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  • Title: Information and Faqs about becoming a stay at-home mother.
    Descriptive info: .. Internal Resources.. Home.. Acne.. Dating.. faq.. General topics.. Health.. motherhood.. pregnancy.. recipes.. weddings.. Vaginismus: Finding Hope for Unconsummated Marriages and Female Sexual Pain.. 11 No-Nonsense Questions You Must Answer Before Making The Choice.. For one lucky woman named Jennie, the decision to be an at-home mother was a simple one.. She had always known it s how she wanted to parent.. Her family and friends supported the idea and let her know it.. And from the beginning of their marriage, she and her husband had planned the household budget so that they were not dependent on her income.. When time for the birth of their first child approached, she simply cleaned out her desk and moved home to begin her new career.. Five years and two children later, she says she s exactly where she wants to be and that she loves her at-home lifestyle.. But for other women (probably the vast majority), the decision is a much more complex and difficult one.. They want to spend more time with their children, but a decrease in family income seems insurmountable.. They are not exactly thrilled with the quality of their child s daycare, but aren t confident they have the know-how to do much better themselves.. What if they leave their jobs and discover that full-time parenting isn t fulfilling at all but simply tedious?.. What if they re never able to regain their footing on the career ladder? And after all those years of education and employment, what will people say if they walk away from their jobs? For them, and perhaps for you, the decision to become an at-home mother isn t so simple.. Although you may have a strong desire to be at home with your children, there are several issues you should consider before making your choice.. They range from questions about your motivation to plain old practical concerns (like how the heck will your family survive without two paychecks?), to psychological and relationship issues.. By answering the following questions you are likely to become more confident that you ll make the best decision for you and your family.. The questions will also suggest things you can do to ensure that at-home parenting will be a positive experience.. Motivation.. 1.. Why do you want to be an at-home mother?.. Is it because you genuinely want to be there for your children whenever they need you? Because you believe you are the best person to nurture and guide them? Because you love the time you spend with them and want more of it? These are all wonderful and positive reasons for choosing at-home mothering.. If your answer to these is yes, you are probably on the right track and will be able to structure an at-home lifestyle that works for you and your family.. On the other hand, is full-time parenting looking good simply because you re bored or frustrated with your job? Or because, compared to what you re doing now, being an at-home mother seems like a piece of cake? Or because you re tired of your demanding boss and cranky co-workers, and you just can t get ahead? These aren t necessarily bad reasons, but you re likely to find yourself disappointed in full-time parenting if they re your only reasons.. While at-home mothering can  ...   Can going out to dinner become a treat, rather than a frequent event necessitated because both adults are too exhausted to cook? Can you buy food in bulk and clothing from the sale rack? Can you vacation in the off-season, or sometimes skip the hotel getaway in favor of backpacking? Do you really need a new car, or will a used one get you where you want to go? Will your friends like you as well when you host a backyard potluck rather than footing the bill at a fancy restaurant? These are all ways to earn by simply spending less.. Think of it as creative spending it s only deprivation if you choose to see it as such.. 5.. What about financial security for the future?.. It s a common worry for at-home mothers that the time will come when they ll need outside employment and they won t be able to find a job.. Unfortunately, divorce does happen, or the primary wage-earning job disappears, or an emergency in the family requires that more money must appear now.. You can t ever be sure it won t happen to you.. You can, however, begin now to contribute to an emergency fund (many financial advisors recommend 3-6 months expenses).. You can also keep your career skills up to date, and in fact make yourself even more marketable than before.. As an at-home mother, you decide your priorities and daily schedule.. Take a class in computers or management or whatever is appropriate.. Learn a foreign language.. Keep in touch with your former co-workers and cultivate new contacts, remembering that it s often who you know that counts.. There are a hundred ways to ensure you re not stuck if and when the time comes to re-enter the workforce.. Weight-loss Supplements: The Side Effects.. With so many weight-loss supplements on the market today, it can be difficult to navigate the options to choose the one that best suits your needs.. From pharmaceutical solutions engineered in a lab, to natural supplements like fruit extracts and other herbal remedies, the key is to know your risk factor before incorporating a supplement such as garcinia cambogia extract into your weight-management strategy.. While it is not a hard-and-fast rule, often times more natural supplements can be easier to predict in regards to how they will react with your body.. Supplements like garcinia cambogia extract are derived from natural sources like the rinds of a fruit, and the science behind their effects is relatively straight-forward.. Read more.. How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I?.. For some women, getting pregnant provides a sense of joy and is potentially something that they and their partner have been waiting for and working on for years.. In other situations, it can be a surprise that will catch a family off-guard.. Regardless of whether your pregnancy was planned or not, determining how far along you are with the aid of tools such as a.. pregnancy calculator.. is crucial to developing a time-frame for giving birth and the steps you need to undertake along the way.. Later on in the pregnancy, this is easy through doctors’ visits and ultrasound scans, but figuring out how many weeks pregnant you are early on can be more difficult.. new post.. test content here.. (c) 2013 4woman.. org.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Acne
