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  • Title: ATD Fourth World | All Together in Dignity
    Descriptive info: .. About Us.. Overcoming Poverty.. Where We Are.. Our Founder.. Join Us.. Blog.. Donate.. Skip to content.. About.. Our History.. Volunteer Corps.. Board of Directors.. Audit Reports.. Strategic Planning.. Who We Are.. Appalachia.. Boston.. New Mexico.. New Orleans.. New York.. Washington DC.. United Nations.. The Post-2015 Development Agenda.. Research.. Knowledge from Experience.. Informal Dialogues.. Climate Change.. Financing Development.. Human Rights.. October 17th.. International.. Street Library.. People s Universities.. Unheard Voices.. Tapori.. Internships.. Mailing List Signup.. Adopt a Street Library.. Research Publications.. Not Meant to Live Like This.. How Poverty Separates Parents and Children.. Unleashing Hidden Potential.. Merging Knowledge.. Poverty is Violence.. Come With Us.. Bouba et Marius.. Contact.. Search for:.. What s new?.. The Walls of Gallup Prison.. It Seems Like Poverty Is Over.. Painting in Prison in New Mexico.. What is Merging Knowledge?.. Home.. Welcome to the US home of the international movement ATD Fourth World.. We at ATD Fourth World believe that chronic poverty.. can be eradicated.. It can be done by working in partnership with people living in poverty.. We work on the grassroots level  ...   but it s not too late to.. ! With a donation of $25 or more, you can help give kids the skills they need to exceed in school and life!.. Street Libraries.. engage children and parents around books, computers, and art in neglected, under-resourced communities.. As the Fourth World Movement’s signature project, Street Libraries currently occur in some form in New York City, New Mexico, and New Orleans.. Street Libraries developed from the principle of reaching towards a community’s aspirations and the aim of sharing knowledge in the heart of the community.. Visit the.. page to find out more and spread the word! Adoptions are ongoing until the end of the year, so keep a Street Library in mind as a great holiday gift!.. (More).. Comments are closed.. Powered by.. WordPress.. and.. Sliding Door.. theme.. This popup will be closed in:.. We all have enough.. holiday sweaters.. This holiday season give the gift of reading and friendship!.. Click here.. to donate $25 or more to.. adopt a Street Library.. and we'll send you news about it in 2014..

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  • Title: About Us | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: The roots of the ATD Fourth World Movement go back to the emergency housing camps built outside Paris in the 1950s.. From the humble works of Father Joseph Wresinski, a Catholic priest assigned as chaplain to the camp in Noisy-le-Grand, ATD Fourth World has grown and today has grassroots teams in 34 countries around the world, holding general consultative  ...   to participatory status at the Council of Europe.. ATD Fourth World also maintains a permanent delegation to the European Union.. Visit the pages below to learn more about our history, our founder, the Volunteer Corps who make up its staff, and the Board of Directors and the audit reports of the US Teams.. The Volunteer Corps.. The Board of Directors..

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  • Title: Overcoming Poverty | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: We are a global movement working in solidarity with those living in persistent poverty; our initiatives and projects are always developed in cooperation with them, in response to their aspirations in their communities and society.. This means that no two ATD Fourth World Movement teams have exactly the same form or  ...   The inalienable dignity of each human being.. The necessity to learn from families living in persistent poverty.. The responsibility of all people to unite to overcome the injustices of poverty.. Visit the pages below to learn more about some of the many initiatives our teams are engaged in.. Creative and Technical Workshops..

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  • Title: Where We Are | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: ATD Fourth World has teams in 34 countries around the world.. Here in the US, local teams (blue on the map below) work in Boston (MA), New York (NY), Washington (DC), Clintwood (VA), Gallup (NM), and New Orleans (LA).. Partners and activists are present throughout the United States.. We collaborate with organizations (in green on the map below) in those same areas and throughout the US.. To learn more about our teams, visit their individual pages:.. Washington, DC..

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  • Title: Join Us | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: Besides its full-time volunteers, ATD Fourth World relies on a network of supporters who serve as bridges between people trapped in extreme poverty and the rest of society.. They learn what life is like for the poor and share that knowledge with people in their professions and communities.. They bring to our movement their knowledge of efforts to overcome poverty and work at building alliances with individuals and institutions concerned by poverty.. They organize local chapters to monitor the evolution of poverty in their areas, speak out when human rights of  ...   of the ATD Fourth World Movement.. Contribute Financially.. • Make a one-time or recurring donation.. • Organize fund-raising events.. • Sell our publications and greeting cards.. • All contributions are tax-deductible.. Take part in Fourth World activities.. • Participate in Fourth World projects and special events.. • Volunteer at Fourth World offices and manual work projects.. Help Raise Awareness.. • Collect and send information about poverty in your area.. • Publicize the Fourth World approach by organizing gatherings and selling publications.. For more information, contact your local Fourth World Movement Team..

