episodes? Where should I start?.. This is a good assortment if the full episode list feels too daunting.. Of course, I recommend you download and listen to them all eventually!.. Q:.. Did you study design or architecture?.. No.. I studied plant population genetics.. It’s a long story.. Can I pitch a story to 99% Invisible?.. Yes, but I can’t always respond.. I want to respond, but a thoughtful response to a pitch takes me forever to write and I often don’t have time.. I feel very bad about this.. I barely get the shows done as it is.. You can email me at roman (at) prx (dot) org or sam (at) prx (dot) org, or reach the show through.. Facebook.. or.. Twitter.. Do you have a favorite architect/style/building?.. Not really.. I can love the “ugliest” building if it has a cool story.. Same goes for the ugliest architect.. How can I support the show?.. That s so nice of you! We strategically ask  ...   Sony PCM-D50 with a Audio-technica AT897 short shotgun microphone.. I mix and monitor on cheap computer speakers, but I wear Sony MDR-7506 headphones most of the day.. Everything is located in my bedroom.. I *ahem* strategically keep clothes strewn around and pile papers and books to make the room soft and free from echo.. My desk is next to the closet, so I took the door off and replaced it with a curtain.. **.. You don’t need nice stuff or a studio.. You just need to work.. If you are picturing me as Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV, working out in a Siberian cabin by chopping wood, while the evil Ivan Drago uses the state of the art facility and gets pumped full of steroids, that’s.. exactly.. how it is.. **We moved, so I now have an office out back behind the house.. Most of the equipment is the same.. I left this answer for posterity so you know that for two years I basically did the show in a room, by myself, with almost nothing.. 5 thoughts on.. Dana.. October 23, 2013 at 11:58 am.. How did you get started in radio?.. Eric.. October 24, 2013 at 4:26 pm.. Where can I buy a t shirt? Can I but one for 15 or 20 or do I need to pledge 50?.. Neal McWhirter.. November 1, 2013 at 2:02 pm.. were you going to tell folks that your latest episode was on the story?.. I love the show, I was just disappointed that I had heard the story before.. Keep up the great work.. Peter Leahey.. November 17, 2013 at 2:51 pm.. What is the name of your sponsor that helps people build websites?.. Michael Bogardus.. November 18, 2013 at 12:50 pm.. @ Peter Leahey: The sponsor is.. http://www.. squarespace..

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  • Title: Future Screens are Mostly Blue | 99% Invisible
    Descriptive info: Episode 95: Future Screens are Mostly Blue.. Or, put another way: in our representations of the future in science fiction movies, blue seems to be the dominant color of our interfaces with technology yet to come.. And that is one of the many design lessons we can learn from sci-fi.. (Clockwise from Left: 1.. Galaxy Quest.. (1999) Dreamworks; 2.. The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy.. (2005) Touchstone; 3.. Supernova.. (2000) MGM; 4.. Fantastic 4.. (2005) 20th Century FOX).. Designers and sci-fi aficionados Chris Noessel and Nathan Shedroff have spent years compiling real-world lessons that designers can, should, and already do take from science fiction.. Their book,.. Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons From Science Fiction.. is a comprehensive compendium of their findings.. To give you a sense of how exhaustive their research is in this field, take note that the lesson above future screens are mostly blue was determined empirically.. Shedroff and Noessel catalogued virtually every interface from every sci-fi movie from 1968 through 2011 and determined an average color per year.. (1991 was.. Terminator 2.. Chart courtesy of Nathan Shedroff and Chris Noessel.. ).. So why is blue the chosen color? Noessel posits that, because blue is so rare in nature (if you discount the sky and the ocean,.. which are arguably not blue.. ) there s something fundamentally mystical, unnatural, and inhuman about it.. Whether or not screens in the future will, in fact, be blue, is beside the point.. Make It So.. is about applying the ways we conceive of the future to the design of our present moment.. After all, if sci-fi is about letting our imaginations run wild and create imagined worlds, then there are plenty of design lessons from looking at the experience of the characters moving through those worlds.. Even if your sci-fi world is 1000 years in the future, those choices are in constant dialogue with the present.. Even the first sci-fi film is a sign of its times.. In Georges Méliès.. Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon,.. 