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  • Title: 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: .. e4c.. urban screens, electronic art.. Gallery 4Culture.. new voices, new visions, new work.. on view.. artists.. about.. visit.. apply.. 4Culture.. Paul Rucker.. | Gallery4Culture.. {.. Gallery4Culture M-F 9AM-5PM.. e4c 7AM-10PM }.. 4Culture 2013.. 101 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle, WA.. info@4Culture.. org.. original WordPress theme by.. Orman Clark..

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  • Title: about | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: Storefront Galleries at 4Culture.. Gallery4Culture.. Location.. 101 Prefontaine Pl S.. Seattle WA 98104.. Hours.. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.. m.. 5:00 p.. The gallery is open and free to the public but will be closed during the following holidays:.. January 17.. February 21.. May 30.. July 4.. September 5.. November 11 + 24.. December 26.. History.. In September 1979, Director Jerry Allen, initiated an exhibition program at the King County Arts Commission (then located in the Alaska Building) inviting painter d Elaine Johnson to hang work on the Arts Commission’s office walls.. With this seed, a little foam core, linen, and a visionary spirit, Visual Arts Coordinator Mickey Gustin Hardman launched the gallery.. Hardman will be remembered as a fierce advocate for artists and a pivotal figure in shaping the Seattle arts community.. Her legacy continues through the programs of what is now Gallery4Culture.. The King County Arts Commission moved offices in 1987 and was enveloped by King County s Office of Cultural Resources.. The new offices at the Smith Tower had designated gallery space.. In 2004, OCR reinvented itself as a Public Development Authority and was renamed 4Culture to reflect its four program areas Arts, Heritage, Preservation, and Public Art.. 4Culture moved its offices in the fall of 2005 to the Tashiro Building in the Pioneer Square area of  ...   for electronic art.. Four monitors, adjacent to Gallery4Culture, display selected works on rotation.. e4c was launched in 2008 as a means to offer a highly visible, public venue for the exhibition of dynamic electronic artworks by media artists, as well as projects intrinsic to 4Culture s work to advance community through arts, heritage, preservation and public art throughout King County.. In its inaugural year, eleven artists and artist teams were selected to present new or adapted work.. Artists submit selected work when it is complete and these are added to the display, which is accessible for a full year.. Throughout the year, added content will include new artworks created or adapted for e4c as well as media pieces created by and about 4Culture.. Works are displayed in rotation during presentation hours (generally, 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM) each day.. In conjunction with Gallery4Culture, e4c launches selected works for display during First Thursday Art Walk, Seattle s largest art walk.. e4c is located adjacent to Gallery4Culture facing Prefontaine Place South in Seattle s Pioneer Square neighborhood.. This street-level, media gallery is visible by foot, bike, car or bus to more than 20,000 people each day.. e4c consists of four, LCD monitors and two speakers mounted on the exterior of the building, broadcasting sound to passers-by.. This project received generous support from..

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  • Title: visit | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: We're Located in Downtown Seattle's Pioneer Square.. Seattle, WA.. If you re part of a large group who would like to visit,.. let us know.. , and we ll be able to make your visit more enjoyable.. The gallery is open and free to the public but will be closed.. during the following holidays in 2013:.. January 21.. February 18.. May 27.. September 2.. November 11 + 28.. December 25.. Viewed from the street, 7 days a week, 7:00 a..