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  • Title: Donate | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: Donate online.. to.. at Razoo.. We make your financial support go further!.. 86% of all funding received goes directly to anti-poverty projects.. Our projects focus on the sharing of knowledge among people of different backgrounds in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity.. We then seek out and create forums where the voice and experience of those in poverty can influence public opinion and policy.. Programs and projects are based on three basic principles:.. Our work would not be possible without the generous financial support of ATD supporters around the world.. In the United States, our ongoing initiatives include:.. Artistic projects.. in Gallup New Mexico, New York City, and New Orleans allow  ...   Public presentations, forums and events.. such as panels, conferences, and commemorations of October 17, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty―allow people living in poverty to exchange with others their knowledge, experience, and efforts in struggling to overcome poverty.. ATD Fourth World is committed to the highest standard of efficiency and transparency in our financial transactions.. We are certified by the.. Guidestar Exchange.. , and audit reports are available for download.. We are a 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are fully tax-deductible.. If you are interested in donating, please visit our Razoo page to find out more.. All donations will go directly to the program indicated, but donation amounts are representative only..

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  • Title: Our History | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: In 1956 Joseph Wresinski, a Catholic priest, became the chaplain to 250 homeless families living in an emergency housing camp near Paris.. “The families I met there,” he would recall, “made me think of the poverty of my mother.. The children could have been my brothers, my sister, or me, forty years earlier.. ” Determined to end this poverty, Wresinski launched a community development project with these families.. He later said, “The families in the camp inspired everything I undertook.. ”.. Other men and women from different backgrounds and beliefs came to work with Wresinski and the project grew into the ATD Fourth World Movement.. Those who came to help formed a new type of non-denominational “Volunteer Corps.. ” The “Volunteers” lived in the camp and made a full-time, long-term commitment.. From the outset, ATD Fourth World’s work has targeted three priorities: learning from the most disadvantaged families, understanding how they become trapped in persistent poverty, and planning and developing projects with them.. Joseph Wresinski created the name “Fourth World” to honor the dignity of these families and their refusal to submit to  ...   active member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, regularly bringing people living in poverty from all over the world to meet with diplomats and civil society to share their experiences and ideas.. On October 17, 1987, Joseph Wresinski dedicated a commemorative stone on the Human Rights Plaza in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower.. In 1992, the United Nations recognized October 17 as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.. In 1996, a replica of the stone was laid in the gardens of the United Nations in New York City.. In every country there are people who do not share in the benefits society offers.. From childhood on, poverty damages their health and jeopardizes their chances to learn.. They are denied educational opportunities and access to decent work.. They live in overcrowded or unsanitary conditions.. Many become homeless.. If the most disadvantaged families are to be reached, anti-poverty and development programs must make a special effort to include them.. ATD Fourth World projects build on the strength of these families, and especially on the hopes the parents have for their children..

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  • Title: Volunteer Corps | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: The Fourth World Volunteer Corps was born from the conviction that humanity has an ethical imperative to make poverty history, allied to the belief that human beings carry within them the courage and resources to achieve this goal.. In each country on every continent there are men, women and children who are condemned to live in extreme poverty: people who must struggle to ensure the survival of their families and communities, who are denied the chance to grow and flourish, and who are not seen as capable of making a useful contribution to society.. They are scarred by the humiliation of being blamed for the intolerable living conditions and the exclusion that they face.. The ATD Fourth World Volunteer Corps was born from the conviction held by ATD Fourth World’s founder, Joseph Wresinski, that humanity has an ethical imperative to make poverty history, allied to his sincere belief that human beings carry within them the courage and resources to achieve this goal.. Joseph Wresinski insisted that it is only by reaching and working with the people that poverty has damaged the most, that poverty can be ended.. This ambition, held by everyone involved in ATD Fourth World, is at the heart of what it is to be a Volunteer and leads to a commitment to find, support and learn from other individuals or groups who may be isolated or alone in sharing the same ideal.. Today, half a century after its creation in an emergency housing camp in France, members of the Volunteer Corps are located in many parts of the world.. They build long-term relationships based on trust and respect with some of the most marginalised members of society, through being present in their communities or by reaching out to them wherever they are forced to live.. These encounters change everybody involved and lead to new ideas and action.. The identity of the Volunteer Corps is built upon this determination to recognize, understand and be transformed by the reality of life for the millions of people who have no choice but to try and resist the worst consequences of poverty on a daily basis.. Witnessing the courage and hope shown by people suffering extreme forms of discrimination has pushed Volunteers to build bridges between people  ...   source of creativity and imagination.. It is also a profound challenge that ensures a deep regard for the quality of human relations.. Valuing its diversity helps the Volunteer Corps to build a world view that is as much based on human understanding as on an awareness of international trends and events.. Joining the Volunteer Corps is an opportunity to create with others an ethical lifestyle that challenges inequality, the excessive consumption that drives modern society and traditional ideas of organisational hierarchy.. Via an ethos of equality, collective responsibility and interdependence, and through an effort to share financial and material resources, the Volunteer Corps aims to provide all its members with an environment of mutual support.. All Fourth World Volunteers receive the same basic stipend linked to their family status and the cost of living in the country in which they are located, regardless of seniority or responsibility.. They also benefit from health care coverage and a solidarity fund that meets emergency and other needs.. In choosing to join the Volunteer Corps, members agree to make themselves as available as they can in terms of the geographic and logistical needs of the ATD Fourth World Movement.. Together with other members of ATD Fourth World, including people with direct experience of poverty, they work in small teams where they support one another and share their responsibilities, their failures and their successes.. The Volunteer Corps welcomes people of all ages, whether single or as a couple, with or without children, who are looking to support the fight against poverty over the long term; for some this represents a life wide and lifelong vocation.. Volunteers put in place the resources and conditions to enable them to reflect regularly on their experiences individually and collectively.. In this spirit they are free to review and renew their choice to continue their path in the Fourth World Volunteer Corps.. Over time, the closeness of their contact with people resisting extreme poverty and the need to rely on one another creates strong bonds between Volunteers, fostering a solidarity that genuinely supports each of them, through their own personal and spiritual development, to offer the best of themselves in the effort to make a world free from poverty.. General Assembly of the Volunteer Corps 2009..