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Acne Category.. Treating Whiteheads.. Having to deal with acne at any age can be an embarrassing experience at any age.. However, there are plenty of options that you can use everyday to help make your skin less prone to acne flare ups.. The following is five tips you can use to.. treat whiteheads.. and take control of your acne.. Exercise.. Many people don’t realize that by keeping in shape you can help improve you acne.. The reason is because exercise will help prevent negative stress levels which can come from negative self-esteem and depression.. However, you should be careful since your workout routine can result in other forms of acne.. You should be careful when selecting what you put on such as clothing, sports gear and equipment.. If you have acne problems your should refrain from wearing tight outfights and those that contain nylon or other synthetic fibers.. These fibers trap in moisture and heat which can cause bacteria to growth.. Therefore it’s best to wear loose fitting clothing that is made from cotton or other natural fibers that allow air to come into contact with your skin.. Once you have finished your workout be sure to get out of your wet clothing as soon as possible.. Shower and change into dry clothes.. Keep your sports gear as clean as possible since dirty sports gear can irritate areas that are prone to acne problems.. Cosmetics.. Some cosmetics can clog pores and irritate the  ...   good for your body also helps improve your skin.. This is because the skin is the largest organ of your body.. Therefore, its best to watch your diet and take in healthy vitamins, minerals and other supplements.. This can help prevent your next whitehead or acne breakout.. Hygiene.. The best skin cleansing routine should not involve hard scrubbing and over washing since skin irritation can result which can cause pores to become clogged.. You should use products with gentle exfoliation.. Alcohol products should be avoided at all costs since they take off the top layer of skin and cause you body to produce more oil and clog your pores.. Shaving.. Shaving is probably one of the best ways for exfoliating the skin and helping to remove the dead skin which will help in the prevention and spreading of whiteheads and acne.. Shaving also helps remove the remnants that can clog pores.. In light acne cases shaving can actually help get rid of whiteheads and blackheads that have already started.. However, you should not shave areas that are infected or have high inflammation activity.. If you must shave the area then use a shaving cream to help your sensitive skin.. Following these five tips on a regular basis can be a first step in treating your whiteheads and other acne lesions.. However, by keeping a regular routine that includes all these steps will help you to also prevent and lessen the amount of whitehead and /or acne breakouts..

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  • Title: Dating
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Dating Category.. We are Now Dating!.. Question:.. Awhile ago I met this guy online and we are now dating.. The thing that bothers me is that he still has his dating profile online.. I want to ask him to delete it for me so that I know he s serious about me, but i dont want to sound controlling or jealous.. Although, I also do not want this guy to be going out on dates behind my back and meeting other girls.. Is it wrong for me to ask him to delete his dating  ...   haha, I mean ask him , if he is still using it as much as you trust him you never know what they are doing behind your back.. Trust me, this is something I know very well.. Plus, if he cares about you, he will not mind if you ask him to do this, he should understand if he is serious and respectful of you and your feelings in life.. How long have you been dating now? What is the level of your relationship with this guy? Exclusive relationship? Open relationship? These are factors to consider as well..

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  • Title: Faq
    Descriptive info: Archive for the faq Category.. Urinary Incontinence.. What is urinary incontinence?.. What causes urinary incontinence?.. How common is urinary incontinence?.. Does having a baby cause urinary incontinence?.. Does menopause affect urinary incontinence?.. Are there different types of urinary incontinence?.. How do I talk to my doctor about urinary incontinence?.. How do I find out if I have urinary incontinence?.. Is there anything I can do to prevent urinary incontinence?.. How is urinary incontinence treated?.. Urinary (YOOR-in-air-ee) incontinence (in-KAHN-tih-nens) is when urine leaks out before you can get to a bathroom.. If you have urinary incontinence, you re not alone.. Millions of women have this problem.. There are many reasons why a woman may leak urine.. Sometimes it s caused by an illness, in which case bladder control returns when the illness goes away.. For example, bladder infections and infections in the vagina can cause incontinence for a short time.. Being unable to have a bowel movement or taking certain medicines also may make it hard to control your bladder.. Sometimes incontinence is an ongoing problem, in which case the cause might be:.. the bladder cannot empty completely.. weakening of the muscles that help to hold or release urine.. a blocked urinary passage.. damage to the nerves that