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  • Title: 90-Day Drug Rehab Programs & Long-Term Treatment Centers
    Descriptive info: .. 90-Day Drug Rehabs.. The long-term rehab programs you've been looking for.. 90-Day Rehab.. Why Long-Term.. Drug Rehab Costs.. 90-Day Rehabs:.. Drug Rehab Programs.. If you want success in drug rehab, your chances are greatly increased by attending a program at least 90 days in length.. While there is no hard and fast rule that fits everyone, statistics prove that rehabilitation centers offering 90-day treatment programs have a higher recovery rate than their month-long counterparts.. After all, addiction usually doesn't happen overnight, so why limit yourself to something that doesn't allow you the time you need to effectively address the root causes of the addiction, rather than simply treating the symptoms of it?.. 90-day rehabs increase the success rates of even ordinary treatments, yet we specialize in helping people find long-term facilities that produce stellar results time and again and that are committed to helping people permanently recover from alcohol or other drug addictions.. Rehab Trends:.. A Non-12 Step Approach.. Are you tired of going in and out of rehab centers after multiple relapses? Does the thought of going  ...   to treat their symptoms.. We help people every day find facilities that are focused on cures and results rather than telling addicts that relapse is a part of recovery.. From the words of one of the poeple we've helped:.. "I am so greatful for having gone to a 90-day rehab that used a non-12 step method.. I learned more about myself and life during my stay at the treatment center than I did in college.. Today I am healthy and happy with a great job and family, and of course have retained my sobriety the entire time.. My addiction is in the past, and that's where it will stay!".. Call 1-800-216-3854 for 90-Day Rehabs.. Call us at.. 1-800-216-3854.. or fill out the form below.. Name.. *.. Phone.. E-mail Address.. Situation.. Type CAPTCHA Code:.. Can't read the image?.. click here.. to refresh.. Required.. We can help you locate 90-day rehabs for:.. Alcohol Addiction.. Benzo Addiction.. Cocaine Addiction.. Crack Addiction.. Ecstasy Addiction.. Heroin Addiction.. Marijuana Addiction.. Methadone Addiction.. Methamphetamine Addiction.. Painkiller Addiction.. 2 2012.. 90-Day Rehabs.. All rights reserved |.. Privacy Statement..

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  • Title: Long-Term Drug Rehab Centers - 90-Day Drug Rehab Programs
    Descriptive info: Long-Term Drug Rehabs:.. 90 Days Plus.. Why choose a long-term drug rehab? Because they are more effective at ending addiction.. The general rule for long-term means that it is more than a month, but we think that 90 days is a starting point, and if it takes longer than that then more time is a good thing.. There are some programs available today that are open-ended, meaning you pay a flat fee for the whole program no matter how long it takes, even if it is more than a year long.. Why would someone charge the same for a 90-day program as a 6-month program? These are rehabs that keep results as their main goal and are the ones that we recommend most because their track record for  ...   you find a long-term drug rehabilitation center that offers individualized care to suit your needs.. Long-Term Results:.. Rehab Success.. How does someone judge the success of a long-term drug rehab program?.. Addiction treatment success rates are defined in many different ways in the field.. Some rehabs don't feel that a success rate can be accomplished since they believe addiction is an incurable disease.. Other treatment programs might boast of extremely high success rates yet have very little information to back up their claims or they are only based on limited criteria.. However, there are long-term programs out there that can offer high success rates and back it up with actual surveys and outcome measures.. We can help you find programs like that.. Call 1-800-216-3854 for Long-Term Drug Rehabs.. 2012..

