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  • Title: Stop junk mail, stop catalogs with 41pounds.org
    Descriptive info: .. The average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year.. Our service stops 80-95% of unwanted catalogs and junk mail.. for you.. We ll contact dozens of companies on your behalf to.. STOP YOUR JUNK MAIL and PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT.. Impact.. FAQ.. News.. About.. Contact.. Giving Back.. Tell a Friend.. Blog.. Stop junk mail the impact of 41pounds.. org.. 41pounds.. org stops your junk mail and catalogs protecting the environment.. Junk mail wastes an incredible amount of natural resources and contributes to global warming.. Our service covers your entire household.. for five years.. , saving.. Time.. No credit card offers to shred or unwanted catalogs.. Trees.. Keep 100+ million trees in forests, cooling the planet.. Water.. Protect 28 billion gallons of clean water.. Climate.. Junk mail produces more C02 than 9  ...   environmental or community organization of your choice:.. American Forests.. ,.. Animal Haven.. The Center for Biological Diversity.. Trees for the Future.. and.. others.. Sign up now!.. What s New.. We re on Facebook! Please visit our.. org Facebook page.. and become one of our fans then share the page with your friends and family!.. Trees soak up CO2.. that causes global warming.. Stopping junk mail helps keep forests healthy and the planet cool.. WATCH VIDEO.. Help stop junk mail by.. giving a green gift today!.. CO2: Reduce What You Can Offset What You Can t!.. Offset your CO2 emissions by.. signing up.. for the 41pounds.. org service, through our partnership with Carbonfund.. MORE.. Environmental Impact.. |.. Junk Mail FAQ.. Site Map.. Redeem a Gift.. org 2006-2013, All Rights Reserved.. Privacy Policy.. Site by Creativibe..

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  • Title: Stop Catalogs & Stop Junk Mail: Start Now!
    Descriptive info: Home.. Sign Up for our Service.. Keep more trees in the forest and junk mail out of your home!.. When you sign up for the 41pounds.. org service, we take all the necessary steps to dramatically reduce your junk mail.. We contact dozens of marketing organizations on your behalf to stop all the unwanted catalogs and mailings that you list.. For five years, we update your service anytime you move, marry, change your name, or add new catalogs to your No, thank you list.. Easier than Ever.. Fill in the information below leave the rest to us.. The cost for this service is a one-time fee of $35 and covers every adult in your household for five years.. 1.. Address.. *.. Required Field.. Please list the name and address to be removed from junk mail lists.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. Address:.. Unit / Apt.. #:.. City:.. State:.. Select.. AL.. AK.. AZ.. AR.. CA.. CO.. CT.. DE.. DC.. FL.. GA.. HI.. ID.. IL.. IN.. IA.. KS.. KY.. LA.. ME.. MD.. MA.. MI.. MN.. MS.. MO.. MT.. NE.. NV.. NH.. NJ.. NM.. NY.. NC.. ND.. OH.. OK.. OR.. PA.. RI.. SC.. SD.. TN.. TX.. UT.. VT.. VA.. WA.. WV.. WI.. WY.. Zip Code:.. Additional names of all adults receiving junk mail at this address:.. (One name per line).. 2.. Stop Unwanted Catalogs Charities.. With 41pounds.. org, you re in charge of the catalogs and charities you want to receive and the ones you eliminate from your mailbox.. Tell us the  ...   call you if we have questions about your order and will NEVER share any of your personal information.. Email Address:.. Your receipt will be sent to this email address.. 4.. Donation.. Optional: Make a donation to one of our Partner Organizations of your choice, and $10 will be donated on your behalf.. See the drop down list below to make a selection.. None.. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - TnT.. American Forests - Plant Trees.. Carbonfund.. org - Offset CO2.. EarthShare.. New American Dream.. Outward Bound.. stopglobalwarming.. Sustainable Conservation.. Trees for the Future - Plant Trees.. Center for Biological Diversity.. Environmental Working Group.. Friends of the Urban Forest.. Habitat for Humanity East Bay.. Habitat for Humanity Silicon Valley.. Jean-Michel Cousteau s Ocean Futures.. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - HFD.. Palisades Parks Conservancy.. Save the Frogs!.. Sierra Business Council.. 5.. Process Amount.. NOTE: It may take a few minutes to process this transaction.. DO NOT.. click your browser s stop, refresh or back buttons (doing so may cause your credit card to be charged more than once).. Total amount being charged.. $35.. 00.. All Credit Card information is protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with 128 bit encryption.. SSL creates a secure communication channel by encrypting all communication between the user and server.. Your payment is processed through the Paypal network, a payment network that is trusted by more than 100,000 financial institutions nationwide.. All Credit card information is immediately deleted from our servers after the transaction is complete..

