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  • Title: HOPE - Protecting Our Environment and Democracy Using Science, Law, Education & Advocacy
    Descriptive info: .. `.. Helping Our Peninsula's Environment.. (HOPE website in English.. Espanol,.. Deutsch,.. Francais,.. Italiano,.. Japanese.. and others)..

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  • Title: HOPE - The group which stopped "Dirty Harry" and "The Terminator." Protecting Our Environment & Democracy Using Science, Law, Education & Advocacy
    Descriptive info: Bringing You HOPE.. -.. The group which stopped ".. Dirty Harry.. " and ".. The Terminator.. ".. Clint Eastwood tried to destroy thousands of trees in an imperiled forest for a golf course.. and.. Gov Schwarzenegger aerially sprayed our Monterey Bay cities with secret untested pesticides.. HOPE lead both winning battles.. Founded in 1998,.. due to overwhelming public support.. , HOPE is known for, and dedicated to, protecting our natural.. environment.. and providing genuine.. democracy.. on.. California's Greater Monterey Peninsula.. by providing world class vision, advocacy, and public education in environmental science and law, and public participation.. HOPE works on many dozens of issues a year.. and wins at least half of them (107 wins in 2000).. (HOPE website in.. Espanol,.. Deutsch,.. Francais,.. Italiano,.. Japanese.. State of Our Peninsula's Environment 2013.. News -.. New Web-Log (Blog).. Water: Right-Sized Solution.. Aerial Pesticide Spraying of Cities.. ,.. Local.. National.. Weather..  ...   Education.. Ecosystem Walks.. HOPE Projects.. HOPE Itself -.. Successes History.. Expertise.. Organization (Mission, Volunteer, Join, Donate).. HOPE participates in more governmental meetings than any other Monterey County non-profit.. HOPE s website shows up as number 1 in many Google Searches and is Monterey County s largest environment and democracy website with more than 350 pages.. Feedback -.. 831 / 624-6500 P.. O.. Box 1495, Carmel, CA 93921.. All contents of this website including the design, which are not otherwise copyrighted, are Copyright 2001-2011 Helping Our Peninsula's Environment (except for legal and scientific citations, offsite links or writings by specific authors).. All rights are reserved worldwide.. Dial-up access donated by :.. Or.. Search the whole Web with IxQuick.. (You are reading our.. Home.. page which was last updated Jan 15, 2011.. There are at least 390 more pages on this site, many of which may be more recently updated.. )..

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  • Title: HOPE - HOPE Website In Other Languages
    Descriptive info: HOPE Website in other Languages.. Argentinian.. Australian.. Brazilian.. Canadian.. Chinese.. Deutsch.. British.. Espanol.. Francais.. Irish.. Italiano.. New Zealand.. Portugese.. Russian.. Scottish.. Not yet working --.. Arabic.. Jive.. Nepalese.. Norsk.. Swensk.. Feedback - HOPEinfo(at)1Hope.. org.. Search.. HOPE's Website:.. powered by.. FreeFind.. This Page Last Updated June 21, 2005..

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  • Title: HOPE - Protecting Our Environment and Democracy Using Science, Law, Education & Advocacy
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  • Title: HOPE - Victories, History, & Report Cards
    Descriptive info: Victories, History, Report Cards.. "Not only can you beat City Hall - regularly, you can have a whole lot of fun with wonderful people while winning.. David Dilworth.. Recent Victories.. History.. 17 Achievements in 2008 (so far).. 41 Achievements in 2007.. 49 Achievements in 2006.. 2005 Achievements.. 2004 Achievements.. 90 Local Victories in 2003.. 92 Local Victories in 2002.. 91 Local Victories in 2001.. 107 Local Victories in 2000.. Heros.. Awards.. *.. Win Fish Ranch / Palo Corona Ranch -.. The spectacular 10,000 acre Fish Ranch / Palo Corona Ranch was purchased for $37 million so it can be a Regional or State Park.. The breathtaking land is the huge ridgetop on your  ...   streams with Endangered Species Act listed steelhead and California red-legged frogs.. Please Thank Assemblyman Fred Keeley for putting the two successful Billion bond bills on our ballot.. And thank your Regional Park District Directors and General Manage Joe Donofrio for putting in 5 million dollars.. Hatton Canyon is a Park.. After a 50 year battle the Carmel Freeway is finally dead.. PEN Newsletters Alerts.. The gigantic Carmel Valley Dam is Dead (but Cal-Am still refuses to withdraw its application).. PEN 2001 Radio Shows.. Bush Agrees to List 29 of our most Imperiled Species.. CoastWatcher Newsletters (Reports on Coastal Commission meetings by Mark Massara).. Feedback - Info(at)1hope.. org.. This Page Last Updated October 17, 2007..

