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  • Title: 24 ways: web design and development articles and tutorials for advent
    Descriptive info: .. Jump to content.. Year.. 1999.. 2000.. 2001.. 2002.. 2003.. 2004.. 2005.. 2006.. 2007.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. 2014.. 2015.. 2016.. 2017.. 2018.. 2019.. 2020.. 2021.. 2022.. Day.. 24.. 23.. 22.. 21.. 20.. 19.. 18.. 17.. 16.. 15.. 14.. 13.. 12.. 11.. 10.. 09.. 08.. 07.. 06.. 05.. 04.. 03.. 02.. 01.. 24 ways.. to impress your friends.. Home.. Archives.. Authors.. RSS.. Twitter.. 24.. 12/2012.. Science!.. Jon Tan.. opens the final door on the web advent calendar to reveal the glittering star of research evidence shining its light on design decisions.. Merry Christmas!.. Impress your friends with.. your fact-based design decisions.. 23.. Monkey Business.. Andy Clarke.. unpicks issues of cost and value, specifically when clients question our prices.. It can be uncomfortable, but there s always wiggle room.. Bear left? Monkey right.. your business sense.. 22.. Unwrapping the Wii U Browser.. Anna Debenham.. harnesses the console browser huskies to the sled of web design and races off into the deeply forested landscape, leaving in her wake only an in-depth analysis of the new Wii U and its internet capabilities.. your second screen savvy.. 21.. Infinite Canvas: Moving Beyond the Page.. Nathan Peretic.. weighs the page refresh in the balance and finds it wanting wanting to be brought up to date, that is, with some future.. CSS.. sparkle.. your in-page off-screen transitions.. 20.. Content Planning Demystified.. Erin Kissane.. sets off hopefully into the broad open plains of the new year, vanquishing gooey and chaotic content with a refreshing dose of clear-headed strategy to prevent your post-Christmas content hangover.. your long-term content goals.. 19.. Direction, Distance and Destinations.. Brian Suda.. packs his compass and map (well, his smartphone) to guide us all home for Christmas.. And there ll be one jolly fellow who ll find this little web app useful on that annual 24-hour world trip.. your keen sense of direction.. 18.. Giving Content Priority with CSS3 Grid Layout.. Rachel Andrew.. unwraps the CSS3 grid layout module and sets out how its new properties can break the ties between source order and layout, and rescue us from the quaking ground of floats.. Support is limited to IE10 right now, but Christmas and New Year are times for looking forward to the future.. your well-ordered content.. 17.. Cut Copy Paste.. Brendan Dawes.. raids his Christmas stocking early and shares some interesting and useful code snippets for you to grab, remix and combine into new things for 2013.. your rough and ready mixology.. 16.. How to Make Your Site Look Half-Decent in Half an Hour.. Anna Powell-Smith.. stirs the silver sixpence of design into the Christmas pudding of web development with some shortcuts and advice to help improve the skills of programmers intimidated by visual design.. your quick  ...   animations and transitions that show your developing product at its best.. your interactive prototypes.. 9.. Should We Be Reactive?.. Dan Donald.. conjures up the ghost of.. Christmas.. the Web.. Yet To Come through the possibilities offered by the contextual data available to us from web-enabled devices.. your meaningful contexts.. 8.. Giving CSS Animations and Transitions Their Place.. Val Head.. marshals overexcited.. transitions and animations, which are like naughty children elbowing their way out of the presentation layer and into the behaviour grotto to get at the goodies before Christmas.. Santa will be pleased!.. your very best behaviour.. 7.. Think First, Code Later.. Stephen Fulljames.. places the reindeers of thought before the sleigh of action, encouraging coders everywhere to plan ahead when implementing JavaScript libraries.. your minimum viable planning.. 6.. Flashless Animation.. Rachel Nabors.. brings together the web s three Magi.. HTML.. ,.. and JavaScript to create seamless, soundtracked animations in the browser.. your keyframes this Christmas.. 5.. Responsive Responsive Design.. Tim Kadlec.. broadens the scope of responsive web design to include bandwidth and hardware capabilities.. Images too big? Another JS library? It s time to work off the seasonal weight gain from your responsive website.. your responsive performance.. 4.. Colour Accessibility.. Geri Coady.. extends goodwill to all with some insights about colour and how it impacts everyone using our sites and apps.. Full of practical tips and tools, this gift keeps on giving.. your Christmas colours for all.. 3.. Being Prepared To Contribute.. Trent Walton.. celebrates the collaborative.. DNA.. of the web community.. We make the web better when we work together, and we should seek out ways of contributing for the greater good.. A little bit like Christmas, really.. your caring and sharing.. 2.. Starting Your Project on the Right Foot (and Keeping It There).. Bethany Heck.. slips warming cloves and spices into the web designer s mulled wine by sharing some of the methods she uses to encourage and maintain creative success in new projects.. your strategies for success.. 1.. HTML5 Video Bumpers.. Drew McLellan.. invites you to pull up to the 2012 24 ways bumper, baby, with an neat JavaScript solution to an HTML5 video branding problem.. And that was 24 ways bumper not Christmas jumper.. He has enough of those already.. your dynamic video bumpers.. About 24 ways.. 24 ways.. is the advent calendar for web geeks.. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.. is brought to you by.. Perch CMS.. Produced by.. and.. Owen Gregory.. Design delivered by.. Made by Elephant.. Possible only with the help and dedication of.. our authors.. Hosting by.. Memset.. Dedicated Servers.. Grab our.. RSS feed.. or follow us on.. or.. Facebook..

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  • Title: 24 ways: 2005
    Descriptive info: 12/2005.. Have Your DOM and Script It Too.. Shaun Inman.. concludes our series by detailing a technique for executing JavaScript returned by an Ajax call.. without.. using.. eval().. Remember kids, Christmas Eve is when Ajax comes calling, so leave out some sherry and mince pies.. Tonight we feast.. your non-eval() arbitrary JavaScript parsing.. Edit-in-Place with Ajax.. follows on from Day 1 s simple Ajax tutorial by taking the next steps and building a Flickr-style text edit-in-place system.. Crank your Ajax dial up to 11 and get stuck in.. Ding dong!.. your magic ajax editing.. Debugging CSS with the DOM Inspector.. Jon Hicks.. demonstrates how to use the Firefox.. DOM.. Inspector to debug problems in your.. It may not be the ideal time of year for.. seek and destroy.. missions, but I d be prepared to overlook that.. It s the season of goodwill, after all.. your CSS debugging fu.. Swooshy Curly Quotes Without Images.. Simon Collison.. questions the use of quote-mark images for the aesthetic styling of blockquotes.. In doing so, he demonstrates a method of achieving the same purely with.. A worthy thing in my estimation.. your swooshy curly quotes.. Naughty or Nice? CSS Background Images.. Derek Featherstone.. considers the difference between decorative and informational graphics and how each is best approached, particularly with regard to accessibility.. Make sure you know what you re doing next time you decide to deck the halls.. your meaningful decorations.. Tables with Style.. Jonathan Snook.. investigates combining a full range of table elements and.. to create more attractive data tables.. Forget about decorating the dinner table for a week, and get styling those data tables.. your stylish table decorations.. Introducing UDASSS!.. Dustin Diaz.. introduces a technique for server-side style sheet switching without reloading the page.. Using Ajax, the Unobtrusive Degradable Ajax Style Sheet Switcher combines the convenience of client-side switching with the robustness of processing at the server.. your surreptitious style sheet switching.. Avoiding CSS Hacks for Internet Explorer.. Kimberly Blessing.. examines some common hacks used to deliver specific.. rules to the stylistically-challenged Internet Explorer.. With the forthcoming arrival of IE7, unchecked hacks could really knock the stuffing out of your turkey, so let us guide your sleigh tonight.. your hack-free CSS.. "Z's not dead baby, Z's not dead".. dusts off the.. z-index.. property to take control of the depth of his positioned elements.. Why not try it out for yourself and see how it all stacks up.. Santa s not the only thing in your stack this Christmas.. Erm ok, I m outta puns.. your amazing stack.. Splintered Striper.. Patrick H.. Lauke.. concocts a rather handy little JavaScript function to help you stripe your tables, lists, bathroom, you name it..  ...   