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  • Title: Drug Rehab Program Costs - 90-Day Drug Rehab Centers
    Descriptive info: Drug Rehab Costs:.. Rehab Pricing.. How much does the average drug rehab cost?.. There isn't necessarily and easy answer to that question, simply because there are so many different types of rehabilitation options these days.. However, what we have found is that typical rehab costs fall in the range of 7K to 12K per month.. Some are much more and some are less, but the price of an average 90-day rehab is going to be about 30K.. This is true no matter how the treatment center gets its funding.. The cost to deliver services is what it is.. Some  ...   several thousand dollars and someone has to pay for it somehow.. With the recent federal mandate of insurance parity for substance abuse disorders, more private insurance company policies are paying for long-term programs that are 90 days or more, whereas most would not just a few years ago.. We can help you find successful facilities that work with private insurance or that are private pay, and even assist with resources for publicly-funded programs if needed.. Simply call our hotline and a counselor will gladly work with you to find some solutions.. Call 1-800-216-3854 for Drug Rehab Costs and Pricing Information..

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  • Title: Cocaine Addiction Treatment - 90-Day Drug Rehab Centers
    Descriptive info: Cocaine Addiction:.. 90 Day Rehabs.. Cocaine Addiction Rehab Help.. Cocaine is one of the most powerfully addictive stimulants in the world.. Many cocaine abusers wind up becoming addicted and using either in binges (intensively for several days and then stop for a while) or are daily users.. National survey estimates show that there are a little more than 2 million current (past-month) cocaine users in America.. Adults aged 18 to 25 years have a higher rate of current cocaine use than any other age group, with 1.. 7 percent of young adults reporting past month cocaine use.. Overall, men report higher rates of current cocaine use than women.. About 1.. 5 million Americans met diagnostic criteria for dependence or abuse of cocaine in the past 12 months.. Cocaine has also bee found in the past in as much as 31 percent of emergency department visits involving drugs.. Get Rehab Help:.. For Cocaine Addiction.. Cocaine Abuse.. The principal routes of cocaine administration are oral, intranasal, intravenous, and inhalation.. Snorting, or intranasal administration, is the process of inhaling cocaine powder through the nostrils, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal tissues.. The drug also can be rubbed onto mucous tissues.. Injecting, or intravenous  ...   to bizarre, erratic, and violent behavior.. Some cocaine users report feelings of restlessness, irritability, and anxiousness.. Users may also experience tremors, vertigo, muscle twitches, or paranoia.. There can also be severe medical complications associated with cocaine abuse.. Some of the most frequent are cardiovascular effects, including disturbances in heart rhythm and heart attacks; neurological effects, including strokes, seizures, headaches, and even coma; and gastrointestinal complications, including abdominal pain and nausea.. In rare instances, sudden death can occur on the first use of cocaine or unexpectedly thereafter.. Cocaine-related deaths are often a result of cardiac arrest or seizures followed by respiratory arrest.. Cocaine is a powerfully addictive drug.. Thus, it is unlikely that an individual will be able to reliably predict or control the extent to which he or she will continue to want or use the drug if the right rehab program isn't found.. For example, without removing the cocaine residues from the body the risk for relapse is high even following long periods of abstinence.. Recent studies have also shown that during periods of abstinence, the memory of the cocaine experience or exposure to cues associated with drug use can trigger tremendous craving and relapse to drug use.. Call 1-800-216-3854 for Cocaine Addiction Rehabs..

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  • Title: Privacy Statement and Disclaimer - 90-Day Drug Rehab Centers
    Descriptive info: Thank you for visiting 90DayRehabs.. org.. Our purpose is to help you find successful drug rehabs that are at least 90 days in length.. We can also assist you in additional services that may preced a long-term program such as intervention and detoxification.. We promise to never share or sell your information to any marketing company and we value your privacy  ...   with 90-day drug rehabs.. None of the information on this site nor that provided by the counselors who assist with the helpline is intended to diagnose, treat or cure anything and it should not be mistaken as medical advice.. In the case of an emergency, dial 911 or go directly to your local hospital.. Call.. for 90-day drug rehab help today..

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  • Title: Error Contacting Us
    Descriptive info: Error!.. You may also call.. to get help right away..

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