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  • Title: 911SpeakOut.org | The World Needs Truth
    Descriptive info: .. 911SpeakOut.. org.. The World Needs Truth.. Skip to content.. Home.. David Chandler Videos.. Jonathan Cole Videos.. Toronto Hearings DVD.. Articles, Links, Etc.. Physics Tutorial.. The Pentagon.. Contact.. [.. The following video was produced for the RT Truthseeker program.. It contains a lot of good information, including, by the way, references to both Jon Cole and David Chandler.. The Truthseeker show comes out every two weeks and is posted on RT.. The latest show is highlighted as the top billing for those two weeks.. RT has over a million subscribers.. However, when this show came out , it only had the top spot for a few days.. Then it got buried on their second page.. For some reason, the date got switched to a date in 2012.. So contact was made with RT to see if it was just a posting/web thing.. They said they would look into it.. Then the YouTube version got decoupled from any search key words so that you cannot find it.. It survives on YouTube only as a direct link.. (.. Here is the YouTube link.. ) Also the MOX news version is decoupled and essentially blocked.. Before this all happened this show was almost going viral.. We believe it is being hidden and blocked, so we are providing an embedded copy here, as long as the video itself is available.. ].. **********.. This web site is a joint effort by David Chandler (retired physics teacher) and Jonathan Cole (professional engineer), both independent 9/11 researchers, and both affiliated with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.. Our goal has been to uncover the truth and shed some light on the events of 9/11, each in our own way.. David s work has been primarily video measurement and analysis of the physics, to come to an understanding of the true nature of the building collapses on 9/11 (.. see video collection here.. ).. Jonathan s work is primarily experimental, testing the claims and counter-claims that rage in the 9/11 debate (.. We are collaborating on this web site because both of us feel our work represents two sides of the same coin.. Each complements and validates the other.. Archives of our work (and more) are accessible through the tabs in the page header.. NIST Technical Briefing on WTC7.. David Chandler.. David is best known in the 9/11 Truth Movement for proving that NIST lied in denying that Building 7 underwent freefall.. Freefall is a literal smoking gun for controlled demolition.. The Great Thermate Debate.. Jonathan Cole.. NIST has placed itself in the untenable position of arguing that the buildings of the World Trade Center were brought down by office fires started by jet fuel (kerosene) , which  ...   For a time it was also the most viewed and most shared video on.. the national PBS website.. This is a breakthrough for exposure of our research on the mainstream media, where it is more typically treated as a taboo subject.. * * * * * * * * * *.. 9/11 Analysis DVD.. with David Chandler.. The 9/11 Analysis DVD project is a compilation of the many short analysis videos David Chandler has produced and uploaded to the Internet, woven together with an interpretive narrative.. Order your copy now.. Low cost 25-Packs in paper sleeves (marked Not for Resale for Profit ) are available.. * * * * * * * * * * * *.. The International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001.. (Also known as The Toronto Hearings ).. Trailer.. David Chandler s full presentation at the Toronto Hearings.. Jon Cole s full presentation at the Toronto Hearings.. Panel session at the end of Day 3 of the hearings with questions put to Kevin Ryan, Niels Harrit, Jon Cole, David Chandler and Graeme MacQueen.. The DVD,.. The Toronto Hearings on 9/11: Uncovering Ten Years of Deception.. is now available from.. pressfortruth.. ca.. and has been uploaded to YouTube.. See the tab in the main menu above.. or click here.. to view the whole DVD broken into an introduction and day-by-day segments.. The printed Proceedings have been published and are.. available from Amazon.. com.. Audio Interviews.. Interviews of Jon Cole.. WENG Radio.. 9/11 Freefall Program 8/10/12.. Interviews of David Chandler:.. Speaking Truth to Empire 9-19-2012.. Visibility 9/11 with John Bursill.. 9/11 Freefall Program 7/27/12.. Another short, well produced video from AE911Truth is.. Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7.. , narrated by Ed Asner.. Fair Use Notice.. The ideas of free inquiry and free expression are ones that we hold in the highest regard.. This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.. We are using and presenting such material in our efforts to advance understanding of the seminal events of September 11, 2001 and in an effort to advance understanding of scientific, democratic, political, human rights, criminal justice, economic, scientific, public disclosure, government and corporate accountability, and social justice issues, etc.. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.. For more information see:.. www.. law.. cornell.. edu/uscode/17/107.. shtml.. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use , you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.. Comments are closed.. Search for:.. org.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: David Chandler Videos | 911SpeakOut.org
