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  • Title: Main Page - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: .. Main Page.. From HvWiki.. Jump to:.. navigation.. ,.. search.. Welcome to the HvWiki, the collaborative knowledge base maintained by members of.. HV Community.. We currently have.. 300.. articles.. If this is your first visit, a good starting point is the.. about.. page.. This wiki is currently under heavy development.. Please use the.. Talk page.. for this page to discuss how development should proceed.. Chemistry.. |.. Computers.. Electromagnetism.. Electronics.. General Science.. High Voltage.. How To.. People.. Projects..  ...   Test your editing skills here!.. Stubs.. - Expand a stub today, help us grow!.. Retrieved from ".. http://wiki.. 4hv.. org/index.. php/Main_Page.. ".. Views.. Page.. Discussion.. View source.. History.. Personal tools.. Log in.. Navigation.. Recent changes.. Random page.. Search.. Toolbox.. What links here.. Related changes.. Special pages.. Printable version.. Permanent link.. This page was last modified on 6 March 2008, at 02:05.. This page has been accessed 255,243 times.. Content is available under.. Attribution-ShareAlike.. Privacy policy.. About HvWiki.. Disclaimers..

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  • Title: Statistics - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: Statistics.. Page statistics.. Content pages.. Pages.. (All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.. ).. 822.. Uploaded files.. 308.. Edit statistics.. Page edits since HvWiki was set up.. 7,055.. Average edits per page.. 8.. 58.. Job queue.. length.. 0.. User statistics.. Registered.. users.. 169.. Active users.. (list of members).. (Users who have  ...   Administrators.. 2.. Bureaucrats.. View statistics.. Views total.. 3,775,417.. Views per edit.. 535.. 14.. Most viewed pages.. 255,244.. Coil gun.. 150,437.. Flyback transformer.. 117,795.. Transformer.. 92,874.. Basic electrical theory.. 80,417.. Spark Gap Tesla Coil.. 73,604.. Solid State Tesla Coil.. 59,731.. Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil.. 59,126.. Operational amplifier.. 58,911.. Sine wave.. 49,612.. php/Special:Statistics.. Special page..

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  • Title: All pages - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: All pages.. Display pages starting at:.. Display pages ending at:.. Namespace:.. (Main).. Talk.. User.. User talk.. HvWiki.. HvWiki talk.. File.. File talk.. MediaWiki.. MediaWiki talk.. Template.. Template talk.. Help talk.. Category.. Category talk.. 1n4007.. to.. Spark gap.. Windows freeware.. php/Special:AllPages..

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  • Title: HvWiki:About - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: HvWiki:About.. HvWiki is an information repository that anyone can access, free of charge.. This site is written and maintained by members of.. , who have donated their time and effort to create this resource.. HvWiki is dedicated to the pursuit of science, engineering, and technology, especially by hobbyists at home.. Anyone who would  ...   apply to the.. HV Community Forum.. in order to participate here.. The only requirement that we have is that you must register with a valid email address in order to contribute content.. php/HvWiki:About.. Project page.. This page was last modified on 22 April 2006, at 17:32.. This page has been accessed 27,799 times..

