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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - Home
    Descriptive info: .. You are using IPv4 from.. 81.. 198.. 223.. 187.. IPv6 Deployment and Support.. Home.. Publications.. Tutorials.. About.. Partners.. Hands-on.. Workshops.. Calendar.. E-Learning/IPv6 in 5'.. Testbed Reservation.. Helpdesk & Contact.. Search.. DISCLAIMER:.. 6DEPLOY and 6DEPLOY2 are part-funded EC (IST-2007-223794 & IST-2010-261584) projects.. The information/views generated by the project may not completely align with those of the individual participating companies or The European Community.. Although the project's information/views are considered accurate no responsibility will be accepted for their subsequent use.. Welcome to 6DEPLOY-2!.. 6DEPLOY-2 is a Specific Support Action in the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union.. The purpose of the 6DEPLOY-2 project is to support the deployment of IPv6 in:.. e-Infrastructure environments.. FP7 projects.. Developing countries (Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe).. Industrial environments in Europe.. Partners offer  ...   labs are being installed worldwide.. These are built to a common specification, which allows the 6DEPLOY-2 training course material to be used on them all.. It has been shown that these have developed naturally into centres of IPv6 expertise in the countries where they are situated.. Latest news.. Workshop IPv6@Gov 23 & 24 January 2013 European Commission, Brussels.. (12-12-2012).. Innovative IPv6 Training Lab.. (13-01-2012).. New IPv6 Book "IPv6 for All".. (02-01-2012).. MINTIC and Renata organize the II Seminar for IPv6 Deployment Policies in Colombia.. (18-12-2011).. MINTEL & SENATEL, from the Ecuador Government, organize an IPv6 event.. (05-12-2011).. 6DEPLOY events.. [21-11-2013].. [20-11-2013].. [19-11-2013].. [18-11-2013].. [22-10-2013] AFRINIC IPv6 and INRM workshop.. 6DEPLOY has been accredited by the IPv6 Forum Education Certification Logo Program as:.. Developed and Hosted with IPv4 and IPv6 by Consulintel..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - About
    Descriptive info: About 6DEPLOY.. 6DEPLOY is a two-and-a-half-year European project to provide IPv6 training and support for deployments to network operators, service providers and industry throughout the world.. Since the AfriNIC and LACNIC Regional Internet Registries are members of the Consortium, it is foreseen that much of the training will take place in Africa and Latin America.. However, training workshops are also planned for other regions (eg.. Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe).. The project offers not only the direct training of engineers and network administrators, but will also transfer knowledge and best practices on the subject to other trainers, who can then use the 6DEPLOY material to teach others.. The project has IPv6 training labs that can be accessed remotely for performing hands-on exercises on routing and configuration, either during the workshops or at any other time.. A professional e-learning course is also accessible via the Website.. This can be followed on-line, or downloaded.. Subtitles are available in Portuguese and Russian; other languages will be added.. Regarding support for IPv6 deployments, partners are already familiar with Use Cases for schools and university campuses.. Benefits can also be envisaged for commercial companies working in such areas as emergency services, transport, broadcast, health, environment, gaming, etc.. , and the project welcomes requests for support from these industries.. 6DEPLOY builds on the IPv6 dissemination material produced during.. 6DISS.. , and deployment experiences of the.. 6NET.. ,.. Euro6IX.. and.. GÉANT.. projects, as well as the liaisons established with the.. IPv6 Forum.. European IPv6 Task Force.. IETF.. The aim is to help organisations benefit from this experience, as the deadline for the IPv4 address depletion approaches.. 6DEPLOY incorporates thirteen partners from the commercial, research and academic sectors and represents a total investment of EUR 1,272,166; of which 1,000,000 is funded from the.. Research Infrastructures part of the Capacities Programme.. of the.. European Union.. ´s.. 7th Framework Programme.. The project started on 1 March 2008 and runs until 31 August 2010.. Objectives.. Organise workshops for the e-Infrastructure community and give practical advice and hands-on support for deploying it in their environments.. Work on deployments in Europe and in developing countries; exchanging experiences and best practices.. Improve the competitiveness of European industry by informing about experiences from IPv6 deployments in other regions.. Gain expertise with which to support more-commercial deployments in European industries (e.. g.. Emergency Services, Health, Broadcast,  ...   