    Descriptive info: Collections of Videos.. Talks.. Individual Analysis Videos.. Evidence Overview.. 58 minute edited version of 9/11 Analysis.. (Full version available on DVD.. Download version formatted for public access television.. ) This is a compilation of many of the videos found on this page woven together with an interpretive narrative.. Presentation regarding the evidence about WTC 7 at the Toronto Hearings on the 10th anniversary ofthe events of 9/11.. Presentation at the 2009 American Society of Criminology meeting in Philadelphia (2 parts).. This is a talk I gave at the 2009 annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in Philadelphia in the session titled Power Crimes.. Four of us from AE911Truth presented papers at this meeting.. The others were James Gourley (attorney with chemical engineering background), Tony Szamboti (mechanical engineer), and Bob Fischer (biochemist).. David Chandler at Visalia Friends Meeting.. Interview with Annie Hill and Robert Coones in Portland, OR, Summer 2010.. Scientists for 9/11 Truth Roll-out Press Conference at Los Angeles City Hall.. My Response to Chris Mohr s rebuttal to Richard Gage on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.. (The video being discussed was removed from YouTube by the owner.. ).. Individual Analysis Videos (most recent at the bottom).. South Tower Coming Down.. Video segment of the collapse of the South Tower, taken apart frame-by-frame, rectified so the building remains motionless, and reassembled into a movie, with commentary.. Race with Gravity.. Video analysis, using Physics Tool Kit software, of the speed of the demolition wave moving down a face of the North Tower in comparison with the rate of freefall through air of heavy material nearby.. Acceleration + Serendipity.. is a more updated treatment of the same phenomenon.. (Analysis based on the.. BBC footage which can be seen in full here.. The Terrorism Scam.. This You-Tube video is a commentary piece about the virtual non-existence of a US terrorism threat.. Yes, there is such a thing as terrorism, but it is adequately covered under the heading murder.. Making it a special class of threat is an emotional appeal that induces fear and makes the population willing to give up civil liberties and even violate human rights.. In the case of terrorism, the cure is worse than the disease.. North Tower Exploding.. This is an narration of a video clip of the North tower which focuses on explosive ejections progressing in waves down the faces of the building.. Among other things it is a response to theories that postulate causes for the collapse that ignore the evidence that can be easily seen by anyone in the video footage itself.. Observation is the foundation of science.. WTC7 in Freefall No Longer Controversial.. The previous analysis of the freefall acceleration was criticized (legitimately) for using a horizontal calibration measurement for analyzing purely vertical motion.. Any distortion or stretching of the video could throw off the measurement.. In this new video, the calibration utilizes NIST s data for the heights of the roofline and the 29th floor to do a vertical calibration.. The result is a measurement even closer to idealized freefall: 9.. 88 m/s^2.. [Another video maker, "skeptic121" who wishes to remain anonymous, has posted a.. similar measurement using a different video and using a different technique.. It contains interesting comparison measurements from other collapses as well.. WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part I).. In its draft report, released in August 2008, NIST attempted to cover up evidence that WTC7 fell at freefall, but the coverup was transparent.. In its final report, released in November 2008, NIST finally acknowledged freefall, but couched it in a bizarre framework that continues to deny its clear significance.. This illuminating video displays the brazenness of the NIST WTC7 coverup.. John Gross, one of the lead structural engineers for the NIST investigation, who figures in this video, has established a reputation for lying and evading evidence.. (Another example of John Gross evasive interaction with questioners on other a different key piece of evidence.. NIST has removed the video of the press conference from their web site.. Here is an un-edited video clip of the parts dealing with the questions from David Chandler and Steven Jones.. (Also, here is a.. transcript of the whole briefing.. WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part II).. This is not the Part II I had originally envisioned.. That will have to wait for Part III.. In following up on the erroneous measurement described by John Gross in Part I, I decided to look more carefully at the measurement and find the video frame NIST claims marks the beginning of the collapse.. What I found is that there is no motion of the  ...   Particularly notable is one projectile (which I have not seen discussed previously) that is shooting to the east, then stops, midair, then turns a sharp corner and shoots straight down trailing white smoke.. White smoke is characteristic of aluminum oxide which is a byproduct of the thermite reaction.. South Tower Smoking Guns (Follow-up).. After finding the projectile that turns a sharp corner while trailing white smoke (which I have dubbed the Angle Rocket ) I looked for it in other videos and found it in several.. The clearest is from a camera with a very similar perspective to the first, but in this video the trail can be followed to the bottom of the collapse.. Here I explore the significance of this find.. South Tower: Exploding Projectile.. A close-up view of debris being ejected from the South Tower of the World Trade Center as the 30-floor top section falls to the east shows numerous smoking projectiles that look like comets.. Several of them can be seen to explode.. One such exploding projectile is followed here.. It ejects two fragments, both of which undergo secondary explosions.. (Note, the rising fragment to the left of the projectile under consideration