attributes.. Auto-Selecting Navigation.. takes a quick look at a simple method of styling navigation so that the correct item shows selected on each page.. It s a really simple idea, but extremely effective, and quite a time-saver to boot.. your labour-free smart navigation.. Putting the World into "World Wide Web".. Molly E.. Holzschlag.. explores the many issues surrounding the internationalization and localization of both web design and site content.. As a W3C invited expert for internationalization,.. and.. an International Woman of Mystery, she knows what she s talking about in anyone s language.. your wont for internationalization.. Centered Tabs with CSS.. Ethan Marcotte.. delves headlong into the sticky issue of centered, list-based tab navigation with remarkable verve and compelling results.. Snuggle up by the fire with a hot toddy and a moist companion, for today s tip is freshly ironed for sir s pleasure.. your centered tabbiness.. Don't be eval().. Simon Willison.. gets down and dirty with JavaScript and explains why caution should be exercised in use of the.. function.. It may be the season of good will and all, but we can t have our caution getting all flabby now, can we?.. your responsible coding style.. Practical Microformats with hCard.. takes a practical look at the hCard microformat and how easily it can be added to existing markup.. He then stops talking about himself in the third person to convince the crowd that it s not just all hype.. Baby.. your semantic richness.. DOM Scripting Your Way to Better Blockquotes.. Jeremy Keith.. is a man of many words most of them stolen.. Thanks to this nifty technique for enhancing the display of block quotes, at least you ll know where he got them from.. But don t quote me on that.. your knack for happy quoting.. CSS Layout Starting Points.. discusses an approach to rapid and reliable.. development.. Save hours of layout work and testing on your next.. build time that could be better spent roasting chestnuts or baiting children.. your rapid CSS development techniques.. Improving Form Accessibility with DOM Scripting.. Ian Lloyd.. looks at how.. Scripting can help out with an uncomfortable accessibility issue.. Form field labels can be tricky to implement in some cases, but with a little ingenuity Ian demonstrates how a balance can be struck.. your fully inclusive flair.. An Explanation of Ems.. Richard Rutter.. offers an insight into that oft-misunderstood unit of measure; the em.. Do you know your ems from your elbow? Dazzle your dinner guests with scintillating silver talk of.. your typographical finesse.. Easy Ajax with Prototype.. talks us through how to get going with some quick and easy Ajax using the freely available Prototype JavaScript library.. your 1337 Ajax sk1llz..

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  • Title: 24 ways: 2006
    Descriptive info: 12/2006.. Gravity-Defying Page Corners.. Dan Cederholm.. is a skillful designer who s attention to pixels could ne er be finer.. He brings technique for good boys and girls of how to create nice graphical curls.. So on the night before Christmas all through your house, get your page curling by stirring your mouse.. your subtle reusable page curls.. Cheating Color.. Jason Santa Maria.. continues our mini series looking at colour as he trips the light fantastic with your corporate brand guidelines.. When is a colour not a colour? Read on and find out why old Saint Nic s collars don t match his cuffs.. your carefully crafted colour selections.. Photographic Palettes.. Dave Shea.. casts a critical eye over the process of choosing a colour palette in particular, techniques for picking tones from a photograph.. As Santa found one foggy Christmas eve, choice of colour can be absolutely critical to success.. your perfectly picked palettes.. A Scripting Carol.. contemplates the effects that the lack of.. or JavaScript may have on your scripts.. Let the spirits of Christmas past, present and future guide you so that your scripts needn t give up the ghost in the face of adversity.. your fail-safe unobtrusive scripting.. Intricate Fluid Layouts in Three Easy Steps.. Nate Koechley.. demonstrates how the compact and powerful.. YUI.. Grids stylesheet can be used to conjure up all manner of layouts from the simple to the complex.. Take it easy over the festive period, and let the.. Grids do all the hard work for you.. your freely flowing flexible layouts.. The Mobile Web, Simplified.. Cameron Moll.. eases us into the idea of developing for the mobile web with four quick tips to get you started.. Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane someone has a mobile device and they re trying to get to your content.. Hark!.. your four-point mobile library.. Boost Your Hyperlink Power.. appraises the humble hyperlink and highlights some of the more interesting, and perhaps lesser-known attributes that can be used to enrich the semantic value of your links.. Consider it something to mull over whilst you polish off that gingerbread.. your liberally lavish links.. Knockout Type - Thin Is Always In.. reveals a powerful method for keeping light-on-dark text looking lean, mean and fighting clean.. Stay looking trim this Christmas with tantalising tree-topping typography trick from the internets Mr Cool himself.. your luxurious light-footed type.. Fast and Simple Usability Testing.. Natalie Downe.. describes a simple approach to usability testing for those of us working to tight timescales or budgets.. That d be nearly all of us then.. Learn how to make the most of your available user testing time, and perhaps this year you ll not end up quizzing auntie as she stuffs her face with turkey.. your schedule-friendly user testing.. A Message To You, Rudy - CSS Production Notes.. details an approach for embedding production notes inside your document a useful aid to project management and team communications throughout the development phases of any project..  ...   over the holidays, couldn t we auntie.. Pass the gravy.. your responsible technique.. Marking Up a Tag Cloud.. Mark Norman Francis.. looks at the increasingly ubiquitous tag cloud, and specifically how it can be marked up in.. It s evidentially not a clear-cut issue, as everyone does it differently.. What we need is some kind of markup junkie to weigh in with his suggested method.. Oh, wait.. your accessible, semantic tag clouds.. Random Lines Made With Mesh.. Veerle Pieters.. saves us from the code (the incessant code!) with a dazzling design technique using Illustrator s.. Mesh.. feature.. Coders take note! You can make something really pretty by just following a few basic steps.. Will wonders.. cease?.. your random feats of design prowess.. Making XML Beautiful Again: Introducing Client-Side XSL.. Ian Forrester.. gives an introduction to using.. XML.. s forgotten child,.. XSL.. , as a client-side transformation language.. Like a warming wooly scarf against the biting winter wind, Ian shows how.. can be used to take the edge of even the ugliest.. documents to make them beautiful again.. Thou shalt find the winter s rage freeze thy blood less coldly.. your festive transformations.. Hide And Seek in The Head.. Peter-Paul Koch.. continues our focus on JavaScript and Accessibility by demonstrating how fall-back.. elements can be convincingly hidden when their functionality is to be replaced by Ajax.. A viable alternative to what could be considered to be flashing your underwear at your users.. No one wants that.. your non-flashing interfaces.. Accessible Dynamic Links.. Mike Davies.. kicks off a mini-series on Accessibility and JavaScript by considering a number of techniques for hiding links, yet keeping them accessible.. And when I say hiding links, I don t mean hiding your links to seedy underworld of organised crime, no sir.. Moving swiftly along.. your accessible linky treats.. Rounded Corner Boxes the CSS3 Way.. explores the thorny issue of adding rounded corners to boxes, this time looking at what solutions lie waiting for us with CSS3.. Consider it a little like feeling the presents under a Christmas tree you know what s there, you just can t quite have it yet.. cutting edge curvy cornerings.. Flickr Photos On Demand with getFlickr.. Christian Heilmann.. frolics with Flickr and provides a super simple way of using photos on your site without the need for server-side scripts or the full.. API.. Want to bore the internets with pictures of your cat? Well now you can, without even touching the server, Gran.. your on demand Flickriness.. Faster Development with CSS Constants.. delves into the world of.. generation and looks at some.. techniques that will prevent you from tearing your hair out as well giving you more time to shop for a hat to cover the bald patches.. your speedy style sheet stylings.. Tasty Text Trimmer.. examines a method of enabling users to control their interface with a dynamic text trimmer, similar to that found in Safari.. Feeling bloated? Lose some weight at the touch of a button.. your festive trimmings..