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  • Title: How to stop junk mail. Ways to stop receiving junk mail.
    Descriptive info: Sign Up Today! Do your part in helping to save the environment and eliminate junk mail for up to five years!.. An average of 41 pounds of junk mail is sent to every adult citizen each year.. Approximately 44% of this mail goes into a landfill unopened.. Sign Up Today!.. For more information on.. how to get started, email.. Testimonials.. Tell others about 41pounds.. org on Facebook.. Stopping Junk Mail FAQ.. We re always happy to answer your questions! Click on any question below.. If the information here does not answer your question, please.. email us.. What are people saying about 41pounds.. org?.. I signed up for your services sometime in the last couple years and am AMAZED by the results.. My husband and I have realized that between us, we get maybe 6 pieces of mail a week.. Amy R.. Lyons, CO.. This service is so great, and I ve really noticed an amazing drop in junk mail.. J.. Davis San Francisco CA.. Success!!! Thank you for helping us eliminate virtually all the catalogues from our mailbox! For the last 2 days we have received not a one.. You are doing a fantastic service for our world, thank you for all of your hard work!.. Penny Verona, WI.. 41Pounds.. org does exactly what they say they are going to do and that s eliminate 90% of my junk mail.. It just works; and that s the best endorsement I can give.. K.. Pasternak Carlsbad, California.. Thank you so much for your service.. I used to go to the mailbox and walk immediately to the kitchen garbage pail to discard almost everything I had received.. A lot of days every single piece of mail went straight to the trash.. Now there is very little to throw away.. And it feels great.. Good luck to you and your company.. D.. Regan Clarkston, Michigan.. org eliminated my junk mail to nearly nothing.. No more shredding personal information like credit card applications and a lot less trash.. It was worth every penny.. Koliba Macomb, Michigan.. I signed my parents up for this service for security reasons and after seeing a significant reduction in their direct mail I happily added my name to the list of satisfied customers.. C.. Asmus Rochester, Michigan.. I want to take a second and thank you for your service.. I was a bit skeptic at first, but after about a month I noticed a drastic change in my mail.. I went from getting on average 10 15 pieces of mail a day to about 6-8.. The mail that I do receive now is mail that I am interested in.. Your service absolutely works, and works well.. Thank you so much.. Please keep up the good work.. G.. Davis Parkesburg, Pennsylvania.. What kinds of junk mail does 41pounds.. org stop?.. Our service stops most common junk mail such as credit card offers, coupon mailers, sweepstakes entries, magazine offers, and insurance promotions, as well as any catalogs and charities you specify.. (You can add more catalogs to your list any time.. ) You will see a noticeable improvement within 6-8 weeks.. After 16 weeks, your junk mail should be eliminated by 80 to 95%.. Please keep in mind that some companies print their mailing labels months in advance, so it may take a while for these to stop coming.. We guarantee our service.. Please.. let us know.. if you are still receiving junk mail and we ll solve the problem or refund your money.. What does 41pounds.. org do to stop my junk mail?.. Based on the information you provide, we contact 20 to 35 direct marketing companies and catalog companies and instruct them to remove your name from their distribution lists.. This includes almost all credit card offers, coupon mailers, sweepstakes entries, magazine offers and insurance promotions, as well as any catalogs you specify.. Because some direct marketing companies require your original signature on the unsubscribe request, we send you several pre-addressed postcards that you sign and mail.. Is there anything I have to do?.. All you have to do is fill out our online sign-up form and provide us with your address, the catalogs you want to stop receiving and any other names of people receiving junk mail at your address.. Also, 41pounds.. org will stop the majority of credit card offers from appearing in your mailbox.. But one organization has started to require  ...   list, which applies to the companies that are members of this marketing trade association.. You can contact DMA yourself, but you will find this is not a complete solution since they don t stop credit card applications and many other forms of junk mail (such as PennySavers, ValPak, etc.. ).. The service 41pounds.. org works to remove you from all these lists for five years and costs only 2 cents a day.. Our customers tell us it s worth every cent!.. How does 41pounds.. org protect my identity?.. One of the ways that thieves steal identities is from mailboxes and dumpster diving in trash bins for pre-approved credit card applications and loan applications.. If you re not receiving credit card offers and other junk mail, identity thieves can t steal them from your mailbox or recycling bin.. With the 41pounds.. org service, you won t have to spend your time cutting up promotional credit cards or shredding applications.. And, rest assured that we absolutely will NOT ever trade, sell, lease or distribute any of your personal information.. This is our bedrock