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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Leadership Development Groups Join Forces.. Salzburg Global Seminar and 21st Century Trust.. create joint Fellowship.. Salzburg, Austria, January 13, 2009: Two leading non-profit groups specialized in bringing together future leaders from all parts of the world and different professional backgrounds announced today that they will henceforth combine their worldwide networks of alumni into a single "Salzburg Fellowship", extending the opportunities for those involved and maximizing creative thinking about the key challenges facing the world in the coming generation.. As part of this alliance, Lord Patten of Barnes [Chris Patten], Chairman of the Trust's Trustees, is to join the Board of Directors of the Salzburg Global Seminar.. And the Trust's Director, John Lotherington, is to be seconded to the Seminar as Senior Adviser for the Fellowship program.. Lord Patten said, "I am delighted by this new arrangement and honored to join the Salzburg Board.. It has long been clear that our two organizations were travelling on closely parallel paths, but also that we can learn from each other.. In the current financial atmosphere it makes eminent sense to work together.. It's wonderful to think that the Trust Fellowship will from now on be able to consider the incomparable Schloss Leopoldskron as a base for their activities.. I am confident that this is the best way to realize the vision of the Trust's founder, the late Sir David Wills.. ".. Dr.. Walter Massey, Chair of the Salzburg Global Seminar's Board of Directors, said, "We too are absolutely thrilled by this new injection of talent and ideas into our work.. Chris Patten will be an extremely valuable member of our Board, and John Lotherington a wonderful colleague to work with our staff.. But most of all we welcome 1,200 21st Century Trust Fellows, spread across 100 countries, as a partner to the Salzburg alumni.. They will be a dynamic addition to our existing network of 20,000, and the new joint Fellowship, centered on Salzburg, can make a vital contribution to global cooperation and  ...   conferences.. provided a forum where these exceptional individuals, who otherwise would not have a chance to meet, identify the major challenges and opportunities facing them and the world in the decades ahead.. The Trust ensured that, as well as being diverse, with upwards of a dozen nationalities and a wide range of professional backgrounds represented at any one event, its.. were small, with 25 participants, and generally a week long.. This facilitated the full involvement of all those present in open, creative thinking, informal, off-the-record discussion, and the formation of lasting relationships which will allow understanding and debates to continue long after the conference has concluded.. The.. Senior Fellows.. who led each conference are among the most eminent in their fields.. They have included Michael Ignatieff, then Director, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard (.. Senior Fellow for Media Power and Responsibility.. ); Heizo Takenaka, former Japanese Minister for Economic Policy (.. Asia-Pacific Economic and Security Scenarios for 2020.. ); Dominique Möisi, Institut Français des Relations Internationales, Paris (.. Globalization: Challenges and Discontents.. ); Ronald Dworkin, New York University and University College London (.. Genetics, Identity and Justice.. ); the late Edward Said (.. Culture and Imperialism.. ); Ambassador Olara Otunnu, United Nations, New York (.. Human Rights in International Relations.. ); and Sir Marrack Goulding, former United Nations Under-Secretary-General (.. The International Community and its Role in Preventing, Managing and Resolving Conflict.. ).. Alongside the Senior Fellow,.. guest speakers.. made presentations.. A number of papers by these leading experts are available.. here.. The format included discussion in plenary and small groups, scenario building, and simulations.. Conference participants were invited to join the Trust Fellowship, a unique global network of 1,100 from 100 countries.. An electronic journal and directory keep Fellows in touch, and weekend seminars take place in various parts of the world to renew and extend the links and debates initiated at the main conferences.. For information on.. SEO Companies.. email www.. visibilitymax.. com..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - More About 21st Century Trust
    Descriptive info: More About 21st Century Trust.. To learn more about 21st Century Trust's previous activities, please follow the links below.. Donors and Financial Supporters.. Senior Fellows Previous Speakers.. Senior Fellows Speakers.. Senior Fellows' and Speakers' Articles Available to Download..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - Programme
