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  • Title: Travel Blog for Guest writers around the world. Attractions, Holidays, Accommodation, Travel hints and much more.
    Descriptive info: .. Do not stand between the 4 walls.. Because life is too short to spend inside 4 walls.. Sunday November 17th, 2013.. Home.. 12 November 2013.. Is a payday loans good for you?.. Payday loans, which are also called ‘cash advances’, are loans paid for a small episode of time, and funding to a few hundred dollars (actually, several states have put a restriction on the upper limit that can be used in a cash advance loan).. Here are a small number of things you should recognize about these loans in order that you can make an informed choice about whether you should use money on these terms.. First, a bit about how these loans really work can be found at.. mandello.. org.. To benefit from such a loan, the loan receiver has to write down a check in favor of the lender, which turns out to be owed any time in the next two weeks or a month or even more, depending on the requisites of the loan contract.. Generally, the lender can cash the check simply on the next pay day of the borrower.. You must have understood that payday loans are over and over again severely censured by some as being unfair.. They have received this label because of two reasons largely.. One is that the charge which must be paid so as to get a cash advance loan has been recognized to be pretty high in some cases.. But, a number of authorities have enacted usury rules against the same.. Yet, the interest to be given every year for a payday loan is too much.. The other time these same day loans can be an awful contract is when the borrower is unable to pay back the borrowed amount timely.. In such a situation, the borrower ‘rolls over’ the loan.. This lengthens the time for payment, but more fee is taken for the same.. Sometimes, this directs to a cruel cycle as the quantity to be paid back goes on doubling.. 17 October 2013.. The poorest land in Ireland.. The small black car that whizzes by con tains a successor to St.. Brendan.. Father Den nis Leahy, a curate of Castlegregory Parish, has worked five energetic years to reverse the twin declines of population and Irish speech.. Recently, through his efforts, the Gaeltacht was officially enlarged to include the villages on Brandon Bay s western side.. The new sta tus means government funds for the self-help handcraft industries he started to give young people local jobs.. Find more financial help by the.. Payday loans online from Safebook.. us the best payday lenders | www.. safebook.. us.. It s time we worried about jobs and homes as well as souls, he says, and whizzes on.. At the head of the valley called Mullagh, we find Patrick Moriarty in a hurry too.. He will talk to us if we don t mind going up the mountain with him after sheep.. He is 82.. Keeping up with him is hard enough, and I have little breath for talk.. He relents, and we rest for a few minutes on the rocky hillside.. The poorest land in Ireland, he says, and the hardest living, too.. He is right.. Perhaps it explains why his face seems hewn from that same rock.. But he has a smile, as well, that forgives the land its barrenness and us our ignorance.. Farewells are difficult.. We leave Corca Dhuibhne on a gray day.. There is little plea sure in the journey.. But some days later, flying home, I recog nize its shape below, each bay glittering in turn as the jet draws sunlight across Brandon and Dingle, Ventry and Smerwick, and Blask et Sound.. Brandon Mountain seems an incon siderable hill to have made my legs ache so, and the land itself too small to contain so large a world.. I watch the peninsula and islands recede and blend slowly into the haze.. Suddenly they are gone, and we fly west ward over the eternal geography of sea and clouds that is the meeting ground of memory and expectation.. 27 September 2013.. NOD OFF TO THIS ADVICE.. We asked experts for their top 10 tips to help you get a really good night s sleep.. They should have you dropping off in no time.. Relax in a bath According to aromatherapist Christie Wright, relaxing in a warm bath before bedtime is much more likely to induce sleep than standing under a raging torrent of water in the shower a bath will be even more relaxing if you add a few drops of lavender essential oil to instill a sense of tranquillity.. Think positively There are 10 to 12 types of thinking that are considered to be unhelpful, says clinical psychologist Joanne McLoughlin.. These include catastrophising which, as it sounds, means dwelling on the worst possible outcome of any given situation.. In this case, a psychologist or cognitive behavioral therapist may be able to help.. The herbal route The herb valerian, which has a relaxing effect, is many people s first step in tackling sleeplessness, says medical herbalist Trudy Norris.. It s recommended only as a short-term aid as it doesn t tackle the root cause of insomnia.. For long-term stress