policy.. For billing purposes, we need your credit card information, but we keep that information only long enough to complete the billing process then we permanently delete that information from our records.. What information does 41pounds.. org gather from me?.. We only collect the information we need to remove you from direct mail lists and to contact you in case of a question comes up while we re working for you (which rarely happens!).. We simply ask for your name and address, as well as your phone number and email address.. We do NOT ask for your birth date, social security number or other sensitive information.. We absolutely will NOT ever trade, sell, lease or distribute any of your personal information.. How long does it take for the junk mail to stop?.. You will see a noticeable improvement within two months.. After four months, your junk mail should be eliminated by 80 to 95%.. Please keep in mind that many catalog companies print their mailing labels months in advance, so it may take a while for these to stop coming.. Why can you only eliminate 80 to 95% of bulk mail why not all of it?.. Some direct mail companies completely ignore people s requests to unsubscribe.. org works continually to ensure that our requests are being honored.. On the rare occasion that a direct mail company does not honor our request, we can provide you with a form legally requiring them to stop sending you unsolicited mail.. What happens if I move?.. No problem! And no additional charge! If you move to a different address within four years of subscribing, simply email us at.. and tell us your new address and your old address, and we will contact the direct mail companies again on your behalf, with your new address.. I already signed up for 41pounds.. org; how do I add more catalogs I want to eliminate?.. Easy.. Just send us an email and tell us the additional catalogs you want to eliminate.. Be sure to include your name and address.. What organizations does 41pounds.. org donate money to?.. As part of the sign up process, each new subscriber selects an organization to receive this donation.. Our current partners include Trees for the Future, American Forests, Friends of the Urban Forest, WildWest Institute, Center for the New American Dream and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.. Does 41pounds.. org plant trees?.. org service and choose one of our tree-planting partners to receive your donation, they will plant 10 100 trees on your behalf.. These organizations are: American Forests, Trees for the Future and Friends of the Urban Forest.. What about mail solicitations from non-profit organizations?.. As part of our service, 41pounds.. org does not ordinarily contact nonprofit organizations who may send you mail.. However, when you sign up for our service, you may list specific organizations that you would like us to contact and request that they stop sending you solicitations.. Because of the way nonprofit organizations set up their direct mail systems, we cannot guarantee this part of our service though it often works effectively.. In addition, you may of course contact these organizations directly to let them know your preferences.. And, make sure you contact the nonprofit organizations you do support financially and request that they not sell or trade your personal information..

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  • Title: Junk mail impact: Stop the nuisance & environmental hazard
    Descriptive info: how to get started email.. Junk Mail Impact.. Below we have provided some important facts that not only verify the need to stop junk mail, but also reveal staggering truths about the impact of consumption and waste on the environment.. Stop Junk Mail a Personal Nuisance Environmental Hazard.. Keep trees in the forest.. More than 100 million trees are destroyed each year to produce junk mail.. 42% of timber harvested nationwide becomes pulpwood for paper.. Reduce global warming.. The world s temperate forests absorb 2 billion tons of carbon annually.. Creating and shipping junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 9 million cars.. Save water.. About 28 billion gallons of water are wasted to produce and recycle junk each year.. Save time.. You waste about 70 hours a year dealing with junk mail.. Your Mailbox Today.. The pulp and paper industry is the single largest consumer of water used in industrial activities in developed countries, and it s the  ...   and paperboard waste.. Junk mail inks have high concentrations of heavy metals, making the paper difficult to recycle.. $320 million of local taxes are used to dispose of junk mail each year.. California s state and local governments spend $500,000 a year collecting and disposing of AOL s direct mail disks alone.. Transporting junk mail costs $550 million a year.. Lists of names and addresses used in bulk mailings reside in mass data-collection networks.. Your name is typically worth 3 to 20 cents each time it is sold.. Your Mailbox Tomorrow.. org eliminates 80-95% of junk mailings for you by contacting dozens of direct marketers on your behalf.. By reducing your junk mail for 5 years, you ll conserve 1.. 7 trees and 700 gallons of water, and prevent global warming emissions and you ll gain about 350 hours of free time!.. By stopping credit card offers and other junk mail, you ll help protect your identity from theft and fraud..