appears to be a tumbling object that alternates from black to white to invisible.. It passes behind one of the fragments described in the video.. Cutter Charges in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.. Small explosive ejections focused on a corner column of WTC1 (The North Tower of the World Trade Center) are evidence of cutter charges used to cut the corner columns.. One of these occurs at the 98th floor at the onset of the demolition of the building.. The other occurs lower in the building at the instant the column enters free fall.. Acceleration + Serendipity.. This is a study of the overall downward acceleration of WTC1, the North Tower of the World Trade Center.. During this investigation it was discovered that the one feature that kept pace with the original acceleration of the roofline was a wave of ejections on the west wall.. High Speed Massive Projectiles from the WTC on 9/11.. I have revisited and extended some of my early measurements of high speed massive projectiles from the World Trade Center on 9/11.. The results for the three projectiles measured: 56 mi/hr, 45 mi/hr, and 78 mi/hr.. I don t claim this is smoking-gun evidence of explosive demolition all by itself, but it is part of the puzzle and it is more compatible with the explosive demolition hypothesis than simple gravitational collapse.. (On a technical note, if you are looking at the numbers in the three measurements, the third measurement is taken while the video was zoomed in, relative to the calibration frame.. The numbers shown have to be scaled down by a factor of 1.. 701 to give the stated results.. WTC 7: Sound Evidence for Explosions.. There is ample evidence, from both witnesses and recordings, of explosions associated with the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7).. NIST sidestepped investigating explosions and explosives by setting up an artificially high threshold of interest.. They swept aside any testimony or recordings of explosions that would not register 130-140 dB one kilometer away.. They established this criterion using RDX (one of the loudest explosives) in a scenario that produced a far higher sound level than other possible uses of explosives to bring down the building.. Then they turned around and used sound level as the sole criterion for deciding whether the use of explosives was a credible hypothesis.. By this maneuver, they sidestepped investigating testimony of explosives or possible evidence of explosive residues.. This is just one more instance of fraudulent behavior on the part of the NIST investigation of the World Trade Center disaster.. What a Gravity-Driven Demolition Looks Like.. The official story is that the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed due to gravity.. This has been critiqued in an analysis by Graeme MacQueen and Tony Szamboti, and in a related analysis by David Chandler (both in the Journal of 9/11 Studies).. The Balzac-Vitry demolition was a true gravity-driven collapse.. The same analysis that was applied to the World Trade Center is here applied to this known demolition, with contrasting results.. This analysis supports the conclusions of both papers referred to above: the North Tower of the World Trade Center was not a natural, gravity-driven collapse.. Rockets at the World Trade Center.. Some of the debris from the South Tower at the World Trade Center shot downward faster than gravity.. This is literal, visible proof of explosive materials painted onto perimeter wall units..

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  • Title: Jonathan Cole Videos | 911SpeakOut.org
    Descriptive info: 9/11 Experiments: The Arbitrator of Competing Hypotheses.. Any theory that does not match experiment is wrong.. It doesn t matter what the computer models predict, how much funding is behind it, what the experts say, or what everyone thinks.. Nothing can fool the laws of physics.. 9/11 Experiments: Collapse vs.. Demolition ~ Part 1 of 2.. Demolition ~ Part 2 of 2.. 9/11 Experiments: The Mysterious Eutectic Steel.. Did rubble from the WTC really cause those eutectic formations ,as we were led to believe?.. 9/11 Experiments: Newton vs.. NIST.. Does NIST think Newton s laws are only suggestions?.. 9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate.. What s wrong with mainstream  ...   is no single official account of how the buildings came down on 9/11.. There is a bewildering array of pronouncements that contradict each other and the evidence.. The only thing all of the official accounts have in common is that they deny that explosives were used: the only hypothesis that actually accounts for all the evidence.. And for those who say an aluminum plane couldn t have penetrated the steel perimeter columns of the World Trade Center twin towers or the wall of the Pentagon, check out this photograph of the damage done by a Kamikaze when it hit the side of the USS Hinsdale in World War II..

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  • Title: Toronto Hearings DVD | 911SpeakOut.org
    Descriptive info: The full Toronto Hearings DVD has now been made available on YouTube.. We encourage you to support the film maker by purchasing the DVD.. , but the YouTube version is a good way to share this important event.. (The talks on the DVD are edited for length, but the total duration is  ...   Lorie Van Auken, Lance DeHaven-Smith, David Ray Griffin, Kevin Ryan.. Day 2.. : Paul Zarembka, Barbara Honegger, Jay Kolar, Richard Gage, Michel Chossudovsky, Cynthia McKinney.. Day 3.. : Graeme MacQueen, David Chandler, Jonathan Cole, Kevin Ryan, Niels Harrit.. Day 4.. : David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Laurie Manwell, Mike Gravel, Bob McIlvaine..

