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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome.. The Summit.. Topic.. Press Review.. Specials of the WSES 2010.. Speakers.. Responsibility.. Travel Information.. Location.. Summit history.. Exchanging Ideas.. Kyoto 2008.. Victoria 2009.. Results.. Lecture Videos.. Posters.. Reports.. University Projects.. Energy Assignments.. Participation.. Application.. Delegates.. Partners.. Sponsors.. Klaus Töpfer.. Rajendra K.. Pachauri.. Bernd Engler.. Community.. News.. Forum.. WSEN Forum.. Who we are.. Contact.. WSEN.. Welcome to the World Student Environmental Summit.. On September 20, 65 students from 25 nations of all continents met at Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen for the 3.. rd.. World Student Environmental Summit.. The 3.. rd.. World Student Environmental Summit provides a platform to ask the right questions and come up with appropriate solutions towards an alternative future.. We need fundamental changes in order to reach a sustainable society which cares about the environmental and social needs of present and future generations.. Speeches from renowned national and international experts of science, economy, politics and civil society addressed the WSES delegation and created the foundation for  ...   change agents such as Dr.. Pachauri, nobel prize laureate and Chair of the IPCC.. He has commended the WSES 2010 as an ideal platform for the most important stakeholder in climate change: the next generation.. The summit s patron is the former executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Dr.. Be part of the WSES 2010 and facilitate positive change!.. Additional Information (pdf).. Brochure.. Schedule.. Outcomes Report.. Press Release:.. Deutsch.. ,.. English.. Japanese.. UN action days.. 2010WSES is proud to be part of the German national action week for the United Nations World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.. Latest Forum Posts.. Re: Slides, Dropbox, Invites etc.. by:.. Agnes.. November 2, 2010, 19:59.. October 19, 2010, 22:46.. Slides, Dropbox, Invites etc.. October 18, 2010, 22:07.. Recent Posts.. Results, Videos? and the WSEN Mailing List.. University Proposals Finished?.. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. follow us:.. Facebook.. Twitter.. World Student Environmental Summit 2010.. AGB + Privacy Policy.. top..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | The Summit
    Descriptive info: Topics 2010.. This year the Summit is dedicated to the social, political and economic key elements and conditions to create a sustainable society.. We will address four central topics: Consumption and lifestyle, energy supply, education and economic development.. These topics are inextricably linked with each other and with climate change.. Why do we need another summit on sustainability? Hasn t sustainability become a mainstream? Communities are starting to think global and act local and some companies incorporate social and ecological criteria in their products.. However, the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference did not reach consensus and the loss of biodiversity and international poverty rates urges the youth to take action.. There are two goals of  ...   action items and initiate projects.. Secondly, the Summit will act as the cohesive voice of the next generation that will reach a broad audience.. A proposal will be created and targeted towards decision-makers in politics, economics and universities.. Congruent to the outcomes of the previous summits, the paper will be presented at international climate negotiations.. New multidisciplinary approaches in education and research are crucial to understand the complexity of the environmental problems and find adequate methods of resolution.. University students are indispensable when it comes to initiate essential changes that combine expertise, idealism and practicality.. The Summit is fusing this potential to generate precise outcomes and actions.. The full schedule is available for download.. here..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Topic
    Descriptive info: Topic 2010..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Press Review