management of the project; ensuring that the contractual obligations are met, payments are made, handling any contract amendments, liaison with the Commission and other projects, progress monitoring, reporting, etc.. Lead Partner:.. Martel.. WP1: IPv6 workshops and training.. This work package updates the IPv6 training material, organises the regional workshops, and provides follow-up support.. It utilises the existing 6DISS experience and documentation, supplemented by the knowledge gained from the project partners' participation in the IPv6 Forum, IPv6 Cluster, IETF and other activities.. The professional and popular e-learning course from 6DISS is also maintained here, and will be improved with sub-titles in other languages.. New methods of distributed training will be investigated, such as those provided by the FP7 project Global and UNESCO, via GÉANT.. 6DEPLOY will give training sessions at AfriNIC, LACNIC, APNIC, AfNOG, APRICOT, ISOC meetings and similar operator and Internet Registry events.. These will be typically 3-4 day workshops including theoretical and hands-on training, or shorter sessions, focusing on the practical work of installing and configuring IPv6 on hosts and routers.. Workshops will also be given with industries or research organisations with e- Infrastructures planning their deployment of IPv6, and with FP7 projects needing support with their IPv6 deployment.. RENATER.. WP2: Practical support for IPv6 deployment.. WP2 focuses on the practical support for IPv6 deployment in FP7 projects and industries.. Partners in this work package give assistance for the development of a strategic plan (?roadmap?) for the deployment and will advise on practical aspects such as equipment ordering specifications, routing and addressing plans, etc.. Another very important aspect of this work package is that partners will give on-site support during the deployment phase.. Requests for assistance can be sent either directly to partners, or via the Website helpdesk, which is also part of this work package.. Industries will be reached through FP7 projects (e.. via Concertation meetings and the IPv6 Cluster), IPv6 Task Forces, conferences, etc.. Selection will be made according to criteria such as prioritising European industry - including system integrators -, regional or local government, but always favouring organisations and companies that have already taken the decision to deploy IPv6.. This work package will maintain the IPv6 Deployment Guide (originally produced by 6NET) and include examples of deployment case studies.. It will also produce a less-technical ?How to Deploy? guide for SMEs, SOHOs and home users.. Consulintel..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - Partners
    Descriptive info: 6DEPLOY Project Partners.. Martel Consulting - Coordinator.. Dorfstrasse 97.. 3073 Gümligen.. Bern.. Switzerland.. Consultancy company specialising in management of international collaborative projects.. AFRINIC Ltd.. 03B3, 3rd Floor, Ebène Cyber Tower.. Cyber City,.. Ebène,.. Mauritius.. Regional Registry for Internet Number Resources for Africa.. Bulgarian Research and Education Network (BREN).. 6 Gourko St.. 1000 Sofia.. Bulgaria.. Aims at deploying, developing, and operating the Bulgarian research and education networks.. Cisco Systems International BV.. Haarlerbergpark.. Haarlerbergweg 13-19.. 1101 CH Amsterdam.. The Netherlands.. Leading global provider of internetworking solutions.. Complejo Empresarial IMCE.. Joaquin Turina, 2.. E-28224 - Pozuelo de Alarcon.. Madrid - Spain.. Leading company in networking and telecommunications technologies, including integration of systems, consultancy, training and maintenance/support services.. Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional (FCCN).. Av.. do Brasil 101.. 1700-066 Lisbon.. Portugal.. Operates the Portuguese research and education network, RCTS.. Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET).. 56 Mesogion Av.. 11527 Athens.. Greece.. Promotes  ...   Budapest.. Hungary.. Hungarian national network for education, science and public collections.. Réseau National de Telecommunication pour la Technologie, l'Enseignement et al Recherche (RENATER).. c/o ENSAM.. 151 boulevard de l'hôpital.. 75013 Paris.. France.. French national network for higher education, technology and research.. University of Southampton.. Highfield.. Southampton SO17 1BJ.. United Kingdom.. Academic institute with a long track record in IPv6 research and development.. University College London (UCL).. Gower Street.. London WC1E 6BT.. Academic institute involved in networking since the early days of the Internet.. UNINETT.. Abels gate 5 - Teknobyen.. NO-7465 Trondheim.. Norway.. The Norwegian Research Network.. Advanced ICT solutions for research and education in Norway.. APNIC.. Level 1, 33 Park Road.. Milton,.. Brisbane,.. Australia.. Asia Pacific Network Information Centre.. RIPE NCC.. Singel 258.. 1016 AB Amsterdam.. One of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) providing Internet resource allocations, registration services and co-ordination activities that support the operation of the Internet globally..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - Publications