    Descriptive info: 21st Century Trust - Programme.. The Trust no longer runs independent events.. This page will automatically redirect you to that of the Salzburg Global Seminar in 10 seconds.. If it does not, click..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - News
    Descriptive info: The Trust no longer runs independent events, and its operations have been amalgamated with those of the Salzburg Global Seminar.. For details of the SGS program, and opportunites available to existing Fellows and those looking to take part for the first time, visit:.. http://www.. salzburgseminar.. org/..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - Previous Conferences
    Descriptive info: Senior Fellows' and Speakers' Articles to Download.. Conference and Fellowship Program Details.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2003.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. 1999.. 1998.. 1997.. 1996.. 1995.. Complete list of Conferences since 1986.. Previous Senior Fellows and Speakers..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - Donations and Payments
    Descriptive info: Donations and Payments.. Refunds at discretion of 21st Century Trust.. Please use this page either to.. make a donation.. to the Salzburg Global Seminar with our secure on-line credit/debit card facility.. I.. f you are a United Kingdom taxpayer.. , please consider indicating whether you wish this gift to be eligible for.. Gift Aid.. Details.. (for further details, click on the options below).. Please note that require fields are.. bold red.. Other details can be entered here or later on secure server.. I wish to:.. Donate to the David Wills Bursary Fund.. Donate to the Michael Weir Middle Eastern Fellowships.. Donate to the General Fund.. Amount.. Name.. Address line 1.. Address line 2.. Address line 3.. Address line 4.. Postcode.. Country.. Tel.. Email.. Gift Aid Donation?.. Yes.. No.. (If you are making a donation, selecting Yes confirms that you have paid UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the  ...   to you.. By selecting 'Yes' above, you are confirming that you wish us to treat as a Gift Aid donation all donations that you make from the date of this declaration.. And you are confirming that you have paid UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the tax that the charity will reclaim on this donation.. The 21st Century Trust is a Registered Charity, No.. 295676, which acts as the UK arm of the Salzburg Global Seminar.. Donations.. The Trust solicits donations for two funds:.. David Wills Bursary Fund:.. The Fund, named in honour of the Trust's founder, Sir David Wills, exists to provide bursaries for individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend one of our main conferences.. These funds usually, although not exclusively, go to individuals from developing countries.. General Fund:.. This is for any other gifts to the Salzburg Seminar.. Enter Donation/Payment Details..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. For details of the SGS program, and opportunites available to existing Fellows and those looking to take part for the first time, visit:.. Those wishing to contact the London office of the Seminar, or seeking details relating to the Trust's previous activities, may wish to contact us in the following ways.. John Lotherington.. Salzburg Global Seminar.. 25 Museum Street.. London WC1A 1JT.. United Kingdom.. Telephone: +44 (0)20 7323 2099.. Fax: +44 (0)870 056 7163.. Or if you cannot find what you are looking for on this web site, send a message from this page.. E-mail Address.. Message.. 295676..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - Useful Links
    Descriptive info: Useful Links.. The following are links to (largely British) web pages which those interested in the 21st Century Trust might find useful.. They should not be taken as endorsements, nor does the Trust have any formal association with these organizations.. Note:.. Clicking on these links will open a new browswer.. Conference and Study Tour Organizers.. Think Tanks.. Conference Organizers.. British Council Seminars.. British Council Seminars design and manage conferences and seminars, exploring contemporary and cutting edge issues from both the UK and international perspectives.. http://www2.. britishcouncil.. org/seminars.. Cumberland Lodge.. Cumberland Lodge provides opportunities for the exchange of views and beliefs.. It does this primarily through a programme of conferences, retreats, seminars and public conversations, some of which it hosts and some of which it arranges independently or in partnership with a like-minded