1902), there are hardly any interfaces!.. Hence, Science fiction can help us understand what we want in the present.. And, when components of science fiction saturate the public imagination, it can affect how we design things.. Consider the MicroTAC, one of Motorola s first cell phones.. It did not sell well.. (Ross Padluck, Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons).. The MicroTAC had a mouthpiece that flipped down.. When the Motorola designers took this phone to Argonne National Laboratory for their advice, the Argonne engineers said they had make the phone the wrong way it ought to open upwards, not downwards.. Like on.. Star Trek.. Star Trek: The Original Series.. (1966, 1968) Paramount.. Motorola s subsequent generation opened upwards.. It was wildly successful.. It was called the StarTAC.. (ProhibitOnions, Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons).. Star Trek.. also may have helped create the entire image-under-glass paradigm that governs our digital world.. The interface, known as.. LCARS.. , is cool-looking.. It s distinctive.. And it s actually the result of a budget shortfall.. Star Trek: The Next Generation.. didn t have as much money for set design as did the.. original series, which had panels wired with jewels and glowing buttons.. Instead, they cut out film and put them over glass panes.. To this day, people still modify their computers and tablets.. to make them look like an LCARS device.. from the 24th Century, by way of the late 80s.. (1968);.. (1987) Paramount.. The most interesting lessons from sci-fi come when you assume, for the sake of argument, that everything is in sci-fi is there for a reason even things that look like mistakes.. There s a word for this,.. apologetics.. , which usually refers to the act of attempting to close logical loopholes in theology.. Take.. Star Wars.. , for instance, in the scene when Luke and Han Solo are in the Millennium Falcon blowing up TIE fighters..  ...   the make it so button?.. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.. (1999) 20th Century FOX).. Producer Sam Greenspan spoke with Nathan Shedroff and Christopher Noessel, authors of Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction.. Their work continues on their website.. SciFiInterfaces.. All the music in this episode is by.. OK Ikumi,.. his album.. Alpine Sequences.. is glorious.. Get it.. This entry was posted in.. Bookmark the.. permalink.. Unbuilt.. 14 thoughts on.. Future Screens are Mostly Blue.. Red Scofield.. November 21, 2013 at 8:04 am.. Such a great episode! Really brought out my inner-geek and -nerd.. Thanks for another quality show!.. Kyle.. November 21, 2013 at 11:48 am.. It would seem logical to me that future user interfaces would be in full colour.. Make It So on 99% Invisible podcast | Make It So.. Nick.. November 21, 2013 at 2:21 pm.. From the title, I thought that this episode was going to be about future computers BSODing.. To quote Rick Moranis, Out of order? ****! Even in the future nothing works!.. David.. November 21, 2013 at 2:41 pm.. I personally like to color all technology related things in my life blue in reference to IBM and it s nickname big blue.. It s also interesting seeing that most big players online in computers tend to be blue.. Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Gmail, even Windows XP.. November 21, 2013 at 6:48 pm.. Scifi analysis and design geekery? Yessss.. Bonus points for mentioning male gaze and gender binary.. :).. Max.. November 21, 2013 at 8:35 pm.. Quote : (Queen Amidala uses the same button to route a hologram across the galaxy, and call up a star chart, and land a space ship.. Massive design oversight? Or could this be the “make it so” button? Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) 20th Century FOX).. Can it be the equivalent of the Enter key on a keyboard, or some kind of choice validation?.. Anyway, I really like the idea of being aware of design in sci-fi :).. Bill Drummer.. November 21, 2013 at 11:14 pm.. Part of the reason for blue in high tech in films is that blue appears to recede.. It usually makes a good background.. And the people are warmer, almost orange (no matter what ethnicity), so they pop from the screen more.. It s often referred to as the Hollywood palette.. Films are filled with a lot of teal and orange.. Another theory: Blue is cold and technical, in contrast to humanity, which is warm.. Blue is sometimes used to symbolize reality and warm colors are often for memories, better days, dreams and romance.. Enron.. November 22, 2013 at 5:47 am.. I m blue abudiabudai :(.. Benjamin.. November 22, 2013 at 6:48 am.. Good episode with brilliant music.. If anybody cares for something similar I highly recommend the Soundtrack for Tokyo Sonata by Kazumasa Hashimoto.. Hashimoto s sound is more autumn rainy day than OK Ikumi but nevertheless similarly brilliant.. Also the movie is good too as it has Teruyuki Kagawa.. Just upped my pledge for Radiotopia.. Keep up the good work.. Ryan.. November 22, 2013 at 9:15 am.. You ve gotta love the typeface on 2001.. If you re into graphic design, the font is called Microgramma.. Very distinctive and probably the most accurate futuristic style.. Podcast #139 - Clubbing Baby Seals StolendroidsStolendroids.. Nitpicker.. November 23, 2013 at 12:52 am.. Star Wars uses that explanation for hearing sound in space in the novelization for A New Hope.. Which actually came out before the movie, since Alan Dean Foster writes very quickly.. I m not sure it really counts as apologetics when the explanation appears first.. Patriciaj Monahan.. November 23, 2013 at 2:24 pm.. Is not the Pacific Ocean blue? In terms of not much real blue in the natural wold.. cannot think of many things bigger.. We can never come close to creating a stronger more beautiful blue than that!..