    Descriptive info: 6DEPLOY Publications.. Deliverables.. D0.. 1.. Project presentation.. 0.. created.. 1: Project Presentation.. Gunter, Mark; Potts, Martin.. IPv6;Deployment;E-infrastructures;Training.. This deliverable is a public description of the 6DEPLOY project in terms of main goals, key issues technical approach and achievements.. It is intended for publication on the Websites of the Commission and the project.. 6DEPLOY Consortium.. 2008-04-28.. English.. D1.. Report of the available training material and the assignment of partners responsible for maintaining each item.. 1.. 0.. 1 Report of the available training material and the assignment of partners responsible for maintaining each item.. Tuy, Bernard; Muyal, Simon, Potts, Martin; Vives, Alvaro; Palet, Jordi; Chown, Tim; Kostov, Spass.. IPv6;Support;Training;Testbeds;Modules;6DISS;6DEPLOY;Hands-on exercises.. This document lists all the training material available to organise IPv6 training sessions and the way to use it.. Procedures for booking and using - safely ? the testbed labs are explained too.. Finally, additional useful information relevant to IPv6 workshops organisation is mentioned.. 2008-05-15.. 2.. Report from the 1.. st.. workshop.. 6.. 2 Report from the 1st workshop.. Palet, Jordi; Olvera, Cesar.. This deliverable presents a report from the full day workshop held in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) during 26th May 2008, within the LACNIC XI meeting, 26th to 30th May 2008.. The presentation material is listed, the attendees and their affiliations are given and the opportunities for further co-operation and follow-up actions are described.. 2008-07-28.. 3.. Report from the 2.. nd.. 5.. 3 Report from the 2nd workshop.. Vives, Alvaro;Kenehan, Sarah.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Nairobi (Kenya) from 17th to 19th June 2008, within the KENIC-AfriNIC Workshop.. 2008-07-31.. 4.. Report from the 3.. rd.. 4 Report from the 3rd workshop.. Friaças, Carlos; Lorga, Pedro; Moreira, João.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Maputo (Mozambique) from the 26th to 29th August 2008.. The presentation material is listed, the attendees and their affiliations are included.. 2008-10-30.. Report from the 4.. th.. 5 Report from the 4th workshop.. Vives, Alvaro;Kenehan, Sarah; Palet, Jordi; Potts, Martin.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Christchurch (New Zeland) on 25th August 2008, within the 26th APNIC Meeting.. 2009-02-06.. Report from the 5.. 05.. 6 Report from the 5th workshop.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Moscow (Russia) on 24th September 2008, within the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting, Moscow 2008.. 7.. Report of Caribbean Workshop.. 9.. 7 Report of Caribbean Workshop.. Vives, Alvaro;Majo, Ernesto;Echeberria, Raul;Dans, Alexandra;Gagliano, Roque;Kenehan, Sarah.. IPv6;Caribbean;Support;Training;Testbeds;Modules;6DISS;6DEPLOY;Hands-on exercises.. This deliverable reports on several workshops that were held in the Caribbean region in 2008 and 2009.. Specifically, this deliveralble reports that took place in Port-au-Prince (Haiti), La Habana (Cuba), Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago), and Santo-Domingo (Dominican Republic).. The presentation material is listed, the attendees and their affiliations are given, and the opportunities for further co-operation and follow-up actions are described.. 2009-03-31.. 8.. Report from the 7.. 8 Report from the 7th workshop.. Vives, Alvaro;Muyal, Simon;Tuy, Bernard.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Marrakesh (Morocco) from April 20th to 23rd 2009.. 2009-09-03.. Report from the 8.. 9 Report from the 8th workshop.. Vives, Alvaro;Dans, Alexandra;Kenehan, Sarah.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Lima (Peru) on May 11th and 12th 2009.. 2009-10-31.. 10.. Report from the 9.. 10 Report from the 9th workshop.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in La Paz (Bolivia) on April 14th and 15th 2009.. 11.. Report from the 10.. 11 Report from the 10th workshop.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Panama (Panama) on May 24th and 25th 2009.. 12.. Report from the 11.. 12 Report from the 11th workshop.. Vives, Alvaro;Liakopoulos, Athanassios;Zafeiropoulos, Anastasios;Kenehan, Sarah.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Budapest (Hungary) on June 25th 2009.. 13.. Report from the 12.. 13 Report from the 12th workshop.. Vives, Alvaro.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) on July 16th 2009.. The presentation material is listed, complementary IPv6 activities are described, the attendees and their affiliations are given, and the opportunities for further co-operation and follow-up actions are described.. 2010-04-24.. 14.. Report from the 13.. 14 Report from the 13th workshop.. This deliverable reports on three workshops that were held in the Latin America / Caribbean region.. Specifically, this deliverable reports on workshops that took place in Quito (Ecuador), Santa Cruz (Bolivia), and Asunción (Paraguay).. 