    Descriptive info: The 2010 WSES gained a lot of medial attention locally in and around Tübingen as well as in some Germany-wide media.. Due to the help of our delegates and helpers from all around the world also international media and media from a lot of other countries reported on the 2010 WSES.. Below, the different pieces are listed.. Have fun reading, listening and viewing the pieces!.. TV.. SWR: BW aktuell 21.. 9.. 2010 (GER).. Radio.. Universitätsradio Tübingen 26.. SWR2 (GER).. Deutschlandfunk (GER).. Print.. Schwäbisches Tagblatt: announcement  ...   BNE-Portal (GER).. Sourcews Deutschland (GER).. The Stern Opportunity (New York University, Stern School of Business), by 2010 WSES delegate Greg Napolitano (EN).. Our Press Releases.. First 2010 WSES Press Release: The 2010 WSES in general (GER).. First 2010 WSES Press Release: The 2010 WSES in general (EN).. First 2010 WSES Press Release: The 2010 WSES in general (JP).. Second 2010 WSES Press Release: The Closing Ceremony (GER).. Third 2010 WSES Press Release: The Political Proposal and the meeting in the Federal Ministry for the Environment (GER)..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Specials of the WSES 2010
    Descriptive info: Like at the summits before, students from all over the world will meet at the 2010 WSES in Tuebingen.. They will gain inspiration from invited experts in politics, business, academia and civil society.. During workshops they will discuss environmental issues to come up with potential solutions.. But there will also be some new aspects and a few specialties at the WSES 2010 that we shortly want to introduce to you in the following:.. Topics.. The Summit in Tuebingen will focus on social, political and economic aspects of environmental issues.. Each day one of the following four topics will be addressed in detail:.. Future Energy Supply.. Sustainable Economy.. Consumption Patterns.. Education for Sustainable Development.. Structure.. Delegates will be split into three subgroups: politics, economy and civil society.. This represents the major players of world affairs.. Delegates will choose one of these groups prior to the summit and are asked to stick with it during the whole summit.. Groups will discuss daily topics among each other, for example in role plays.. First, they shall understand the way their interest group thinks and by what or whom it is influenced.. Second, the focus lies on developing strategies how to convince this group to act in a more environmental friendly way.. On the first day of the summit each group will be briefed by an expert in the respective field.. This provides a basis for well founded discussions and outcomes for each group.. Proposals.. There will be two proposals and one synopsis report of the 2010 WSES..  ...   sponsors and other interested people.. Writing session.. first proposal.. and the.. will be written after the summit by the organizers of the 2010 WSES, WSEN members from Japan and Canada and interested delegates of the 2010 Summit.. Delegates who want to be part of the writer’s team can apply for that prior to the summit.. They will have the opportunity to stay a few days longer in Tuebingen (1 day free-time and 4 days of writing).. All writers are going on a trip to Berlin to pass the proposal to Mrs.. Heinen-Esser, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Minister of Environment, Germany.. Carbon offset.. We will conduct a visible carbon offset project in Tuebingen which will be held in cooperation between the city of Tuebingen, the University and participating students.. Green space from the city will be used to create a vegetable garden maintained by students.. You think what is special? The soil is fertilized with biochar – a natural material to enhance growth and store a lot more carbon.. Research is carried out by the faculty of biology and geology of the University of Tuebingen to explore the great potentials of this new technology for enhancing the carbon storage capacity of soil.. The carbon offset project will be a great contribution to the mitigation of climate change in the long run.. Documentation.. To make knowledge accessible to the broad audience, most of the slides, lecture videos, final reports, photos and specific assignments are published.. All links can be found on the Result page..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Speakers
    Descriptive info: Speakers of the 2010 WSES.. We are very proud that the following people from science, politics, economy and civil society will give a keynote speech or input during the 2010 WSES!.. Below we provide some biographical information about them as well as an abstract of their speech (if available).. After the Summit, we will also provide the video-recorded speeches on our website, so you will not miss anything of these very interesting, innovative and inspiring inputs!.. The speakers are listed chronologically:.. Prof.. Dr.. Lennart Olsson.. Lili Fuhr.. Lenelis Kruse-Graumann.. Angelina Hermanns.. Martin Jänicke.. PD Dr.. Frank Uekötter.. Thomas Weiss.. Arnulf Dinkel.. Fred Steward.. Ralf Dunker.. Nicolaus Dahmen.. Rainer Baake.. Giles Hutchins.. Gabriel Chan.. Annika Schudak.. Irmgard Schultz.. Daniel Fischer.. Thomas Potthast.. Alejandro Esguerra.. Lena Keul.. Winfried Hermann.. Bill McKibben.. Title of Speech:.. “An overview of our self-made environmental problems and their impacts on society, politics