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  • Title: Eliminate household junk mail, support a healthy environment, 41pounds at a time
    Descriptive info: org News Press Releases.. The Wall Street Journal.. San Fransisco Chronicle.. WXYZ-TV.. Video.. WXYZ.. New York Times.. NPR.. (National Public Radio, 5:28m, 2.. 5 MB, mp3).. Good Dirt Radio.. Smart Computing Magazine.. Boston Globe.. Chicago Tribune.. Oakland Business Review.. (pdf).. Fort Worth Star Telegram.. Chico News Review.. ABCNews.. TreeHugger.. Carbonfund Blog.. LowImpactLiving.. EarthandEconomy.. Focus the Nation Blog.. EcoTalk.. (7:00m, 3.. 2 MB, mp3).. NBC News, WDIV Detroit.. (1:32m, 3.. 9 MB, wmv).. MSNBC/Newsweek.. 97.. 1 FM, Deminski and Doyle.. (12:02m, 4.. 1 MB, mp3).. Fox News, WJBK Detroit.. (3:10m, 8.. 2 MB, wmv).. The Green Guide.. The Action Blog.. Press Releases.. org Reports Five Years of Progress to Stop Junk Mail.. A Healthier Environment and Healthier Homes.. 10/31/2011.. Green Gift Idea Stop Junk Mail with 41pounds.. org!.. Protect Your Mailbox, the Trees and Your Holiday Spirit..  ...   for Environmental and Community Groups.. Nonprofit Service Stops Household Junk Mail and Donates More than 1/3 of Revenue.. 6/11/2008.. On Earth Day: Clear Your Clutter, Not the Forests.. Stop Your Junk Mail with 41pounds.. org and Let the Earth Keep the Trees.. 3/8/2008.. Lose 41 Pounds in 5 Minutes Stop Junk Mail with 41pounds.. New Year s Resolution Lasts 5 Years While You Relax and Enjoy.. (PDF).. 10/20/2007.. 10/19/2007.. org and 41pounds.. org Announce Partnership to Stop Junk Mail.. 10/1/2007.. Give Your Mom the Gift of Time Stop Her Junk Mail.. She Spends About 70 Hours a Year Dealing with Junk Mail!.. 5/13/2007.. Earth Day Rx: Slow Global Warming by Stopping Junk Mail.. Junk Mail Consumes More Energy Than 2.. 8 Million Cars.. 4/13/2007.. Media Inquiries.. :.. Sander DeVries.. 586.. 823.. 0324.. sander@41pounds.. (High-res photos available)..

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  • Title: 41pounds.org - Stop Catalogs, Stop Junk Mail
    Descriptive info: In an effort to prevent unwanted junk mail from entering your home, we are also helping the environment by reducing consumption and waste it takes to produce bulk mailings.. About Us.. Who we are.. org is an organization working to eliminate a big personal nuisance and environmental hazard junk mail.. Our name comes from the amount of junk mail the average person receives each year (credit card applications, catalogs, coupon books, etc.. ) which for the most part goes directly into the trash can or recycling bin.. Even with recycling programs all over the country, the majority of household waste is junk mail, and paper takes up about 40% of landfill space!.. org was founded by three brothers in Ferndale, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) in 2006.. Since then, 41pounds.. org has grown by word of mouth and through partnerships with nonprofit organizations who share our goals and our excitement about the impact of stopping junk mail.. Why we re here.. We started 41pounds.. org because we were continually overwhelmed with unwanted and wasteful junk mail and we found out some staggering statistics that really bothered us about how costly junk mail is to our communities and the planet.. To produce and process 4 million tons of junk mail a year, 100 million trees are destroyed and 28 billion gallons of water is wasted.. And, global warming gases equivalent to 9 million cars are produced.. In addition, $320 million of local taxes are spent to dispose of junk mail each year instead of providing parks, libraries, health care and other valuable services.. Lastly, we found out that the credit card applications and other junk mail we receive may be used in identity theft  ...   day.. All you have to do is type in your contact info then leave the rest to us.. We contact the direct mail companies and get you off their lists! We also send you some pre-addressed postcards for you to send to the companies that require a signature from you.. The service lasts for five years and costs just $35.. That s only $7.. You can contact us any time with additional household names to protect or more direct mail companies to block.. With just a few minutes and $35, you re finished for five years! You can sit back and enjoy the benefits and the satisfaction of knowing that valuable resources will no longer be wasted trying to sell you goods and services you don t want.. You ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from reducing your exposure to identity fraud.. Meanwhile, for each person who signs up for our service, we donate $10 of our fee to community and environmental organizations.. These organizations plant trees, protect watersheds and strengthen our communities.. What it means.. We re proud to have raised thousands of dollars for these important programs while we reduce the impact of junk mail on the planet and our daily lives.. Because of people like you who sign up for our service, we are all saving time, saving trees and.. saving the planet.. Our process is simple and takes just a few minutes of your time.. We encourage you to join our mission, share this service with your family and friends, and do all you can to celebrate and protect the planet.. Together we are making an impact!.. Thank you very much for participating!.. Tim, Sander and Shane..

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  • Title: Stop receiving junk mail - contact 41pounds today
    Descriptive info: Contact 41pounds.. Please be sure to consult our.. as a lot of your questions may be addressed in this document.. General Questions:.. general@41pounds.. Fundraising:.. Customer Support:.. Press Inquiries.. Sander DeVries,.. Update your catalog list anytime we ll stop them for you.. Email.. Fax:.. 248.. 738.. 2761.. Mailing Address:.. 2000 Brush St.. Suite 262.. Detroit, MI 48226..