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  • Title: HOPE -Pebble Beach Co.- Clint Eastwood's Billion Dollar Bonehead Idea? or just Greed Unlimited?
    Descriptive info: Billion Dollar Bonehead Idea? - Clint Eastwood's Pebble Beach Company - or just Greed Unlimited?.. ".. We are not developers!.. -Pebble Beach Company head Peter Ueberroth to.. our Coastal Commission March 2004 -.. HOPE's 2005 Whopper Award Winner.. Pebble Beach Co.. "Stewardship" Equipment Bulldozing 5.. th.. Gate Through Endangered Species Habitat, March 1989.. "T.. here is reason to doubt the authenticity of the Pebble Beach Company's version of any 'story.. '".. - Jake Tapper, Salon, Jan 2003.. (Dec 15, 2009) Pebble Beach Company Abandons Forest Golf Course proposal and agrees to genuinely protect 635 acres of healthy native Monterey pine forest ecosystem (good start) --.. in exchange for support for 90 more mansions, a new 100 room hotel at Spyglass Hill, a huge new parking lot and major expansion of existing hotels.. (June 13, 2007) WE WIN !!! Calif.. Coastal Commission votes 8-4 to reject Pebble Beach Co.. ’s rezoning effort.. Fifteen year long battle over forest vs.. golf course seemingly over.. Supervisor Dave Potter shows his real face – Quarterback for the forest destruction by Clint Eastwood and Pebble Beach Company.. HOPE Sues Supervisors over Illegal PBC Project Approval (April 12, 2005).. The Lawsuit Itself (100k PDF file).. Coastal Commission Appeal Filed by HOPE, March 17, 2005.. Project Approved By Monterey County Supervisors 5-0 on March 15, 2005, even though they admit it is illegal.. Pebble Beach Overdevelopment - Yet another Golf Course, Subdivisions Hotel Expansion (by the Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach).. Supervisor Dave Potter - Pebble Beach Company's Elected Advocate.. Coastal Commission Warns County they will be Violating laws if they Approve Pebble Beach Co.. 's project (Feb 28,2005).. Coastal Commission Tries to Halt Pebble Beach Company Train Wreck (Dec.. 22, 2004).. Monterey Pine Forest Overview.. Magical, Misty, Mystery Monterey Pine Forest, by Vienna Merritt-Moore.. California Resource Protection Agencies Blast Pebble Beach Project.. Offsite Golf Course Alternative Would Not Harm Forest, Water Supply or Imperiled Species.. "I Object" Letter on The Pebble Beach Comp Project.. Coast Weekly Article Oct 30, 2003.. Calif.. Tree Cutting Penal Code 384.. 5(a).. Pebble Beach Company, controlled by billionaire Clint Eastwood and Peter Ueberroth, has three (3) active applications with Monterey County to build.. two more golf courses (one of which would destroy.. the irreplaceable Jeffers' Forest.. ).. , hundreds of mansions and expand their hotels.. Any one of these three projects would be the largest single development ever on the Monterey Peninsula.. Contrary to popular belief,.. Pebble Beach Company's 1992 Application to turn Jeffers' Forest into a golf course.. has.. not.. been cancelled or withdrawn.. It is still alive and could be revived at any moment.. Each of these projects requires destroying our.. extremely rare, natural Monterey pine forest ecosystem.. It would also put further substantial strain on our highly overpumped Carmel River worsening the highly imperiled situation of the.. Steelhead.. Red-legged frogs.. This massively destructive proposal has ignited international concern.. Among others, New Zealand's Minister of Forestry has officially written with their concerns about the proposed damage to vital genetic biodiversity of our ecologically valuable and imperiled Monterey pine forest.. The original Environmental Impact Report (EIR) stated the project would cause ".. Significant and unavoidable impacts to hundreds of acres of Monterey Pine forest and associated wildlife habitat.. ", the loss of ".. 57,000 trees or more.. ", and ".. Endangerment To The Monterey Pine Species Itself.. The Monterey pine was declared an endangered species.. by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Division in 1986; and independently by California Native Plant Society in 1994.. When a forest is threatened with extinction - you do not cut down the best remaining square mile of it - as Pebble Beach Company wants.. "If the.. Lone Cypress.. Company [which owned Pebble Beach Co..  ...   for approval of the Spanish Bay Resort Golf Course, which now barely hosts several imperiled (.. listed) flowers.. Perhaps the most brazen was a bald-faced comment by Peter Ueberroth to the Coastal Commission in March 2004.. With a straight face he declared ".. We are not developers.. " He even said it a second time for emphasis.. Apparently destruction of imperiled forest to build a golf course, mansions and hotels is not development in Mr.. Ueberroth's profit-focused mind.. On April 14, 1994 a.. Federal Jury found Pebble Beach Company President Tom Oliver guilty of Bank Fraud,.. but.. Judge James Ware (the Federal Judge caught lying).. threw out the conviction claiming the jury wasn't smart enough to make that decision.. Similarly, In December 1992, a decade after approval of their Spanish Bay Golf Course and Resort a.. County Supervisor, Bill Peters, was named in an indictment by a Federal Grand Jury for taking money for his favorable vote on the project.. The indictment stated.. "to secure Peter's favorable vote on the application of the Pebble Beach Co.. To develop oceanfront properties in Monterey County known as 'Spanish Bay.. '".. Peters never went to jail or even to trial.. The subject just mysteriously disappeared.. Wetland Harm.. In 1999 Pebble Beach Company tried to destroy wetlands (and imperiled flowers) to expand their driving range.. Year after year they have "accidentally" destroyed wetland plants in the Huckleberry Hill Restoration area.. Their "wetland surveys" have "overlooked" wetlands that would interfere with their golf course and mansion plans.. They have paid "experts" to dispute the definition of wetlands so that they could build over wetlands.. Hiding Pesticide Use.. From the article "Poisoned Fairways" by Jake Tapper, Salon Jan 2003 --.. "Still, Pebble Beach Company officials refuse to tell me the amounts of pesticides they use.. 'We don't have a volumetric amount,' Huesgen insists, though he has the exact numbers at his fingertips for less controversial fertilizers.. (He is much more forthcoming when asked if Pebble Beach uses methyl bromide.. 'No,' he says.. 'Definitely not.. Absolutely not.. ')".. Habitat Harm.. Pebble Beach Company has been aggressively fighting the.. Endangered Species (ESA).. listings of Monterey pine, the Hickman's Onion flower and.. Yadon's Rein Orchid.. ,.. and the Critical Habitat designation of the two flowers.. Their underpaid landscaping staff regularly 'weed-whack" orchids; Yadon's rein orchids protected with.. criminal.. penalties by our Federal Endangered Species Act.. In 1985 in exchange for their Spanish Bay resort and Golf Course approval Pebble Beach Company was.. required to.. close and dig up a road.. in Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA) by the California Coastal Commission.. As of Feb 2005 (.. 19 years later.. ) they have not yet lifted a spoonful of dirt.. In fact.. Pebble Beach Company has increased the road's use with daily mining trucks.. and highway access for major golf tournaments.. Not incidentally, their huge Golf Tournaments draw.. hundreds of thousands.. of people - yet they have never had to prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for these events.. Even the Pope had to prepare an EIR for his 1986 visit.. Pebble Beach Company's persistently environmentally hostile attitude is an outrage to anyone who actually cares about protecting our little remaining.. Monterey pine forest ecosystem,.. restoring our formerly beautiful and healthy.. Carmel River.. or protecting our Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and its.. rare sea otters.. from pesticide runoff.. If Pebble Beach Company are "stewards" of the landscape they paid for,.. why do they fight every effort to protect the imperiled,.. IMPERILED.. animals, trees and flowers?.. ________.. Final EIR.. Draft Environmental Impact Report).. Pebble Beach Company - Fake Water.. Measure A - The phony "Save the Forest for Clint" ballot Measure.. Projects Page.. This Page Last Updated May 6, 2009..