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  • Title: Physics Tutorial | 911SpeakOut.org
    Descriptive info: The goal here is to present about of semester of introductory physics in one web page, an impossible task if there ever was one, so if it is not entirely successful that s why.. If you ve had a little physics it may help put the various ideas in context for you.. Kinematics.. Kinematics is the study of motion.. Motion involves the basic concepts of position and time and specifying position as a function of time.. Putting dots on the frames of a video with Tracker or Physics Toolkit, or similar software is an exercise in kinematics.. The rate of change of position with respect to time (how fast something moves) is called velocity, which is very close to the idea of speed.. The difference is that velocity is a vector, which means you have to keep track of direction as well as the speed.. Vectors are represented as arrows.. The length of the arrow represents the speed.. A velocity vector changes if either the direction or the speed changes.. The rate of change of velocity is called acceleration.. It s how fast the velocity changes.. For this micro-course we restrict our attention to one dimension (straight line motion), so we don t have to worry about the distinction between speed and velocity.. If you increase your speed from 0 to 60 mi/hr in 10 seconds, you are gaining speed (accelerating) at a rate of 6 mi per hr per sec.. Note that there are two different units of distance mixed together there.. This is equivalent to 8.. 8 (ft per sec) per sec.. The unit of acceleration (ft/sec/sec) is abbreviated ft/sec^2 (where the ^ indicates an exponent in klutzy typewriter notation.. Read it as ft per sec squared).. In metric units the unit of acceleration is m/s^2.. It s how much the speed (measured in m/s) changes each second.. Bottom line:.. Kinematics involves the quantities: time and position, and a sequence of quantities derived from these (i.. e.. derivatives of position with respect to time): velocity, acceleration, jerk (which is the rate of change of acceleration with respect to time), etc.. on up the line.. For simple problems, such as cruising down the highway, velocity might be constant with all the higher derivatives equal to zero.. For slightly more complex problems acceleration might be constant, with the higher derivatives equal to zero.. This is the situation when a rock falls under the influence of gravity near the surface of the earth.. Gravity causes falling objects to accelerate (speed up as they fall).. As long as air resistance is not significant, all freely falling objects accelerate at the same rate: 32 ft/s^2 or in metric units 9.. 8 m/s^2.. (This varies slightly depending on how far you are from the center of the earth.. It s slightly less on a high mountain.. It s slightly less at the equator because the earth bulges at the equator so you re farther from the center.. ) In New York City the acceleration of gravity is 9.. 802 m/s^2.. A falling rock would increase it s speed by 9.. 802 m/s each second.. Dynamics: Newton s Laws of Motion.. Newton s Laws of Motion add two more quantities to the picture: Force and Mass.. A net force causes acceleration, and mass is the tendency of an object to resist acceleration.. Here are the laws:.. Newton s First Law: The Law of Inertia.. In the absence of a net force (i.. if all forces acting on an object balance out to zero), an object at rest will tend to remain at rest, and an object in motion will tend to remain in motion at a constant speed in a straight line (i.. constant velocity).. The first part of this is easy to accept, but the second part is counter-intuitive for most people until they educate their intuition.. Time for a quiz.. Q: You re driving down a long straight road at a constant 60 mi/hr.. There are forces opposing your motion (friction and air resistance) and there is the force pushing your car forward.. Which must be larger?.. A: Most people who haven t fully absorbed Newton s First Law will say the forward force  ...   and opposite.. Consider standing on a bathroom scale.. You push down on the scale, which flexes a spring and turns a dial to indicate your weight.. The scale provides an upward force on you to balance the downward force of gravity acting on you, so you remain at rest.. Time for another quiz:.. Q: You jump out of a plane.. Gravity acts downward on you.. What is the reaction force of the action-reaction pair?.. A: The two things that are acting on each other are you and the earth.. Gravity mysteriously seems to reach out across empty space and pull on things.. Actually, however you and the earth are pulling on each other, with equal and opposite forces.. If the earth pulls downward on you with 150 lb.. of force, then you are pulling upward on the earth with 150 lb.. of force.. The reason it is you who does most of the moving is because of the earth s far greater inertia.. (We re back to the outboard motor attached to a battle ship: more mass means less acceleration for a given force.. Newton s laws of motion (all three of them) hold very precisely except for situations of extreme speed (close to the speed of light) or extreme gravity.. These are situations where the laws of relativity are needed.. For non-relativistic situations, such as falling buildings, Newton s laws (all three of them, arguments of some debunkers notwithstanding) work very precisely.. They are universal laws.. Restating Newton s Laws: Energy and Momentum.. All questions of motion can theoretically be answered in terms of Force and Mass by using Newton s three laws of motion.. However, it is often more convenient to reformulate dynamics in terms of conserved quantities.. When you push on an object and cause it to move, you can describe what you re doing as acting on it (exerting a force on it).. But you could also think of this as giving something to it.. The idea of giving something to it implies that what the object gained, the other object lost.. Something is preserved (conserved) in the transaction.. Work and Energy.. Work is defined as a force times the distance moved in the same direction during the interaction.. If you shoot an arrow, the bow string exerts a force on the arrow through some distance.. By so doing, you have changed the state of the arrow.. We say we have given it kinetic energy.. If you lift a bowling ball behind you, you are exerting an upward force through some distance, so you have done work on it.. This work changes the state of the ball in a different way.. We have lifted it higher in a gravitational field.. If we quantify the amount of lift for a given mass in terms of the amount of work done, we come up with an expression we call potential energy.. When the ball swings downward and rolls down the bowling alley the potential energy has been converted to kinetic energy.. The work you did takes energy out of your body (that came from the last meal you ate), converts it into potential energy, which then is transformed into kinetic energy.. Energy is a kind of bookkeeping system that allows us to talk about the work we do, the height of an object in a gravitational field, and the resulting motion all in common terms.. There are many other forms of energy.. Frictional forces feed into random molecular motions which we experience as thermal energy.. As moving objects naturally come to rest, all the energy has been fed into the big sink-hole of thermal energy.. A ball of clay thrown across the room has kinetic energy.. All of the molecules share the same motion.. This kind of energy can do work (such as applying a force through a distance to break a window).. If the lump of clay hits the wall and stops, the molecules are still moving, but randomly.. The randomization of the motions has made the kinetic energy of the molecules less accessible to do work, so we say the entropy of the system has increased.. This is getting into thermodynamics.. Impulse and Momentum.. [to be continued]..

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  • Title: The Pentagon | 911SpeakOut.org
    Descriptive info: A joint statement by David Chandler and Jonathan Cole.. Overwhelming Evidence of Insider Complicity.. If you watch our videos and read the links on this site you will understand why we assert that the weight of the evidence points to the fact that 9/11 was orchestrated by insiders.. with access to high tech military-grade nano-energetic materials (aka nano-thermite).. with access to the infrastructure of some of the most highly secure buildings in New York over an extended period of time.. with the expertise to accomplish the most difficult demolitions in history.. with the ability to manage public perception of the event despite numerous contrary contemporaneous eyewitness reports.. with the ability to coordinate the take-downs of the twin towers with the airplane flights.. with the ability to coordinate with the military to not intercept the airplane flights.. with the ability to stage a highly coordinated cover-up, starting on the day of 9/11 itself.. with the ability to prevent ANY investigation for many months.. with the ability to stage-manage fraudulent investigations once the demand grew too loud (the 9/11 Commission report the NIST reports).. All of this evidence comes from the investigation of the World Trade Center, based on public evidence and the laws of physics.. The evidence is overwhelming, consistent, persuasive, and broadly agreed upon by the scientific wing of the 9/11 Truth Movement.. The concrete physical and video evidence leading to these conclusions narrows the field of possible perpetrators significantly.. There are also anomalies in the events at the Pentagon.. The biggest anomalies, in our opinion , have gotten some of the least attention.. How could the Pentagon, the hub of the US military, have been so poorly defended that it could be hit in the first place, after the buildings in New York City had already been hit and other hijacked planes were known to still be in the air?.. Why was Norman Mineta s testimony about Cheney s response to the approach of the aircraft discounted in the 9/11 Commission report?.. Why was the target the newly reinforced west face of the building, occupied primarily by accountants that were tracing down what happened to the missing trillions of dollars announced just the day before?.. Why would the purported hijackers perform a difficult spiral descent to hit the face of the Pentagon that had the least number of people in it, and was opposite from the offices of the Pentagon high command?.. Why would the purported hijackers risk mission failure by choosing a difficult ground level approach when they could have simply dived into the building?.. How could an untrained pilot have performed the difficult maneuvers? Was the plane flown by some kind of automatic controls and/or guided by a homing beacon?.. Instead of these important questions, from very early on the focus has centered on.. what.. hit the Pentagon.. The nearly unanimous testimony of over a hundred eyewitnesses, is that a large aircraft, consistent with a 757, flew very low at very high speed, clipped several light poles, and crashed into the face of the Pentagon at ground level.. Still, speculation persists that the Pentagon was hit by something else, such as a Global Hawk or a cruise missile.. The eyewitness testimony.. is consistent with the pattern of damage both inside and outside of the Pentagon.. Read through.. the many eyewitness accounts.. What is very clear is that there is a consistent and blatant ongoing cover-up at the Pentagon.. Those INSIDE the Pentagon have all the