organisation.. The Lodge is a Christian foundation, dedicated to improving society by a sharing of opinions and knowledge.. It has a strongly international outlook and particularly encourages young people to address the needs of society.. www.. cumberlandlodge.. ac.. uk/.. Ditchley Foundations.. It is the purpose of the Ditchley Foundations to contribute towards the process of people of different countries learning to understand each other's problems and outlooks, largely by means of intimate weekend conferences of decision-makers held at Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire, England.. ditchley.. co.. The Environment Foundation.. The Foundation's mission is to protect and improve the environment.. It works in partnership with others to help society understand one of the most critical challenges it faces in the 21st century the transition from today s unsustainable economic and industrial activities to more sustainable production and consumption patterns.. environmentfoundation.. net/.. The John Smith Memorial Trust.. The Trust runs the John Smith Fellowship Programme, aimed at the next generation of leaders in a number of the independent republics that were previously part of the Soviet Union - young people of proven ability and real attainments, regardless of their political background.. It is designed to introduce young future  ...   free-market think-tank, founded in 1955.. The IEA's goal is to explain free-market ideas to the public, including politicians, students, journalists, businessmen, academics and anyone interested in public policy.. iea.. The International Institute for Strategic Studies.. The IISS, founded in 1958, is an independent centre for research, information and debate on the problems of conflict.. Its work is grounded in an appreciation of the various political, economic and social problems that can lead to instability as well as factors that can lead to international cooperation.. iiss.. The International Relations and Security Network.. The ISN is an initiative designed to promote the free flow of unclassified information and to facilitate cooperation through training and education using modern information technology.. The ISN consists of a range of high-quality services for people working in international relations and security policy, including: news bulletins and backgrounds on current events, a limited area search service,.. annotated links directories.. , research reports and publications, distance learning modules, educational and training activities, and conferences and seminars.. isn.. ethz.. ch/.. The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House).. The RIIA is an independent research and membership organisation working to promote the understanding of key international issues.. Established in 1920, it organizes over 100 meetings a year addressed by world leaders and decision makers, and a dozen conferences.. Its research includes seminars, workshops, forums and study groups and is accessible to all through its publications.. chathamhouse.. The Tomorrow Project.. The Tomorrow Project's GLIMPSES database provides a 'map' of recent social, economic and demographic trends to help people answer three questions: Where have we come from? Where are we going? What do we need to think about?.. tomorrowproject.. Vision.. Vision is an independent think tank committed to developing possible solutions to the complex problems that modern societies are facing.. Vision's objective is to collect ideas, protect them from short term pressure, make them grow in projects with high social added value, make sure that the projects become realised.. visionwebsite.. eu/..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - Speakers
    Descriptive info: Senior Fellows and Previous Speakers.. |.. Previous Speakers.. Trust conferences are directed by one or two Senior Fellows, people of international repute in the area under consideration.. Each writes an introductory article specifically for the conference, is present throughout the entire week, takes full part in the discussions and social activities, and gets to know all participants personally.. Previous Trust Senior Fellows include:.. Lord Adonis.. Under Secretary of State, UK Department of Education and Skills.. Neal Ascherson.. Journalist and Author.. Prof Kevin Boyle.. Director of the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex, UK.. Dr Vincent Cable.. Member of Parliament (LiberalDemocrats) United Kingdom.. Prof Christopher Coker.. London School of Economics.. Robert Cooper.. Director-General for External and Politico-Military Affairs, Council of the European Union.. Dr Lynn Davis.. Senior Fellow, RAND Corporation, US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs 1993-1997.. Lord Alfred Dubbs.. House of Lords.. Prof Ronald Dworkin.. Professor of Law, New York University.. Dr Shereen El Feki.. American University, Cairo.. Prof Abdelwahab El-Messiri.. Ain Shams University, Cairo.. Robin Gorna.. HIV/AIDS Team Leader, DFID.. Sir Marrack Goulding.. Former Warden of St.. Antony's College, Oxford, former UN Under-Secretary-General responsible for Peace-keeping (1986-1993) and Political Affairs (1993-1997).. Prof Fred Halliday.. International Relations at LSE, London.. Michael Ignatieff.. Leader of the Opposition, Canada, former Carr Professor of Human Rights Practice, Harvard University.. Dr Martin Jacques.. Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics Asia Research Centre.. Dr Josef Joffe.. Co-Publisher,.. Die Zeit.. Dr Vina Mazumdar.. Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi.. Doris Meissner.. Senior Fellow, Migration Policy Institute, Washington DC.. Dominique Moïsi.. Deputy Director, Institut Français des Relations Internationales, Paris.. Prof Konrad von Moltke.. d.. 2005.. Edward Mortimer.. Director of Programs, Salzburg Global Seminar.. Lord Claus Moser.. Chairman Emeritus, British Museum Development Trust.. Ambassador Olara Otunnu.. President of LBL Foundation for Children.. Sir Geoffrey Owen.. Director of Business Policy Programme, London School of  ...   Alan Colman.. One of leaders of "Dolly" sheep cloning experiment.. President Suleyman Demirel.. Former President of Turkey.. Nik Gowing.. International TV news presenter and consultant on the media in conflict situations.. Nahas Angula.. Prime Minister of Namibia.. Bantu Holomisa.. Co-founder of the United Democratic Movement, South Africa.. Johan Holst.. Foreign Minister of Norway at time of Israeli-Palestinian Oslo Accords.. Sir Michael Howard.. Former Regius Professor of Modern History, Oxford University.. Will Hutton.. Chief Executive of the Work Foundation, Former Editor of.. The Observer.. , author of.. The State We're In.. Jan Lodal.. Former United States Deputy Under Secretary of Defense.. Mark Moody-Stuart.. Former Chairman and Chief Executive, Shell International.. Geoff Mulgan.. Director, Young Foundation, previously Director of Policy Unit, strategy unit of the British Prime Minister.. Nicholas Negroponte.. Computer visonary on leave from MIT, Founder and Chairman of One Laptop per Child.. The Rt Hon Lord David Owen.. Former Foreign Secretary of the United Kindom.. Derek Parfit.. Philosopher, All Souls College, Oxford.. Lord David Puttnam.. Film Producer, Chairman, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.. Prof.. Adam Roberts.. Montagu Burton Professor of International Relations Oxford University.. The Rt Hon Lord George Robertson.. Former Secretary-General of NATO.. Mary Robinson.. Ethical Globalization Initiative, New York; former President of Ireland, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.. Augustine Ruzindana.. Former Inspector-General of the Ugandan Government.. Amartya Sen.. Nobel Prize winner for work in welfare economics.. Leila Seth.. First woman Chief Justice of an Indian state.. John Simpson.. BBC Journalist.. General Sir Rupert Smith.. Former Deputy SACEUR, former Commander of UNPROFOR in Bosnia.. Edson Spencer.. Former President of Honeywell and Chairman of the Ford Foundation.. Prof Norman Stone.. Professor of International Relations, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.. Harris Wofford.. First director of the Peace Corps, former United States Senator, and former President of Bryn Mawr College.. Home.. Why the Trust Conferences are Unique.. |.. Patron, Trustees Advisers..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - List of Articles
    Descriptive info: List of.. Senior Fellows' and Speakers.. ' Articles Available to Download (by.. Conference.. (To return to list, press Back button of browser).. Managing Migration: the neglected face of globalization?.. Goodenough College, London and Merton College, Oxford, April 2008.. Professor Shamit Saggar,.. Migration: political challenges, policy choices.. Encouraging Scientific Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Age: owning knowledge and open source.. Potsdam, Germany, December 2007.. Jason Pontin and Dr Shereen El Feki,.. Introductory Note.. Population and Health: facing up to the future.. Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany, October/November 2007.. Dr Jim Vaupel and Prof.. Dr Gabriele Doblhammer-Reiter,.. Introductory Paper.. Climate change: science, politics and the management of uncertainty.. Merton College, Oxford, September 2007.. John Elkington,.. The Genetics Revolution.. Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton nr.. Cambridge, August 2006.. Professor Martin Bobrow,.. Where is globalization heading?.. Parliament of Karnataka, Bangalore, India, May 2006.. Professor Tim Shaw,.. The challenge of HIV/AIDS: thinking further ahead.. Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, July 2005.. Dr Shereen El Feki,.. Politics and Ethnicity: communities, the state and managing changing relationships.. Merton College, Oxford, April 2005.. Neal Ascherson,.. Global Governance: scenarios for the future.. Madingley Hall, Cambridge, October 2004.. Dr Michael Williams,.. Disease and Security.. Villa Monastero, Lake Como, Italy, April/May 2004.. Professor Christopher Coker,.. War and Disease.. Globalization: rhetoric, reality and international politics.. US Congress, Washington DC, October/November 2003.. (Fellowship conference).. Mary Robinson,.. Globalization and Human Rights.. History, Policy, and Identity.. Madingley Hall, Cambridge, October 2003.. The Future of Higher Education: dilemmas and opportunities.. Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, July/August 2003.. Baroness Warwick,.. Global Civil Society: expectations, capacities, and the accountability of international NGOs.. Merton College, Oxford, March/April 2003.. Corporate Social Responsibility: rethinking the role of corporations in a globalizing world.. Madingley Hall, Cambridge, October 2002.. Sir Geoffrey Owen,.. Culture, National Identity, and Public Policy: what role should governments and business play in the  ...   Takenaka,.. Science, Risk and the Regulation of New Technologies.. Merton College, Oxford, March/April, 2000.. Professor Heinz Wolff,.. Fellow's Presentation: Patrick Mendis,.. The Explosive Dynamics of Information Technologies: Webonomics or Clintonomics?.. Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco, September 1999.. Dominique Moïsi,.. and.. Excerpt of Report.. Lord David Puttnam,.. Culture: is Globalization really Americanization?.. The Future of the Nation State.. Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg, June 1999.. Robert Cooper,.. The Historical Development of the Nation-State and Some Questions About Its Future.. Study Tour of the Baltic States and St Petersburg: a post-imperial renaissance?.. Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Lahemaa National Park, Narva, St Petersburg May 1999.. John Lotherington,.. Tour Report.. Media power and responsibilityrole of the fourth estate in the 21st : the century.. St Edmund Hall, Oxford, March 1999.. Michael Ignatieff,.. Report.. The International Community and its Role in Preventing, Managing and Resolving Conflict.. Madingley Hall, Cambridge, September 1998.. Sir Marrack Goulding,.. Corruption and Its Victims - Business, Government, Society.. The Search for Higher Standards.. Queens' College, Cambridge, July 1998.. George Moody-Stuart,.. Jeremy Pope,.. Combatting Corruption - the Domestic Front: The Holistic Approach to Containing Corruption.. Bertrand de Spéville,.. The Corruption Battle in Hong Kong.. John Githongo,.. Corruption in Kenya.. New Debates in Disarmament : Nuclear and Other Weapons.. Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg, May/June 1998.. Dr Lynn E.. Davis,.. Merton College, Oxford, March/April 1998.. Professor Ronald Dworkin,.. Justice and Fate.. Study Tour of South Africa and Namibia: challenges of political and economic reconstruction into the 21st Century.. Johannesburg - Durban - Cape Town - Windhoek, October/ November 1997.. Dr Paul Kielstra,.. Impressions and Tour Report.. Ethnic Conflict in the Wider Europe: causes, preventions, cures.. Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg, June 1997.. Islam and the West: clashpoints and dialogues.. Forte Grand Hotel, Giza, near Cairo, Egypt, February 1997.. Professor A W Elmessiri,.. Mr Edward Mortimer,.. Julie Polter,.. The Pains of Modernization..

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  • Title: 21st Century Trust - Donors and Donations
    Descriptive info: Thanks to our Donors.. The Trust gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following during its existence:.. The work of the Trust continues jointly with the Salzburg Global Seminar, and the latter continues to solicit donations to support the ongoing mission.. Residents of the United Kingdom may find it more tax effective to donate to the Trust, which continues its legal existence as  ...   or our general work via our secure on-line credit card facility.. Individuals and institutions might also wish to consider making substantial donations in order to:.. Endow a named Fellowship.. Endow an individual conference or a series of conferences on a particular theme.. If you wish to discuss these, or other funding opportunities, please contact:.. tel.. +44 20 7323 2099.. fax +44 20 7323 2088..

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    Archived pages: 25