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  • Title: 24 ways: 2007
    Descriptive info: 12/2007.. Performance On A Shoe String.. rounds off our series with a look at the challenges facing a site that needs to cope with occasional peaks in traffic without spending out on high-performance hosting that s not needed for the majority of the time.. Come behind the scenes at 24 ways and see how we keep the site online through the month of December each year.. Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!.. your peak performance.. A Gift Idea For Your Users: Respect, Yo.. Brian Oberkirch.. gives a little respect back to his users, and suggests some way in which you might be able to do the same.. Like a plate full of brussel sprouts, your users deserve a little respect, you can t just rush in there.. Not that I consider my users to be in any way like stupid old brussel sprouts.. Oh no.. What a mess.. your well respected users.. How Media Studies Can Massage Your Message.. discusses the importance of the medium to the message, and how a better understanding of the theory and just technique can help in developing our craft.. After all, a piece of chocolate is a piece of chocolate.. But press it into a coin and wrap it in golden foil, and that s Christmas right there people.. your well-rooted craft.. Mobile 2.. 0.. Brian Fling.. offers his insight into the state of the mobile web as we hurtle towards 2008.. Just as Web 2.. 0 taught us to rethink our assumptions about the web, Mobile 2.. 0 looks to do the same.. There s a little something to mull over as you munch your mince pies and move onto bottle of Sherry 2.. your on-the-go goodness.. Diagnostic Styling.. Eric Meyer.. describes a technique for using.. as a diagnostic tool for finding potential problems or issues within a page.. Going beyond the styling for the delivery of a site, the use of.. as an author-time development tool holds many possibilities.. Now if only there was a selector to show me which presents I ve forgotten to buy this year.. your crazy diagnostic stylings.. Christmas Is In The AIR.. introduces us to the world of Adobe.. AIR.. and talks us through using standard web technologies such as.. and JavaScript to build a run-anywhere desktop application.. I used to think I could run anywhere, but after sprinting through the town centre naked, the antisocial behaviour order has rather put a stop to all that.. your web-enabled desktop apps.. Keeping JavaScript Dependencies At Bay.. delves into the world of JavaScript application dependencies with a smart technique to help manage the loading of parts of your application as and when needed.. Just as Santa only loads the presents he needs for each trip into his sleigh, keep your loading lean and the reindeer will thank you.. your smart dependency loading.. Increase Your Font Stacks With Font Matrix.. delivers us an early Christmas present in the form of Font Matrix, a table detailing available fonts across Windows and Mac operating system versions and with different versions of common software packages installed.. Need to know how widely your font of choice is available? Just look it up.. This, my friends, is the future right here.. your well stacked fonts.. Get In Shape.. considers the impact of shape and balance on design, and  ...   consumption each year it goes on my tax return.. If you like your stats visual, let s see how it s done.. your gloriously cheerful charts.. 10 Ways To Get Design Approval.. Paul Boag.. shares his tips for smoothing the path between design brief and sign-off.. Like cooking Christmas dinner, it s all the in the preparation.. And like a good figgy pudding, your designs will go down best with custard.. your sure-fire sign-offs.. Back To The Future of Print.. sets the presses rolling with an in-depth look at the state of print stylesheets in 2007.. Often neglected by developers but much loved by the user, the simple print stylesheet can really add that finishing touch to even the best site designs.. So get this down you.. your printed glory.. JavaScript Internationalisation.. Matthew Somerville.. takes us behind the scenes with a peek at how reindeer tackle internationalisation issues client-side.. A tongue-in-cheek article with a serious message and a practical method for approaching internationalisation within JavaScript.. Howzat?.. your internationally regarded prowess.. Typesetting Tables.. Mark Boulton.. revisits the.. data table for a quick look at how legibility and communication of complex data can be helped through careful typesetting.. Everyone likes a neat table at Christmas, especially Aunty.. You wouldn t want to upset Aunty now, would you?.. your beautifully set tables.. Minification: A Christmas Diet.. Gareth Rushgrove.. runs us through some of the useful tools available to help minify code and images to increase web site performance.. No need to feel slow and bloated this yuletide; get your site in shape without breaking so much as a sweat.. your Christmas trimmings.. My Other Christmas Present Is a Definition List.. leaves no stone unturned in the quest for better markup.. Today s target is the humble, yet oft-abused definition list.. Help the suffering stop this Christmas.. With your help, the definition list can rebuild its life and learn to be happy again.. We re counting on you.. your well defined lists.. Capturing Caps Lock.. Stuart Langridge.. ponders that if a desktop application can warn us when Caps Lock is on, why not on the web too? Avoid unsightly login errors with this handy JavaScript technique, offering the opportunity to warn users that they have Caps Lock on when entering their password.. You don t have to tell me twice.. your MORE USABLE LOGIN FOrms.. The Neverending (Background Image) Story.. Elliot Jay Stocks.. demonstrates how, with careful selection, an image can be manipulated so that it can repeat for as long as necessary.. Like a 30lb turkey, just when you think it s gone, there s always a little bit more.. your gift that keeps on giving.. Get To Grips with Slippy Maps.. Andrew Turner.. helps us take our first steps into neogeography by creating interactive, draggable maps using the Mapstraction library.. So if you re aiming to mash-up more than swede and carrots over the holidays, or simply need to plan an effective pub-crawl there should be something here to get your chestnuts roasting.. your sticky slippy maps.. Transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer 6.. kicks off our 2007 festive season by revisiting the thorny issue of support for alpha channel.. PNG.. s in Internet Explorer 6.. Why not be charitable and lend a helping hand to those poor IE6 users? They could use some Christmas cheer.. your heavenly halo-free graphics..