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  • Title: Unbuilt | 99% Invisible
    Descriptive info: Episode 94: Unbuilt.. **Be one of the 10,000! Support 99% Invisible on Kickstarter NOW!**.. Imagine a high-speed funicular suspended from a bridge of soaring towers over the Bay, connecting downtown San Francisco to Oakland.. ( From Call Building to Oakland City Hall in 5 Minutes from the California Digital Newspaper Collection, Center for Bibiliographic Studies and Research, University of California, Riverside.. Courtesy of.. The Urbanist.. The article reads:.. It will be a case of ‘on again, off again’ for you will have scarcely made yourself comfortable in your seat when b-r-r, buz-z-z, bu-z-z-z, and you are flying across the bay in midair with the speed of a gun projectile, and almost before you can say “Jack Robinson” you have landed in the Athens of the Pacific.. Now that’s rather a startling statement, isn’t it? But Fletcher E.. Felts who has looked into the future, says we are going to have such a railway.. “.. Oh, pshaw! you say contemptuously, It’s only a dream.. But, you know, some dreams come true.. The San Francisco Call.. , April 17, 1910.. Fletcher E.. Felts’s “Suspended Auto Motor Railway” reminds us when we used to dream big.. So, too, does Daniel Burnham s vision of a San Francisco city beautiful.. (Daniel Burnham Plan courtesy David Rumsey map collection.. Provided to 99% Invisible courtesy of.. Daniel Burnham was the mastermind behind the White City at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago.. It was the pinnacle of The City Beautiful movement, with big civic centers and grand neo-classical structures to stir the soul.. Burnham was hired by big-time downtown business owners of San Francisco to turn this raggedy (if well-off) city into something majestic.. Danial Burnham’s team shows up and they set up shop in a cottage on the summit of Twin Peaks so they can survey the city and craft the perfect plan…which was completed in the fall of 1905.. And the legend goes, all the books were delivered to city hall for distribution on April 17, 1906 the day before the great earthquake pulverized San Francisco.. When you re tasked with starting something over from scratch, you can use that as an opportunity to create an ideal version of what you re rebuilding or you can do it fast and cheap and the closest to what you remember it being like before.. Tragically, San Francisco authorities went with the latter.. Yet as much as we curse our forebears for their shortsightedness for not realizing Burnham s imperial city or the gunshot funicular, we are actually a richer society in the absence of most of what never got built.. And, of course the unbuilt world spans coast to coast.. Case in point: Lower Manhattan, mid-20th Century.. (Credit:.. Vanshnookenraggen/Andrew Lynch.. This is not a map of Manhattan.. Manhattan today actually looks like this:.. (Credit: Google Maps).. Another one: Here s what came very close to becoming reality.. and here s what really is.. The fake maps were created by an artist/cartographer/realtor in New York City named.. Andrew Lynch.. , who goes under the name Vanshnookenraggen.. Andrew wanted to see what what New York City would look like if Robert Moses had succeeded in building two giant expressways through the densest place in the United States.. For the unacquainted, Robert Moses was the true power broker of New York.. In fact,.. Robert Caro s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1100-page opus.. about Moses is called The Power Broker.. (Robert Moses, c.. 1930).. Moses built bridges, and beaches, and highways, and public housing, and he did a lot of the master planning of New York City and surroundings.. He even and restructured the city governance.. But some of what he  ...   but to say that there’s nothing there in the Headlands is not seeing the grand thing San Francisco actually did build for itself and everyone who visits.. What they actually built over there was a magnificent wilderness.. They built the very reason we all love it here.. Roman spoke with.. Allison Arieff,.. Content Strategist at.. SPUR.. , which, along with AIA San Francisco, Center for Architecture + Design, Environmental Design Archives at UC Berkeley, California Historical Society, and the San Francisco Public Library curated.. Unbuilt San Francisco.. , a collaborative exhibition on view in various SF venues through November 2013.. Roman also spoke with.. San Francisco Chronicle.. writer.. John King.. (whose name was invoked all the way back in.. Episode #2.. Producer Sam Greenspan spoke about Robert Moses s highways with Andrew Lynch (aka Vanshnookenraggen), who gave Sam a walking tour of Lower Manhattan had the highways been built.. Andrew Lynch also runs.. Hyperreal Cartography.. , a Tumblr of unbuilt cities across the globe.. Our friend Julie Caine from.. KALW s Audiograph.. provided the iconic sounds of San Francisco.. Quiet American.. Aaron Ximm provided photos and documents of Marincello, which he gathered for his amazing project.. Marincello Unsoundwalk: A Brief Illustrated Map and Guide for Listening to What is Not Surrounding the Miwok Trail.. Revolving Doors.. 