2010-05-06.. 15.. Report from the  ...   Furthermore, a short report of the Hellenic IPv6 TF meeting which took place on June 23rd, 2010 is provided.. 2010-10-6.. 22.. Report from the 21.. workshop (Joint Workshops with APNIC in Singapore, Bali and Brunei).. 22 Report from the 21st workshop.. IPv6, Support, APNIC, Training, Testbeds, Modules, 6DISS, 6DEPLOY, Hands-on exercises.. This deliverable reports on three workshops that were held in collaboration with APNIC during June 2010.. Specifically, this deliverable reports on workshops that took place in Singapore (Singapore), Bali (Indonesia), and Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei).. 2010-10-13.. 23.. Report from the 22.. workshop (San Salvador).. 23 Report from the 22nd workshop.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in San Salvador (El Salvador) from 6th to 8th July 2010.. 24.. Report from the 23.. workshop (SANOG XVI in Bhutan).. 24 Report from the 23rd workshop.. IPv6, Support, AP, Training, Testbeds, Modules, 6DISS, 6DEPLOY, Hands-on exercises.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Paro (Bhutan) on 20th July 2010.. 25.. Report from the 24.. workshop (in Chile, Ecuador and Colombia).. 25 Report from the 24th workshop.. This deliverable reports on four workshops that were held in Latin America.. Specifically, this deliverable reports on workshops that took place in Santiago de Chile (Chile), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Bogota and Medellin (Colombia).. 26.. Report from the 25.. workshop (Thailand).. 26 Report from the 25th workshop.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Bangkok (Thailand) on 23rd - 24th August 2010.. 27.. Report from the 26.. workshop (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan).. 27 Report from the 26th workshop.. O?Hanlon, Piers.. IPv6, Support, Training, Testbeds, Modules, 6DISS, 6DEPLOY, Hands-on exercises.. This deliverable presents a report from the workshop held in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) from 22nd - 24th September 2010.. D2.. Report of 1.. deployment use case.. 1 Report of 1st deployment use case.. Greek Research & Technology Network.. IPv6;Support;Deployment;Testbeds;6DISS;6DEPLOY.. This deliverable presents IPv6-related activities in the Greek Cchool Network.. It discusses the drivers for the deployment of IPv6 services and the operational experiences from the deployment of services based on ipv6 technology during the last 5 years.. 2008-12-09.. Report of 2.. 2 Report of 2nd deployment use case.. ECS University Southampton.. This report describes the IPv6 deployment within the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton.. It includes a description of the process of IPv6 deployment, including network, systems and applications aspects.. The deployment is currently live and spans a network of up to 3,700 hosts and over 2,000 users.. Report of 3.. 3 Report of 3rd deployment use case.. University of Plovdiv / BREN.. This deliverable reports on the process of IPv6 deployment of the campus network at the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.. It describes the network planning and technical configurations, as well as the experiences gained during the deployment.. 2010-01-06.. Report of 4.. 4 Report of 4th deployment use case.. This deliverable is a case study.. 2010-10-21.. Dissemination material status.. 1 Dissemination material status.. Potts, Martin;Berdard, Tuy;Kenehan, Sarah.. This deliverable represents a summary of the current dissemination material available in the project, including modules, "hands-on" exercises, e-learning, testbeds, press releases, conference presentations, news bulletins, brochures, leaflets, posters, web-based publications, etc.. 2008-12-15.. (updated April 2009).. 2 Dissemination material status (updated April 2009).. Potts, Martin;Berdard, Tuy;Muyal, Simon;Kenehan, Sarah.. This deliverable represents a summary of the current dissemination material available in the project, including training modules, "hands-on" exercises, e-learning, testbeds, press releases, conference presentations, news bulletins, brochures, leaflets, posters, web-based publications, etc.. 2009-08-14.. (updated April 2010).. 3 Dissemination material status (updated April 2010).. Potts, Martin;Berdard, Tuy;Muyal, Simon;Higa, Alicia.. 2010-04-20.. (updated October 2010).. 4 Dissemination material status (updated October 2010).. Potts, Martin;Bernard, Tuy;Muyal, Simon;Higa, Alicia.. Informational.. 6DEPLOY Project Introduction.. intro.. Slides containing a general overview of the 6DEPLOY project in terms of key issues, main goals, technical approach and intend achievements.. 6DEPLOY Project Poster 1: 6DEPLOY Objectives.. 6DEPLOY Project Poster 1.. 6DEPLOY Project Poster 2: 6DEPLOY Services.. 6DEPLOY Project Poster 2.. 6DEPLOY Project Poster 3: 6DEPLOY Training Material.. 6DEPLOY Project Poster 3.. 6DEPLOY Flyer.. 6DEPLOY Leaflet.. Press Releases.. 6DEPLOY team to become the centre of European expertise regarding IPv6 deployment.. 6DEPLOY Project Press Release: 6DEPLOY team to become the centre of European expertise regarding IPv6 deployment.. Bulgaria Gets Ready for IPv6 with Help from Cisco (12.. March 2008).. Bulgaria Gets Ready for IPv6 with Help from Cisco.. New IPv6 Training Lab Is Part of European Union Initiative.. 2008-03-12.. Opening of the AfriNIC Lab (French) (20.. Nov 2008).. Opening of the AfriNIC Lab.. 2008-11-20.. French..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - Calendar