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  • Title: Board of Directors | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: ATD Fourth World Board of Directors.. President:.. Dr.. Charles Courtney.. Retired Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey.. Vice-President:.. William Irelan.. General Counsel, ACDI/VOCA, Washington, DC.. Secretary:.. Gail Holmes.. Vice President, TRH Technologies, Inc.. , Middletown, Rhode Island.. Treasurer:.. Christian Josz.. Deputy Division Chief African Department, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC.. Deborah Stokes.. Retired PrincipalPerrywood Elementary School, Prince George s County, Maryland..  ...   National Director of ATD Fourth World Movement USA, Gallup, NM.. Jane Hsiao.. Full-time mother, Takoma Park, MD.. Robert Mauss.. Representative Payee for Social Security, Catholic Charities/USA, New Orleans, Loiuisiana.. Diedre Steib Mauss.. Project Director, ATD Fourth World Movement New Orleans.. Emma Speaks.. Full-Time Student, Per Scholas Institute of Technology Training, Bronx, New York.. Ex-Officio Member:.. Isabelle Perrin.. Director General, International Movement ATD Fourth World, Peirrelaye, France..

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  • Title: Audit Reports | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: ATD Fourth World is committed to the utmost transparency in all of our financial activities.. Recent audit reports are available for download below.. If there is any additional information you need, please do.. get in touch.. and we will be happy to help to the best of our ability.. Audit Report 2011 2012.. Audit Report 2010 2011..

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  • Title: Strategic Planning | ATD Fourth World
    Descriptive info: In January 2013 ATD Fourth World Movement USA (FWM) circulated a survey to over nine hundred members.. This is a snapshot of survey respondents’ opinions of FWM projects and its performance in specific areas.. Click here to read the full results.. The results of this survey and follow-up interviews FWM will do are part of a yearlong strategic planning process.. Key Demographics:.. Survey respondents in FWM included donors, project participants, those who have volunteered to help run projects, interns, and full-time Volunteer Corps members (staff), and former staff.. 73% of the respondents were female, while 27% of respondents were male.. Survey respondents covered a broad range of ages, with only the under-18 year-old bracket being underrepresented.. Key Findings:.. Overall impression of ATD Fourth World projects:.. 87% rated FWM projects as excellent or good.. Over 70% of respondent have donated to FWM in the past and over 78% would consider donating in the future.. The most important reasons people gave for participating in FWM projects are to help others and improve their communities.. Interest in and awareness of the following projects were high among all demographics: Adult empowerment projects, children’s projects, youth projects, United Nations representation, and October 17 (the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty).. Key Challenges:.. 38% of respondents  ...   FWM could focus on in the future were largely identified in three broad themes: (1).. expansion, outreach and capacity building, (2) advocacy and campaigns and (3) connecting with other agencies.. Comments:.. “.. [In FWM].. people begin to speak for themselves within other arenas in their lives.. They begin to believe in and seek ways to fulfill personal goals.. People begin to believe in themselves as leaders.. We need to evaluate where we are in outreach: new supporters, new members in poverty and especially people trapped in social exclusion.. Are there objective observations that show that the participants lives have improved?”.. I think projects that work directly with low-income communities are generally very strong.. I think more needs to be done to network with other US-based organizations in order to build more of a public profile and to have more of a public impact.. What Now?.. FWM will conduct follow-up interviews with key stakeholders to better understand these survey results.. A three-day “Future Search.. 1.. ” planning meeting will be held towards the end of 2013.. At the end of this process we will produce a strategic plan and updated mission and vision statements to move forward together locally and nationally in 2014-2017.. Please.. see here for further details:.. http://www.. futuresearch.. net/method/whatis/index.. cfm..

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