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  • Title: 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: .. 2020 Public Services Trust.. A new, independent, think tank, which brings together policy makers, public service managers, civil servants, business and third sector leaders, and consumer voices to debate and research how to improve public services.. Home.. About.. About 2020 PST.. Staff.. Trustees.. Opportunities.. Partners.. Links.. News.. Videos.. Media appearances.. Articles.. Press releases.. In the news.. Events.. Public Services Summit.. Upcoming events.. Past events.. Publications.. 2020 Publications.. Viewpoint Papers.. 2020 Working papers.. The Commission.. About the Commission.. Commissioners.. Work programme.. Blog.. Contact us.. Search.. The Commission on 2020 Public Services on the future of public services.. http://clients.. squareeye.. net/uploads/2020/news/video.. jpg.. The Commission on 2020 Public Services and others who joined the debate talk about the future of public services.. Video created by Ashish Prashar.. Watch the video.. 1.. Video created by Ashish Prashar.. Clare Tickell discusses 2020 Public Safety with Ben Page & Jen Byrne.. net/uploads/2020/news/CTBP.. At the launch of our latest report, 2020 Public Safety: Opportunities for Reform, 2020 Commissioner Clare Tickell discussed the findings of the publication with 2020 Commissioner Ben Page and Jen Byrne, Director of Justice Development at A4e.. 2.. Public Finance interview with Sir Andrew Foster.. net/uploads/2020/news/safPublicFInance.. Chair of the 2020 Public Services Commission talks about his blueprint for public services reform; the coalition' record so far; NHS management cuts; and the outlook for further education.. Watch the video.. 3.. Bridget Rosewell discusses 2020 Welfare with Gerry Stoker & Charlotte Alldritt.. net/uploads/2020/news/BRGSCA.. At the launch of our latest report, 2020 Welfare: Life, Work, Locality, 2020 Commissioner Bridget Rosewell discussed the findings of the publication with Professor Gerry Stoker Charlotte Alldritt researcher to the Commission.. 4.. The 2020/RSA.. Thursday, 20 January 2011.. COPD: Cautiously Optimistic about Payment on Delivery.. By Lauren Cumming.. About 15% of people my  ...   my Dad and I published recently.. The book is a mix of photography (based on an artist-in-residence period at Cumbria County Council), and text (an essay on local politics & identity), and the roundtable.. 2010 Seminar Programme.. View all upcoming events.. View past events.. Sir Andrew Foster and Professor Vernon Bogdanor talk about.. the Commission's final report out today.. which calls for a public service revolution.. The financial crisis should be used as an opportunity for wholesale reform to health, education, policing and welfare, according to the Commission on 2020 Public Services.. Reporter Tom Bateman looks at what the public services might look like in ten years.. Radio 4.. Matthew Taylor debates the findings of the Commission's final report and its impacts on communities with Labour MP Frank Dobson and Mark Littlewood of the Institute of Economic Affairs.. 2020 Commissioners Bridget Rosewell and Greg Parston talk about the Commission s final report out tomorrow which calls for far greater transparency into how the public taxes are spent.. Reporter Tom Bateman looks at suggestions that the official spending figures contain a black hole.. » View all media appearances.. Publications.. Payment-by-Outcome in Long-Term Condition Management.. Nadiya Sultan.. Publication: February 2011.. Download this publication.. Payment-by-Outcome in Offender Management.. James Dicker.. Payment-by-Outcome in Welfare to Work.. Lauren M.. Cumming.. Working papers.. What are the Underlying Principles of our Education System?.. Dr Henry Kippin and Professor Alison Wolf.. Publication: September 2010.. On forms of accountability.. Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Brasenose College, Oxford.. Publication: March 2010.. Social care 2020: what are the challenges ahead?.. Dr Henry Kippin.. Suggest a question.. Take part in our consultation.. 2020 Public Services Trust 2013.. 2020 Public Services Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1124095).. Website by.. Square Eye Ltd..