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  • Title: 24 ways: 2008
    Descriptive info: 12/2008.. Recession Tips For Web Designers.. Jeffrey Zeldman.. rounds of our 2008 season with some hard-earned advice for web designers and developers to take into 2009.. As the economic climate gets tougher and budgets get cut, our skills need to extend to staying in work, not just completing work won.. your recession resilience.. Contract Killer.. rides into town to remind us of the importance of having a proper contract in place between those providing a service (usually us) and our clients commissioning the work.. Projects that don t run to plan are a fact of life, so make sure you re prepared.. your killer contracts.. Absolute Columns.. Dan Rubin.. pops down the chimney to deliver a neat little.. gift that, in certain circumstances, could be just the trick needed to obtain those matched height columns so often desired.. Whilst no technique is perfect for every situation, the more sharp tools we have in our.. toolbox the better.. your beautifully balanced columns.. Geotag Everywhere with Fire Eagle.. Ben Ward.. walks us through the process of building a small client-side application using the Fire Eagle.. Yahoo s Fire Eagle is a service for disseminating details of your location physical location to other services on the web.. Ben shows us how such a thing can be made useful.. your geo-enabled applications.. Ghosts On The Internet.. Gavin Bell.. takes some time to consider date-based content and how we publish it on the web.. We re generating more digital content than ever, and the date and time of creation is an increasingly useful metric.. But how do we publish that in a way that remains useful for us now and the generations to come?.. your dating prowess.. Moo'y Christmas.. mooves us up a gear with a look at using the Moo.. for print-on-demand services.. No web application is an island, so well written.. s can be a great way to hook into specialist services with the very minimum of effort.. With a few simple steps, print can be one of those services.. your perfect prints.. Shiny Happy Buttons.. John Allsopp.. has a shining example of what can be done to customise the look of.. buttons without resorting to images.. Custom button styles are a frequent request, but the use of images can heavily restrict the implementation.. Avoid those pitfalls by sticking to pure.. your shiny happy buttons.. A Festive Type Folly.. upholds the good British tradition of building follies and talks us through the process of creating one such on the web using only.. Follies themselves are just for enjoyment.. However, there s always interesting things to be learned when we venture out and have some fun.. your tip top type.. What Your Turkey Can Teach You About Project Management.. Meri Williams.. sets our stomachs rumbling with a festive look at making sure our projects stay on track with some simple and effective project management techniques.. Most web work is undertaken as some kind of project, so use these tips to make sure you re not working late on Christmas Eve.. your smooth running projects.. Making Modular  ...   out.. your stateful boxes and arrows.. A Christmas hCard From Me To You.. steps us through publishing a set of contact details using the hCard microformat.. Once the basics are in place follow along as we add some sparkle with the aid of CSS3 web fonts, text-shadow, border-radius and first-child selectors.. your fancypants contacts.. Charm Clients, Win Pitches.. Marcus Lillington.. has some ideas to pitch to help you to win more of the jobs worth winning.. From deciding how to market your services, through to writing a proposal and eventually attending a pitch, let Marcus take you by the hand and walk you through the process.. your perfect pitches.. The IE6 Equation.. does the maths and presents an interesting equation to help you to decide when to put the effort into providing support for Internet Explorer 6, and when to fall back on pre-existing shortcuts.. Browser support is always a tricky business, so why not roll in some complex algebra too?.. your mathematical precision.. How To Create Rockband'ism.. Henriette Weber.. argues that there s no more time for business as usual.. Instead it s time to turn your company into a rockband and take it on tour.. It s Sunday, so kick back with some tea and toast, put the newspaper to one side and ponder something a little different.. your rockstar status.. Using Google App Engine as Your Own Content Delivery Network.. Matt Riggott.. demonstrates how to use Google App Engine as a.. CDN.. for serving your site s images,.. and JavaScript files from a location close to your users.. Find out how using this free service from Google could be just the performance kick your site needs.. your cost-effective content delivery.. Art Directing with Looking Room.. borrows some techniques from photographic composition to give an insight into how art direction can be conducted on the web.. Learn how we can begin to bridge the gap between template-driven pages and content that really communicates.. your forays into art direction.. Sitewide Search On A Shoe String.. introduces a handy build your own search web service from Yahoo that enables ordinary developers to harness Yahoo s search technology for their own sites and web applications.. Roll your sleeves up and get ready for some code.. your low-effort super search.. User Styling.. takes a peek at using.. to apply custom user styles to change the appearance of sites within your own browser.. Put your existing knowledge of.. to good use to make your own browsing experience more pleasant and productive.. your mad styles, innit.. Geometric Background Patterns.. gets up close and personal with geometric patterns and presents us with a handy Photoshop technique for slicing and dicing seamless tiles.. Keep your repeating geometric patterns deep and crisp and even with these simple steps.. your pixel-perfect patterns.. Easing The Path from Design to Development.. sets our 2008 series rolling with some practical tips for helping a project smoothly transition from the design to the development phase.. Consider it a designer s preflight check list to ease you into the festive season.. your smooth design hand-overs..

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  • Title: 24 ways: 2009
    Descriptive info: 12/2009.. Make Your Mockup in Markup.. Meagan Fisher.. tackles the issue of designing in the browser head on by looking at some of the practicalities of ditching Photoshop and setting your foundations markup.. Sorry Photoshop, it s not me, it s you.. your browser-based beginnings.. Ignorance Is Bliss.. shares a case study highlighting the benefits of progressively enhanced web design.. Ever wondered how to convince your clients to let you use cutting edge web techniques? It may be simpler than you think.. your happy clients.. Real Fonts and Rendering: The New Elephant in the Room.. steps back and takes a long hard look at the issue of cross-platform web font rendering quality.. It can feel like Christmas morning with the array of font options available but are we opening Pandora s box?.. your well-considered caution.. Make Out Like a Bandit.. Jina Bolton.. encourages us to stop and take stock and make sure that we re getting the most out of all the work we re putting in.. Does your work make you happy, and if not, how do we change things for the better?.. your enjoyment of work.. Cleaner Code with CSS3 Selectors.. illustrates how, as more modern browsers come online, CSS3 selectors can be used to get some of the junk out of our front and back-end code, and how JavaScript can be used to provide a fall back for older browsers.. your lean clean markup.. Spruce It Up.. picks up our theme of font embedding with some ideas on how to reduce font download sizes and load time to lessen the impact of the Flash Of Unstyled Text.. The less flashing the better, if you ask me.. your featherweight fonts.. A Pet Project is For Life, Not Just for Christmas.. thinks you should have a pet project on the go, and dammit if he s not about to tell you why.. Of course, this very site is a pet project which is.. explicitly.. just for Christmas, but we re prepared to overlook that.. As you were.. your bit on the side.. The Web Is Your CMS.. uses the Yahoo! Query Language to assert that we already have a content management system in the form of the web.. YQL.. unifies interfaces and combines requests to make working with.. s much easier.. your easy API access.. Designing For The Switch.. uncovers some ugly truths about font embedding on the web, but being the nice chap that he is, doesn t leave without teaching us all how we can overcome them through careful typeface selection.. your carefully chosen font stacks.. CSS Animations.. continues our advanced.. theme by introducing what can be done in Webkit browsers when things start to  ...   how not to fall into the trap of churning out another identical web design.. your inspirational design.. Don't Lose Your :focus.. returns our focus to accessibility, and in particular to styling sites to be usable by visitors browsing with something other than a mouse.. All this, whilst still maintaining aesthetic appeal.. your razor-sharp focus.. The Construction of Instruction.. Relly Annett-Baker.. turns our minds to the oft-neglected subject of website copy, and how the small things you say can have a big impact on your customers, revenues, fame, fortune and luck with the opposite sex.. your dazzling microcopy.. Type-Inspired Interfaces.. Dan Mall.. shows us one technique to combat blank-page syndrome by demonstrating how design inspiration can be taken from the typefaces we use.. So put down your pencils, reach for your composing stick and let the type do the talking.. your lettering-led labours.. Front-End Code Reusability with CSS and JavaScript.. Trevor Morris.. runs us through how JavaScript can be designed to take its configuration directly from your markup.. Using the model of a jQuery plugin, learn how adding a simple class name can control how your code functions.. your reusable code.. HTML5: Tool of Satan, or Yule of Santa?.. Bruce Lawson.. takes us a little further down the rabbit hole of HTML5.. This week we ve seen a glimpse of some of the great stuff coming, but how much of it can we start using right away? Luckily we have Bruce on hand to explain.. your production-ready HTML5.. What makes a website successful? It might not be what you expect!.. challenges us to think about what makes our sites successful, which has interesting implications on how resources are spent.. I once asked my aunt what makes her Christmas pud successful, and when I found out I never ate there again.. your successful websites.. Have a Field Day with HTML5 Forms.. Inayaili de León.. introduces some of the new form field types available in HTML5, and then goes on to look at some more advanced CSS3 techniques which can be used to keep your forms looking sharp and ship shape.. your fields of dreams.. Breaking Out The Edges of The Browser.. Remy Sharp.. takes us by the hand and guides us through our first steps into the web applications side HTML5 with a look at web storage and offline applications.. You ll need a nice modern browser and some Kendal Mint Cake.. your cunning offline endeavours.. Working With RGBA Colour.. kicks off our 2009 season with a look at some of the tools CSS3 provides for applying levels of transparency to colour values, enabling you to avoid weighing down a site design with heavy.. images.. your voguish hints and hues..