    Descriptive info: 6DEPLOY Calendar.. Start.. End.. Event.. Country.. Venue.. 28-05-2013.. 29-05-2013.. IPv6 World Congress - Singapore.. Singapore.. 17-04-2013.. 19-04-2013.. 2013 North American IPv6 Summit.. USA.. Denver.. 10-04-2013.. 12-04-2013.. 2013 Global IPv6 Summit in China.. China.. Beijing.. 19-03-2013.. 22-03-2013.. v6 World Congress.. Paris.. 10-03-2013.. 15-03-2013.. IETF 86 Meeting.. Orlando.. 18-12-2012.. 20-12-2012.. MENOG IPv6 Roadshow - Beirut.. Lebanon.. Beirut.. 29-11-2012.. 30-11-2012.. 5th German IPv6 Summit & IPv6 Application Contest 2012.. Germany.. Potsdam.. 19-11-2012.. 20-11-2012.. 2012 Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit.. Dallas.. 12-11-2012.. 14-11-2012.. gogoNET LIVE! 3.. San Jose- CA.. 04-11-2012.. 09-11-2012.. IETF 85 Meeting.. Atlanta.. 29-10-2012.. 02-11-2012.. LACNIC XVIII Meeting.. Montevideo.. 21-10-2012.. 24-10-2012.. NANOG 56 Meeting.. Dallas, TX.. 18-10-2012.. 19-10-2012.. 7th Slo regional IPv6 summit and ISOC ION meeting.. Slovenia.. Ljubljana.. 17-10-2012.. Australian IPv6 Summit 2012.. Melbourne.. 14-10-2012.. ICANN 45 Meeting.. Canada.. Toronto.. 29-07-2012.. 03-08-2012.. IETF 84 Meeting.. Vancouver.. 26-06-2012.. 27-06-2012.. IPv6 World Congress Brussels.. Belgium.. Brussels.. 24-06-2012.. 29-06-2012.. ICANN 44 Meeting.. Czech Republic.. Prague.. 03-06-2012.. 06-06-2012.. NANOG 55 Meeting.. Vancouver, Canada.. 06-05-2012.. 11-05-2012.. LACNIC XVII Meeting.. Ecuador.. Quito.. 16-04-2012.. 20-04-2012.. RIPE 64 Meeting.. 09-04-2012.. 11-04-2012.. 2012 North American IPv6 Summit.. Denver, Colorado.. 25-03-2012.. 30-03-2012.. IETF 83 Meeting.. 11-03-2012.. 16-03-2012.. ICANN 43 Meeting.. Costa Rica.. San Jose.. 27-02-2012.. 02-03-2012.. APNIC 33 Meeting.. India.. New Delhi.. 07-02-2012.. 10-02-2012.. IPv6 World Congress Paris.. 05-02-2012.. 08-02-2012.. NANOG 54 Meeting.. San Diego, CA.. 13-11-2011.. 18-11-2011.. IETF 82 Meeting.. Taiwan.. Taipei.. 31-10-2011.. 04-11-2011.. RIPE 63 Meeting.. Austria.. Vienna.. 23-10-2011.. 28-10-2011.. ICANN 42 Meeting.. Senegal.. Dakar.. 17-10-2011.. 19-10-2011.. Australian IPv6 Summit 2011 Summit.. 12-10-2011.. 14-10-2011.. ARIN XXVIII Meeting.. United States.. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.. 09-10-2011.. NANOG 53 Meeting.. 04-10-2011.. 07-10-2011.. LACNIC XVI Meeting.. Argentina.. Buenos Aires.. 29-08-2011.. 02-09-2011.. APNIC 32 Meeting.. South Korea.. Busan.. 24-07-2011.. 29-07-2011.. IETF 81 Meeting.. Quebec City.. 14-07-2011.. IPv6 2011: The Time Is Now!.. New York City, NY.. 19-06-2011.. 24-06-2011.. ICANN 41 Meeting.. 14-06-2011.. 15-06-2011.. IPv6 World Congress London.. London.. 12-06-2011.. NANOG 52 Meeting.. 15-05-2011.. 20-05-2011.. LACNIC XV Meeting.. Mexico.. Cancun.. 02-05-2011.. 06-05-2011.. RIPE 62 Meeting.. Netherlands.. Amsterdan.. 29-04-2011.. IPv6 Summit Ottawa Canada.. Ottawa.. 25-04-2011.. 27-04-2011.. Rocky Mountain 2011 IPv6 Summit.. 10-04-2011.. 13-04-2011.. ARIN XXVII Meeting.. Puerto rico.. San Juan.. 07-04-2011.. 08-04-2011.. Global IPv6 Summit 2011 Beijing, China.. 27-03-2011.. 01-04-2011.. IETF 80 Meeting.. 13-03-2011.. 18-03-2011.. ICANN 40 Meeting.. San Francisco, CA.. 21-02-2011.. 25-02-2011.. APNIC 31 Meeting.. Hong Kong.. 08-02-2011.. 11-02-2011.. V6 World Congress 2011.. 30-01-2011.. 02-02-2011.. NANOG 51 Meeting..  ...   26-03-2010.. IETF 77 Meeting.. Anaheim, CA.. 07-03-2010.. 12-03-2010.. ICANN 37 Meeting.. Kenya.. Nairobi.. 01-03-2010.. 05-03-2010.. APNIC 29 Meeting.. Malaysia.. Kuala Lumpur.. 21-02-2010.. 24-02-2010.. NANOG 48 Meeting.. Austin.. 04-12-2009.. 05-12-2009.. ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting 74.. Amsterdam.. 21-11-2009.. 27-11-2009.. AfriNIC 11 Meeting.. 17-11-2009.. ITU and NRO joint Workshop - Adopting IPv6: What you need to know.. Egypt.. Sharm el Sheikh.. 15-11-2009.. 18-11-2009.. Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 4th Meeting.. Sharm El Sheikh.. 08-11-2009.. 13-11-2009.. IETF 76 Meeting.. Japan.. Hiroshima.. 25-10-2009.. 30-10-2009.. ICANN 36 Meeting.. Korea.. Seoul.. 21-10-2009.. 23-10-2009.. ARIN XXIV Meeting.. Dearborn, Michigan.. 18-10-2009.. 20-10-2009.. NANOG 47 Meeting.. Dearborn.. 05-10-2009.. 09-10-2009.. RIPE 59 Meeting.. Lisbon.. ITU Telecom World.. Geneva.. 24-08-2009.. 28-08-2009.. APNIC 28 Meeting.. 26-07-2009.. 31-07-2009.. IETF 75 Meeting.. Sweden.. Stockholm.. 24-07-2009.. 25-07-2009.. ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting 72.. 09-07-2009.. 