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  • Title: HOPE - Gov. Schwarzenegger & Pres. Bush Aerially Spraying Untested, Secret Pesticides on Children of Monterey Bay for LBA Moth, 2007-2008
    Descriptive info: (c) Copyright 2007-2009 HOPE.. Illegal and Unscientific Aerial Spraying of Untested, Secret Pesticides on Children and Cities of Monterey Peninsula and Santa Cruz by Gov.. Schwarzenegger's CDFA Pres.. Bush's USDA - 2007-2009.. En Espanol.. Why is this Man Holding His Breath?.. Overview Opinion.. News.. Illness Symptom Forms.. Donations.. Vital Facts.. Health Environment.. References.. Legal Issues.. How You can Help.. The Good,.. the Bad,.. and the.. Worthless.. Who's Protecting Us ( Who Isn't).. Documents.. OverView.. In 2007 the Bush Administration's.. Agriculture Dept (USDA) and APHIS.. agency created a scientifically unjustified program to aerially spray.. untested, unwanted.. Pesticides.. on the California cities of (and wild habitats neighboring) Monterey and its Bay, Santa Cruz, Alameda, San Jose and San Francisco.. This program is to "eradicate".. an innocuous Australian moth (the Light Brown Apple Moth, or LBAM).. which has lived in California for.. at least.. "several years" and hasn't caused a single dollar's worth of harm - none.. This is partially because the moth does not kill anything; it doesn't even defoliate trees or plants.. The USDA then had the US-EPA give overnight approval for.. California's Dept.. of Food Agriculture (CDFA).. to conduct an.. experimental.. program to aerially spray cities with a new "Checkmate" Pesticide based on synthetic pheromones - every month until 2010 - but.. without ever testing the pesticide for harm or effectiveness.. USDA then gave CDFA some $90 million dollars to conduct the spraying.. CDFA then illegally crop dusted our Monterey Peninsula twice in 2007 and Santa Cruz once.. HOPE prepared a comprehensive 14 point litigation strategy in August, 2007.. We filed our first suit on Sept 24, 2007 to stop aerial pesticide spraying and force CDFA to use non-spraying, non-toxic alternatives.. We persuaded the court to halt the spraying for 2 weeks in September 2007.. Our case was finally heard on May 8th (originally scheduled for March 7, 2008*).. On May 12 we won the lawsuit, Judge Robert O'Farrell agreed with HOPE that there is no emergency and ordered the aerial spraying halted until an Environmental Impact Report is completed.. In 2009 the US-EPA rescinded its emergency approval of the aerially applied pesticides LBAM-F and OLR-F.. Update -- We Won -.. Spraying Halted !!!.. Only a month after HOPE won our lawsuit, on June 19, 2008, CDFA and USDA conducted a joint press conference to announce they were abandoning the part of their program of spraying untested pesticides on cities and populated areas.. The reality is somewhat more complex, but the aerial pesticide spraying of cities and children is over for the foreseeable future.. (Watch HOPE's News column to stay up to date.. ==========================.. *CDFA kept delaying turning over the records they used to make their illegal decision to exempt themselves from CEQA that HOPE had to delay our originally scheduled hearing date from March to May.. HOPE Opinion - LBAM is an Unscientific and Illegal Project.. The National Academy of Sciences found that the LBA Moth eradication program is not based on science.. Two California Courts confirmed that the LBA Moth eradication program was illegally approved; that.. CDFA and USDA have systematically and intentionally deceived the public.. by falsely claiming that eradicating the LBA moth is not just necessary but an emergency.. This is because the LBA moth does not kill anything; it does not harm humans at all, and it is not spreading.. University of California at Davis Pest experts say there is no evidence it does any more harm than its native relatives in California - essentially none.. The vital point is that -.. two years after the project began CDFA still cannot document a single dollar of damage caused by the LBA moth to California's agriculture or ecosystems - even though the LBA moth has been here for years - and possibly decades !.. One reason is the LBA moth is only a "nibbler" it is not a defoliator; even on the trees it prefers - it does not eat much of the leaves.. "LBA moths have been here for years