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  • Title: Talk:Main Page - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: Talk:Main Page.. Let's use this page to discuss the progress of the wiki.. If you have any thoughts about categories, layouts, or pages we need, please post them to this page.. Contents.. 1.. categories.. Math Section.. 3.. Typing formulae.. 4.. New Articles : Stubs and articles.. 6.. New Article/Overhaul Suggestions.. categories.. How does everyone feel about the current categories? Do you think certain categories need to be separated, combined, or added?.. Chris Russell.. 21:48, 25 Mar 2005 (EST).. I like the current categories, they encompass just about any topic I can think of that would fit this Wiki.. I think the next step is to start making the layout of our "top level" pages.. For example in.. we might want to write an intro to what HV is and what it can be used for, add some interesting pictures, then a list of links to specific topics, like Marx Gens, Jacob's Ladders, and Tesla Coils.. MattG.. 03:09, 26 Mar 2005 (EST).. Why not use the existing forum layout from the HV forums.. They are logical, HV users know them, etc.. If so, it would look like this:.. General Science and Electronics.. - General science and electronics.. Anything that doesn't fit the categories below, but still falls under the realm of science or electronics.. Electromagnetic Projectile Accelerators.. - This area is for rail guns, coil guns, and anything else that uses electrical energy to accelerate a projectile.. Electromagnetic Radiation Devices.. - Information regarding HERF, EMP, HPM, and other means of disrupting circuits using electric and magnetic fields.. - Information on Marx Generators, cascades, flybacks, and more! Please use the Tesla Coil area for Tesla Coil information.. Tesla Coils.. - This is the dedicated topic for Tesla Coils.. Air-cored resonant transformers only, please!.. - Everything chemistry-related goes here, including (but not limited to) pyrotechnics, endothermic and exothermic reactions, combustion, and decomposition.. Note that illegal explosives are not an acceptable topic of discussion.. Computer Science.. - This area is for computer-related information such as hardware, software, and programming.. PICs and BASIC Stamps welcome!.. --.. Static.. 13:03, 26 Mar 2005 (EST).. The main problem that I forsee with using the same categories as the forum is that logically, Tesla Coils are a subcategory of the high voltage category.. I guess any ordering system is going to be fairly arbitrary, though.. As long as things end up in the right general area, we can always change the relationships between categories.. I'm going to go ahead and condense them to look a bit more like the board's categories.. 18:28, 26 Mar 2005 (EST).. Changed things around a bit, let me know what you think.. Where would the HERF stuff and other radio stuff go? I think we need an Electromagnetic Radiation Devices.. I'll see about throwing one in.. User:mmalluck.. 10:59, 05/31/05.. Added some stubs, too.. Anyone who'd like to expand, feel free.. :).. 00:17, 27 Mar 2005 (EST).. Math Section.. Perhaps we should add a math section.. I think we could get some good, useful content there.. I  ...   it's appropriate to put some EM Maths here or in the proposed Maths section?.. I would appreciate any comments on the proposed content.. (Have a look in my Discussion folder.. ).. Bill.. Perhaps specifically EM equations should be in the EM section and help for understanding what all the squiggles mean in the maths section.. 19:37, 30 May 2005 (EDT).. New Articles : Stubs and articles.. A brief question from a noob! :) What do I need to do to create stubs or articles? I can't seem to find the right route.. 31 May 2005.. OK.. Figured it out for my self! :) Entered a stub for Electromagnetic Theory.. How do I add an entire new article? I'm trying to make a programming article under Computers, and maybe make some individual articles (C++, Python, Java, etc.. -Arnin.. There are 2 ways to create a new article.. First, think of a good title for the article.. "green eggs and ham, but without the ham" is a terrible title, but we'll use it for an example.. preferred:.. Click on a red link to that title.. Then edit the page.. If a red link to your desired title doesn't already exist, create one.. Find some related pre-existing page, hit the edit button, and add double brackets around a word or a phrase:.. [[green eggs and ham, but without the ham]].. After you hit the "save" button, that link will look red, something like.. green eggs and ham, but without the ham.. almost as good:.. Go to the main page.. In the url box on your browser replace "Main_Page" with the page name you want, replacing spaces with underscores: ".. green_eggs_and_ham,_but_without_the_ham.. Either way, at the bottom of the new page type in one or more categories, for example,.. [[Category:Computers]].. Most people hit the "show preview" button, fix a few typos, before hitting the "save page" button.. You might consider adding links from other related pre-existing pages to the new page you just created (the "preferred" method guarantees at least one such link already exists).. Also think about linking the new page to related pages (both ones that already exist, and also ones that *should* exist).. See.. Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Tutorial.. for a tutorial on the.. software, which is the software we're currently using at.. 4HV.. org/.. DavidCary.. 17:47, 30 January 2006 (EST).. New Article/Overhaul Suggestions.. Perhaps we should focus our efforts into starting new pages and highlighting pages that need to be overhauled completely.. New article ideas:.. High Voltage:Vacuum tubes (specific page for vacuum tubes known to work, with values, notes, etc).. Overhaul nominations:.. High Voltage:Tesla Coil (This should be the portal page that describes the overall operation of TC's, and how the major variation is typically the switching electronics so that each TC page can go into detail about that type of design).. High Voltage:SSTC.. High Voltage:VTTC.. Created/Complete.. Electronics:PCB design process.. Chemistry:Copper etching.. Aonomus.. 22:47, 05 Jan 2009 (EST).. php/Talk:Main_Page.. This page was last modified on 7 January 2009, at 01:49.. This page has been accessed 30,850 times..

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  • Title: Category:Chemistry - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: Category:Chemistry.. The.. category contains information on the properties of substances, molecules, and atoms, as well as information on reactions.. Pages in category "Chemistry".. The following 22 pages are in this category, out of 22 total.. A.. Alumina.. Americium-241.. Atom.. C.. Chemical safety.. Copper etching.. E.. Electrolysis of water.. Electronegativity.. Explosives.. H.. Hydrogen.. I.. Ion.. M.. Mole.. Molecule.. N.. Nuclear fission.. Nuclear fusion.. O.. Ozone.. P.. Periodic Table.. P cont.. Polyvinyl chloride.. R.. Redox.. S.. Shielding.. Sodium hydroxide.. T.. Thermite.. W.. Water.. php/Category:Chemistry.. This page was last modified on 22 April 2006, at 12:29.. This page has been accessed 20,925 times..