caused, for example, by depression, bereavement or chronic pain, herbs called adaptogens, such as Siberian ginseng or ashwagandha, may be useful.. `Siberian ginseng has been used for thousands of years for spirit-calming properties, though such treatments are generally best recommended by a herbalist who will consider individual needs, says Norris.. Clean up your act.. If you suffer regularly from insomnia, your overall sleep hygiene may be to blame.. Clinical psychologist Joanne McLoughlin suggests a full sleep makeover Start by sleeping only when you feel sleepy.. If you re not asleep within 20 minutes, get up and do something boring until you feel tired — but nothing work-related or challenging.. You could also develop a sleep ritual to give your body clues that it s time to sleep, such as massaging or having a hot tab with essential oils such as coconut oil.. The.. coconut oil benefits hair.. are known for ages.. 27 March 2013.. New York s High Line A Model for Parks in the Sky.. Running along the lower west side of Manhattan formerly stood the West Side Line railway track.. Since 1980 the railway line has been disused, but in 2009 a section of it was transformed into a long linear park.. This unique park runs from Gansevoort Park all the way to 30.. th.. Street.. This beautiful greenery located in the heart of Manhattan has had a very positive effect on the overall surrounding area, and the crime rate within the High Line is incredibly low; much less than that of Central Park in the heart of the city.. The High Line is a wonderful place to go for a walk or simply take a book, sit back and relax during the summer.. With so many benefits, the High Line is a great example of a high-rise park.. A view looking over at the park.. You can see the contrast with the greenery and the surrounding buildings.. Image source:.. http://upload.. wikimedia.. org/wikipedia/commons/1/1d/High_Line_20th_Street_looking_downtown.. jpg.. Recycling Unused Space.. One of the biggest benefits of the High Line is that it has recycled an area that was no longer used.. The redevelopment makes great use of an otherwise disused track that was not looked after and thus made the surrounding area a less attractive place to be.. The High Line has had many benefits on the immediate area, not just aesthetically, but also economically.. The urban park had a huge impact on the development of real estate in the local area.. Shortly after it opened, it was reported that 30 projects were being planned or already under construction within the immediate vicinity.. It has also attracted many tourists to the area, which is always great for the economy.. Several cities across America have seen the great impact New York’s High Line has had and are making plans to include an elevated park area in their cities too.. Good for the Environment.. The High Line’s incredible greenery was decided upon in partnership with a talented planting designer named Piet Oudolf.. To create the best possible environment for certain types of plant, Oudolf studied how the landscape had naturally developed since the trains had ceased to run.. They decided to focus on greenery that is native to the area and can tolerate drought, so that there is little maintenance needed.. The landscape naturally creates shade, with oxygen and livable areas for a variety of insects and birds.. New York City is a place full of pollution, but the New York High Line is like a little haven in the city for greenery and animals.. Of course there is also Central Park, but the incredible High Line is unique and interesting because of its shape, length and size.. Overall, the park has had a great impact on the environment.. Good for the People.. Finally, the New York High Line is a great place for the people.. Whether you want to take your dog for a walk, sit back and relax on a warm summer s day, or simply use the park as a cut through on your way to work, the park has a positive effect on people.. The park is New York’s second most visited cultural venue.. Finding this wonderful park raised above a bustling city provides relaxation, comfort and joy for people amidst their busy day.. The grey and black of the buildings is broken with the greenery found in New York’s High Line, and something as little as this can really brighten up a person’s day.. People have even moved into the local vicinity just because they wanted to be close to the High Line.. The High Line is visible on the right hand side, and you can see what is like underneath this high-rise park.. org/wikipedia/commons/7/74/Highline_NYC_3705376658_529a375621.. Conclusion.. New York’s High Line is an incredible idea and works brilliantly as a park.. It has had many fantastic benefits since its creation and it is definitely a leading example for parks in the sky.. Visit here to save money off your flights to the big apple that is New York City.. Image credits:.. Wikipedia.. and.. 20 March 2013.. The Caribbean: Sun, Sea, and Seething.. The road out of Port-au-Prince leads one over forested hills and back through centuries.. Donkeys outnumber cars, and children run naked.. Between the hills are plains carpeted with sugarcane.. Bullock teams pull wooden-wheeled carts, urged on by drivers with snakelike whips.. The poor live in the hills, growing coffee for meager cash and food for subsistence.. The annual rural income in Haiti averages $60, and that includes the few wealthy landowners who grow sugarcane and coffee and make many times that amount.. Thousands have left, many of them in shabby overcrowded boats whose owners promise passage to Florida but often drop them in Cuba or the Bahamas.. Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, provides an extreme example of the flight from poverty.. But throughout the islands of the Caribbean, people are searching for their lives.. Economic problems, stoked by years of neglect and fired by rising oil prices, are causing them to look for solutions by ballot boxes as well as leaky boats, and occasionally by bullets.. There are hundreds of islands of the Caribbean, curling like an unclasped necklace between North and South America.. About 50 are inhabited, by some 30 million people.. Their storied am-bience, created by sun, white sand, palm trees, and a gentle sea, has become a modern stereotyped image of earthly paradise, drawing millions of visitors from earth s temperate zones.. But behind the sand and palm trees stirs a restlessness marked by shortages, unemployment, poverty, inflation, and a growing anger among people who must nevertheless be among the friendliest in the world.. We have been your playground, a Caribbean journalist told me.. Now we would like to be regarded more seriously.. They are.. The Caribbean s restlessness has brought changes to governments and economic systems that hint at new alliances, capturing the attention of the world s superpowers and thrusting these once quiet islands onto the world political stage.. Close to half of the United States imported oil passes through the Caribbean.. Perhaps we overreact to changes in governments sometimes, I was told by a State Department official in the Office for Caribbean Affairs.. But we do have legitimate security concerns in that area.. GRENADA is an island smaller than the average midwestern American county, with a population a little over 100,000.. Located near the bottom of the necklace close to South America, it ranks at the top of the list in terms of beauty.. Vines and creepers cascade down the volcanic hillsides along the curving, potholed road from the airstrip to the capital, St.. George s.. Banana trees cover the valleys, and nestled among them are the crops for which the isle of spice is best known—nutmeg and cocoa.. The other unmistakable feature along the road is the profusion of signs bearing revolutionary slogans.. Forward ever, backward never.. Every single day is a struggle.. And my favorite: Stay up!.. Pride and a national awareness were a long time coming to the islands of the Caribbean.. In 1961 only three were independent—Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, which together con-tained three-quarters of the Caribbean population.. In 1980, ten were independent, and by mid-decade several more will probably follow.. Half a dozen of the smallest would fit into the King Ranch of Texas.. As nations, the islands are creations of European colonialists of the 16th and 17th centuries.. For more than 300 years they were commercial factories, first turning out gold from mines and, after that quickly ran out, producing tobacco and sugarcane for a continent 4,000 miles away.. Their entire populations are transplants.. Three-fourths of the Caribbean people are at least partially descended from African slaves.. The remainder includes direct descendants of European colonists, along with East Indians and Chinese who were shipped to the New World as indentured laborers when slavery was abolished in the 19th century.. The original inhabitants, Arawak Indians and the Caribs who gave the region its name, have all but disappeared as distinct groups through war, disease, and interbreeding.. Economic dependence continued even after political independence.. Industries are usually established in the Caribbean with foreign capital and know-how.. The host country is happy for the employment, the investor for low wages and high profits.. Still, there are more people than jobs.. In the past the young left the islands to work in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, among other developed nations, and sent back money to their families.. Now employment problems and restrictive immigration policies in those countries make departures less feasible.. The young have begun staying home.. Caribbean streets today resemble summer camps, so youthful are most of the occupants.. Knots of them can be seen on the streets of Kingston, Bridgetown, Fort-deFrance—young women with sparkling eyes jiving to transistorized music; young men play-sparring with each other, their pent-up energies an acid on their idleness.. Idle lands can be found on many of the islands too.. Farming is unpopular for historical as well as economic reasons.. Slavery left a stigma on working the land, said  ...   