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  • Title: 24 ways: 2010
    Descriptive info: 12/2010.. Calculating Color Contrast.. ponders some techniques for maintaining correct color contrast whilst still offering your users the ability to customise their own color scheme.. So put your slippers on, kick back with a sherry and let the algorithms do the work.. your carefully calculated contrast.. Circles of Confusion.. whittles his early photographic experience into an innovative approach to deciding what matters most in a user s experience of a visual design capture and order what needs to remain consistent, and share the process (and the port and stilton) with clients.. your acceptable unsharpness.. Everything You Wanted To Know About Gradients (And a Few Things You Didn’t).. explains the theory and practice of.. gradients, separates the duelling syntaxes and wields a mean color-stop.. No longer will gradients confound, baffle or frustrate.. Just leave the rainbows to the unicorns.. your subtle shading.. A Contentmas Epiphany.. extends this year s daily December dose of web goodness to encompass the Twelve Days of Christmas, all leading towards an epiphany of delight in your content.. Whip your content into shape for the New Year! And watch out for a strategically placed tea tray….. your spangly, refreshed content.. Put Yourself in a Corner.. mines her dissipated youth for ways of coping with procrastination and distractions, and gives us some advice for dealing with those times when concentrating on the task at hand is difficult.. Just in time for your new year resolutions, perhaps?.. your ability to focus.. Sketching to Communicate.. Paul Annett.. illustrates the benefits of sketching to convey and record ideas for wireframes and other project objectives, with some useful techniques to raise your scribble from doodle to diagram.. The reverse side of all that wrapping paper should become tempting….. your skillful sketching.. Speed Up Your Site with Delayed Content.. Paul Hammond.. injects some pace into page rendering with a nifty idea to allow the most important content to take precedence over your site s more decorative baubles.. What s Christmas without the anticipation?.. your delayed gratification.. Designing for iOS: Life Beyond Media Queries.. Sarah Parmenter.. reminds us that visual design for iOS devices involves more than just a smattering of.. media queries.. With a few extra steps, you can make your iPhone site work harder and put yourself in Santa s good books.. your attention to mobile details.. The Articulate Web Designer of Tomorrow.. transmutes established design vocabularies and principles into new patterns and methods for modern web design.. By immersing ourselves in the language and uses of visual design, we can speak and think more eloquently about what we do.. Even after a schooner of sherry.. your enquiring mind.. Real Animation Using JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 Video.. breathes life into web standards-based animation.. By striving for more  ...   tips on getting the most out of Photoshop as a web design environment.. Until Santa delivers the perfect web design application, boost your productivity with these gift-wrapped techniques.. your well-tuned design workflow.. Extreme Design.. Hannah Donovan.. recounts her recent retreat (with twelve other web geeks) to /dev/fort to think up, build and finish something without readily available internet access.. Usually there s only one kind of cold turkey suitable around Christmas, but it paid dividends for the project s outcome.. your agile teamwork.. “Probably, Maybe, No”: The State of HTML5 Audio.. Scott Schiller.. sounds out the possibilities of HTML5 audio, listening carefully to arguments about competing formats and the quirks in current implementations.. When will we hear the sleigh bells in the snow on your website?.. your festive.. selections.. Golden Spirals.. Drew Neil.. spins himself like a Christmas top to bring us.. spirals, with a golden proportioned twist.. Throw in some.. RGBA.. transparency and you ll soon be throwing shapes at the office party.. your decorative spiral effects.. Wrapping Things Nicely with HTML5 Local Storage.. unwraps local storage, one of HTML5 s very useful new features.. Speed up web services and cache frequently accessed data or even an application s whole interface local storage isn t just for Christmas.. your local storage solutions.. Beyond Web Mechanics – Creating Meaningful Web Design.. encourages designers to look past accepted patterns of website functionality to create meaningful experiences for users.. Ditch the cookie cutter and start communicating your site s real message.. your meaningful design aesthetic.. Go Forth and Make Awesomeness.. Leslie Jensen-Inman.. delves into doing good: Tis the season to embrace your inner superhero, set core values, and use the web to make a positive mark on the world.. Get out your Underoos and capes—we re going on an adventure.. your superpowers to use the web for good.. My CSS Wish List.. shares her Christmas.. wish list with us: from adjusting alternative font sizes to flexible box layouts, Santa s little helpers will be kept very busy finding it all.. And what s on your list this year?.. your seasonal wishes for CSS.. Using the WebFont Loader to Make Browsers Behave the Same.. expands our horizons with a guide to using the WebFont Loader.. Whether you re happy with a.. FOUT.. (in Firefox and Opera) or want to eliminate it (like Safari, Chrome and IE), Richard shows us how to avoid inconsistent user experiences.. your mastery of web font loading.. Finding Your Way with Static Maps.. opens our 2010 season by revisiting the way we implement maps to cater for all types of visitors.. Should we be building all-or-nothing solutions when it comes to mapping, or can progressive enhancement play its part here, too?.. your robust map implementations..

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  • Title: 24 ways: 2011
    Descriptive info: 12/2011.. Crafting the Front-end.. Ben Bodien.. fosters seasonal goodwill with his sparkling vision of web workers as dedicated craftspeople: understanding and sharpening the tools of our trade; appreciating the challenges, nuances and responsibilities of our craft; and instinctively knowing when something just works.. Hope and joy for the new year!.. your webcraft apprenticeship.. There’s No Formula for Great Designs.. re-examines the formula used to convert static to fluid grids, and describes how he adapts it within his own custom grids to maintain connectedness in designs across devices.. Like great design, there s a perfect Christmas out there somewhere, but there s no formula for it.. your fluid connectedness.. From Side Project to Not So Side Project.. meditates on the success of 8 Faces and the delicate balance of passion and profitability that he strives for.. New years can inspire new adventures: is it time to set out on yours?.. your passionate projects.. Taming Complexity.. wonders why we sometimes sacrifice powerful complexity in the name of empty simplicity.. To create engaging experiences with loyal communities we should embrace and tame complexity.. Easier than Christmas with your in-laws, surely?.. your complexity complex.. Raising the Bar on Mobile.. Scott Jehl.. unties the ribbon on his cross-browser method of clearing away the address bar from small mobile screens to make more room for your design.. So clear a space under the tree and on your phone for more Christmas pixels.. your address bar toggling.. Going Both Ways.. saddles up to take us on a whirlwind tour of the world of bidirectional documents.. What s left to write about internationalisation? you may ask.. Allow Jonathan, if you will, to offer you some festive words of direction.. your change in direction.. Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics.. Matt Curry.. demystifies some of the more complex and powerful reporting functions of Google Analytics from page goals to event tracking and beyond into custom reports and multichannel attribution.. With the mounting stress of Christmas, we all need a bit of analysis.. your flair for web statistics.. Designing for Perfection.. Greg Wood.. confesses to student kitchen rage and abandons his pursuit of that goal perfection impossible in our agile, fast-moving, rapidly iterating milieu.. The perfect Christmas dinner, however, remains a worthwhile ambition.. your appropriate embrace of imperfection.. CSS3 Patterns, Explained.. Lea Verou.. unlocks the mysteries of.. background gradients and investigates how they can be used more creatively to replace images.. You ll soon rather be throwing shapes at work than the Christmas party dance floor.. your CSS pattern recognition.. Extracting the Content.. , everyone s friendly Alien Overlord, powers up the Humongous Mechanoid of Content to wreak carefully planned strategic Christmas on your web projects.. And this time  ...   designerly self-awareness.. Context First: Web Strategy in Four Handy Ws.. Alex Morris.. flips open his well-thumbed journalist s notebook to approach web projects through four powerful lines of enquiry that can set your product s strategy on the right track.. Winter? Wonderland? Wellies? Stop right there.. Wassail? Oh, dear.. your questioning mind.. Composing the New Canon: Music, Harmony, Proportion.. raises his baton and conducts an extended exploration of some simple musical principles and their relevance to modern web design practice.. TL;DR? It don t mean a thing if it ain t got that Yuletide swing.. your antiphonal geometry.. Adaptive Images for Responsive Designs… Again.. Jake Archibald.. scratches the responsive images itch with a client-side riposte to Matt Wilcox s.. server-side solution.. Christmas is all about giving and receiving, after all.. your server- and client-side equipoise.. Front-end Style Guides.. spruces up your workflow by surveying the snow-strewn field of web style guides, and explaining how to tie them up nicely with a bow for the benefit of you, your faithful team of developer huskies, and your ever-loving clients.. your guidelines that keep on giving.. Defending the Perimeter Against Web Widgets.. Rich Thornett.. lowers the portcullis and raises the drawbridge to fend off downtime caused by third-party widgets on your site.. So let in light and banish shade this Christmas with some robust defensive scripting.. your fail-safe widget wrangling.. Collaborative Development for a Responsively Designed Web.. unfurls his seraph wings to proclaim peace on Earth and the importance of goodwill between designers and developers.. It s not the office Secret Santa that unites them, but constant contact and shared appreciation of different skills.. your mutual understanding.. Adaptive Images for Responsive Designs.. Matt Wilcox.. regales us with an in-depth explanation of his Adaptive Images technique, showing how we can serve an appropriate size of image to web devices without altering our.. img.. markup.. Secret magic and bottled pixie dreams? Almost.. your on-the-fly image rescaling.. Subliminal User Experience.. Chris Sealey.. sweats the sometimes imperceptible details of user experience by looking closely at some finer points of interface design.. At Christmas, it s decorations and mistletoe that should be left hanging, not the user.. your attention to unconscious detail.. Conditional Loading for Responsive Designs.. loads up his sleigh this year with a nifty mobile-first approach that responds to onscreen conditions.. So, no matter the size of your Christmas stocking, there s something the right size to fill it.. Creating Custom Font Stacks with Unicode-Range.. dazzles us with the creative typographic possibilities of.. unicode-range.. , a little-used property of.. @font-face.. declarations.. More than just a unloved bauble on the.. Christmas tree,.. can extend a site s typography in useful and eye-catching ways.. your Unicode code points..