physical evidence and all the confiscated videos.. They undoubtedly have the definitive proof of what hit the Pentagon, and how it was done, but they are not saying.. The problem with focusing on a protest of the Pentagon cover-up is that the population at large attributes to the military the right to keep secrets.. Secrecy in wartime is understandable, if it is in furtherance of military objectives.. It is not reasonable that the military should be allowed to extend this privilege to the cover-up of evidence of a monstrous crime, but the fact is, they can get away with it.. The population is not willing to second guess military prerogative in matters like this.. Therefore despite the absolutely blatant cover-up of the facts of 9/11 at the Pentagon, there is no public outrage, and there is no reasonable possibility that the public can be aroused on this issue.. Therefore the Pentagon is a dead-end for research.. The puzzle of the Pentagon might be fascinating or intriguing, but as an avenue to determining the truth, it seems doomed to failure.. The ones who want it covered up literally hold all the cards.. Fortunately the evidence at the World Trade Center makes the investigation at the Pentagon almost irrelevant.. If anything essentially new (and verifiable) can be discovered at the Pentagon, fine, but the sparseness of information and the thoroughness of the cover-up at the Pentagon makes it an unlikely venue for significant new findings.. The Honey Pot.. On the other hand the mystery that surrounds the Pentagon makes it an attractive target of speculation and the subject of truly wild conspiracy theories.. (This kind of attractive diversion is sometimes called a “honey pot,” a “setup” to be discredited at a later time.. ) This is not the only instance of theories that seem designed to be easily discredited.. There are groups that insist the towers at the World Trade Center were taken down by space lasers.. Others claim no planes hit the Twin Towers at all: they were just  ...   but this does not count against their credibility.. Furthermore, there is no mention of the voluminous eyewitness testimony that supports the conventional path in line with the path of destruction.. Rather than subject their work to peer review, even internal peer review within the 9/11 Truth Movement, they simply disparage any who take issue with their methods or their results, and instead rely on a list of questionable endorsements.. They posted a literal “enemies list” on the internet in which they attacked the character of those who disagree with them.. [Ed.. Note: we are not.. yet.. on that list, but after posting this essay we will surely qualify.. ] CIT has even gone so far as to disparage their own witnesses, accusing the driver of the taxi that was hit by a light pole of being a co-conspirator with the perpetrators of the crime.. CIT has gone out of its way to make themselves a highly divisive issue in the 9/11 Truth movement.. The “Flyover theory” had recent success in getting main stream media coverage on the Jesse Ventura “Conspiracy Theory” show.. Whether CIT in fact represents an orchestrated attempt to splinter the 9/11 Truth Movement or not, it is having a splintering effect.. “Divide and Conquer” has a long history, going back to Caesar in the Gallic Wars, and Alexander the Great before him.. CIT is attempting to become the public face of the 9/11 Truth Movement.. If it succeeds, the 9/11 Truth Movement will be seen as vicious, mean spirited, crazy, and ultimately discredited.. If the Pentagon issue intrigues you, we highly recommend that you balance your reading with the literature that sets Pentagon theorizing into perspective.. Here is a short recommended reading list.. (All of the authors are on CIT’s enemies list, but read them and decide about their credibility for yourself.. In conclusion, we urge you not to be taken in by divisive speculation masquerading as research.. Recommended Reading.. To Con a Movement: Exposing CIT s PentaCon Magic Show.. by Victoria Ashley.. 9/11 and the Pentagon Attack: What Witnesses Described.. A Critical Review of ‘The PentaCon Smoking Gun Version’.. Google Earth Exposes Pentagon Flyover Farce or Critiquing PentaCon (Smoking Crack Version).. by Jim Hoffman.. American Memory Project of the Library of Congress.. Interviews shortly after 9/11 by witnesses to various aspects of the Pentagon events.. Note in particular the interviewing style compared to the CIT interviews.. There is no leading the witness.. There is no agenda to prove a particular point.. The interviewees are allowed to express themselves freely and fully with no coaching.. Several of the witnesses interviewed here are also on the CIT videos.. Notice the differences in the overall tone as well as the details of their stories.. Another great source for eyewitness testimony is provided on.. Jeff Hill s website, pumpitout.. He has made a project of locating and calling witnesses and letting them speak for themselves.. The National Security Alert.. video and the.. The PentaCon: Eyewitnesses Speak, Conspiracy Revealed (Smoking Gun Version).. are available to view online on various CIT web sites.. New Research on the Pentagon Events.. Since our joint statement was written.. Frank Legge and Warren Strutt have published a new analysis of the data from the American Airlines Flight 77 FDR (Flight Data Recorder).. The previously published analysis omitted the last records and so appeared to be inconsistent with the official narrative of the flight path of AA77 into the Pentagon.. This new analysis is consistent with the path of damage inside and outside the Pentagon and the vast majority of eyewitness testimony.. The article is published at the.. Journal of 9/11 Studies.. Frank Legge and David Chandler have also done an analysis of the plausibility of a North of