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  • Title: Reduce junk mail, save time, trees and the planet!
    Descriptive info: Green Healthy!.. $300,000 donated to environmental community groups.. Featured Partner.. org donates to leading organizations that are working for a healthy planet and healthy communities.. You are helping us raise one million dollars for the environment and our communities!.. That s our goal.. For every person who signs up for our service, 41pounds.. org donates $10 of the fee to an organization he or she selects.. Already we ve raised more than $300,000 for various nonprofit organizations.. We partner with organizations whose mission we support and who are effective on the ground.. With $35 and a few clicks, you will not only benefit from eliminating your junk mail and the clutter in your home, but you will also feel good about supporting an effective nonprofit organization that will put your dollars to great use!.. Anza-Borrego Foundation Institute.. Born Free USA.. EcoMom Alliance.. Great Old Broads for Wilderness.. Green Yoga Association.. King County Parks.. SAVE THE FROGS!.. The Ocean Project.. American Forests restores and protects urban and rural forests.. Founded in 1875, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country has served as a catalyst for many of the most important milestones in the conservation movement, including the founding of the U.. S.. Forest Service, the national forest and national park systems and literally thousands of forest ecosystem restoration projects and public education efforts.. Since 1990, American Forests has planted more than 42 million trees in forests throughout the U.. and in 38 countries, resulting in cleaner air and drinking water, restored habitat for wildlife and fish, and the removal of millions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.. Learn more at.. americanforests.. org is the leading nonprofit carbon reduction and climate solutions organization, making it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact by supporting third-party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects.. org has over 450,000 individual supporters and works with over 1,300 business and nonprofit partners including Discovery, Motorola, Amtrak, Volkswagen, Dell, JetBlue, and Staples.. Please visit.. carbonfund.. With EarthShare, one gift can support America s most respected environmental charities.. EarthShare represents and supports more than 400 environmental and conservation groups, including 39.. national organizations.. and hundreds of local groups in 18.. affiliate states.. EarthShare s member organizations work hard every day to.. safeguard your health.. and the environment by combating global warming, protecting ancient forests, defending our water from toxic contaminants, saving endangered species and so much more.. earthshare.. Grist.. At Grist, we believe that news about green issues and sustainable living doesn t have to be predictable, demoralizing, or dull.. We exist to tell the untold stories, spotlight trends before they become trendy, and engage the apathetic.. We re fiercely independent in our coverage; we throw brickbats when they re needed and bestow kudos when they re warranted.. And while we take our work seriously, we don t take ourselves seriously, because of the many things this planet is running out of, sanctimonious tree-huggers ain t one of them.. grist.. Habitat for Humanity (East Bay).. Founded in 1988, Habitat for Humanity East Bay s mission is to create successful homeownership opportunities for families with limited incomes by building sustainable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods.. Habitat East Bay is the largest affiliate in the Bay Area building 20+ homes per year and also the leading affiliate in environmentally sustainable Green building.. In 2008, Habitat East Bay will celebrate its 20-year anniversary and the completion of its 200th home! Habitat for Humanity East Bay envisions simple, decent, affordable homes in safe neighborhoods for all families.. For more information on how to volunteer or donate, visit.. habitatEB.. Habitat for Humanity (Silicon Valley).. Habitat for Humanity Silicon Valley partners with the community to provide families with very low incomes the opportunity to build and own their own homes, with no-interest loans, thus helping to eliminate substandard living conditions in Santa Clara County.. The process of building homes helps transforms the lives of our partner families and our communities.. HabitatSiliconValley.. Jean-Michel Cousteau s Ocean Futures Society.. The mission of Ocean Futures Society is to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean s vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet.. oceanfutures.. Los Angeles Audubon.. The mission of Los Angeles Audubon is to enjoy and protect birds and their habitat through recreation, education, conservation and restoration.. laaudubon.. The Center for a New American Dream s mission is to help Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and promote social justice.. We work with individuals, institutions to conserve natural resources, counter commercialization of our culture, and promote changes in the way goods are produced and consumed.. We have reached tens of millions of Americans through media campaigns, shifted billions of dollars into environmentally superior goods through our institutional purchasing program, built a community of over 140,000 Americans who make healthier consumer choices, and delivered to the public the message that a sustainable lifestyle is both rewarding and accessible to all.. newdream.. Outward Bound is a 501(c)3 non-profit that inspires character development and self-discovery in all ages of people through challenge and outdoor adventure.. Since 1962, over 500,000 individuals have participated in Outward Bound expeditions in US mountains, deserts, rivers, and oceans.. Outward Bound impels people to achieve  ...   