control the bladder.. Sometimes, diseases such as arthritis make it hard to get to the bathroom in time and can make it even harder to control urine leakage.. More than 13 million Americans — male and female, young and old — have incontinence.. Women are more likely to leak urine than men.. Older women have more bladder control problems than younger women.. But loss of bladder control does not have to happen as you age.. If you re leaking urine, talk to your doctor about it.. Your doctor can help you.. For more information on talking to your doctor about urinary incontinence, see.. How do I talk to my doctor about urinary incontinence?.. Yes.. It can, but don t panic.. If you lose bladder control after having a baby, the problem often goes away by itself.. Your muscles may just need time to recover.. Being pregnant also can cause leakage due to:.. pressure of the pregnancy on the bladder and pelvic muscles.. vaginal delivery.. episiotomy (the cut in the muscle that makes it easier for the baby to come out).. damage to bladder control nerves.. If you still have bladder problems six weeks after having your baby, talk to your doctor.. Without treatment, lost bladder control can become a long-term problem.. Leaking can also result from some medical conditions, including neurologic injury, birth defects, strokes, multiple sclerosis, and physical problems associated with aging.. Sometimes bladder control problems show up years after you ve had your baby.. Some women do not have problems until later, often in their 40 s.. Unborn babies push down on the bladder, urethra (tube that you urinate from) and pelvic muscles.. Some women have bladder control problems after they stop having periods (called menopause or change of life).. After your periods end, your body stops making the female hormone.. estrogen.. (ES-truh-jun).. Some experts think this loss of estrogen weakens the vaginal tissue.. Stress incontinence.. — leakage happens with coughing, sneezing, exercising, laughing, lifting heavy things, and other movements that put pressure on the bladder.. It is the most common type of incontinence.. It can be treated and sometimes cured.. Urge incontinence.. — this is sometimes called overactive bladder.. Leakage usually happens after a strong, sudden urge to urinate.. The sudden urge may occur when you don t expect it, such as during sleep, after drinking water, or when you hear running water or touch it.. Functional incontinence.. — leaking because you can t get to a toilet in time.. People with this type of incontinence may have problems thinking, moving, or speaking that keep them from reaching a toilet.. For example, a person with Alzheimer s disease may not plan a trip to the bathroom in time to urinate.. A person in a wheelchair may be unable to get to a toilet in time.. Overflow incontinence.. — leaking urine because the bladder doesn t empty completely.. Overflow incontinence is less common in women.. Mixed incontinence.. — two or more types of incontinence together, most often stress and urge incontinence.. Transient incontinence.. — leaking urine for a short time due to an illness such as a bladder infection.. Leaking stops when the illness is treated.. Most people don t want to talk to their doctor about such a personal  ...   re doing Kegel exercises right, ask your doctor or nurse to check you while you try to do them.. If you aren t squeezing the right muscles, your doctor or nurse can teach you the right way to do the exercises.. A pelvic floor physical therapist may be available in your area to help teach you how to strengthen these muscles or help you with other treatments.. There are many ways to treat incontinence.. Your doctor will work with you to find the best treatment for you.. Treatments include:.. Pelvic Muscle Exercises.. (Kegel exercises).. — easy exercises to make your pelvic muscles stronger.. Doing these exercises every day can help reduce or cure stress leakage.. A pelvic floor physical therapist may be available in your area to help teach you how to strengthen these muscles or help you with other treatments listed below.. Electrical Stimulation.. — electrodes are placed in the vagina or rectum for a short time to stimulate nearby muscles and make them stronger.. This treatment can reduce both stress incontinence and urge incontinence.. Biofeedback.. — biofeedback helps you learn how your body works.. A therapist puts an electrical patch over your bladder and urethral muscles.. A wire connected to the patch is linked to a TV screen.. You and your therapist watch the screen to see when these muscles contract, so you can learn to control these muscles.. Biofeedback can be used with pelvic muscle exercises and electrical stimulation to help control stress incontinence and urge incontinence.. Timed Voiding or Bladder Retraining.. — there are two ways you can train your bladder to hold urine better.. In timed voiding, you urinate at set times instead of waiting for a strong urge.. To do bladder retraining, you slowly increase the time between your scheduled voiding times to train your bladder to hold urine better.. These treatments can reduce urge incontinence and overflow incontinence.. A doctor can tell you if these may help you.. Weight Loss.. — extra weight puts more pressure on your bladder and nearby muscles, which can cause bladder control problems.. If you’re overweight, work with your doctor to plan a diet and exercise program that works for you.. Dietary Changes.. — certain foods and drinks can cause incontinence, such as caffeine (found in coffee, some sodas, and chocolate), tea, and alcohol.. Limiting these foods and drinks can reduce incontinence.. Medications.. — medications can reduce some types of leakage.. Talk to your doctor to see if medication is right for you.. Pessary.. — a pessary is a small device that fits in your vagina and helps hold it up.. A pessary can help reduce leakage.. Your doctor or nurse will decide which type and size of pessary is right for you and will check the pessary