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  • Title: Category:Computers - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: Category:Computers.. category contains information on computers of all types, as well as hardware and software.. Pages in category "Computers".. The following 55 pages are in this category, out of 55 total.. 3D printer.. 8051.. ARM.. AVR.. Arithmetic logic unit.. B.. Binary number.. Binary-coded decimal.. Bittorrent.. Cache.. Central processing unit.. D.. Digital signal processor.. Division.. Dynamic range.. ET-ARM STAMP LPC2119.. ET-BASE ARM2103.. ET-STM32 Stamp.. Topology.. F.. Field-programmable gate array.. Finite Element Method  ...   Instruction set: x86.. Integer.. K.. Knoppix.. L.. Linux.. Linux basic guide.. Memory.. Memory management unit.. Microcontroller.. Microprocessor.. Multiplication.. Node.. Overclocking.. PIC.. Printer.. RS-232.. Radix.. Real number.. Recursion.. Reduced Instruction Set Computer.. Software license.. Sorting algorithms.. Stack.. Turing completeness.. Turing machine.. U.. Universal serial bus.. Unix.. V.. VHSIC hardware description language.. Verilog.. WiFi.. Windows.. php/Category:Computers.. This page was last modified on 9 November 2005, at 00:58.. This page has been accessed 9,343 times..

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  • Title: Category:Electromagnetism - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: Category:Electromagnetism.. category contains information on phenomenon associated with electric and magnetic fields.. Everything from optics to electromagnetic accelerators falls under this category.. Pages in category "Electromagnetism".. The following 42 pages are in this category, out of 42 total.. Dielectric.. Ampere's law.. Antennas and Radiation.. Capacitance 1: Tesla Coil Topload.. Capacitance 2: Coaxial Transmission Line.. Capacitance 3: Parallel Plane Capacitor.. Compensated pulsed alternator.. Coulomb's law.. Curl Operator and Stokes Theorem.. Current  ...   Electric motor.. Electromagnetic spectrum.. Energy and the Scalar Electric Potential.. Faraday's Law.. G.. Gauss's Law.. Gradient operator.. Green's Theorem.. Induction heater.. Infrared.. Laplace and Poisson Equation.. Laser.. Lenz's Law.. Magnetic field.. Magnetic saturation.. Magnetron.. Maser.. Maxwell's Equations.. Microwave oven transformer.. Neon sign transformer.. Rail gun.. Rectenna.. Saturable reactor.. Skin effect.. Superconductivity.. Ultraviolet.. php/Category:Electromagnetism.. This page was last modified on 9 November 2005, at 00:51.. This page has been accessed 20,386 times..

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  • Title: Category:Electronics - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: Category:Electronics.. category deals with electronic components, schematics, and circuits.. Pages in category "Electronics".. The following 80 pages are in this category, out of 80 total.. 2n3055.. 555.. Alternating current.. Battery.. Bipolar junction transistor.. Capacitor.. Charge-coupled device.. Circuit Theorems.. Diode.. Direct current.. Electric current.. Electrical discharge types.. Electrical safety.. Electromagnetic interference.. Faraday Cage.. Filter.. Galvanic isolation.. Gate drive transformer.. Ground.. H-bridge.. HFE.. Half bridge.. Impedance.. Impedance matching.. I cont.. Inductor.. Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor.. Insulator.. Integrated circuit.. Interrupter.. LC  ...   Oscilloscope.. Overload.. Paralleling Semiconductors.. Parasitics.. Part Sources.. Peak.. Peak-to-peak.. Peltier element.. Phase-locked loop.. Photodiode.. Photoflash Capacitor.. Potentiometer.. Power factor correction.. Printed circuit board.. Pulse width modulation.. Relay.. Resistance.. Resistor.. Root mean square.. Royer oscillator.. Silicon controlled rectifier.. Simulation.. Slew rate.. Soldering, How to.. TO-3.. Test Equipment.. Test probe.. Vacuum tube.. Voltage divider.. Voltage multiplier.. Voltage regulator.. Wien bridge oscillator.. php/Category:Electronics.. This page was last modified on 9 November 2005, at 00:54.. This page has been accessed 20,380 times..

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  • Title: Category:General Science - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: Category:General Science.. Under the.. category, you'll find information related to science that didn't fit into any existing categories.. Pages in category "General Science".. The following 33 pages are in this category, out of 33 total.. Ballistics.. Constants.. Duty cycle.. Energy.. Even and Odd Functions.. Factorial.. Flywheel.. Fourier analysis.. Free Energy Debunking.. Fusor.. Hypothesis.. International System of Units.. Permittivity.. Plasma.. Proof.. Pseudoscience.. Radiation safety.. Resonance.. Scientific method.. Simulated annealing.. Theory.. Thermal efficiency.. Units.. Deprecated units.. php/Category:General_Science.. This page was last modified on 15 February 2006, at 16:56.. This page has been accessed 9,548 times..

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  • Title: Category:High Voltage - HvWiki
    Descriptive info: Category:High Voltage.. high voltage.. category deals with the generation, manipulation, and use of high voltage.. For more information about high voltage, please see the article entitled.. Pages in category "High Voltage".. The following 30 pages are in this category, out of 30 total.. Cockroft-Walton generator.. Corona discharge.. Electrical  ...   J.. Jacob's ladder.. Lifter.. Oil burner ignition transformer.. Paschen's law.. Plasma speaker.. Q.. Quenching.. ScanTesla.. Sidac spark gap.. Sparks and arcs.. Strike ring.. Tesla coil.. Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil.. php/Category:High_Voltage.. This page was last modified on 9 November 2005, at 00:50.. This page has been accessed 33,228 times..

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  • Archived pages: 775