likely find that you can handle much more than you ever thought yourself capable of.. There will be no one else to rely on, no travel companions.. You will do things on your own that you may have never considered doing without another person; it will be up to you to solve any problems — there will be no one else to turn to.. Opportunity for Reflection and Clarity.. Travel in general is always a great way to clear your head and get some clarity; removing ourselves from the drudgery and monotony of our daily routine helps shake things up.. This can easily happen when traveling with other people, but solo travel really gives you a particularly powerful opportunity for some serious reflection and contemplation.. The insights I gained on my first solo trip served as catalysts for major change in my life and a total shift in my path.. Stepping away from my current life for a bit really helped me assess where I was currently and where I wanted to go.. My solo adventures really helped me learn a lot about who I really was, what I truly valued, and what type of life I wanted to live.. More Comfortable Being Alone.. Humans are social creatures and we enjoy being around other people.. There is great value in that of course, but there is also great value in being comfortable spending time alone.. It is only when we take the time to withdraw a bit, and sit with ourselves and our thoughts, that we get to truly know ourselves.. There is a lot of wisdom in silence, and we can only achieve this silence if are okay with being by ourselves on a regular basis.. I have always liked spending time alone, but I found that traveling by myself really changed how I used that time.. It is important to unplug from the world around us sometimes and just “be.. ”.. About the Author:.. Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who is passionate about traveling and its benefits on personal development.. If you are traveling through California, she highly recommends the Comfort Inn Hotel in Palo Alto California.. 21 January 2013.. Ten Things to Do In Canberra.. Introduction:.. Canberra is one of the most pop.. ular and capital city of Australia, this city has a very large population over 350000 and it is over eighth largest city in Australia.. This city is two hundred and eighty kilometers from the south east of Sydney.. Canberra is the resident of Canberra it is similar to that of Washington in united states of America.. The entire design of this city is of garden and the city is mainly located in the ranges of brindabella, other hills near to this city are Taylor mount, mount Ainslie and mount mugga, Mulongo River which flows through molongo plain, Queanbeyan River which connects this molongo river at one point.. Climatic conditions: the climatic condition of this city is warm in summers and cool in winters with a heavy fog and frosts, -10 degree is the very lowest temperature recorded in this city.. This stat is good in economy, education and demographics, this city is the main centre for broadcasting information so it is considered as a major media broadcasting city.. Things to do in Canberra are:.. War memorial: This Australian museum where you can see the memorials of great persons in war.. It is a place where you can see statues, photographs, swords and other monuments.. This museum shows the strength courage and great sacrifices of people of Australians at the time of wars.. You can also experience great moments of Australians In wars.. National gallery: the national gallery of Australia is a wonderful place; it is place for a photography this place is surrounded by greenness and water which is present inside this greenness.. The air from this tree breathes fresh and rejuvenates our body and inspires every one mind.. The tour to Australia is incomplete u visit this beautiful place.. Questacon: questacon is a science museum which is present in the state Canberra in Australia, this museum is very interesting and full science things so most of the people in Australia visit this museum with there children and inspires young minds.. The great building of national portrait gallery on Kings Edward terrace in Canberra and this is surrounded by a high court of Australia.. This portrait gallery center contains collections of shopping, café, education stores, theatre, and school groups.. Parliament house; parliament building is also located in Canberra it is place for ministers and politics.. It is a main center for Australian politics.. Tylor mountains and Ainslie mountains the great mountain which are present near to this city so many tourists from all over the world visit Canberra to see this great and exotic mountains and climatic conditions near this mountains in cool winter are pretty owe sum and beautiful.. The Ainsle Mountains are near to the river molongo when you climb up