regularly.. Implants.. — your doctor may suggest injecting a material into the space around the urethra with a needle.. This material thickens the area around the urethra so you can control your urine flow better.. Surgery.. — surgery can fix problems such as blocked areas.. It can also support the bladder or the urethra to prevent loss of urine.. A surgeon can also put a small device in the body that acts on nerves to control bladder activity.. Urethral Inserts.. — a urethral insert is a thin tube that you place inside the urethra that blocks urine from coming out.. You take the tube out when you need to urinate and then put it back in until you need to urinate again.. External Urethral Barrier.. — this device is a small foam or gel disposable pad that you place over the opening of the urethra.. The pad seals itself against your body, keeping you from leaking.. When you go to the bathroom you take it off.. After urinating you place a new pad over the urethra.. Catheters.. — if nothing else helps, the doctor may suggest catheters, thin tubes placed in the bladder by a doctor or by you.. A catheter drains the bladder for you, sometimes into an attached bag.. For More Information.. For more information about urinary incontinence, call the National Women s Health Information Center at 1-800-994-9662 or contact the following organizations:.. National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse.. Phone Number: (800) 891-5390.. Internet Address:.. http://kidney.. niddk.. nih.. gov/.. National Institute on Aging.. Phone Number: (800) 222-2225.. http://www.. nia.. gov.. Food and Drug Administration.. Phone Number: (888) INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332).. fda.. National Association for Continence.. Phone Number: (800) 252-3337.. nafc.. org/.. American Urogynecologic Society.. Phone Number:(202) 367-1167.. augs..

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  • Title: General Topics
    Descriptive info: Archive for the General topics Category.. test new post here.. edit edit edit..

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  • Title: Health
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Health Category.. When Reality Does Not Meet Your Expectations—Communicating Your Concerns and Complaints.. Fortunately, most hospital stays are brief, peaceful and uneventful; medical treatment proceeds as planned and patients leave the hospital healthier than when they came in.. But for a growing number of patients, hospitalization creates more problems than it solves.. Patients return home after experiencing doubts, concerns, and life-threatening complications.. They might be dissatisfied with their diagnosis, treatment plan, or recovery recommendations, and often the origin of their doubts and conflicts can be attributed to a simple lack of communication or a misunderstanding between them and their healthcare providers.. We have all heard media reports about the dangers that arise from a serious breach in the communication process.. The most notorious are the cases where one patient is mistaken for another.. The unfortunate patient then goes on to have an operation he doesn t need at all, and the one who does need it goes untreated.. Those are the TV-worthy stories.. What patients don t hear about as often is the seemingly harmless glitches that, in reality, can set the stage for a breakdown in communication and the resulting endless cavalcade of errors.. A recent situation involving my aunt is a perfect example of how easy it is for a series of crossed signals to impact a hospital stay in a negative way.. While hospitalized for hernia surgery, my Aunt Rose felt that she was having excessive pain, but as soon as the new shift nurse entered her room, she announced, You re doing great.. You haven t even used much pain medicine, and proceeded to take vital signs.. My aunt had heard the nurse state emphatically that she was doing well, and she hesitated to disagree with her.. What was particularly confusing was that she.. had.. been pushing the button to release medication frequently, yet the nurse insisted she wasn t using much.. By the time it occurred to her to say something, the nurse had already left the room.. Rose never realized that the nurse could be mistaken, so she just thought that she was being hypersensitive about the pain.. So she suffered in silence, assuming that the nurse could assess her condition better than she could herself.. Hours later, my aunt s daughter-in-law came to visit; Rose informed her of the earlier conversation with the nurse.. The young woman looked at the pump and noticed that the numbers were lit up but not changing when Rose self-administered a dose; her mother-in-law needed, and failed to get, medication simply because the pump was not delivering it.. The nurse was summoned and quickly discovered that the machine had not been reset after Rose left the recovery room.. Three things contributed to this situation:.. My aunt did not communicate what she knew to be true.. She was, in fact, in pain.. If Rose had simply said, I might seem like I m doing OK, but actually I m not, it would have alerted the nurse that further assessment was needed.. Unfortunately, you cannot always count on medicated patients to speak up, which is why having an advocate stay with the patient is invaluable.. The nurse made erroneous assumptions about Rose s pain level without specifically asking her about it.. The lesson here is for patients to speak up if their providers seem to be relying too heavily on machines or numeric values when they seem at odds with their personal experiences.. A glitch in hospital procedures allowed Rose to be transferred to another unit without the pump being checked and reset.. When you observe even one glitch, you can probably assume that it has happened before and will happen again if somebody doesn t intervene and try to change it.. After I asked Rose if she had issued a complaint or taken any action to prevent the problem from happening again, she seemed bewildered; surely her nurse had taken care of all that.. I could understand that in my aunt s condition, just out of surgery and woozy from morphine, she might not  ...   