and haven't done any damage, there is no emergency, eradication is impossible because the moths are too widespread, and genuine experts tell us aerial spraying won't work.. When substantially more effective, non-spraying, non-toxic, and less costly methods exist,.. why is CDFA hostile to using the targeted pheromone baited sticky traps which is the only method known to have reduced the moth populations; they have caught and killed all but one of the 20,000 moths found in California?.. – Terrence Zito, HOPE Chairman.. "To paraphrase Senator William Proxmire – ‘If a foreign government crop dusted our children and our cities with powerful, secret, untested, unwanted pesticides– we would consider it an act of war’.. ".. -David Dilworth, Nov 2007, HOPE Executive Director.. Symptoms and Illnesses Report Form (PDF file),.. (Word Version,.. RTF).. Email or Mail to (SOS, c/o Mike Lynberg) P.. Box 1612, Pebble Beach, Ca, 93953.. To Donate to Stop the Spraying.. --.. For more info call 624-6500 or see bottom of page.. –.. (Feb 2010) CDFA releases Final Program Environmental Impact Report.. It is based on pseudo-science and models with essentially no scientific value.. (Sept 15) Monterey City Council unanimously approves letter rejecting the LBAM program by CDFA as unfounded.. Number of cities and government agencies opposing the LBAM program is now over 30.. (Sept 14) National Academy of Sciences releases report on LBAM program saying that USDA used shoddy science.. In response, Monterey Herald writes backwards baseless editorial rant blaming health advocates for not using science.. (Aug 25) California Senate holds hearing on LBAM program.. In an unprecedented move, Secretary Kawamura and CDFA willfully refuse to show up and answer questions from their employers.. (Aug 1).. DRAFT LBAM EIR released.. It does not include any aerial spraying over populated areas.. (and the PDF files are corrupted so you can't read them as of Aug 3, 2009 - Are there no limits to CDFA's incompetence?).. (San Jose Mercury story).. (May 13) Court ends lawsuit but astoundingly, wrongfully and harmfully, the Federal Judge is ordering the successful plaintiffs to pay the loser's (US-EPA's) legal bills !.. (April 16, 2009) US-EPA revokes emergency exemptions for LBAM aerial pesticides OLR-F and LBAM-F in response to lawsuit brought by environmental groups and two California mayors.. (Nov 6, 2008) LBAM Anniversary Film Screening And Panel Update "Weapons Of Moth Destruction" 7 pm at the Santa Cruz Veteran's Memorial Building (846 Front Street).. A panel discussion and update follows featuring Dan Harder, Ph.. D.. (UCSC), David Dilworth (of Helping Our Peninsula's Environment - HOPE), John Russo (Stop the Spray Petition with 31,000 signatures), Roy Upton and Ed Porter (SC City Council member).. (Oct 1) Bush halts testing foods for pesticides.. (Sept 30, 2008) Governor signs Huffman Bill (AB 2765) that requires disclosure of ALL pesticide ingredients, a hearing and alternatives evaluation before spraying an urban area.. (Bill Text).. (Sept 25) CDFA quietly drops their Appeal of HOPE's winning lawsuit and the Santa Cruz suit as well.. (Aug 5, 2008) CDFA announces new Scoping for an Expanded Project to cover.. all of California.. Kawamura's cowardly CDFA will hold Scoping Sessions as far away from Monterey and Santa Cruz as possible - Los Angeles and Sacramento (Couldn't they find small enough halls in Escondido or Eureka?) Political pressure gets CDFA to add one session on San Jose on Aug 18th.. BUT Remember -- Scoping is TRIVIAL - the actual important document/participation event is the DRAFT PEIR (Program Environmental Impact Report) 45-60 day comment period.. That is the only place in California law where government is required to answer a question meaningfully !!! It is a thousand times more important to have CDFA show up in public and answer questions on their Draft PEIR.. July 22-24 LBAM Science Conference, HOPE's David Dilworth invited to present "Targeted Dynamic Trapping for LBAM" on June 23.. July 8 Cities could Regain Control over Pesticides.. A bill in the California Legislature (AB 977) would allow cities and counties to regain control over the local use of pesticidesThe main reason our cities didn't pass laws prohibiting aerial spraying of pesticides on us - and only passed Resolutions against the aerial