to the some extent of mountains you can find many unique points from where you can see the beauty of this nature and mountains.. There are large numbers of clefts which are present on the side of these mountains this clefts looks like an elephants thorn.. The head of this elephant cleft is the most unique point from where you can see the more interesting views of mountains.. River which is flowing on the down of this mountains looks owe sum from the top of it.. Air from the top of this mountains is fresh and breathe of this air rejuvenates the body.. So many tourists who visit Canberra are visiting this great mountains and enjoying the secretes of this mountains.. Many tourists who visit this place have good experiences and feelings which can’t be express in words.. 08 January 2013.. Things to Do In Adelaide.. Adelaide is the most popular city and it is the capital of South Australia, it is the one of the largest city in Australia.. The plains of this city are present between the gulf st Vincent and.. peninsula, the foot hills of are not more than twenty kilometers from this city.. This is the state for many financial and governmental institutions.. This city is famous for many cultural, sports, food festivals and many other celebrations of Australia.. Westpac house is the tallest building of this city it is more than 133 meters.. This city is highly developed metropolitan city and the colony of this city is well designed for an immigrants.. Things to do in.. Adelaide are:.. Tour to Kangaroo Island: tour to Kangaroo Island is very less distance from this city, cruises are available on the sea shore of this city, and these cruises take us to the kangaroo islands it takes not more than one or one and half hour.. This island is special for kangaroos where you can see large number of kangaroos.. This island is very beautiful and good scenery for photography.. I went to this island before two years back.. The water around the cruise is in blue color and looks stunning good.. This is an island not only for kangaroos but also penguins, birds and koalas.. The tour to this island should start morning so that you can return soon at evening you can have your lunch with in this cruise.. Bavarian village of Barossa valley is completely separate from the city of Adelaide it is a place where you can see a good scenery and greenness.. The villages of these Bavarian villages are stunning beautiful.. The breathe from this villages of Barossa valley feels like Europe mixed with Australia.. There is also a hotel opportunities near to this place where you can have your lunch and it is a good place for vineyards and good for photography.. City of Adelaide: the sight seeing tour to Adelaide is a good trip, the Adelaide is a highly developed metropolitan city where you can see large and high buildings which are surrounded by a green and leafy trees, because of the trees which are surrounded by the buildings the area looks pleasant and good.. When you visit north of this terrace you can see some historical buildings and good statues and memorials.. Strolls rundle mall is the first shopping mall which is present near to this city.. Many tourist who visit this city must go for the highs of chocolates it is a you can get the more finest and good chocolates.. Many other places that have to see are Victoria Square, parliament house; Torrens River which is surrounded by gardens, haighs chocolates but is not opened on Mondays.. City oval is the Australia cricket ground, street of trendy Hutt, many gardens and parks, boulevard the villiam street king and the cities oldest church trinity church.. Trip to murry river: murry river is which is present on the mannum paddle steamers; this place is famous for green vineyards, citrus fruits trees.. Rolling mountain hills are must visit place which is also located in this city.. You can travel in this water through cruise or boat and you can have your lunch as a buffet.. It stops at gamaracha tea factory where you can relax with a tea or a coffee and continue the travel from ponds.. North Adelaide apartment are most famous and luxury flat is designed with all facilities so that it is good place for a people those who need a luxury flats in this city.. Additional information.. : there are many apartments and hotels near to this murry river in motel most luxury apartments include international city motel, city traveler’s inn, and international Hilton and Jackson motors inn.. 04 January 2013.. Reasons to See Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.. THE VICTORIA FALLS or the mosi-oa-tunya is a waterfall located at the southern Africa on the Zambezi River between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe.. It neither the highest nor even the widest river on the earth but is said to be one of the largest rivers of the world.. Here is the list of reasons to visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.. Helicopter sight seeing-.. to have a look about what actually THE VICTORIA FALLS look like one has to