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  • Title: 24 ways: Science!
    Descriptive info: by.. Article.. 4.. comments.. Sometimes we want to capture people s attention at a glance to communicate something fast.. At other times we want to have the interface fade away into the background, letting people paint pictures in their minds with our words (if you ll forgive a little flowery festive flourish).. I tend to distinguish between these two broad objectives as designing for impact on the one hand, and designing for immersion on the other.. What defines them is interruption.. Impact needs an attention-grabbing interruption.. Immersion requires us to remove interruption from the interface.. Careful design.. deliberately.. interrupts but doesn t.. accidentally.. disrupt.. If that seems to make sense to you, then you ll find the following snippets of science as useful as I did.. Saccades and fixations.. As you re reading this your eyes are skipping along the lines in tiny jumps.. During each jump everything is blurred.. Each jump ends in a small pause so your brain can take a snapshot of the letters.. It arranges them into words, and then parses out the meaning — fast — in around a quarter of a second.. The jumps are called saccades.. The pauses are called fixations.. Sometimes we take regressive saccades, skipping back to reread.. There s a simple example in the excellent little book,.. Detail in Typography.. , by Jost Hochuli.. If you want to explore the science of reading in much more depth, I recommend the excellent paper,.. The Science of Word Recognition.. , by Dr Kevin Larson of Microsoft.. To design for legibility and readability is to design for saccades and fixations.. It’s the craft of making it easy for people s brains to extract meaning, using techniques like good contrast, font size, spacing and structure, and only interrupting the reading experience deliberately.. Scan paths.. At some point when visiting 24 ways you probably scanned the screen to get orientated.. The journey your eyes took is known as a scan path.. Scan paths are made up of saccades and fixations.. Right now you’re following a scan path as you read, along one line, and down to the next.. This is a map of the.. scan paths found by Olivier Le Meur.. from observing people looking at Rembrandt’s.. Leçon d anatomie.. :.. For websites, the scan path is a little different.. This is an aggregate scan path of Google from.. LC Technologies.. The average shape of a website scan path becomes clearer in this average scan path taken by forty-six people during research by the.. Poynter Institute.. , the.. Estlow Center for Journalism New Media.. , and.. Eyetools.. Just like when we read text arranged left to right in a vertical column, scan paths follow a roughly Z-shaped pattern from the top left to bottom right.. Sometimes we skip back to reread a word or sentence, or glance again at a specific element, but the Z-shaped scan path persists.. Designing for scan paths is to organise content to help people move through an interface to get orientated, and to read.. The elements that are important enough to need impact must interrupt the scan path and clearly call attention to themselves.. However, they don t always need to clip people round the ear from multiple directions at once to get attention.. It helps to list elements by importance.. That gives us an interruption hierarchy to work with.. Elements can then interrupt the design with degrees of contrast to the rest of the content using either positioning, treatment, or both.. Ta-da! Impact achieved, but gently.. No clips round  ...   the study showed there is a positive, measurable, emotional and perceptual benefit to good typography and design.. To paraphrase: time and tasks fly when you re having fun!.. Source: Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands.. : Cheering man after the first goal, Netherlands vs.. Belgium, Amsterdam, 1931.. So, among all my talk of saccades, fixations, scan paths and typesetting, there is science, and the science helps us qualify our design decisions when we need to, and do our jobs better.. The science helps us understand how people will interact with our work, and what the actual benefits are for them, and the products or organisations we serve.. Good design equals a subjectively quicker experience, a good mood, objectively faster completion of tasks, and happiness for everyone.. Thank you, science!.. Like what you read?.. Tweet this article.. or.. Leave a comment.. Comments.. Comments are ordered by helpfulness, as indicated by you.. Help us pick out the gems and discourage asshattery by voting on notable comments.. Got something to add? You can.. leave a comment below.. 24/12/2012.. iamkeir.. http://iamkeir.. com.. Hey Jon Merry Xmas.. Enjoyed this read, I like explorative/conceptual bigger picture stuff like this.. It s refreshing food for thought.. Any idea how these concepts translate to other languages, particularly right-to-left reading? I wonder if it is as simple as a straight flip.. Best, Keir.. Vote.. Helpful.. Unhelpful.. Henk.. http://www.. condoomdokter.. It is a pity that your post is already the last one of the 2012 serie.. Nevertheless again a very interesting post.. Design is indeed very important and can control the eyes and clicks of your visitors on your website.. Most of the times the shapes of the design can guide your visitor better to the preferred call to action than colors (colors that want the attention of the visitor are most of the time perceived as screaming).. The use of subtle arrows in the design is a good way to do this.. Trever Santora.. https://twitter.. com/treversantora.. Thanks for the nutritious read, John.. I was up at Interlink, where you spoke about the affect type has on our mood.. I got to give you props for the Enter the Dragon quote, but shoot, I really wanted to tell you about this research paper: http://www.. sciencedirect.. com/science/article/pii/S001002771000226X.. Here we have two studies, in the lab and field, which show us hard-to-read typography increases retention rates by 14%.. We re talking Comic Sans.. Italicized.. Now, pardon my short exit, I ve got to catch up on a few Christmas letters written in — what else — Comic Sans.. Impress us.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Message.. Be friendly / use.. Textile.. About the author.. is a designer and typographer who co-founded the web fonts service,.. Fontdeck.. He’s a partner in.. Fictive Kin.. , where he works with friends making things like.. Brooklyn Beta.. Mapalong.. His addiction to web typography has led him to share snippets of type news via.. @t8y.. He also writes for publications like.. Typographica.. 8 Faces.. , speaks at international events like.. An Event Apart.. , and works with such organisations as the.. BBC.. Jon is based in.. Mild Bunch HQ.. , the co-working studio he started in Bristol, UK.. He can often be found wrestling with his two sons, losing, then celebrating the fact as.. @jontangerine.. on Twitter.. More information.. Related articles.. 24/12/2010 by.. 24/12/2006 by.. 23/12/2007 by.. 03/12/2011 by.. 22/12/2006 by.. 19/12/2010 by.. 16/12/2010 by.. 16/12/2007 by.. 16/12/2012 by.. 14/12/2007 by.. Article archives.. Brought to you by:.. The easiest way to publish.. fast, flexible HTML5.. websites your clients will love..