to protect public health and the environment.. Our team of scientists, engineers, policy experts, lawyers and computer programmers pores over government data, legal documents, scientific studies and our own laboratory tests to expose threats to your health and the environment, and to find solutions.. Our research brings to light unsettling facts that you have a right to know.. It shames and shakes up polluters and their lobbyists.. It rattles politicians and shapes policy.. It persuades bureaucracies to rethink science and strengthen regulation.. It provides practical information you can use to protect your family and community.. ewg.. San Franciscans rely on Friends of the Urban Forest to help them plant and maintain trees for a more beautiful and healthy city.. Since 1981, Friends of the Urban Forest s community-based tree plantings have literally transformed San Francisco s cityscape.. In that time, Friends of the Urban Forest has planted more than 41,000 trees that s more than all the trees in Golden Gate Park which represents over 40% of all the street trees in the city.. In addition to street tree planting and maintenance, FUF operates an education program, which includes a youth project to pay and teach teens tree care skills, and conducts tree tours and bi-lingual pruning workshops.. fuf.. net.. Founded in 1989, Great Old Broads for Wilderness (Broads) is a non-profit, public lands organization that uses the voices and activism of elders to preserve and protect wilderness and wild lands.. Great Old Broads represents and gives voice to the millions of older Americans who want to see their public lands protected as wilderness for future generations.. Broads advocates for healthy ecosystems and natural environments including restored habitat for wildlife, healthy native plant communities, and robust riparian areas.. Membership and participation with Great Old Broads has empowered many older women who used to feel they had no place within the environmental movement.. Broads testify at hearings on land use policy, write letters to the media and legislators, and participate in protests and rallies.. We wage campaigns to defend our nation s wilderness and lend our support to other like-minded organizations.. greatoldbroads.. At Green Yoga Association, our goal is to widen the circle of Yoga practitioners who are seeking and finding ways to honor and care for the Earth as an essential part of Yoga.. We believe that Yoga practitioners have great potential to be a force for positive change.. Through our Green Studios Program, we provide tools and support for Yoga studios, to help them become models of sustainability and leaders in their communities.. greenyoga.. King County Parks Your Big Backyard | We provide Seattle and King County citizens with one of the largest regional parks and trails systems in the country! The King County Parks system has evolved from 150 acres in 1938 to more than 25,000 acres today.. Our mission is to enhance regional quality of life through sound stewardship of parks, trails open space.. We look after over 180 parks covering 25,000 acres including such regional treasures as Marymoor Park and Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park and 175 miles of trail.. By cultivating strong relationships with non-profit, corporate and community partners, King County Parks works to enhance park amenities while reducing costs.. We hope you enjoy your time in parks!.. kingcounty.. gov/parks.. Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet.. Nearly one-third of the world s 6,485 amphibian species are in danger of extinction, and up to 200 species have completely disappeared in recent decades.. SAVE THE FROGS! is an international team of scientists, educators, policymakers and naturalists dedicated to protecting the world s amphibian species.. SAVE THE FROGS! conducts and funds scientific research, and engages in educational activities aimed at increasing the public s awareness of environmental issues to ensure that amphibian conservation becomes and remains a top priority for current and future generations.. savethefrogs.. The Sierra Business Council is the only business organization serving the entire Sierra Nevada region.. We are a nonprofit association of more than 700 businesses, agencies, and individual members committed to promoting a new perspective on regional wealth while emphasizing collaboration in planning and policy making.. SBC s mission is to pioneer innovative projects and approaches that foster community vitality, environmental quality, economic prosperity, and social justice in the Sierra Nevada.. Our projects focus on community-based planning, conservation, leadership development, and sustainable business and development practices to build a sustainable future for the region.. SBC is an innovative leader that provides communities the tools and models to develop livable towns and prosperous economies while maintaining our sense of place and protecting our natural resources.. Sbcouncil.. The Ocean Project helps its global partner network of zoos, aquariums, and museums effectively educate their millions of visitors about how they can help protect and conserve our ocean planet.. The Ocean Project helps its broad network to enhance ocean awareness among the public; change attitudes and behaviors for conservation; increase civic involvement in community conservation activities; and generate regional, national, and international policy-focused action.. An underlying premise in all our activities is to help people to think and act with our world ocean in mind whether one lives in Australia or Arizona, Tahiti or Tennessee and instill a stronger sense of the interconnectedness of life and a responsibility for making sure we do as much as we can in our lifetimes.. TheOceanProject.. For more information about our donations program,.. contact us..