spraying -- is that the pesticide manufacturers had a law quietly passed in California to "pre-empt" or overpower all local pesticide ordinances.. June 19 - WE WIN !!!.. USDA/CDFA announce the end of aerial spraying of untested, secret and unwanted pesticides over our cities ("populated areas").. WAAAHOOOOOO !!!.. The only question remaining is - what do they mean by "populated areas?".. (Did they do this so they wouldn't have to release results of Six-Pack Inhalation tests?).. June 19 American Lung Association of California takes Position strongly urging Caution, Study and Notice Before Aerial Spraying with Particulate Pesticides.. June - Governor-touted "Six-Pack" tests funded by USDA are reportedly already done, but not available to the public.. June - CDFA/USDA are testing 4 "candidate" pesticides to replace "Checkmate.. " Just as HOPE predicted - they are moving the goalposts as soon as we stop them one way.. June 11 Film 7:pm HOPE presents the World Premiere "Weapons of Moth Destruction" a Film by Laura Vitale.. New Monterey Community Center (Lighthouse at Dickman), The Santa Cruz Producer joined us for audience discussion afterwards.. (Click here for film preview).. June 12 Film 7:15pm ".. Weapons of Moth Destruction.. " at the San Francisco's fabulous "Roxie" Theatre, 3117 -16th Street, Panel Discussion after, lead by wonderful experts Dr.. Dan Harder, Dr.. Elisa Song and City of Albany's fabulous Nan Wishner.. May 28 Calif.. Health Hazards Agency (OEHHA) meets with HOPE and other peninsula experts (Mike Lynberg, John Russo, Dennis Knepp, Lance Houston) for 3 hours and admits half of Checkmate pesticide particles are less than 10 microns and could cause breathing and lung harm.. They also admit they based their "No Link" report on the false information CDFA gave them that "there are no particles smaller than 20 microns.. " OEHHA refuses to rescind their report.. May 25 Stop the Spray Fundraiser at Monterey's Golden State Theatre.. Tickets $25.. Stay Tuned.. May 13 Congresswoman Barbara Lee sends letter to USDA seriously questioning whole program.. May 12 We WIN! Monterey Judge O'Farrell agrees with HOPE's suit and halts Aerial Spraying of pesticides over Monterey Peninsula.. (Monterey Judge's Decision).. May 8 Speaker of the House Congreswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-SF) sends letter to Governor Schwarzenegger asserting "The health and safety of our citizens and our environment must be our top priority.. " and asking questions about long term health effects and how likely spraying is to achieve eradication.. May 8 Judge O'Farrell hears HOPE's.. CEQA.. case to force CDFA to prepare an EIR before they spray pesticides again, which is identical to the case heard in Santa Cruz.. CDFA has a new attorney, trying a different set of arguments.. The Judge does not ask our attorney any questions, they are all directed to the CDFA lawyer.. He will issue a decision soon.. Stay tuned.. May 8 LBAM Spray in Court in Monterey (Aguajito Courthouse) at 9:am.. HOPE asked Court to Require CDFA to Prepare and Environmental Impact Report as required by.. (HOPE's case had to be delayed to May 8 because CDFA dragged their feet for 6 months in getting us the evidence, i.. e.. the administrative record - the files they used to make their decisions.. ).. May 8 County Weekly's Kera Abraham writes snide comment in Squid trying to disparage HOPE (and goofily linking us with FOX-news) claiming there is no Court Hearing today.. (Guess which news media missed the hearing ;-).. August 17 Governor Schwarzennegger announces that after testing (with secret labs hired by CDFA) the aerial pesticide spray has absolutely no effect on all humans and animals and the spraying will commence this evening -- although he will not be able to attend the Gala Spray Resumption event.. (While this item is fake news, like John Stewart's Daily Show, lets see how close it mirrors the actual press release arriving 3 months from now - on Aug 17th.. May 6 SF Chronicle "Agriculture Department spokesman Steve Lyle said he expects spraying to begin the day the moratorium is lifted.. " that would be the Governor's moratorium set to expire August 17th.. May 6 Monterey Herald reporter Laith Agha writes front page story criticizing HOPE's gift of a non-spraying, non-toxic alternative (Targeted use of