definitely book a helicopter for the sightseeing.. Breath taking views of the river and the Batoka George makes you click thousands of photographs.. White water rafting.. - Rafting on the white water is one of the adventurous and amazing experiences.. Rafting on the river waters is complete fun and a life time experience.. Bungee jumping.. - one of the favorites of most of the people the bungee jumping at a height of 111 meters in to the Batoka George is really heart thumping.. Lunar rainbow.. - January to July is the time when you can easily see the lunar rainbows.. The park is open till late times and this amazing view can be enjoyed on either side of the full moon.. Nature sanctuary.. -the nature sanctuary and the crocodile farms is the place where you can find crocodiles from the egg stage to big large crocodiles.. The nature sanctuary holds the sceneries of the beautiful nature and is a habitat for various wildlife animals.. Victoria events.. - various events are held at the Victoria Falls and are open to the tourists and the native people.. Events such as mountain biking, Zambezi man and the marathon competition are completely thrilling.. Bridge tours.. - bridge tours depict the marvelous piece of engineering and if you like travelling on foot this is the best option for you.. Have a look at the amazing Victoria Falls from the bridges and make yourself a part of this marvelous piece of engineering.. 8.. Elephant rides-.. ride on the top of the elephants and have a complete different look at the surrounding.. After the rides, the elephants can be fed and its a great opportunity for clicking some amazing photos.. 9.. Lion walk-.. similar to the elephant ride you can also enjoy the lion walk.. Observe the behavior of lions walking freely in the bushes, playing with each other and trying to climb the trees.. 10.. Game rides-.. just sit back and relax and your tourist guide would introduce you to the amazing wildlife near Victoria Falls.. This will not make your mind fresh but at the same time would also add more facts to your knowledge.. The list does not get over here; there is lot of more such amazing reasons to visit the Victoria Falls.. The beauty of the Victoria Falls can never be experienced without personally having a close look at it.. The breezes that flow in the environment due to the Victoria Falls provide a soothing effect to the minds and pay us back the money spent on it.. 18 December 2012.. Getting from here to there in a foreign city.. Last time you were on vacation and were visiting a new area, how did you get from here to there? Did you check ahead of time to see there was a bus service available or did you rent a car so you could get yourself around town? Not everyone chooses to drive the city streets in a new area, especially if you are used to driving on one side of the street and the driving done at your destination is on the other side.. Some online research before you leave home is a good idea.. This search can let you know about a trolley, subway, bus or other public transportation that is available.. If you own a smartphone, you can also use travel apps to help you out to know where those stops are so you can get from here to there and back again without getting lost.. Online is also where a guaranteed mobile phone contract can be found.. The world is full of different modes of transportation.. Travelers can ride a rickshaw in Beijing, ride a camel in Turkey, take the subway in New York or ride a street car on the streets of San Francisco.. Getting around can be an adventure all its own so if you can, leave the rental car where it is and experience a different way to get to that landmark, tour or famous site.. If you will be spending time in Vietnam, you won t want to miss hopping on a Cyclo.. This popular tourist form of transportation is a tricycle taxi most seen in the Old Quarter of Hanoi.. The Chicken Bus in Central America is an affordable way for people and chickens to get from village to village and don t be surprised if you board to find there is standing room only.. Page 1 of 3.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Get our latest updates.. Subscribe Via A Feed Reader.. Sections.. Latest.. Comments.. Tags.. Guest bloggers.. Loans.. Travel.. Abu Dhabi.. attractions.. Australia.. Austria.. beach.. beer.. Brussels.. Cairo.. cave.. Costa Nerja.. Czech Republic.. destinations.. dog.. Egypt.. Frankfurt.. Glasgow.. London.. New York city.. Oil.. outback.. Prague.. restaurants.. shopping.. Singapore.. Tahrir Square.. top 5.. travel.. UK.. vacation.. Vienna.. Zoo.. English.. Français.. (.. French.. ).. Deutsch.. German.. Italiano.. Italian.. Español.. Spanish.. Čeština.. Czech.. Recent Posts.. Archives.. November 2013.. October 2013.. September 2013.. March 2013.. January 2013.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. May 2012.. March 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. Blogroll.. Cheap hosting UK.. Copyright 2013..

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