you are going through, it may be only the tip of the iceberg.. The true extent of the problem could be far greater than you know.. It could, in fact, be system-wide.. Some hospitals are implementing policies to inform patients of errors or of iatrogenic injury (injury caused by doctors or medical treatment), but at this time.. there is no comprehensive, universally applied federal law or regulation stating that every institution must inform patients when they have been the recipients of faulty medical treatment.. As a result, for decades, patients have been kept in the dark about injuries caused by the very hospital they put their hope and faith in.. People usually have an inkling when something is wrong because they are in excessive pain, their recovery is prolonged, or their infection won t go away.. Even if the risk manager or hospital administrator is looking into their situation, patients cannot assume that the institution is motivated only by concern for the individual s welfare.. Hospitals have been known to keep pertinent information away from patients to avoid trouble.. Remember that they employ lawyers and other risk management personnel to handle potentially litigious patients.. If you cause a stir, they might mount a defense, advise their staff on how to respond to your inquiries cautiously, and quietly review your medical record as a way of heading trouble off at the pass.. I am not saying that the administration is against you, but it certainly views you as someone they need to protect themselves against if it looks like you are voicing a complaint to people who can sanction them.. This method of doing business has left patients unaware of the many mechanisms in place, both inside and outside the hospital walls, to assist them when there is an unfortunate incident.. Upon admission to the hospital, information should be readily provided explaining how to contact the patient relations department or what to do if you experience a problem.. When you register, be sure that the admitting office provides you with information about the hospital s system for dealing with concerns or complaints.. If problems arise that are not resolved by dealing directly with your treating physician or your nurse, you need to be aware of the other individuals and agencies with the authority to intervene on your behalf.. The individuals and groups are:.. Charge Nurses and Nurse Managers.. Patient Relations Specialists/Patient Advocates/Ombudsman.. Social Services.. Infection Control Specialist.. Department Heads/Service Heads.. Hospital Administration.. Medical Center Director/Chief Operating Officer (COO).. Hospital Licensing and Certification.. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).. Medical Boards.. The Media.. There is a hierarchy of sorts when deciding whom to take a complaint to.. The logical starting point is always your nurse and treating physician.. But if you cannot reach a solution that is both timely and acceptable, start working your way through the above list.. The Charge Nurse or Patient Relations Specialist will be able to handle a large percentage of patient complaints.. Social Services and Infection Control Specialists may be able to handle specific issues regarding communication glitches with your caregivers or investigate the source of your infection.. The head of a particular hospital department or medical service needs to be consulted if you have an issue with your physician or his treatment plan that cannot be resolved by talking to your doctor directly.. For serious complaints such as the occurrence of life-threatening complications, systems errors, or care that seems truly negligent or substandard, the hospital administration and possibly the COO need to be contacted.. Situations involving patient safety issues, potential violations of current medical standards of care, and physician misconduct can be reported to hospital licensing boards, medical boards or to the Joint Commission.. The media is the last, yet often the most powerful, resource to resort to.. The advice and actions listed above represent only a fraction of the resources available to advocates to help them ensure that patients arrive home safe.. They are realistic, achievable and could very well save your life or the life of someone you love..

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  • Title: Motherhood
    Descriptive info: Archive for the motherhood Category.. Single Moms: 9 Ways To Get The Extra Support You Need.. Single moms have a lot of adjustments to make.. You just can t be all things to all people.. You make choices: a clean house or attention for the kids.. You learn to do tasks around the house you never thought you could.. You become a plumber, carpenter, and electrician.. You may even find some distinct advantages to single parenthood.. The meals are easier and less formal.. You have less housework.. And you can sneak in some time to read a book after the kids are in bed.. But every once in a while the whole responsibility of raising the kids by yourself seems overwhelming.. The chauffeuring, money problems, sheer lack of time and energy get to you.. You try to act normal and upbeat for the kids.. Then you sit down and the tears flow.. Totaled.. Depleted.. No more to give.. The let downs are perfectly normal.. You have a tremendous amount of responsibility.. And it is good for you to let it all hang out at appropriate times.. Tears are beneficial and healing.. And, yes, Virginia, there.. are.. ways to get support for those inevitable times when you feel like the world is strangling you.. The kind of support you need comes in two forms.. You need.. emotional.. support to remind you that life can be satisfying and gratifying as a single mom.. And you need.. physical.. support in terms of sharing tasks, obligations, or responsibility.. You.. can.. get both.. Here s