10-07-2009.. Global IPv6 Summit Korea 2009.. 22-06-2009.. 27-06-2009.. ICANN 35 Meeting.. Sydney.. 14-06-2009.. 16-06-2009.. NANOG 46 Meeting.. Philadelphia.. 25-05-2009.. 29-05-2009.. LACNIC XII Meeting.. Panama.. Panama City.. 10-05-2009.. 22-05-2009.. AfriNIC 10 Meeting.. Cairo.. 04-05-2009.. 08-05-2009.. RIPE 58 Meeting.. 26-04-2009.. 29-04-2009.. ARIN XXIII Meeting.. San Antonio, Texas.. 28-03-2009.. 29-03-2009.. ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting 70.. San Francisco.. 22-03-2009.. 27-03-2009.. IETF 74 Meeting.. 01-03-2009.. 06-03-2009.. ICANN Meeting 34.. Mexico City.. 23-02-2009.. 27-02-2009.. APNIC 27 Meeting.. Philippines.. Manila.. 08-02-2009.. Workshop on the IPv6 Development in Saudi Arabia.. Saudi Arabia.. Riyadh.. 28-01-2009.. Irish IPv6 Summit.. 25-01-2009.. NANOG 45 Meeting.. Dominican Republic.. Santo Domingo.. 03-12-2008.. 06-12-2008.. Internet Governance Forum.. Hyderabad.. 22-11-2008.. 23-11-2008.. ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting 69.. Minneapolis.. 25-11-2008.. Advanced IPv6 Training at AfriNIC-9.. Pointe Aux Piments.. 16-11-2008.. 21-11-2008.. IETF 73 Meeting.. 02-11-2008.. 07-11-2008.. ICANN Meeting 33.. 26-10-2008.. 30-10-2008.. RIPE 57 Meeting.. United Arab Emirates.. Dubai.. 20-10-2008.. 21-10-2008.. AfriNIC Member Training Mauritania.. Mauritania.. Nouakchott.. 15-10-2008.. 17-10-2008.. ARIN XXII Meeting.. Los Angeles.. 13-10-2008.. 3rd International Workshop on Critical Information Infrastructures Security.. Frascati (Rome).. 12-10-2008.. 14-10-2008.. NANOG 44 Meeting.. LA.. 22-09-2008.. OneWebDay.. NY.. 04-09-2008.. 05-09-2008.. ITU Workshop on IPv6.. 01-09-2008.. PACINET 2008 Meeting.. Cook Islands.. Raratonga.. 25-08-2008.. 29-08-2008.. APNIC 26 Meeting.. New Zealand.. Christchurch.. 06-08-2008.. 14-08-2008.. SANOG 12 Meeting.. Nepal.. Kathmandu.. 27-07-2008.. 01-08-2008.. IETF 72 Meeting.. 28-06-2008.. 29-06-2008.. ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting 67.. ISOC Board of Trustees Meeting 66.. 23-06-2008.. GigaNet Academic Workshop on Global Internet Governance.. 22-06-2008.. 27-06-2008.. ICANN Meeting.. 01-06-2008.. 04-06-2008.. NANOG 43 meeting.. 28-05-2008.. 02-06-2008.. eLearning Africa 2008.. Ghana.. Accra.. 05-05-2008.. 09-05-2008.. RIPE 56 Meeting.. Berlin..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - Workshops
    Descriptive info: 6DEPLOY Workshops.. See.. 6DEPLOY-2 workshops interactive map.. &.. 6DEPLOY-1 workshops interactive map.. 25-10-10.. 25-10-10.. IPv6 Workshop at IV Foro de Recursos de Internet.. Ciudad de Mèxico.. More Info.. 18-10-10.. 18-10-10.. IPv6 Workshop at NIC.. br IPv6 Training.. Brasil.. 11-10-10.. 15-10-10.. IPv6 Deployment Workshop WALC 2010.. Bolivia.. Santa Cruz.. 06-10-10.. 08-10-10.. IPv6 Workshop - Geneva.. Geneve.. 04-10-10.. 06-10-10.. AfriNIC LIR+IPv6 Training - Abuja.. Nigeria.. Abuja.. 29-09-10.. 01-10-10.. IPv6 Workshop - Medellín.. Medellín.. 28-09-10.. 30-09-10.. AfriNIC LIR+IPv6 Training - Lagos.. Lagos.. 27-09-10.. 29-09-10.. IPv6 Workshop - Bogotá.. Bogotá.. 22-09-10.. 24-09-10.. IPv6 Workshop - Bishkek (Kyrgystan).. Kyrgystan.. Bishkek.. 13-09-10.. 14-09-10.. APNIC IPv6 Workshop at PacINET - Vanuatu.. Vanuatu.. Port Vila.. 23-08-10.. 24-08-10.. APNIC IPv6 Workshop - Bangkok.. 16-08-10.. 17-08-10.. IPv6 Workshop - Guayaquil.. Guayaquil.. 12-08-10.. 13-08-10.. IPv6 Workshop - Santiago de Chile.. Chile.. Santiago de Chile.. 22-07-10.. 22-07-10.. IPv6 Workshop at Euskal Encounter Bilbao.. Spain.. Bilbao.. 21-07-10.. AfriNIC LIR+IPv6 Training Training.. Libya.. 20-07-10.. 21-07-10.. SANOG XVI IPv6 Workshop - Bhutan.. Bhutan.. Paro.. 06-07-10.. 08-07-10.. IPv6 Workshop San Salvador.. El Salvador.. San Salvador.. 24-06-10.. 25-06-10.. AfriNIC LIR+IPv6 Training - Liberia.. Liberia.. 23-06-10.. APNIC IPv6 Workshop - Brunei.. Brunei.. Bandar Seri Begawan.. 21-06-10.. 23-06-10.. 6DEPLOY IPv6 workshop in Athens.. Athens.. 22-06-10.. AfriNIC LIR+IPv6 Training - Sierra Leone.. Sierra Leone.. 17-06-10.. 18-06-10.. AfriNIC LIR+IPv6 Training - Gambia.. Gambia.. 08-06-10.. 08-06-10.. IPv6 Workshop at Indonesia IPv6 Summit.. 02-06-10.. 04-06-10.. APNIC IPv6 Workshop - Singapore.. 29-05-10.. 30-05-10.. Advanced IPv6 Training at AfriNIC-12 Training.. 26-05-10.. 26-05-10.. 6DEPLOY Portuguese Industry IPv6 Workshops.. Oporto.. 21-05-10.. 21-05-10.. IPv6 Workshop IST- Africa 2010.. Durban.. 19-05-10.. 19-05-10.. 16-05-10.. 16-05-10.. IPv6 Workshop at LACNIC XIII Meeting..  ...   Summit.. 21-09-09.. 25-09-09.. IPv6 Implementation Workshop at WALC 2009.. 11-09-09.. 11-09-09.. IPv6 Tour 2009 Asunción.. Paraguay.. Asunción.. 09-09-09.. 10-09-09.. IPv6 Tour 2009 Santa Cruz.. 07-09-09.. 08-09-09.. IPv6 Tour 2009 Quito.. 16-07-09.. 17-07-09.. Technical workshop on IPv6 adoption at LACNIC Caribbean II Meeting.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Port of Spain.. 24-05-09.. 25-05-09.. IPv6 Workshop at LACNIC XII and IPv6 Tour 2009 Panama.. 16-05-09.. 18-05-09.. IPv6 Training Egypt.. 14-05-09.. 