10 thoughts on.. Julia Barton.. November 12, 2013 at 7:05 pm.. More unbuilt!.. cracked.. com/article_19198_the-5-craziest-buildings-ever-proposed-with-straight-face.. Winslow P.. Kelpfroth.. November 13, 2013 at 3:04 pm.. re: building at the GoldenGateNaturalRecreationArea.. Much of the area, I think around 4000 acres, north of the Golden Gate Bridge was an army reservation from the 1860s to sometime around 1990, so the idea of building a housing development there in the 1960s would have required much more than the approval of the Marin County supervisors.. 99% Invisible Ruminaut.. Unbuilt Bernal Heights: Our Future That Never Was | Bernalwood.. Russell.. November 14, 2013 at 11:33 pm.. “Oh, pshaw!” you sat contemptuously love it.. Katie.. November 17, 2013 at 7:34 am.. The Power Broker is still my all-time favorite wonk read.. At the time I was (ironically) commuting by train, and I had to cut the book itself into thirds and use a rubber band to hold the piece I was reading together.. God forbid I have to carry that whole tome around with me every day.. Hither and Thither #12 | Deviation Obligatoire.. What experiments in urban development can teach us about society | newdigitalculture.. Merlin.. November 18, 2013 at 6:08 am.. I lived in Osaka Japan for ten years.. Osaka sports a pretty crazy network of flying highways, and yep: they are traffic snarls.. Funny thing is that they do not seem to have spawned that awful ghetto vibe underneath them that you would get in a North American equivalent.. At least I do not recall anything like that.. Mostly just other, ground-level arterial roadways, or space for playgrounds out of the rain, or bicycle parking areas for subway stops, or even shops and restaurants (izakaya, etc).. It s an awesome city!.. Andrea in Phx.. November 19, 2013 at 3:56 pm.. One of my hometown s Unbuilts is the Mount Hood Freeway that would have ruined the SE Portland of my upbringing.. oregonencyclopedia.. org/entry/view/mt__hood_freeway/.. My mother is still upset that they (according to her memory) promised that reallocated transportation money to building SE Portland light rail, but didn t fulfill that promise until 2012 with the Green extension.. I wonder how that unbuilt would have changed my life!.. I know here in Phoenix some people wish the I-10 cutting straight through downtown was unbuilt.. It s always interesting to imagine what might have been.. Thanks for the episode!..

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    Descriptive info: Episode 93: Revolving Doors.. The story goes like this:.. Theophilus Van Kannel.. hated chivalry.. There was nothing he despised more than trying to walk in or out of a building, and locking horns with other men in a game of oh you first, I insist.. But most of all, Theophilus Van Kannel hated opening doors for women.. He set about inventing his way out of social phobia.. And that s how, 1888, Theophilus Van Kannel was awarded US Patent #387571 A for a Storm-door structure, which would soon become known as the revolving door.. Van Kannel s invention was an improvement of the pre-existing Tür ohne Luftzug,(lit.. Door without draft of air ) by the German inventor H.. Bockhacker.. The first revolving door was installed in a restaurant called Rector s in Times Square in 1899.. Can you spot it below?.. Thanks to Van Kannel, we have had been a perfect solution for keeping dust, and noise, and rain and sleet and snow from entering buildings for over a hundred years.. There s just one problem: people don t use them.. Sometimes they re too heavy to push, or their compartments are claustrophobically narrow.. There s also anxiety about getting limbs caught, or getting stuck in a compartment with another person, and whether or not that s socially acceptable.. (And if you ve read Alan Moore s Watchmen, you might remember that detail about how caped crusader Dollar Bill got his cape caught in a revolving door and was immobilized as a bank robber approached and shot him in the head, point blank.. (Still from film adaptation of.. Watchmen.. (2009)).. You kind of have to wonder if the the revolving door s antisocial roots just might be what keeps us from using them.. In 2006, a group of MIT students set out to figure out the exact cost of our aversion to revolving doors.. They found that revolving doors exchange eight times less air that swinging doors, which can add up to thousands of dollars in wasted energy costs per building per year.. You can read the whole study here.. The students further observed revolving door usage at a building on campus, and found that only 20-30% of people were using the revolving doors.. They worked on getting some signs put up around campus.. A few years later, New York City-based designer.. Andrew Shea.. thought he would try to