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  • Title: apply | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: Who's Eligible and How to Apply for Gallery4Culture and E4C.. When to Apply.. The 2013 deadline was Monday, January 7, 2013.. The next deadline to apply for the 2014 Gallery Season is.. Monday, January 6, 2014.. Announcements for this call and many others can be emailed to you directly by.. signing up for our monthly newsletter.. Who Can Apply.. Eligibility is limited to artists, artist teams, and independent curators.. who reside in King County, WA.. and are not represented by a commercial gallery at the time of application.. Members of artist run collectives and cooperative galleries are eligible.. Artists working in all media and genres are encouraged to apply, including those whose medium or method of work is under-represented in commercial galleries.. Please contact.. Esther Luttikhuizen.. with questions concerning eligibility at 206 296.. Selection Process.. A Selection Panel composed of regional arts professionals reviews applications and awards eleven exhibition opportunities for the upcoming gallery season (September 2013 through August 2014).. The Panel composition changes yearly.. The Panel takes into consideration variety of media and approaches as well as cultural and geographic diversity.. Final selection is based on artistic merit and the strength of the proposal.. An applicant’s images and statement must clearly convey their  ...   annually.. The composition of the panel changes each year.. The panel selects proposals for the upcoming season.. Selection of work is based foremost upon artistic excellence.. The panel considers geographic and cultural diversity, as well as variety of genres.. Applications will also be evaluated on appropriateness in concept and content for a public location.. Work samples should represent the artist s ability to prepare a high quality media presentation.. If Selected.. Selected artists will work with the e4c program manager to adapt selected work for optimal presentation.. e4c utilizes software with a time-line interface, which is distributed through a network to the display monitors and speakers.. The selected artists will also work with the e4c program manager to create promotional materials.. Each selected artist will receive a modest honorarium to help defray expenses.. The artists retain all rights of the works submitted.. Works will be displayed in conjunction with others during e4c presentation hours (generally, 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM) each day.. In conjunction with Gallery4Culture, e4c launches selected works for display during.. First Thursday Art Walk.. , Seattle s largest art walk.. Promotion includes a monthly press release, website updates and a postcard mailer.. Heather Dwyer.. with any questions you may have about e4c..

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  • Title: Paul Rucker | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: Paul Rucker.. Recapitulation: Assassin Series.. August 1 29, 2013.. Opening.. :.. First Thursday.. , August 1, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.. Artist Talk.. : Thursday, August 22 at 6:00 pm.. Guns and Cellos.. |.. the Stranger.. reviews.. builds upon Paul Rucker’s ongoing project.. Recapitulation.. , an ambitious multimedia effort whose aim is to explore parallels between the institution of slavery and our contemporary prison industrial complex.. Whereas African Americans comprise only 12 percent of the country s total population, they make-up 40 percent of those incarcerated.. examines the colossal disparity in the racial composition of the U.. S.. prison population and points to the vast number of African American s whose lives have been affected by both the institution of slavery and prison system.. Assassin Series.. , the current chapter of Rucker s.. project, is the focus of his August Gallery4Culture exhibit.. This body of work illuminates similarities between death by lynching and  ...   artist talk by Paul Rucker on Thursday, August 22 at 6:00 PM.. This event is free and open to the public.. www.. paulrucker.. com.. Paul Rucker,.. One Less Thing to Worry About.. , digital image, 20″ x 30″ © 2013.. Paul Rucker is an interdisciplinary artist who integrates visual art with live performance, sound and original compositions.. His work is the product of a rich interactive process, through which he investigates community impacts, human rights issues, historical research and basic human emotions surrounding a subject.. Rucker received a prestigious Creative Capitol Grant for.. ; he was also awarded an.. Individual Artists Project.. Grant from 4Culture in 2012, a 2012 Artist Trust.. Grant for Artist Projects (GAP).. and the 2012.. Conductive Garboil Grant.. Support from each of these sources helped make this exhibition possible.. Similar Projects.. other exhibitions from this season.. August 2013 | Gallery4Culture.. Tom Hughes.. July 2013 | Gallery4Culture.. Klara Glosova.. June 2013 | Gallery4Culture..