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  • Title: Tell a friend about 41pounds to help reduce junk mail waste
    Descriptive info: Our goal is to save one million trees and donate one million dollars to various organizations.. Tell a Friend How to Stop Junk Mail.. Here s a note to pass along to your friends, family and co-workers so they can stop their junk mail, help the environment AND support your favorite nonprofit organization.. Together we  ...   can use our form below or.. click here.. to customize the message and send the email from your address book.. Enter your information.. Your name:.. Your E-mail Address:.. Enter the e-mail addresses of the people you would like to e-mail.. E-mail addresses.. E-mail addresses (cont d).. E-mail that will be sent on your behalf.. Submit..

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  • Title: 41pounds.org Blog: Green Forests, Cool Planet
    Descriptive info: Sign Up Tpday! Do your part in helping to save the environment and eliminate junk mail for up to five years!.. RSS Feed.. Subscribe!.. Email Subscription.. Enter your email address:.. Recent Posts.. Find out about Brilliant Earth!.. Change of Address Scam.. Jean-Michel Cousteau s Ocean Futures Society Applauds 41pounds.. org.. 41POUNDS.. ORG REPORTS FIVE YEARS OF PROGRESS TO STOP JUNK MAIL.. Green Grade Homes Improve Property Value.. General Motors Goes Green.. Again!.. San Francisco Ready to Ban Phone Books.. Happy Earth Day 2011!!!.. Earth Day For The Kids.. Earth Day Tips for 2011.. Categories.. Auto.. Earth Day.. Events.. Go Green!.. Healthy Forests.. Inspiration.. Junk Mail.. Partners.. Simplify your life.. Stop junk mail.. Favorite Links.. Dot Earth.. Blog: Green Forests, Cool Planet.. Find out about Brilliant Earth!.. September 27th, 2013.. Brilliant Earth provides the highest quality jewelry originating.. from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practices.. They.. donate 5% of their profits to.. help communities who have suffered from unethical practices in the jewelry industry.. Great idea!.. http://www.. brilliantearth.. Posted in.. No Comments.. Change of Address Scam.. July 26th, 2013.. It s one of the million little things you need to do when you move-contact the postal service to change your mailing address.. Here s where the problem can occur: Many people do a random search for address change and wind up on one of a number of sites run by private businesses.. These companies charge anywhere from $17 to $24 to file that simple change of address form for you, something you can do yourself on.. the official USPS site.. for a dollar.. Read the full article here: http://finance.. yahoo.. com/news/watch-change-address-scam-100000342.. html.. December 16th, 2011.. Jean-Michel Cousteau s Ocean Futures Society has been a fantastic partner for years now.. We have worked together on many great projects and are very grateful for their support.. I wanted to forward along a blog that they wrote concerning our 5 year anniversary.. Thanks OFS!.. org/news/blog/healthier-ocean-and-healthier-homes.. ORG REPORTS FIVE YEARS OF PROGRESS TO STOP JUNK MAIL.. November 1st, 2011.. Ferndale, Mich.. – 41pounds.. org celebrates five years of progress to stop junk mail from deluging our mailboxes, ravaging our forests and burdening local communities.. Founded in 2006, 41pounds.. org has stopped 5 million pounds of junk mail, saved 44,000 trees from destruction and raised more than $300,000 for environmental organizations.. “We started.. because we were frustrated with the huge waste of trees and time involved in junk mail,” said Sander DeVries, Co-Founder of 41pounds.. “Then we learned it also uses massive amounts of energy and water, and makes climate change worse.. At the end of the chain, about half of junk mail goes to the landfill unopened – at taxpayer expense.. ”.. Once Sander and his two brothers, Tim Pfannes and Shane Pfannes, figured out how to stop their own junk mail, they created a systematic way to stop junk mail for their friends and family.. As experts in computer technologies, they refined the process and launched a public service: 41pounds.. The name comes from the amount of junk mail the average American adult receives every year.. The 41pounds.. org service gives people a way to say.. ”NO” to unwanted catalogs, credit card offers and other junk mail in their mailbox.. It keeps more trees in the forest.. protecting.. a healthy climate and wildlife habitat.. It’s also.. good for business and charities.. – so they don’t waste money sending marketing mail to people who don’t want to hear from them.. The world’s temperate forests absorb 2 billion tons of carbon annually to help keep the planet cool and healthy.. Junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 9 million cars.. The average adult spends 70 hours a year dealing with junk mail.. stops household junk mail by contacting dozens of direct mail companies to remove our customers from these marketing lists.. Customers also.. specify which catalogs and charity solicitations they want to stop receiving.. The service covers everyone in your household for five years and costs $41, including a $15 donation to the environmental organization of your choice.. Together 41pounds.. org and their customers have advanced important work by groups like.. Habitat for Humanity chapters.. Gorav Seth, head of partnerships at Trees for the Future, said, “41pounds.. org provides a valuable service for their customers, keeps more trees in the forests and helps us plant millions of trees.. To learn more about junk mail and efforts to create a national Do Not Mail registry, go to.. 41pounds.. org/junk-mail-landscape.. To sign up for the.. service or give a gift, go to.. Contact: Sander DeVries.. 