Sticky Traps), but entirely.. fails to mention.. , let alone describe, the key,.. the primary point.. of HOPE's proposal -.. Targeted Use.. as opposed to.. saturation.. of an area with Sticky traps.. May 5.. HOPE's Dilworth presented our non-spraying non-toxic solution.. TARGETED.. Sticky Trap solution" to CDFA's LBAM Task Force at Monterey Beach Hotel.. At the same meeting CDFA showed LBAM capture data indicating the spray might be hurting the problem - increasing the number of LBA Moths - making the problem worse.. April 30 Monterey City Council Spray Public Meeting - 7:00 pm Panelists included local experts including HOPE's Executive Director Dilworth.. CDFA's Kawamura backed out and refused to send any staff claiming Senator Feinstein had called him to Washington DC.. It turned out Kawamura made up yet another "fish story.. " Feinstein's staff said Kawamura was never called to DC by the Senator.. He (not she) scheduled a courtesy visit with her staff while meeting with the Dept.. of Homeland Security to discuss "pest" issues and he even cancelled that meeting!.. Apr 28 California Senate Environmental Quality Committee unanimously adopts a Resolution (not a law) by Carole Migden calling for a moratorium on aerial spraying for the light brown apple moth (LBAM).. * April 24.. We WIN.. Aerial Spraying Halted.. Superior Court Judge Burdick orders CDFA to rescind their decision to proceed with aerial spraying.. (and the rest of the program) until they have prepared legally required Environmental review as required by.. This halts all CDFA (not USDA) efforts to control the LBA Moth, not merely aerial spraying.. It is not clear whether this order applies to the rest of California.. Governor S.. , in an effort to bury our victory, announces that no spraying (all other methods are OK) will occur until after the California Legislature is done for the year and a few likely studies of the health impacts of the spray are conducted.. April 24 Spray in Court in Santa Cruz, County and City asking Court to Require CDFA to Prepare Environmental Impact Report.. (HOPE's case had to be delayed to May 8 because CDFA dragged their feet for 6 months in getting us the administrative record - the files they used to make their decisions.. April 22 HOPE holds Conference Call to explain the point of law that will decide the CEQA suits - An Emergency Examption from CEQA is only available for a sudden unexpected "Event" (earthquake, bridge out, tree falling on a road) - not for an ongoing Condition.. (Mar 13) Governor Suspends Half a Million Dollar Public Relations Contract for Moth Spraying after AP reporter Aaron Davis investigates.. (Mar 11) City of San Anselmo passes resolution opposing aerial spraying program.. (Mar 10) CCOF (Calif.. Certified Organic Farmers) Revokes its former support for aerial pesticide spraying.. (Mar 5) Oakland City Council unanimously adopts resolution opposing aerial LBAM spraying.. (Mar 4) The Pentagon Releases Gas in Virginia City.. (Feb 27) California Senator Migden introduces Resolution to halt aerial spraying until it is proven safe (SCR 87).. (Feb 26) Berkeley City Council votes to oppose aerial spraying and directs staff to begin legal process.. (Feb 22).. Oakland Assemblyman Sandre Swanson.. introduces.. "Consent" bill requiring voters to approve any aerial pesticide spraying of cities.. (AB 2892).. (Feb 22) Four Legislators introduce four Bills to improve the "informed" part of "Informed Consent.. " (The "Consent" part is missing.. (Feb 22) SF Chronicle Editorial skeptical of aerial pesticide spraying.. "Moth Eaten Plans.. (Feb 21) CDFA Task Force Chair Robert Leavitt agrees to let HOPE present the "Targeted pheromone-baited sticky trap" solution at their next meeting - in July or August.. (Feb 21) California Senator Carol Migden from San Francisco declares strong opposition to the aerial pesticide spraying.. Will introduce resolution.. (Feb 13) CDFA Announces Monterey area Spraying to Resume on June 1.. But if HOPE wins lawsuit set for March 7, CDFA spraying must halt until EIR is done.. Astonishingly, CDFA has not yet turned over even a single page of paper even though the court date is less than a month away.. (Jan) Herald Investigative Reporter Julia Reynolds finds CDFA signed a half a million dollar contract in November with a giant Public Relations firm (to