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  • Title: portfolio | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: Gallery4Culture + e4c.. Filter:.. All.. e4c 2011-2012.. e4c 2012-2013.. Gallery4Culture 2012-2013.. Gallery4Culture 2013-2014.. 1.. Clyde Petersen.. September 2013 | Gallery4Culture.. 2.. Matthew Hilger.. September 2013 | E4C.. 3.. Tona Wilson.. 4.. 5.. 6.. Webster Crowell.. July 2013 | E4C.. 7.. Jeffrey Curtis.. July 2013 | e4c.. 8.. 9.. Eric John Olson.. June 2013 | E4C.. 10.. Gust Burns.. May 2013 | Gallery4Culture.. 11.. Stephanie Dodes.. May 2013 | E4C.. 12.. April 2013 | Gallery4Culture.. 13.. Thom Heileson.. April 2013 | E4C.. 14.. Mark Takamichi Miller.. March 2013 | Gallery4Culture.. 15.. Erin Elyse Burns.. March 2013 | e4c.. 16.. Ryan Fedyk.. 17.. Anthony Sonnenberg / Rodrigo Valenzuela.. February 2013 | Gallery4Culture.. 18.. Ellen Dicola.. February  ...   Julie Alpert.. November 2012 | Gallery4Culture.. 26.. Lorenzo Moog.. October 2012 | Gallery4Culture.. 27.. FutureShack.. September 2012 | Gallery4Culture.. 28.. C Andrew Rohrmann.. July 2012 2013 | e4c.. 29.. Ron Lambert.. June 2012 2013 | e4c.. 30.. Nichole Rathburn.. 31.. Ellen Lake Chris Green.. May 2012 2013 | e4c.. 32.. George Lee.. 33.. Evertt Beidler.. April 2012 2013 | e4c.. 34.. Salise Hughes.. 35.. Carol dePelecyn.. March 2011 2012 | e4c.. 36.. Bradley Hyppa.. 37.. Andrew Binkley.. February 2011 2012 | e4c.. 38.. Tess Martin.. 39.. Barbara Robertson.. 40.. Betty Jo Costanzo.. January 2012 2013 | e4c.. 41.. Michael Lasater.. December 2011 2012 | e4c.. 42.. November 2011 2012 | e4c.. 43.. Rodrigo Valenzuela..

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  • Title: Klara Glosova | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: Klara Glosova.. It s growing on me.. June 6 28, 2013.. : First Thursday, June 6, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.. Gallery4Culture is proud to present a solo exhibition by Klara Glosova.. The installation titled.. It’s growing on me.. , combines ceramic sculpture with drawings and photographic prints.. Glosova draws her inspiration from two seemingly independent worlds; the everyday stuff of domestic life and the murky realm of dreams.. A journal of energetic sketches of her dreams has been translated into small scale ceramic figures, often presented in dramatic poses – as if wanting to break free from their heavy emotions and burst into life.. Domestic life, on the other  ...   the intersection of conscious and unconscious words as if positioned on the shoreline between dry land and deep ocean.. Walking the fine line between the two realms the artist is trying to connect (and re-connect) here/now reality with her personal mythology, deeply buried beneath consciousness.. pictureband.. it's growing on me, Archival inkjet, © 2013 Klara Glosova.. Courtesy of the artist.. Klara Glosova is a multimedia artist currently working primarily in clay sculpture.. Her work has been exhibited both locally and internationally.. She is the founder of.. NEPO House.. and organizer of the annual NEPO 5k Don't Run – a popular community-based art event.. Klara Glosova efforts have mightily energized our regional arts community..

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  • Title: Clyde Petersen | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: Clyde Petersen.. Boating with Clyde.. September 5 – 26.. , September 5, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.. is a multimedia installation that transforms Gallery4Culture into the Lake Washington Arboretum.. The cardboard installation provides a lush setting for a unique nautical adventure film series,.. , a creation of Seattle-based filmmaker and musician Clyde Petersen.. The exhibition includes a reprogrammed Billy the Big Mouth Bass with hand-made fish couture , but central to the exhibition is a documentary film – one hour long and looping – that presents twenty three-minute vignettes featuring regional indie, punk and folk musicians, scientists and authors, musing on topics of science and culture and playing their songs.. Sometimes nestled in a shady lily-padded inlet, or rowing his subjects in his homemade dinghy, Clyde Petersen s films and installation capture a forward-looking melding of music, philosophy and storytelling.. These performances are paired with homemade puppet shows starring a  ...   photo courtesy of the artist.. Clyde Petersen is an indie animator and musician.. Since 2001, his band Your Heart Breaks has toured the world.. In 2005, Clyde Petersen launched his production company,.. Do it for the Girls Productions.. , creating animated music videos, building websites, managing bands, and designing CD art.. He is a member of.. S.. E.. A.. T.. (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) and, while skilled in hi-tech methods, embraces a lo-tech, Do-It-Yourself approach.. Clyde is a committed teacher and mentor and is the Technical Director for the nonprofit.. REEL Grrls.. He graduated from Fairhaven College in Bellingham in 2001.. His art has been supported through a City Arts Grant and 4Culture Individual Project Funding.. Petersen is transgender and he is an ardent activist for the LGBTQ community, often making art in collaboration and featuring members of the local queer community.. episodes (now in their 3rd season) can also be watched online..