15-05-09.. IPv6 Tour 2009 La Paz.. La Paz.. 11-05-09.. 12-05-09.. IPv6 Tour 2009 Lima.. Peru.. Lima.. 20-04-09.. 23-04-09.. Ecole de printemps IPv6 (Spring school on IPv6).. Morocco.. Marrakesh.. 14-04-09.. 14-04-09.. NIIFI Networkshop 2009 Conference - IPv6 tutorial.. Szeged.. 26-03-09.. 27-03-09.. IPv6 Training Nigeria.. 23-03-09.. 24-03-09.. IPv6 Training Ghana.. 29-01-09.. 29-01-09.. IPv6 Workshop - Rep.. Dominicana.. Republica Dominicana.. 09-12-08.. 10-12-08.. IPv6 Workshop - Costa Rica.. 10-11-08.. 12-11-08.. IPv6 Training Uganda.. Uganda.. Kampala.. 31-10-08.. 31-10-08.. IPv4/IPv6 Transition Workshop - Trinidad & Tobago.. Trinidad & Tobago.. 15-10-08.. 15-10-08.. IPv6 Training in Cuba.. Cuba.. Habana.. IPv6 Workshop at GORE 2 Meeting.. 28-09-08.. 28-09-08.. Networks 2008 Conference - IPv6 tutorial.. 23-09-08.. 24-09-08.. IPv6 Workshop at RIPE NCC Regional Meeting.. Russia.. Moscow.. 28-08-08.. 29-08-08.. IPv6 Training in Haiti.. Haiti.. Port-au-Prince.. 26-08-08.. IPv6 Workshop in Mozambique.. Mozambique.. Maputo.. 25-08-08.. 25-08-08.. IPv6 Workshop at APNIC26.. 21-07-08.. 21-07-08.. Technical workshop on IPv6 adoption at LACNIC Caribbean Meeting.. 07-07-08.. 08-07-08.. Uruguay IPv6 Task Force Workshop and Event.. 17-06-08.. 19-06-08.. Workshop organized by 6DEPLOY in cooperation with KENIC (NIC Kenya).. 31-05-08.. 05-06-08.. IPv6 Workshop and IPv6 Session at AfriNIC 8th Meeting.. Rabat.. 26-05-08.. 30-05-08.. Complete IPv6 Training and IPv6 Event at LACNIC XI Meeting.. Salvador de Bahia..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - Tutorials
    Descriptive info: 6DEPLOY Tutorials.. The 6DEPLOY project makes its IPv6 tutorial material available in PDF format.. This may be freely used for non-commercial purposes, provided the 6DEPLOY project is credited.. IPv6 Introduction.. : This module explains why a new version for IP, IPv6, has been developed.. A brief history of IPv6, its motivation and benefits are given.. IPv6 Protocol.. : This module describes IPv6 protocol: IPv6 packet header, extensions headers and differences with IPv4 headers.. Packet size issues and upper layer considerations are also treated.. IPv6 Addressing.. : This module explains the IPv6 addressing architecture, the different types of addresses (unique local IPv6 addresses, interface IDs, multicast addresses), their textual representation, how these are built and related to a layer 2 address.. Addressing case studies.. : This module describes 2 addressing case studies: RENATER backbone addressing plan and HUNGARNET backbone and site addressing plans.. IPv6 associated protocols.. : This module describes new protocols associated to IPv6: e.. Neighbour Discovery Protocol, SEND, ICMPv6, MLD, etc.. IPv6 Network management.. : This module explains how to manage an IPv6 network.. The different ways to retrieve management information are described (MIBs, IPv6 flows) and some IPv6 management tools and platforms are presented.. IPv6 Multicast.. : After giving some multicast concepts the following topics are covered: multicast addresses, Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) protocol, multicast routing, PIM-ASM and PIM-SSM.. Some practical issues are included as well.. IPv6 DNS.. : This module describes new Resource Records for IPv6 DNS, availability of IPv6 in the root servers zone and CC-TLDs, etc.. IPv6 Autoconfiguration.. : This module describes stateful (DHCPv6) and stateless (Router Solicitation/Router Advertisement) autoconfiguration mechanisms.. IPv6 routing.. (1 MB): This module mainly describes the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols for OSPFv3, EIGRP, RIPng, BGP4+, ISIS  ...   configuration.. : This module lists some examples of IPv6 configurations for.. hosts.. (Windows, Linux, etc) and.. routers.. (Cisco, Juniper,etc.. ).. Guide for Services & Applications.. : This module will describe services and applications available for IPv6.. How-to Guide for Developers.. : This module explains how to implement IPv6 applications and how to update an IPv4 application in order to support IPv6 (porting issues, etc.. IPv6 QoS.. : This module describes how to implement IPv6 QoS with Classes of Services (configuration examples, performance tests) and discusses IPv6 Flow Label usage.. IPv6 and 3G cellular networks.. : This module provides a short overview of the different kind of cellular networks (GSM, GPRS, 3G) and the IPv6 services that can be deployed within them.. Specific issues such as IPv6 address allocation using GPRS, transitioning scenarios related to Mobile Stations (MS), transitioning scenarios related to IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and IPv6 MS implementation issues are presented in detail.. IPv6 and xDSL.. : This module describes how IPv6 can be deployed among the different entities that are present in xDSL environments.. Implementation details are provided for Ethernet Bridging over ATM, PPP over AAL5 (PPPoA), PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE), IPv6 and Radius and IPv6 configuration in the End User.. IPv6 and xDSL - GSN Case study.. (1.. 20 MB): This module provides a short overview of the Greek Schools' Network (GSN - www.. sch.. gr) and details about the deployment phases of IPv6 services in the GSN.. IPv6 deployment strategies in core network, access network, infrastructure servers and school PC labs, address allocation in school GWs and IPv6 GSN experiences are presented in detail.. IPv6 and Sensor Networks.. (5.. 75 MB): This module explains the 6LoWPAN protocol and shows some examples of sensor networks..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - Contact