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  • Title: About us | 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: About us.. The 2020 Public Services Trust (2020 PST) is a new independent think tank and registered charity, based at the RSA.. The Trust exists to stimulate deeper understanding of the challenges facing public services in the medium term.. Through research, inquiry and discourse, it aims to develop rigorous and practical solutions, capable of sustaining support across all political parties.. 2020 PST brings together policy makers, politicians, public service managers, civil servants, business and third sector leaders, and consumer voices, to debate and research how to improve public outcomes.. It occupies a unique role as no other organisation focuses on the role and transformation of public services in Britain.. The 2020 PST is not aligned with any political party and operates with independence and impartiality.. Ben Lucas is the Director and Lord Geoffrey Filkin is the Chair.. Its other trustees, dawn from academia, business, policy makers and all three parties are Sir Michael Bichard, Margot James, Councillor Merrick Cockell, Lord Richard Best, Hilary Thompson,  ...   Andrew Foster, to recommend the characteristics of a new public services settlement appropriate for the future needs and aspirations of citizens, and the best practical arrangements for its implementation.. Annual Report.. The 2020 Public Services Trust has produced its first Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2009.. We have made great progress and built a small organisation of talented staff to support the Commission, based at our partner organisation, the RSA.. We have secured the neccessary to support the Commission over its life and we are grateful to the many organisations, trusts and companies who have been so supportive of our work.. We thank all of them and our trustees for what we have been able to build so far.. Now we are all well placed to contribute to critical public debates about the role, focus and form of public services.. Our challenge is to make a powerful and respected contribution.. Download the full Annual Report for 2009 as a PDF.. The Blog..

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  • Title: People - 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: 2020 PST Staff.. Ben Lucas.. Director 2020 PST.. Jeff Masters.. Commission Secretary.. Dr.. Henry Kippin.. Commission Manager.. Paul Buddery.. Commission Research Manager.. Charlotte Alldritt.. Researcher.. Lauren Cumming.. Ashish Prashar.. Stakeholder & Communications Manager 2020 PST.. Henneke Sharif.. Public Affairs Adviser.. Heidi Hauf.. Programme Co-ordinator 2020 PST.. Sarah Gerritsen (maternity leave).. Ask a question..

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  • Title: People - 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: 2020 PST Trustees.. Lord Geoffrey Filkin.. Former Minister, Chair of 2020 PST (ex-officio).. Lord Richard Best.. Chair of the Hanover Housing Association and President of the Local Government Association.. Lord Michael Bichard.. The first Director of the Institute for Government and Chairman of the Design Council.. Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell.. Chair of London Councils and Leader of the  ...   Chief Exec of the Office for Public Management.. Margot James.. Conservative Party, Vice Chairman for Women.. Lord Archy Kirkwood.. Former Liberal Democrat MP and former Chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee.. Professor Gerry Stoker.. Professor of Governance, Politics & Int.. Relations Support Officer, University of Southampton.. Alastair Dick (Honorary Treasurer).. Director of Strategy, Serco Civil Government..

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  • Title: Current vacancies | 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: Current vacancies.. Details of vacancies at the 2020 Public Services Trust.. There are currently no vaccancies..

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  • Title: Partners | 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: In addition to our partnership with the RSA, the 2020 Public Services Trust is supported by the following:.. Research Partners.. Corporate Partners.. ESRC.. Institute for Government.. Ipsos-MORI.. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation.. Policy Network.. The Design Council.. A4e.. Accenture.. Amey.. Bouygues.. Cap Gemini.. Ernst Young.. KPMG.. Mouchel.. Neil Stewart Associates.. NHBC.. Partnerships UK.. Pinnacle.. PriceWaterhouseCoopers.. Microsoft.. Dr Foster Intelligence.. Core Funders.. Aldridge Foundation.. Barrow Cadbury Trust.. DCLG Empowerment Fund.. Lord Gavron Charitable Trust.. National Endowment Services.. Technology and Arts (NESTA)..

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  • Title: Links | 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: Some links to useful resources related to the 2020 Public Services Trust.. Adam Smith Institute.. Bow Group.. Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion.. Centre for.. Enterprise.. Centre for Policy Studies.. CentreForum.. Compass.. DEMOS.. ESRC Public Services Programme.. Fabian Society.. Green.. Alliance.. Hansard Society.. Institute for Fiscal Studies.. Involve.. IPPR.. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.. King s Fund.. Local Government Information Unit.. National Centre for Social Research.. New Economics Foundation.. New Local Government Network.. Nuffield Trust.. Policy Exchange.. Policy Studies Institute.. Progress.. Reform.. RSA.. Smith Institute.. Social Affairs Unit.. Social Market Foundation.. The Work Foundation.. Young Foundation..