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  • Title: 24 ways: Monkey Business
    Descriptive info: 8.. Too expensive.. Over-priced.. A bit rich.. They all mean the same thing.. When you say that something s too expensive, you re doing much more than commenting on a price.. You re questioning the explicit or implicit value of a product or a service.. You re asking, Will I get out of it what you want me to pay for it? You re questioning the competency, judgement and possibly even integrity of the individual or company that gave you that price, even though you don t realise it.. You might not be saying it explicitly, but what you re implying is, Have you made a mistake? , Am I getting the best deal? , Are you being honest with me? , Could I get this cheaper?.. Finally, you re being dishonest, because deep down you know all too well that there s no such thing as too expensive.. Why?.. It doesn t matter what you re questioning the price of.. It could be a product, a service or the cost of an hour, day or week of someone s time.. Whatever you re buying, too expensive is always an excuse.. Saying it shifts acceptability of a price back to the person who gave it.. What you should say, but are too afraid to admit, is:.. It s more money than I.. wanted.. to pay.. It s more than I.. estimated.. it would cost.. It s more than I can.. afford.. Everyone who s given a price for a product or service will have been told at some point that it s too expensive.. It s never comfortable to hear that.. Thoughts come thick and fast: What do I do? How do I react? Do I really want the business? Am I prepared to negotiate? How much am I willing to compromise?.. It s easy to be defensive when someone questions a price, but before you react, stay calm and remember that if someone says what you re offering is too expensive, they re saying more about themselves and their situation than they are about your price.. Learn to read that situation and how to follow up with the right questions.. Imagine you ve quoted someone for a week of your time.. That s too expensive, they respond.. How should you handle that? Think about what they might otherwise be saying.. It s more money than I want to pay may mean that they don t understand the value of your service.. How could you respond?.. Start by asking what similar projects they ve worked on and the type of people they worked with.. Find out what they paid and what they got for their money, because it s possible what you offer is different from what they had before.. Ask if they saw a return on that previous investment.. Maybe their problem isn t with your headline price, but the value they think they ll receive.. Put the emphasis on value and shift the conversation to what they ll gain, rather than what they ll spend.. It s also possible they can t distinguish your service from those of your competitors, so now would be a great time to explain the differences.. Do you work faster? Explain how that could help them launch faster, get customers faster, make money faster.. Do you include more? Emphasise that, and how unique the experience of working with you will be.. It s more than I estimated it would cost could mean that your customer hasn t done their research properly.. You d never suggest that to them, of course, but you should ask how they ve arrived at their estimate.. Did they base it on work they ve purchased previously? How long ago was that? Does it come from comparable work or from a different sector?.. Help your customer by explaining how you arrived at your estimate.. Break down each element and while you re doing that, emphasise the parts of your process that you know will appeal to them.. If you know that they ve had difficulty with something in the past, explain how your approach will benefit them.. People almost always value a positive experience more than the money they ll save.. It s more than I can afford could mean they can t afford what you offer at all, but it could also mean they can t afford it right now or all at once.. So ask if they could afford what you re asking if they  ...   it, I hate being wrong!.. It had me thinking back to when clients have uttered these reactions to quotes and people around me have reacted negatively, sneering at the client, laughing at what their idea of a fair price is etc.. You know what, in my earlier days I did this also, but it never felt good, in fact I cringe thinking about it now.. With just a little twist on how to take a client s response and react to it can make all the difference in that sales process and client relationship and to me, that s as valuable a skill in this business as any design or development ones.. Wise words Mr.. Clarke.. 02/01/2013.. Paul Maitland.. Now this is a helpful article, and I will definitely be taking these points on board when dealing with clients in future.. I have always believed that it s a sound idea to educate the clients as much as possible, explaining the advantages compared to the cost.. The only downside is that some clients simply just can not see past the price tag.. There has been a number of occasions where, despite my best efforts to explain what they will be getting, they keep referring back to the price quoted on a budget site.. You can explain the technology,.. SEO.. benefits etc, but sometimes, its all just a matter of price with some people.. 07/01/2013.. Kenny McNett.. http://fittedwebdesign.. Great read, thank you!.. I m a relatively new small web shop owner and I work with low budget small businesses.. I wish they would just tell me their budget and I could tell them what I can deliver that will be best for them.. Do you recommend this approach? Any thoughts on what is the best way to get a hard number out of a potential client about what their budget really is?.. 10/01/2013.. Pieter Heineken.. http://localseven.. Spot on Andy.. More often than not when someone objects to a price its because there is a misunderstanding either on your end or theirs.. You ve done your homework, you know what price the market will bear, so any objections are in fact based on a failure in communication.. Rather than faulting either side the prudent thing to do is to ask some questions and find out where this misunderstanding is coming from.. The more effectively we communicate with our clients the happier both sides will be during all stages of the project.. 04/01/2013.. Stacey.. http://gotostudio7.. This is an issue that we run into every so often.. We send out quotes, that are rather reasonable for the services and quality that our company provides, most of the time client are fine with our prices.. But like I said every so often we have someone look at us speechless, and say that s just to much.. Carlo Rizzante.. http://carlorizzante.. Nice read, thanks.. I ve to admit that I ve hardly asked myself those three questions.. So, I should do, and see if I can improve my negotiation skill.. But I would also add that necessarily time invested in explaining a client the what and how is time well invested.. Some aren t just good clients and those ones better do not get them aboard.. Just move on.. John Macpherson.. johnmacpherson.. Nice little read on a Sunday morning.. I know this isn t what this article is about but preceeding giving them a hard quote / price giving them a ballpark figure or some indicator is a good idea.. Little point in making out a quote for 5k if there are looking to spend £500.. It wasn t that long ago i had someone balk at the price of 4 figures.. He was expecting a site for drum roll £50.. This was in a bar late at night mind you, but bewildering and amusing.. Looking forward to this monkey business, whatever it is.. [off to google].. ego likes words like ambassador for.. , industry prophet and inspiring , but he s most proud that Jeffrey Zeldman (the Godfather of web standards) once called him a triple talented bastard He runs.. Stuff and Nonsense.. , a small web design company that specialises in fashionably flexible websites.. Andy presents at web design conferences worldwide and he s the author of Transcending.. and the acclaimed.. Hardboiled Web Design.. He writes a popular blog and tweets as.. @malarkey.. Photo:.. 24/12/2008 by.. 23/12/2008 by.. 21/12/2010 by.. 16/12/2008 by.. 14/12/2012 by.. 12/12/2010 by.. 10/12/2007 by.. 09/12/2008 by.. 18/12/2011 by.. 04/12/2009 by..