replicate the experiment at a building on the campus of Columbia University.. (Courtesy of Andrew Shea).. After about 20 collective hours watching this entryway, Shea found that, similarly to MIT, only 28% of people were using revolving doors.. After putting up some signs of his own design (without campus approval), Shea was able to get usage up to 71%.. Of course, the best way to get people to use revolving doors is simply to design them better.. Newer revolving doors are the visual focus of an entrance; they re big and spacious, with fewer compartments, and may turn automatically.. But if you can t get a new revolving door,.. Andrew Shea has a revolving door action kit that you can download for free and take to your local office building.. Scotch tape not included.. Producer Sam Greenspan and intern Avery Trufelman spoke with designer Andrew Shea about his revolving door intervention, as well as Dan Wesolowski, one of the authors of the MIT study.. Sam and Avery also replicated Andrew Shea s intervention at a building in downtown Oakland, which will remain nameless.. All the Buildings.. Unbuilt.. 16 thoughts on.. Ben G.. November 6, 2013 at 6:23 am.. I remember reading about a completely different revolving door design.. Found a link for it here.. http://beforeitsnews.. com/alternative/2013/01/double-revolving-doors-block-armed-intruders-2545788.. sokokyu.. November 6, 2013 at 10:04 am.. Yeah, similar to the link above, I  ...   door panels and get hurt.. That type of aversion is an avoidance reflex similar to what birds use when flying in the vicinity of moving objects such as large wind turbine blades that they can see moving.. The way to solve this is to offset the entrance to the door, sufficiently to one side (the right in the USA, the left in the UK, per local driving on the road customs), so that what you see as you approach is the same as for a swinging door: a clear view into the building broken only by the horizontal push-rail on the door panel.. The vertical axle would be to one side or the other, rather than dead-ahead, so it doesn t confuse the view.. Lastly, the door mechanism should have a detent and a flywheel drive mechanism such as to stop rotating when the visible door panel is 90-degrees to the axis of travel, so it always presents a uniform appearance and there is no risk of walking into the edge of a partially-rotated door panel.. TED.. November 8, 2013 at 10:53 am.. This episode seemed heavily focused on signs, with only a minor focus on revolving doors.. Is a sign episode in the works?.. The power of signs reminded me of when I was in my undergraduate about 8 years ago and some of my classmates and I were discussing this topic.. Someone came up with a simple test of the power of signs, uniforms, etc.. We printed out a simple sheet of paper on the Engineering main computer labs printer that simply read Do not remove this sheet of paper.. The sheet paper remained in place on that printer s output tray for several months before vanishing.. Thomas B.. November 10, 2013 at 8:03 am.. I avoid them, I suppose I m part of the problem.. I don t feel like any new designs actually take into account people who find the experience deeply unsettling.. I ve had the door bang into my heels.. I ve been trapped in compartments where I m waiting on someone who moves incredibly slowly, or been shoved forward by someone moving incredibly fast.. And while, yes, people can shove past on sidewalks, something about creating an artificial bottleneck, or maybe putting a heavy plate of shovable glass between you seems to empower the impatient.. I d much prefer we just starting using more vestibules coupled with air curtains, which would have the same benefits without creating an artificial traffic jam in an entryway.. Hither and Thither #11 | Deviation Obligatoire.. 3 GREAT STORIES: Starring some old favorites Telling The Story.. Erica C.. Barnett.. November 11, 2013 at 9:58 am.. Here in Seattle, pretty much all the buildings with revolving doors include giant-ass signs telling people to use the revolving door, lest they waste energy and destroy the environment (or something to that effect).. In the passive-aggressive NW, it seems to work.. Courses of Interest Spring 2014 | Wesleying.. Podcast: 99% Invisible | Miss Pingouin.. Bryan A.. November 13, 2013 at 9:28 pm.. The phrase eight times less air than doesn t make sense mathematically, and it was used multiple times in this episode.. It should be one-eighth as much air as.. Alex C.. November 14, 2013 at 5:51 pm.. I listened to this on the way to a conference then used the revolving door to get in.. The guy in front of me did not.. It gave me a smile.. headcase.. November 15, 2013 at 5:02 am.. I m one of those freako germaphobes who chooses ingress/egress based on whether or not i have to push or pull the door.. If I have to pull a swinging door next to a revolving door into which I push, I choose the revolving..

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