how:.. JOIN A SINGLE PARENT ORGANIZATION.. Single parent groups offer advice, camaraderie, group activities, social events, and lots of emotional support.. They offer solace during the pain and chaos of divorce or the grieving of a lost spouse.. The oldest of these organizations is.. Parents Without Partners.. Started in 1957, they have over 400 local chapters across the country.. You can reach them at.. ParentsWithoutPartners.. There is also the.. Single Parents Association.. They can be accessed at.. SingleParents.. These groups tend to have a little different flavor depending on the local chapter, so be prepared to try them both.. REVISIT YOUR RELIGIOUS TIES.. Religious groups vary in their openness to single parents.. If your specific religious center makes you feel out of place or unwelcome, shop around.. Try within your religious affiliation and also look at some of the more liberal religious groups around.. Many churches have groups for singles and/or single parents.. Find a house of worship where you feel valued—you deserve nothing less.. The church and synagogue connection is also important for your children.. It provides a place of acceptance, activities, and an abundance of good role models.. TAKE A COLLEGE COURSE.. Look at a course at your local college.. Whether it is for jobs skills or pure enjoyment, this is a good place to meet other single parents.. Most colleges have a Women s Center which offers support, advice, resources, and a great place to have a cup of coffee and meet other neat women.. Now that you have gotten out of the house, discovered some networks that help, and met new people, there are still more sources of support closer to home.. THE FAMILY.. Grandparents often mourn the inability to see their grandchildren after a divorce.. They feel, and rightly so, that they are hurt by a divorce that was not of their doing.. Even if your relationship with your ex is volatile or still tinged by hurt or anger, don t include the grandparents in this.. If the grandparents are within a reasonable distance, resurrect or create visitation opportunities.. This is good for the children who shouldn t suffer the loss of grandparents for the parents actions, and it gives you some free time either to catch up or just let down.. If you are a widow, your children need  ...   saves financially for whoever provides the home, or saves for both if they are renters.. It eases up on the constant need to be around at all times.. It provides a division and reduction of household responsibilities.. And, more important, support for those down times can be just a few feet away.. Especially when the kids are small, this can be a viable and beneficial arrangement.. Or if you have an extra room, think about renting it to a college student in exchange for baby-sitting or helping around the house.. GET MORE CONTROL BY WORKING AT HOME.. Explore ways to work at home so you will have more flexibility to meet your needs and the needs of your children.. Barbara J.. Winter, a single mom, put together a combination of seminars, a newsletter and finally a book that supported her family.. The book,.. Making A Living Without A Job.. is an inspiring guide to creating work you enjoy in the environment you want.. The book offers many options and case histories that may ignite an entrepreneurial venture for you.. (See resource listing at the end of this guide for more information on working at home.. ).. Playing it a little safer, you might be able to negotiate to do your current job at home.. Or you can take additional training and eventually make the transition to word processing, medical transcription, or paralegal work from home.. Women in record numbers are opting to work at home, and there are better opportunities for home based workers than ever before.. Dreams can come true for single parents too—it just might take a little longer.. CRISIS INTERVENTION.. At times life as a single parent is overwhelming.. Your ex does something that drives you up the wall.. Financial problems drain your energy.. You simply miss the man that was so much a part of your life and is now gone forever.. Then another disaster happens and you have had it.. You find yourself sitting on the couch unable to move, perhaps resorting to a few too many glasses of wine.. Your child asks for something and you lift your arm on the way to hitting him.. It happens.. You ve lost it.. Whether it is 6 AM or 6 PM, you need help and you need it.. now.. before you do something you will deeply regret.. You can t wait three weeks for an appointment for counseling, or until Monday to talk to your therapist.. Worse yet, your best friend is out of town for the weekend.. It is a crisis and it s time to call one of the crisis hotlines.. Crisis hotlines are usually listed in the front of your telephone book.. Most areas have local child abuse, suicide prevention and domestic violence services.. If you can t find these, here are some national resources:.. Parent Help Line.. 1-800-345-5044.. ChildHelp Hotline.. 1-800-422-4453.. National Domestic Violence Hotline.. 1-800-799-SAFE.. Receives almost 10,000 calls a month.. You are not alone.. You can be physically and mentally exhausted, and that one final event pushes you over your limits.. What you need is to get on the phone with a caring person who will talk you through the crisis, and give you a plan of action.. Use the hotlines available and don t risk taking your frustration out on your children.. Single parenting can be rough but it also can be an emotionally rich and satisfying lifestyle.. Healthy single parent families tend to be closer, share more and communicate more openly.. The single parent household can be a chaotic, creative, warm and wonderful place, but the load of physical, financial and emotional responsibilities can be daunting.. There are resources to help.. Some are formalized, others you will have to uncover and create, but you can get assistance from the many who would love to help.. So reach out, and touch someone.. Help is there..