and economy”.. Biographical Information:.. Professor at Lund university (Sweden) and Director of LUCSUS Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies.. „A Climate of Justice? The Equity Dimensions of Global Climate Politics“.. Head of the Ecology and Sustainable Development Department at the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Germany.. Introduction to Education for Sustainable Development and its impact on higher education”.. Professor for Psychology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany and Vice-Chair of the German National Committee of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.. Civil Society Groups and their political influence.. Freelance journalist in Brussels and Consultant and Media adviser for NGOs, Civil Society Groups and Non Profit Organisations.. Abstract:.. Abstract Hermanns.. Policy as Innovation.. Professor for comparative politics, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, scientific author and senior policy  ...   Chemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).. Abstract Dahmen.. 100% renewable What else?.. Federal whip of the German Environmental Aid Association (Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.. V.. ) and former state secretary in the German federal ministry of environment.. Business shaped by nature – ecological thinking for radical transformation.. Global Director and Head of Sustainability Solutions for Atos Origin.. Abstract Hutchins.. Energy Economics and Innovation.. Public Policy Ph.. D.. student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.. Abstract Chan.. Impacts of Consumption, Consumer Responsibility and ‘Sustainable Consumption’ as a Solution.. Researcher and PhD studies at the imug institute (Institute for market, environment and society).. Abstract Schudak.. Brochure The Sustainable Shopping Basket :.. Brochure The Sustainable Shopping Basket.. Politics and Consumption.. Senior researcher and co-founder of the Institute for Social-Ecological Research (ISOE) in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.. Abstract Schultz.. Contributions of Educational Measures to the Promotion of Sustainable Consumption among Youths and Young Adults.. Member of Institute for Environmental Sustainability Communication (INFU) Leuphana University Lüneburg.. Abstract Fischer.. Doing ESD at Universities – Methodological, Epistemological and Ethical Dimensions.. Scientific Coordinator at the International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW) at the University of Tübingen.. Title of Workshop:.. Facts, Facts, Facts: The Making of Knowledge for Sustainable Development.. PhD.. Candidate at the Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies.. Leaving the old paths of economic education.. Lena Keul is working at the University of Nürtingen in the section of ESD.. Abstract Keul.. Possibilities of Influence for a Sustainable Development.. Member of Parliament for the German Green Party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen.. Videomessage about:.. How Social Engagement Can Change the World.. Author and Environmentalist, founder of the organization 350.. org..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Responsibility
    Descriptive info: The Summit takes responsibility.. WSEN Tübingen is considering sustainability as a multidimensional term of justice, whose requirements must be met by the summit.. Therefore, responsible acting is the core of compliance efforts for accomplishment of the WSES.. To ensure a low-emission journey of the participants, short-haul flights will be relinquished entirely in favour of rail traffic.. However, long-haul flights for students from other continents are inevitable.. The emissions resulting from these will be compensated by offset-projects.. All necessary print products will be printed on  ...   The meals are to consist from regional and organic food mainly, meaning that they stand out due to transportation routes and organic cultivation methods.. Emphasis is laid on a balanced gender ratio in participating students as well as in guest speakers.. Beyond that, WSEN Tübingen does not want social differences to influence possibilities to participate in the WSES.. For this reason, a fund for financing travel expenses will be created, which will enable participation independently of the financial means of students or their universities..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Travel Information