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  • Title: 24 ways: Unwrapping the Wii U Browser
    Descriptive info: 5.. The Wii U was released on 18 November 2012 in the US, and 30 November in the UK.. It s the first.. eighth generation home console.. , the first mainstream second-screen device, and it has some really impressive browser specs.. Consoles are not just for games now: they re marketed as complete entertainment solutions.. Internet connectivity and browser functionality have gone from a nice-to-have feature in game consoles to a.. selling point.. In Nintendo s case, they see it as a challenge to design an experience that s better than browsing on a desktop.. Let s make a browser that users can use on a daily basis, something that can really handle everything we ve come to expect from a browser and do it more naturally.. Sasaki – Iwata Asks on Nintendo.. With.. 11% of people using console browsers to visit websites.. , it s important to consider these devices right from the start of projects.. Browsing the web on a TV or handheld console is a.. very different experience.. to browsing on a desktop or a mobile phone, and has many usability implications.. Console browser testing.. When I m testing a console browser, one of the first things I do is run.. Niels Leenheer s HTML5 test.. Lea Verou s CSS3 test.. I use these benchmarks as a rough comparison of the standards each browser supports.. In October, IE9 came out for the.. Xbox 360.. , scoring 120/500 in the HTML5 test and 32% in the CSS3 test.. PS Vita.. also had an update to its browser in recent weeks, jumping from 58/500 to 243/500 in the HTML5 test, and 32% to 55% in the CSS3 test.. Manufacturers have been stepping up their game, trying to make their browsing experiences better.. To give you an idea of how the Wii U currently compares to other devices, here are the test results of the other TV consoles I ve tested.. I ve written more in-depth notes on.. TV and portable console browsers.. separately.. Year of release.. HTML5 score.. CSS3 score.. Notes.. Wii U.. 258/500.. 48%.. Runs a Netfront browser (WebKit).. Wii.. 89/500.. Wouldn t run.. Runs an Opera browser.. PS3.. 68/500.. 38%.. 120/500.. 32%.. A browser for the Xbox (IE9) was only recently released in October 2012.. The Kinect provides voice and gesture support.. There s also SmartGlass, a second-screen app for platforms including Android and iOS.. Wii U browser.. is Nintendo s fifth attempt at a console browser.. Based on these tests, it s already looking promising.. Why console browsers used to suck.. It takes a lot of system memory to run a good browser, and the problem of older consoles is that they don t have much memory available.. The original Nintendo DS needs a.. memory expansion pack.. just to run the browser, because the 4MB it has on board isn t enough.. I noticed that even on newer devices, some sites fail to load because the system runs out of memory.. The Wii came out six years ago with an Opera browser.. Still being used today and with such low resources available, the latest browser features can t reasonably be supported.. There s also pressure to add features such as tabs, and enable gamers to use the browser while a game is paused.. Nintendo s browser team have the advantage of higher specs to play with on their new console (1GB of memory dedicated to games, 1GB for the system), which makes it easier to support the latest standards.. But it s still a challenge to fit everything in.. …even though we have more memory, the amount of memory we can use for the browser is limited compared to a PC, so we ve worked in ways that efficiently allocates the available memory per tab.. To work on this, the experience working on the browser for the Nintendo 3DS system under a limited memory constraint helped us greatly.. In the box.. The Wii U consists of a console unit which plugs into a TV (the first to support HD), and a wireless controller known as a gamepad.. The gamepad is a lot bigger than typical TV console controllers, and it has a touchscreen on the front.. The touchscreen is resistive, responding to pressure rather than electrical current.. It s intended to be used with a stylus (provided) but fingers can be used.. It might look a bit like one, but the gamepad.. isn t.. a portable console designed to be taken out like the PS Vita.. The gamepad can be used as a standalone screen with the TV switched off, as long as it s within range of the console unit – it basically piggybacks off it.. It s surprisingly lightweight for its size.. It has a wealth of detectors including 9-axis control.. Sensors wake the device from sleep when it s picked up.. There s also a camera on the front, and a headphone port and speakers, with audio coming through both the TV and the gamepad giving a surround sound feel.. Up to six tabs can be opened at once, and the browser can be used while games are paused.. There s a really nice little feature here – the current game s name is saved as a search option, so it s really quick to look up contextual content such as walk-throughs.. Controls.. Only one gamepad can be used to control the browser, but if there are Wiimotes connected, they can be used as pointers.. This doesn t let the user do anything except point (they each get a little hand icon with a number on it displayed on the screen), but it s interesting that multiple people can be interacting with a site at once.. See a bigger version.. The gamepad can also be used as a simple TV remote control, with basic functions such as bringing up the programme guide, adjusting volume and changing channel.. I  ...   files.. Preparing for console users.. I wasn t expecting to be quite as impressed as I am by this browser.. It s encouraging to see console makers investing time into improving the experience as well as the standards support.. In the same way there was an explosion in mobile browser use as the experience got better, I m sure we ll see the same with console browsers as the experience improves.. The value of detection.. Consoles offer a range of inputs including gesture, voice and controller buttons.. That means we have to think about more diverse methods of input than just touch and click.. This is where I could tell you to add some detection methods such as user agent string sniffing to target a different experience for console users.. But the majority of the time, that really isn t necessary.. TV console browsers are getting a lot better at compensating for the living room environment, and they re designed to work with websites that haven t been optimised for this context.. Rather than tighten our grip on optimising experiences for every device out there, we ve got to be pragmatic.. There are so many new devices coming out every week, our designs need to be future-proof rather than fixed to a particular device in time.. Even fuzzy device detection isn t reliable – the PS Vita declares itself to be mobile, a mobile device and a Kindle Fire tablet, while the two DS devices state they re neither mobile nor mobile phones nor tablets, but computers.. They re weird outliers, but they re still important devices to consider.. Thinking broadly about.. how our designs will be interacted with and viewed on a TV screen.. can help improve that experience for everyone.. This is about accessibility.. Considering how someone uses a site with a D-pad, we can improve the experience for keyboard users.. When we think about.. colour contrast.. and text legibility on TV screens, we can apply that for anyone who reads content on the web.. So why just offer this to the TV users?.. Playing with the browser.. …we want to prove to them through this Wii U Internet Browser that browsing itself can be an entertainment.. Although I m cautious about designing experiences for specific devices, it s fun to experiment with the technology available.. Nintendo have promised web developers access to the Wii U s buttons and sensors.. There s already.. some JavaScript documentation.. , and a.. demo.. for you to try.. If you re interested in making your own games, thanks to web standards, a lot of HTML5 games work already on the device.. Matt Hackett wrote up his experience.. of testing the game he built, and he talks about some of features the browser lacks.. There s certainly an incentive there for console manufacturers to improve their HTML5 support so more games can be played in their browser.. What excites me about consoles is that it s like looking at what might be available to us in future browsers.. As well as thinking about how our sites work on small screens,.. we should also consider big screens.. We re already figuring out how images should work at different screen widths and connection speeds, but we ve also got some interesting challenges ahead of us catering for.. second screen experiences.. 3D-enabled devices.. So, this Christmas, if you re huddled round the game console or a smart TV, give the browser in it a try.. 22/12/2012.. Ross Penman.. http://rosspenman.. It would be interesting to know whether or not the browser supported TV media queries.. Anna Debenham.. http://maban.. co.. uk.. Ross, that s a good point.. I ve just loaded up.. Jordan Moore s Palm Reader.. on the Wii U and that s telling me that the TV media type isn t active on the device.. Jason Grigsby talks about the lack of support for the TV media type in his presentations on TV browsers –.. see Brad Frost s notes.. – and he also mentions some of the reasons why they don t support it.. I wonder what the ideal thing would be on this device, because sites are displayed on a TV screen.. a small gamepad screen at the same time.. Perhaps the TV media query would make it possible to display different content on the TV and the gamepad, optimised for each device.. Having used the device, what are your thoughts on this? Is it important that the content looks the same on the gamepad and the TV screen.. If third-parties could harness the power that is currently used by the device s video player, it could lead to some interesting opportunities for user interfaces.. Tetsuo.. http://fointypinger.. A very nice write-up, particularly on some of the interesting idiosyncrasies and extra touches of the Wii U browser.. I know you mention that there should be incentive for improved HTML5 support for browser games, but it will be interesting to see if this actually happens.. Historically, Nintendo has done everything in its power to dissuade people from playing other companies games, and I believe it was Iwata himself once subtly expressed a dislike for web-based games too.. Thomas van Dijk.. wedesigner.. nl.. I bet this would be helpful for game related sites, as people probably visit those after they get stuck in a game.. On the 3DS for example you can simply pause your game and go to your browser, returning to your game after you ve found what you need to know.. I m not sure what other sites can expect a large amount of traffic from concoles though, but Nintendo s social network might drive the traffic up a bit.. is a freelance.. front-end developer.. living in Brighton in the UK.. She likes the seagulls, except when they steal her bagels.. Recently she s been testing as many.. game console browsers.. as she can get her hands on.. 08/12/2008 by..

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