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    Descriptive info: Archive for the pregnancy Category.. Using A Pregnancy Calculator To Determine How Far Along You Are.. Making use of a pregnancy calculator is one of the best ways to get an idea, early on, how far along you are in your pregnancy.. These calculators ask for an input of a few pieces of information and then create a timeframe or even a periodic plan of the stages of your pregnancy.. The most common pieces of information that they will ask for are the first day of your last menstrual period and the typical number of days that make up your cycle.. Upon supply this information, these pregnancy calculators will then estimate the most likely window of opportunity of dates during which you were the most fertile, an estimated date of conception and how far along in weeks and days that you are based on average scenarios.. As the typical period of gestation for a baby is forty weeks, the pregnancy calculator will also be able to estimate your baby’s due date.. A Few Important Things To Remember Early On In your Pregnancy.. If you’re working on figuring out how many weeks along in your pregnancy you are, it is safe to say that you are likely still in the early stages.. The first trimester is one of the most crucial in the development of your new baby, and taking proper care of yourself and your child is of the utmost importance.. Time will pass faster than you anticipate while you’re pregnant, and having a plan in place to help ensure your baby’s health and well-being will assist you greatly over the coming months.. If you’ve just  ...   tell you how far along you are in your baby’s development, but it will not prepare you for the toll that this development will take on your body and energy levels.. Being well-rested is crucial to not only your health and happiness, but your baby’s as well.. Early on in your pregnancy you should begin developing a health sleep pattern, as well as start finding time during the day to take a short nap.. This will help recharge your mind and your body and provide you the energy you need to stay healthy.. Find An Experienced Mother You Trust And Share The Good News – Many new-to-be mothers feel the need to keep their pregnancy a secret for the first few months.. While this is understandable, going through the early stages of pregnancy alone can be difficult.. After using a pregnancy calculator to determine what week you are in, console in a close family member or friend who has already gone through the child-birthing process.. Having someone with first-hand experience in the situation to talk with will provide countless pieces of insight.. Finding out that you’re pregnant can be both great news and a huge shock at the same time.. No matter the situation, one of the steps that you should take is to determine how far along you are in your baby’s development.. With the aid of a pregnancy calculator, finding out how many weeks pregnant you are is simple and can help you create guidelines and timeframes for your entire pregnancy.. By using this knowledge to make healthy and wise decisions, your pregnancy can quickly become much less of a stressful and challenging nine months..

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    Descriptive info: Archive for the recipes Category.. Italian Cooking.. This site offers a variety of recipes that particularly focus on Italian Cooking.. Everyone enjoys a hearty meal and Italians are the best at creating these concoctions using an amazing array of ingrediants.. Italians offer many assorted garden delights like marinated eggplant, marinated artichoke hearts, caponata (assorted garden vegetables), roasted peppers, mixed garden salad ala vinaigrette, cheese peppers in red wine vinegar, button mushrooms vinaigrette, and sun-dried tomatoes.. Canning Tomatoes.. Tomatoes should be picked or bought at peak season, beginning about mid-July through late September.. I find that the first crop is usually the best quality.. Tomatoes should be almost perfect – ripe, red in color (the higher the intensity of red the higher the.. lycopene.. content), minimal seeds, minimal water, thick, meaty, and blemish-free skin spotless, unmarked, and sweet.. If you find tomatoes in your batch that are discolored or spotted or have other imperfections, these would be the perfect candidates to use for Puree Canning.. To preserve tomatoes in their natural state is a beautiful thing.. To store this product in abundance is a simple treasure that you can enjoy all year round.. Related:.. Potatos.. Every year during peak season, mid-July through late  ...   want my tomatoes crushed with skin; If I’m making a traditional Italian sauce with meat – I want my tomatoes smooth; If I want to make a Tuscan tomato soup – then I want to use my puree Tomato.. Pizza, of course, can vary.. It can be smooth and it can be crushed with skin.. Some dishes call for scattered or torn tomatoes which are excellent for Foccachia bread.. Another misconception about tomatoes – Tomatoes are not only used for making pasta dishes.. There are hundreds of dishes used with tomatoes that do not include pasta at all.. To name a few: shrimp marichiara, veal/chicken cutlet parmagiana, tomato soup, assorted types of fish – pizzaiola style – or zuppa di pesce, beef – like beef stew, veal/fish/chicken in many varieties – cooked, baked or steamed with tomatoes,vegetables cooked with tomatoes – like stuffed peppers, stuffed eggplant, beef or chicken soup – with added tomato for color,tripe – baked mussels, assorted pizzas,vegetable minestrone dish, garnished hot dogs with onions savored in a hot tangy tomato sauce, rissotto dishes, cacciatori dishes made with braised chicken or meats like duck, quail, pheasant, etc.. , etc.. The list is endless.. Tomatoes can enhance almost any dish..

