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  • Title: 2001:Exhibit
    Descriptive info: .. 2OO1:Exhibit.. The new 2001: A Space Odyssey Exhibit is under development and will be released very shortly.. Follow my tweets for daily updates:.. Tweets by @ModOdyssey.. Visit other affiliated websites:.. 2001: Destination Space.. |.. The 2001 Chronicles.. Space:1999 Exhibition.. The Official Gary Lockwood Website.. 2001 HAL's Legacy:.. 2001's computer as dream and reality.. Home.. |.. About Us.. Contact Us.. | Copyright 1999-2013 by 2001:Exhibit..

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  • Title: 2001:Exhibit: About Us
    Descriptive info: About 2001:Exhibit.. The website was launched in December of 1999 after the successful run of the first ever.. 2001.. exhibition at the San Mateo Public Library in California.. The success led to a more elaborate exhibition at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California called "2001:Destination Space" in 2001.. This exhibit featured rare collector's items, actual props loaned by private collectors, the artwork of space artist Robert T.. McCall, and interactive computer comparisons between the technologies postulated in Stanley Kubrick's classic film and  ...   the website to expand on the movie, novel and sequels, and feature collectibles and memorabilia, articles, technologies and the extraterrestrial connection to TMA-1 as envisioned by Clarke and Kubrick.. No film has ever had such an impact on a sociological and metaphysical level, to our connection to the cosmos.. Unlike the library and Tech exhibits, 2001:Exhibit is a place you can immerse yourself in art, science, and the unknown.. If you want to subscribe to this website for future site/show updates, sign up here:.. Name:.. Email:..

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  • Title: 2001:Exhibit - contact Us
    Descriptive info: If you have any inquiries or suggestions:.. Message:..

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