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  • Title: Matthew Hilger | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: Matthew Hilger.. Seven minutes and thirty seconds after leaving the house you re still convinced that you ve forgotten something.. Screening September 2013 September 2014.. First.. Thursday, September 5, 2013 from 6:00 p.. to 8:00 p.. Matthew Hilger writes, More traffic accidents involving pedestrians happen at crosswalks with signs than those without.. In Copenhagen, the city built streets without signs or signals, making things possible but not certain to happen.. By following the varied surface markings through an empty parking lot I’m interested in exploring what John Keats described as, Negative Capability, that  ...   Make decisions that keep going and going, turning and going again without hesitation.. mhilger.. Matthew Hilger was born in 1986 in Chicago, Illionis and he currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.. He holds an MFA from the University of Washington and a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute.. Since 2009, Hilger has been a core member at The Bikery, which uses collaborative, hands-on education in bicycles and cycling to liberate movement and increase access to knowledge, and to share the revelation that all forms of knowledge can be earned without permission..

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  • Title: Tona Wilson | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: Tona Wilson.. New York, NY.. Crossing Paths.. , by Tona Wilson, is a stop-motion animation in which paper texts come alive and move among e4c s four screens, suggesting origins that might belong to those watching or passing by, or to their ancestors.. Many, but not all, of the letters, newspaper clippings and other texts are specific to Seattle; some are drawn from archives; others are pure invention.. Cut-out paper figures of imaginary people from the 1800 s interact with those from recent times.. The original musical score is by Jeremy Mage.. Funding  ...   artist.. Tona Wilson is a visual artist who works a variety of media including painting, drawing, artist-made books, animation and video.. She has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions extensively in the United States and internationally.. Her work as a courtroom interpreter has influenced her work.. She has produced a handmade artist’s book, in which she examine issues of immigration and of incarceration, telling stories of immigrants and their experiences with the US criminal justice system.. Her work is included in numerous prestigious collections.. She currently resides in New York State..

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  • Title: Tom Hughes | 4Culture's Storefront Galleries
    Descriptive info: Tom Hughes.. I Need Nothing.. July 1 26, 2013.. Second Thursday.. , July 11, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.. Gallery 4Culture is pleased to present Vashon-based sculptor Tom Hughes in a solo gallery installation titled.. In this exhibition, Hughes presents a human-scale structure created in the playful spirit of a child s fort.. Hughes uses found materials such as cardboard and paper to build temporary architectural structures incorporating illuminated fragments of text that wrap around the viewer.. While Hughes structures can generally be entered, their confined space allows for the isolation of a single viewer.. The meaning of the work is revealed through the interactive experience  ...   own way, is often found through inward escape.. tomhughes.. Quiet, digitally manipulated drawing, © Tom Hughes, 2013, Courtesy of the artist.. Sketch for I need nothing, digital collage and manipulated drawing, © Tom Hughes, 2013, Courtesy of the artist.. Tom Hughes earned his MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his BA SUNY Buffalo.. He was the recipient of a 2012 Grant for Artist Project (GAP) from Artist Trust and a 2009 Strategic Opportunity Stipend (SOS) from New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).. His artwork has been presented in Europe and throughout the United States.. Tom Hughes lives on Vashon Island and pursues his studio practice there..

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