Citgo (NOC) flight path, based on flight dynamics, concluding that even with a broad interpretation of the data, the transition to the NOC flightpath would have been impossible.. These results have been published in two articles,.. The Pentagon Attack on 9/11: A Refutation of the Pentagon Flyover Hypothesis Based on Analysis of the Flight Path.. , published on the Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice web site, and.. Addendum to the Paper Refuting the Pentagon Flyover Hypothesis.. , published in the Foreign Policy Journal.. Dwain Deets, flight research engineer, who once endorsed the CIT, no crash at the Pentagon theory has revised his position and now argues in favor of a crash consistent with the American Airlines Flight 77 aircraft.. He presented a paper describing his reasoning at.. 9/11: Advancing the Truth.. , a 9/11 Commemoration Conference, September 14-15, 2013 in Washington DC.. The paper is posted on his personal page.. at the.. Scientists for 9/11 Truth web site.. The Physics of High Speed Collisions.. This is what happens to a plane (F4 Phantom jet) striking an impenetrable barrier at 500+ mi/hr.. A plane moving at this speed has 25 times the kinetic energy of a plane moving at 100 mi/hr.. All that kinetic energy must be dissipated by the time it comes to rest.. The results are not intuitive.. In the case of a passenger plane hitting the pentagon, or a plane hitting the ground at Shanksville PA, if it is traveling at the same speed it has the same kinetic energy per kilogram of mass.. Therefore the same degree of destruction is to be expected.. This is the major fallacy of exercises such as Hunt the Boeing at the Pentagon.. Look at this video then I invite you to Hunt the Phantom..

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  • Title: Contact | 911SpeakOut.org
    Descriptive info: If you have comments or questions, you may email us.. It would be helpful if you would watch our videos first.. You must leave your.. name and email address in the message, but whether we respond depends on our time constraints.. We would like to be helpful, but both of us have day jobs and we don t have time or energy for endless debates.. (You will have to type in the email address.. They are shown here without links in image format to avoid automated spam..

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    Descriptive info: 9/11 does not go away.. It is with us on a daily basis.. It has been the emotional rationale for a long list of radical changes in US policy, many of which continue with us even under the Obama administration:.. a supposed War on Terrorism.. actual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.. possible future wars against a supposed axis of evil.. condoning torture and indefinite detention without any kind of due process.. scuttling the Geneva conventions.. the sacrifice of civil liberties at home.. If 9/11 changed everything, as George W.. Bush said, then it is extremely important that we get it right.. What really happened that day? The administration made a rush to judgement, immediately destroyed much of the evidence, stamped much of the remaining evidence Secret, and implied that critics were with the terrorists.. If all you know is what you have read in the papers or seen on the TV News, you are not fully informed, and you are quite possibly misinformed.. We believe you have also been intentionally DIS-informed.. A 9/11 Truth Movement, inspired initially by families of 9/11 victims, has amassed a significant amount of research that casts doubt on the official story line, but many people have never heard this or thought through the implications.. The administration and the compliant media want this issue to go away, so any attempt to discuss or speak out on this issue is dismissed as a conspiracy theory.. But keep in mind that even the official story of 9/11 is a rather bizarre conspiracy theory.. [If you have inside information on what happened on 9/11, get a copy of the Whisteblower's Hanbook as a guide to how to get the information out while protecting yourself as well as possible.. Overview.. Why I Am Convinced 9/11 Was an Inside Job.. by David Chandler.. mp3 Version: Recorded for KNFS low power radio in Visalia, CA.. Our most solid evidence for the use of explosives in the destruction of the World Trade Center.. My official Request for Correction submitted to NIST regarding freefall of WTC7.. My Measurement of Freefall for WTC7.. (Article for the Rock Creek Free Press).. by David Chandler, Journal of 9/11 Studies, Volume 28, February 2010.. (Same Article interpreted for less technical readers).. The Missing Jolt: A Simple Refutation of the NIST-Bazant Collapse Hypothesis.. by Prof.. Graeme MacQueen and Tony Szamboti, Journal of 9/11 Studies, Volume 24, January 2009.. Extremely high temperatures during the World Trade Center destruction.. by Dr.. Steven E.. Jones, Dr.. Jeffrey Farrer, Dr.. Gregory S.. Jenkins, Dr.. Frank Legge, James Gourley, Kevin Ryan, Daniel Farnsworth, and Dr.. Crockett Grabbe.. Extremely Significant Chemical Evidence of Explosives in the WTC Dust:.. [This seminal paper has been unavailable recently at the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal web site.. Article interpreting the significance of the Active Thermitic Materials paper.. Brief video description of discovery of nanothermite by Steven Jones.. Talk by Steven Jones about the nanothermite paper given at UC Davis, May 1, 2009.. The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nanothermites.. by Kevin Ryan.. Case Report by the National Institute of Environmental Health Science (Environ Health Perspect.. 