    Descriptive info: 6DEPLOY Contact.. In the event you want to organize an IPv6 workshop, need support for any IPv6-related issue or want any IPv6-related document hosted in this web site, you can send us an to contact 6DEPLOY Helpdesk.. In addition you can use the web form, available.. here.. , to send your request to 6DEPLOY Helpdesk or to check the status of a previous request.. For IPv6 training and testing purposes, a test network (or testbed) is available.. More information on the.. testbed reservation.. section..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - Testbed_reservation
    Descriptive info: 6DEPLOY Testbed Reservation System.. You need to register in order to get a user and password to access the testbed use request form, to manage your requests and to look up your requests status.. A description of the testbeds is available on.. An interactive map is available for the test-beds.. e-mail:.. Password:.. The visual verification text:.. In compliance with Spanish legislation established under the Ley Orgánica 15/1999 relating to Protection of Data of a Personal Character dated 13th December, Consulintel S.. L.. informs the user the existence of a file for which it is responsible, into which it will introduce the personal data provided.. This file is used only for  ...   in the event that information is provided, the user should provide true and accurate personal information.. Otherwise, Consulintel may not be able to provide correctly the services and consequently will not be liable for any consequences.. The user, in accordance with the applicable legislation, can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by means of the.. contact form.. or by email to the following address.. Privacy Policy.. Don't have an account yet? You can create one.. As a registered user, you get access to testbed reservation.. Start the.. registration process!.. Did you forget your password?.. (Fill the e-mail and the verification text fields and click on the link)..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - E-learning
    Descriptive info: 6DEPLOY E-Learning and IPv6 in 5 minutes.. Here you can find the 6DEPLOY E-Learning packages.. The following versions are available:.. English speech (without subtitles).. Portuguese subtitles (with English speech).. A 5-minutes version of our E-Learning module is also available in English:.. What is IPv6?..

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  • Title: 6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and Support - Hands-on
    Descriptive info: 6DEPLOY Hands-on Material.. The 6DEPLOY project makes its IPv6 hands-on material available in PDF format.. The list of available hands-on modules is described below:.. Host configuration.. : Two exercises illustrate how IPv6 works on.. Linux.. Windows XP.. operating systems.. Some aspects of the IPv6 protocol are analysed in depth: Neighbor Discovery, Autoconfiguration, etc.. Stateful autoconfiguration.. : In this exercise, the trainees are requested to install a DHCPv6 client (Dibbler) and make a basic configuration.. Routing.. : In this exercise, IPv6 routing protocols are configured by the trainees on the testbed routers.. Internal Gateway Protocols (RIPng, OSPF and ISIS) and the External Gateway Protocol (BGP) are tested.. Documents are provided for.. Sofia.. testbeds.. Also, some commands help for Cisco routers could be found.. DNS.. : In this exercise, the trainees have  ...   The other trainees check that the configured services are available from their machine using IPv6 web/ftp clients (on Linux or Windows).. Management.. : After having tested the services, the trainees are requested to install a management application (Argus) to supervise the routers, PCs and configured IPv6 services (web, ftp, etc.. Security.. : In this exercise, the trainees are required to add filters on the routers (ACL) and on the PCs (ip6tables) to allow/deny some PCs/services.. A further set of.. hands-on exercises.. is also available from Consulintel, including the following issues: IPv6 setup in several Platforms (Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista, Linux, BSD), Basic Configuration, Stateless/Stateful Autoconfiguration, Privacy, Static Routes, Transition Mechanisms Configuration, Examples of Applications, IPv6 DNS, IPv6 and PPP, Firewall IPv6, Enabling IPv6 on Cisco Routers and IPv6 ACLs, and SNMP over IPv6..

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