586-823-0324.. Green Grade Homes Improve Property  ...   Each phone book would have to be personally delivered to an occupant or authorized representative of the residence or business or left at the residence or business following a request.. You do have the ability to sign up for an opt-out registry in a few cities, but this bill is different.. The Yellow Pages would have to confirm you.. want a book.. before giving you one.. The legislation also includes a public outreach campaign to make sure seniors and low-income people aren t deprived of useful information.. This is not a done deal just yet.. The bill faces one more vote this week, but it is expected to pass.. If it does, it could eliminate over a million Yellow Books that rarely get any use.. Let s hope this starts a trend for other cities to jump on board.. Nice work San Fran!.. Happy Earth Day 2011!!!.. April 22nd, 2011.. We hope everyone out there has a fun and productive Earth Day! If you are going to make a small change in your life that will better the environment, today is the day to do it.. Good luck!.. Earth Day For The Kids.. April 20th, 2011.. There are obviously many things that we as adults can do to contribute to Earth Day, but what about teaching our kids the importance of April 22nd.. Let me run through a few quick examples of what you can do.. Arts and Crafts: There are many things you can make with recycled products that your kids will love.. The link below has numerous activities that can keep you going for hours!.. http://crafts.. kaboose.. com/holidays/earth-day/earth_day_crafts.. dltk-kids.. com/crafts/earth/crafts.. htm.. Earth Day Computer Games: I know, I hate seeing kids inside all day, watch TV and playing video games.. But if you do allow them to get some computer time, why not show them the following Earth Day webpages.. They can be fun and teach them the importance of recycling, planting trees and many other activities.. The two links below will help you get started.. primarygames.. com/holidays/earth_day/games.. http://funschool.. com/globe-rider/earth-day/index.. Earth Day Books: There are tons of children s books that are specific to Earth Day! Click on the link below to find a few of them.. apples4theteacher.. com/holidays/earth-day/kids-books/.. I have listed a lot of links to help teach children the importance of Earth Day.. We want to thank those websites for doing such a nice job.. Stay green my friends.. Earth Day Tips for 2011.. April 14th, 2011.. As you all know, Earth Day is rapidly approaching.. It is important that all of us not only celebrate April 22nd, but also make some lifestyle changes to help the environment flourish.. Here are some very effective but easy tips that can make a huge difference in your life.. Eliminate your junk mail!! - That one is easy.. Sign up with 41pounds.. org and you are all set.. (We had to put this as number 1 didn t we????).. Leave the car at home - It might sound tough, but if you actually make an effort, you can make a huge difference.. Once a week, don t drive somewhere where you normally would drive.. Maybe walk, or ride a bike, or have someone pick you up.. Doing this once a week can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 800 pounds per year! What a huge difference for such a little sacrifice.. Use your own grocery bags - Many people have already made this change but there are still so many others that haven t taken the time.. It really does make a huge difference and I like it much better.. The bags are more sturdy and easier to carry.. I would make the switch even if it didn t have such a large environmental impact.. You can buy these bags at any major retailer and they are usually less then $1.. Recycle your electronics - Old computers, cell phones, printers, etc.. all have important components that can be reused in newer equipment.. Go to this website to find out a quick and easy way to recycle all your old gear: http://www.. epa.. gov/osw/conserve/materials/ecycling/donate.. Wash when it s full - When you clean your dishes or your clothes, make sure your dishwasher/washing machine is completely full.. Doing half a load is a huge waste of water and can put a stress on your water bills.. Also, look into buying water-efficient appliances when your old ones die.. The change can be staggering.. Those were just a few of the changes I will be making this year but there are thousands more that you can participate in!!.. Older Entries..

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    Descriptive info: Stopping your junk mail catalogs, credit cards offers, etc.. helps.. keep trees in the forest.. We can make your junk mail stop.. Sign up today!.. Reduce global warming keep the planet cool and healthy.. org supports environmental and community nonprofits.. Just one of our partners:.. Keeping  ...   see the video.. Stop Junk Mail.. Sign Up Today.. !.. Email this video to a friend.. Tell-a-Friend about 41pounds.. For more information, contact Sander DeVries at.. This video was made possible by:.. FramexFrame Productions.. Mynt Minute.. GreenWave Strategies.. Forest video footage generously made possible by.. Forest Ethics..

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