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    Descriptive info: Archive for the weddings Category.. Wedding trends and traditions.. Back To Wedding Page.. Where We Taking Yesterdays Traditions.. Wedding ceremonies and receptions are steeped in tradition.. We embrace many customs, but as the years go by couples alter traditions to fit their needs and changing times.. Ultimately, if you want to get married on the beach, barefoot, and wearing a sarong and then head to a reggae style reception go for it.. It s your day.. For those a bit more traditional at heart, we ve outlined some of the customs we see couples modernizing.. Tradition:.. In the early 1900 s the bride s attendants were always unmarried females.. Trend:.. We threw out the had to be married part a long time ago.. Recently, some brides are choosing their best male friend to stand up in the maid of honor spot.. The same goes for the groom choosing a woman to stand in as the best man.. Rice, a symbol of fertility, is tossed at the couple as they leave the wedding or reception.. Turns out rice is bad for landscaping and birds like to munch on it to their detriment.. Recently, couples are opting to give their guests bird seed, rose petals, bubble blowing wands and even an occasional boxed butterfly to be released when the couple exits.. The honeymoon is the new couples chance to go on their first vacation, have sex for the first time and is really their first chance to truly be alone.. Even if the couple didn t live together before they got married, the odds that this is their first vacation together or that they have never been intimate are low.. Today, many second marriages include children from the first go around in the honeymoon.. Another trend is for couples to have their wedding ceremony at the same location where they will spend their honeymoon.. A classic band is hired to play at the reception.. Traditional music is played at the ceremony.. Mendelssohn s Wedding March became popular back in 1858 when Princess Victoria chose the song for her wedding to Prince Frederick of Prussia.. Couples are opting for a DJ at the reception with a wide repertoire of modern music.. For the ceremony, couples are choosing more varied musical selections, including popular and classical pieces.. Ahhh the x-rated bachelor party.. Back in the fifth century, Spartan warriors offered toasts to soon-to-be-husbands.. The same toast was given to salute comrades who died in battle.. The bachelor party has evolved into a special outing with good friends.. Not to say that x-rated nights don t still occur, but they less commonly occur the night before the wedding and are more toned down.. Mom and dad of the bride are the main sponsors of the wedding.. Today, weddings are more expensive and couples are getting married later in life.. It is not uncommon for expenses to be shared between the parents of the bride, the parents of the groom and the couple themselves, depending on everyone s ability to contribute..  ...   doubt be surrounded in symbolism throughout the wedding.. The reasons for wearing white to tossing the bouquet, even going on the honeymoon, stem from way back.. Here are the reasons why:.. Wearing White.. The tradition of wearing white began in the 16th century when Queen Victoria chose to wear white when she married her Prince Albert, instead of traditional silver for royal brides.. Before white, brides wore their best dress, and color was a matter of preference.. In the Victorian era, white meant purity and virginity, but today it is the color of joy and celebration meaning any bride can wear white, whether it s her first or fifth marriage.. The Veil.. The veil was originally worn to stave off evil spirits.. It was often red for defiance against evil, or yellow for Hymen (the god of marriage).. Martha Washington s daughter is said to be the first bride to wear white lace, covering her head with a long lace scarf for her ceremony.. Her fiancé had previously commented on her beauty as she stood behind a lace window curtain, so she went with the look, as have millions of other brides today.. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence in your Shoe.. The Old English rhyme above is where this tradition stems from.. Something old.. symbolizes continuity.. Something new,.. optimism for the future.. Something borrowed.. , borrowed happiness.. This item is often lent by the bride s family and is an item much valued by the family.. The bride must return the item to ensure good luck.. Something blue.. , fidelity, good fortune and love.. Originated in ancient Israel where the bride wore a blue ribbon representing fidelity.. A sixpence in your shoe.. ensures wealth in the couple s married life.. Today, some brides substitute a penny.. The Kiss.. In ancient Rome, a kiss sealed a contract.. So in essence, kissing at the altar is, in a way, legally binding.. But also believed, and much more romantic, is that when a couple kiss, part of their soul is exchanged.. Flowers.. Early Roman brides carried a bunch of herbs, such as rosemary, to symbolize fidelity, fertility, and scare off evil spirits.. The Greeks carried ivy, symbolizing endless love.. But it was the Victorians who popularized the wedding rose, which represented true love.. Throwing the Bouquet.. The bride originally tossed her bouquet to a friend as she left to keep that person safe and to offer her luck luck in the old days meaning getting married.. This came to mean that a single woman catching the bouquet would marry next.. The Cake.. Romans used to break a bun over the bride s head as wheat promised fertility.. In the 17th century, a French baker decided to frost a stack of buns creating the first tiered wedding cake.. The Honeymoon.. Medieval newlyweds would spend a month alone together, enjoying mead, a fermented honey drink (honey is an ancient symbol of life, health and fertility) until the moon waned, hence the term honeymoon..

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