    Descriptive info: The arrival and departure place have changed to Reutlingen (train station) due to a better transfer to the accomodation.. We ask you now to travel to Reutlingen and not to Tübingen.. An explanation why and what to do if you already booked the transportation to and from Tübingen can be found in.. this forum thread.. Visa and passport.. Please remember to apply for your visa in time or check if you need one! Those who need a visa for Germany will receive an official invitation letter in German that they can hand over to the German embassy in their country.. This letter will be sent to the contact person at your university via air mail soon so it may take a few weeks.. Please also make sure that you have a valid passport.. Trip by airplane:.. The best destination with the shortest distance to Reutlingen/Tübingen is Airport Stuttgart (45 min to Reutlingen) by shuttle bus.. (schedule for Monday,.. schedule for Sunday.. ).. We will have staff on September 20 at Airport Stuttgart to help you with directions to the shuttle bus.. If flights to Stuttgart are not available or too expensive, fly to Frankfurt or Munich (3-4h  ...   airport in Germany you can travel directly to “Reutlingen Bahnhof” via Stuttgart.. We were not able to get the train tickets sponsored.. Please book them yourself.. Link to the German train service.. If you want to check on available train connections you can look it up on the website of the “Deutsche Bahn” (German train service).. They have a multilingual website available for example in French and Spanish.. As a help, we already inserted Reutlingen and the respective dates and times in the search query for you:.. Arrival in Tübingen at 4pm on 20.. 09.. 2010.. Departure from Reutlingen at 12am on 26.. (.. Departure from Tübingen at 3am on 26.. You should plan to arrive at the train station in Reutlingen at the latest at 4 p.. m.. , either via shuttle bus from Stuttgart airport or by train on September 20.. From there on we will organize your further transport to the Summit’s accommodation.. So please let us know when you are arriving as soon as you know.. Please arrange individual arrival by yourself, if you plan to arrive before September 20.. Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any difficulties (.. forum..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Location
    Descriptive info: The Location.. The summit will take place in two locations:.. A: Tübingen (Location for opening and closing ceremony).. (B: Reutlingen (Location for arrival and departure)).. C:.. Sonnenmatte.. (Location of the hostel and the main conference rooms).. Big Map.. Tübingen.. 80.. 000 inhabitants.. main university: Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen.. (25.. 000 students, founded 1477, public university).. located in the German state Baden-Württemberg (capital: Stuttgart).. traditionally located in Swabia.. traditional food: Spätzle, Bretzel, Knödel, Schupfnudeln.. Webcam of Tübingen.. (page must be manually refreshed every minute for a new picture)..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Summit history
    Descriptive info: Exchanging ideas on an international level.. In 2008, students of the Doshisha University in Kyoto organized the first World Student Environmental Summit (WSES) in Japan in the run-up to the G8-Summit.. With profound conviction that ecological challenges of our time can only be accomplished together, the 70 participants founded the International Student Environmental Network (ISEN), since spring 2010 called the World Student Environmental Network (WSEN).. The WSEN is a platform which allows active students of all branches of studies as well as local university initiatives to cross-link worldwide.. It is providing them a common, audible voice.. The annual environmental summit WSES is the network’s most important instrument.. The focal point of the first Summit in 2008 (11 participating universities) was on innovative technologies for mitigation of climate change, worldwide plans of action for sustainable development and environmental problems..  ...   as Mukesh Kapila, Special Deputy of the International Red Cross, were supporting the Summit with their speeches.. In addition to the exchange of ideas, the main focus is on the formulation of a position paper to the respective topic.. This paper will be handed over to decision-makers in politics and at universities.. Thereby, the postulations will be considered in international rounds of negotiations like the UN climate conferences COP or the G8-summit.. In 2008, the results were handed over to the Japanese minister of environment (.. download pdf.. ), in 2009 to a Canadian deputy and to the Danish minister of energy and environment in the context of the Conference of the Parties (.. Further information can be found at the following websites:.. World Student Environmental Network.. World Student Environmental Summit 2008 (Kyoto).. World Student Environmental Summit 2009 (Victoria)..

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  • Title: World Student Environmental Summit 2010 | Exchanging Ideas
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