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  • Title: Video news | 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: News - Video news.. If you have a question about any of the news you read here, you can.. contact us.. for more information.. Tuesday, September 14, 2010.. Posted in:.. Video news.. 1 comment.. |.. Add a comment.. AddThis.. Wednesday, September 08, 2010.. 0 comments.. Tuesday, August 17, 2010.. Wednesday, July  ...   about more for less budgets.. Cllr David Parsons CBE, Leader of Leicestershire County Council, Chairman of the LGA Improvement Board Deputy Chair of the LGA, talks about our LGA Conference fringe event, More for Less Budgets - a new deal for cities and counties on localism and deficit reduction.. Search the archive:..

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  • Title: Media appearances | 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: News - Media appearances.. Tuesday, September 14, 2010 -.. The Today Programme.. Monday, September 13, 2010 -.. Friday, August 27, 2010 -.. Ben Page and Matthew Taylor appeared on the Today Programme to discuss the reality of cuts.. How ready are the public to accept these sorts of cuts, and how prepared are politicians to back them up?.. Bridget Rosewell on the Today Programme.. 2020 Commissioner Bridget Rosewell appeared on Radio 4's Today Programme to discuss our latest report 2020 Welfare: Life, Work, Locality..

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  • Title: Articles | 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: News - Articles.. Thursday, November 11, 2010.. Avoiding a repeat of the 1980s.. By Ben Lucas.. For all the reform strategies and grand narratives emerging from Whitehall, much of the real action will happen at the local level.. read the full article.. Tuesday, November 09, 2010.. A new settlement for public services, by Clare Tickell.. By Dame Clare Tickell.. When the.. first met, before the credit crunch, one of our challenges was to wake people up to the looming crisis in public services.. Well, nobody is asleep any more.. Published here:.. Public Finance.. Friday, September 03, 2010.. Soap Box.. By Ben Page, 2020 Commissioner.. The state needs to be smaller..  ...   Services Trust, whose final report is out soon.. The MJ.. Tuesday, August 10, 2010.. Meeting the place-based challenge.. By Ben Lucas and Bill Cooper.. Bill Cooper of KPMG and Ben Lucas of the 2020 Public Services Trust warn that many councils are not yet fully prepared to take on the new responsibilities of place-based budgeting.. Monday, July 19, 2010.. The coalition's NHS reforms - far enough or a 'quick fix'?.. By Dr.. Greg Parston, 2020 Commissioner.. The NHS was recently ranked as one of the most efficient and effective health systems in the world, so is radical reform an unnecessary risk? Dr Greg Parston looks into the matter.. Public Servant..

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  • Title: Press releases | 2020 Public Services Trust
    Descriptive info: News - Press releases.. Friday, October 01, 2010.. New Politics and Public Services - Localism or Lottery?.. On the eve of the Conservative Party conference, Speakers Corner Trust is publishing (on Friday 1 October) an online debate on the merits of localism, one of the Government s most cherished priorities and cornerstone of its vision for the Big Society.. Politicians must seize the opportunity to re-shape public services.. Politicians must set out a coherent long term approach to public services in advance of the Comprehensive Spending Review says the cross-party and authoritative Commission on 2020 Public Services.. In its final report published today, the Commission calls for a complete reconfiguring of public services around the needs and capabilities of citizens, based on the principle of social productivity.. The report claims that our public services are increasingly unsustainable.. The impact of an ageing society could load the equivalent of an extra 4-6% of GDP on to public spending over the next two decades.. Inequality is rising and current public service productivity has been falling.. Thursday, September 09, 2010.. Joined-up Justice.. Our public  ...   curriculum is too long, overly prescriptive, constrains teachers and stifles innovation.. The admissions system is a mess - a fact evidenced by extraordinary levels of social segregation between schools.. Shifts in culture, power and finance: a way forward for education, a new report published today by the 2020 Public Services Trust, identifies these problems, and calls for future education and schooling to be address them by becoming more localised and more personalised.. Fair welfare.. After 30 years of welfare reform the public could be forgiven for failing to notice any changes.. Successive governments have tried both to get spending under control and to ensure that those who need it get help.. Neither task has been achieved.. This new report argues for a new way of thinking about welfare and a new approach to reform.. 2020 Welfare: Life, Work, Locality, published today by the 2020 Public Services Trust sets out a route to unlocking citizen action and for greater transparency of welfare spending for ordinary people.. Media Enquiries.. For media enquiries please contact:.. Stakeholder Communications Manager.. +44 (0)7775 501 839.. ash@2020pst.. org..

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