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  • Title: 24 Photography - 24 hours. 24 photographers. 24 images. 24 years.
    Descriptive info: .. Download.. 24:2013 Press Release.. (pdf 268kb).. About us.. Galleries.. 24 Shop.. Links.. Contacts.. Home.. Web design and engineering.. Mavo Studio.. 2003-2013 24photography - London.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: 24 Photography - About us
    Descriptive info: What a difference a day made.. As the chimes of Big Ben welcomed in 2004 they signalled the start of a photographic project that saw 24 postgraduate photography students, from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, document the first day of the New Year.. From the welcoming of the New Year to the end of its first day, these images capture the essence of that day for the photographers involved..  ...   ambitious photographic project that will span a generation.. 24.. hours.. photographers.. images.. years.. How will the group, the project, the world it documents, change over the next quarter of a century? This elaborate social documentary will record what New Year's Day represents not only as a one off event but also as an ongoing and developing catalogue of what the end of one year and beginning of another comes to represent over time..

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  • Title: 24 Photography - 2013 Gallery
    Descriptive info: 2004.. 2005.. 2006.. 2007.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. 24:2013 - Magic abroad in the air.. That certain night, the night we met, there was magic abroad in the air,.. There were angels dining at the Ritz, and a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.. Join us on an enchanting evening to see off the winter blues and celebrate the tenth anniversary of 24:2013.. You  ...   the way through an ambitious project that will not be complete until the next decade, creating a social commentary that will last for generations.. The idea is simple: 24 photographers, documenting the first 24 hours of every New Year for 24 years.. Each individual is tasked with capturing a single moment within their allotted hour, creating a unique collection of images linked only by time..

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  • Title: 24 Photography - Links
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  • Title: 24 Photography - Contacts
    Descriptive info: If you wish to contact us.. Photography.. Claire Spreadbury.. Tel: +44 7531 392284.. claire@clairespreadburyphotography.. co.. uk.. Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann.. Tel: +44 7963 011293.. wraphael@me.. com.. Or email:.. admin@24photography.. org.. Twitter: @.. photography.. Facebook:.. http://www.. facebook.. com/24photography..

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  • Title: 24 Photography - 2004 Gallery
    Descriptive info: 24 : 2004.. The original project exhibited with great success at Mezzo in 2004.. Over 200 guests attended the private view, including members of the press and the art world..

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  • Title: 24 Photography - 2005 Gallery
    Descriptive info: 24 : 2005 - In the heart of Soho.. 24: 2005.. saw the exhibition move to Soho Square where its central location and positioning meant it was much more accessible to greater numbers of people than ever before.. This in turn has led to its profile and cultural significance continuing to grow as the project's momentum gathers pace and its reputation  ...   people including media and celebrities and was such a success all key.. sponsors signed up to support the 2006 event that same day.. Thousands of people visited the exhibition during the.. days it ran and feedback has been tremendous.. Planning for next year's event is now already well under way and it promises to be an even bigger and better exhibition..

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  • Title: 24 Photography - 2006 Gallery
    Descriptive info: 24 : 2006 - As time goes by.. Now established as a regular event in the arts calendar,.. 24:2006.. is the movement's third annual show.. Born on New Year's Eve 2003, this ongoing, global, social documentary captures the mood, affairs, tragedy and celebration of both the world at large and the lives of the artists, through the micro-context of New Year's Day.. Ultimately spanning three decades, this is the photographic journey of a generation.. As with previous years,.. artists each took an hour slot between 12 midnight New Year's  ...   of it.. In addition to documenting the environment and experiences of these individuals, this year's show takes news headlines of the day as a common theme; polarising and rooting the images in time.. As this.. year project gathers pace, the development of the artists, the environment we live in and the imaging technology available to all of us is a subject in itself.. How will the.. 24:2027.. show be presented? How will the lives of the artists and indeed all of us have changed as the project takes shape?..

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  • Title: 24 Photography - 2007 Gallery
    Descriptive info: :2007 is the movement's fourth annual show.. We are thrilled to announce that this year the exhibition will be hosted onboard the SS Robin in Canary Wharf.. A new year brings new artists.. We have again had a considerable number join us from Central St Martins Alumni, and the.. photography community is rapidly expanding.. artists each worked during a 1.. hour slot between 12 midnight New Year's Eve and 11pm New Years  ...   surpasses individual artists and individual years.. The growth, changes and events that mark the years' passing are allowing a chronicle of our time to unfold.. Enjoy this years snapshot in time and then reflect on the journey so far as depicted in our online galleries of previous years.. The.. :2007 show opens to the public on 24th March 2007 and we look forward to having you join us onboard the SS Robin then..

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  • Title: 24 Photography - 2008 Gallery
    Descriptive info: Born in 2004,.. began as a study project for.. students at St.. Martin s School of Art.. Now established as a regular event in the London Arts calendar and in it s fifth year, the project continues to grow and evolve echoing the personal, professional and artistic development of the participants and their lives.. This year's images illustrate the growing maturity of the group.. A candid set of photographs filled, at  ...   the artists.. To mark this coming of age , the event will be held at the AOP gallery, with it s prominence within the photographic industry and creative community.. 24:2008.. is also pleased to be part of EAST, a four day festival celebrating the cultural diversity of East London.. show opens to the public on 3rd March 2008 and we look forward to having you join us at the Association Of Photographers..

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  • Title: 24 Photography - 2008 Gallery
    Descriptive info: 24:2009 - A Quarter of a Quarter Century.. Ultimately spanning a quarter of a century,.. photography has reached its first major milestone.. 24:2009.. is our sixth annual show, and fittingly resides this year in Greenwich - home of GMT itself, and the benchmark for our visual exploration of the passing of each year.. Every year since 2004, between the hours of  ...   to capture the essence of one hour; economic, social, environmental, political and the very personal reflections on a moment in their lives.. The images from this year particularly, with its major political and economic changes, hopes and fears, catalogue a record of our time and raise questions, debate and dreams of where we are and where we might be by.. 24:2010..

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