2010 April; 118(4): 499–504.. identifying carbon nanotubes in the lungs of first responders.. These are not found associated with other building fires.. The carbon nanotubes were also found in the WTC dust.. Production of carbon nanotubes requires high temperatures in the presence of carbon and a metal catalyst.. These conditions are present in the combustion of nanothermite.. Kevin Ryan and Niels Harritt have shown that combustion of nanothermite actually produces carbon nanotubes.. Demolition Access To The World Trade Center Towers.. A 4-Part Investigative Series by Kevin Ryan.. Some Misunderstandings Related to WTC Collapse Analysis.. by Gregory Szuladzinski, Anthony Szamboti and Richard Johns.. A disproof of the official explanation for the collapse of the North Tower through mechanical analysis.. Published in the.. International Journal of Protective Structures.. Summary: The energy absorbed by the buckling of the columns would have arrested the collapse within one, or at most two, stories of the onset of collapse.. This paper shows the Bazant papers (claiming once initiated, total collapse was inevitable) to have fatal flaws based on unrealistic assumptions.. [There is a fee for the paper at the journal site, however most university libraries (and probably some public libraries) will have access (online or otherwise)  ...   8/9/2010 Interview.. by Sue Supriano on.. Steppin Out of Babylon.. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster Interview.. Truth News Radio Australia with John Bursill.. Progressive Radio Network with Carol Brouillet.. Pump It Out Radio with Jeffrey Hill.. (Video) Local Cable Access T.. V.. Interview with We Are Change Fresno.. Recommended web sites.. 911 Review.. 911Research.. wtc7.. net.. Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice.. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.. 911blogger.. The Complete 9/11 Timeline.. 911Truth.. and in case you think you re alone in your doubts, see.. Patriots Question 9/11.. Articles of Particular Interest.. Brief Overview of Omissions and Distortions in the 9/11 Commission Report.. Testimony by David Ray Griffin to the Congressional Black Caucus.. The Twin Towers Demolition: an Internet Slide Show.. from.. 9/11research.. wtc.. Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? (Updated Version).. Analysis showing evidence of thermite in the WTC rubble pile, by Steven E.. Jones, Ph.. D.. Propping Up the War on Terror:.. Lies about the WTC by NIST and Underwriters Laboratories.. September 11th And The Bush Administration.. Compelling Evidence for Complicity.. by Walter E.. Davis, PhD.. Recommended audio/video (online and DVD).. Visibility 9-11 audio archive.. Extended interviews of many of the key figures of the 9/11 Truth Movement by Michael Wolsey.. Interview with Emergency Coordinator, Barry Jennings : who was IN World Trade Center Building 7 when the first two towers came down.. Lecture by Stephen E.. Jones at Utah Valley State College.. A New Standard for Deception.. A lecture by Kevin Ryan.. 9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!.. A collection of eyewitness evidence of multiple explosions and secondary devices planted in the building and exploding over an extended period of time.. (I could do without the dramatic background music, but the eyewitness testimony speaks for itself.. Thermite 6 Mb version download.. Thermite 58 Mb version download.. Graeme MacQueen: Part I.. /.. Part II.. (Analysis of Interviews with Firemen).. Donna Marsh outside the UN.. (A reminder of what the Truth movement is all about).. Books by David Ray Griffin.. The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11.. (Read all 200+ reader reviews on Amazon!).. The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions.. Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action.. 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, Vol.. Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics.. and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory.. 9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press.. The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé.. Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive?.. The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report About 9/11 Is Unscientific and False.. (with a section about David Chandler s work on free fall and confrontation with NIST).. Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee s Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory.. 9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed.. Tools for Video Analysis.. I (DC) started out doing measurements of the 9/11 videos using a tool called Physics Toolkit.. More recently I have been using a much more capable and easy-to-use tool called.. Tracker.. , part of the.. Open Source Physics.. project.. Tracker allows you to mark multiple tracks with an unlimited number of points on a full-screen video, and it allows you to zoom in while placing the marks.. No more magnifying glass to the screen! It also has a large collection of analysis tools.. You need a little physics background to be able to use it intelligently, but no particular background to use the software.. There may be a bit of a learning curve but if you re interested, give it a try.. Here is a brief.. tutorial.. The Split.. Mark Dotzler writes:.. I m an artist and I made a piece of artwork called The Split that was inspired in part by one of David Chandler s early videos.. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy it.. On his.. website.. Mark writes: The title The Split has a number of meanings here, but chiefly refers to a split with reality that occurred on that day.. (The blue Ipod screen with the 2 is running a countdown timer program.. Thank you Mark.. Nano-Thermite Lite.. Hitler knows what Nano-Thermite in the WTC dust means.. Even Hitler understands that physics trumps propaganda, disinformation, official explainations and psudo-science..

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