falsely imply the spray is safe).. (Jan 22) City of Albany votes unanimously to oppose aerial spraying.. Albany is 5.. California city to formally oppose aerial spraying in addition to Santa Cruz County.. (Jan 22) CDFA intends to continue aerial spraying of Monterey Peninsula in late spring.. (April?).. CDFA says they will add use of traps, but using poison rather than just "sticky traps" and the traps will not be targeted to the minimum areas necessary.. (Jan 22) HOPE organizes rally for Safe, Clean air outside CCOF annual meeting - and is invited to address their annual meeting.. (Jan 19) Town Hall Meeting on SF Bay Area Spraying to be held at Berkeley's Hillside Club Feb 24, 5-7pm.. (Jan 10) Gov.. Schwarzenegger's CDFA is still hiding documents HOPE needs to take CEQA case to court.. Because of this we've had to delay our court date until March 7.. th.. -- after the time CDFA said they will resume spraying in "February.. (Jan 5).. Giant Public Health Loophole Exposed.. -- CDFA admits "[We have] neither the jurisdiction nor expertise to conduct an epidemiological study of the complaints, and no public health agency at this point has said they will review the illness claims.. (Jan 2) San Francisco Bay Guardian cover story: "How monumental estimates of a tiny invasive moth's economic and environmental impacts are threatening San Francisco with aerial spraying".. (More News Below).. Vital Facts --.. 1.. Courts Rule LBAM Is Not an Emergency (and it is not a Problem either).. 2.. UC Davis Team of Experts say Government.. Aerial Spraying Won't Work;.. Eradication is Impossible.. 3.. Hundreds Report Harm; Doctors Agency Experts say Spraying Checkmate Pesticides Can Harm People, especially Children; Agencies caught hiding vital pesticide information and lying about it.. 4.. Sticky Traps Work -- Safe, More Effective Solutions Ignored.. 5.. Staffocracy Run Amok - Wrong People (Bureaucrats) are Making Spray Decisions, and Intentionally Ignoring Public Health Harm, and Still Hiding Vital Secrets.. 6.. (New Fall 2009) National Academy of Sciences finds Eradication Decision was not based on science.. Spray Myths vs Facts.. LBA Moth Overview.. ====================.. Fact Details.. Courts Rule.. LBAM Is Not an Emergency (and it is n.. ot a Problem either).. 1a.. LBAM Is Not an Emergency.. (Two Courts Rule CDFA's LBAM "Emergency" Claim is bogus -- a False Alarm).. primarily because the moth has done.. No Damage.. (zero) - even though it has been in California for years.. Both Judges.. order an Environmental Impact Report before any further aerial spraying.. April 24, 2008 a California Deputy Attorney General was forced to admit to the Court that LBAM has cause ".. no documented damage.. " to California ecosystems or agriculture - even though.. CDFA's own head entomologist Robert Dowell admitted the LBA moth has been here for "several years".. (KXRA Radio Sept 10, 2007) and UC Davis entomologists say the moth has possibly been here for decades.. (Even Secretary Kawamura admitted LBAM has been in California for.. three to, at the outset, 6 to 7 years".. (KKGN radio April 24, 2008),.. but Kawamura is notoriously reckless with facts; has shown his persistent hostility to undisputed facts, making it dangerous to quote Kawamura even when he helps make the case against spraying.. University of California Insect Experts say the LBA moth must have been here for "a very long time" prior to this year to spread as far as it has - from Los Angeles to Napa - north of San Francisco.. ---------.. 1b.. LBAM Is Not a Problem either.. UC Davis Team of Experts say LBAM poses no more problem than dozens of related California native moths.. the data supporting the argument that LBAM will become a pest that is more economically important than the species of tortricid leafrollers that are already in California is unconvincing".. UC Santa Cruz Dan Harder, PhD.. says "LBAM is a 'nibbler' not a defoliator.. " It does not "attack" or "destroy" plants.. LBAM does not kill anything.. The damage  ...   after two days of trying to get official answers, and before most people had even heard of the project.. It formed the basis of our winning lawsuit in May 2008.. 2 Focused Effective Action - Litigation.. HOPE filed the first lawsuit to stop the spraying on September 24, 2007.. (A month later Santa Cruz County filed an almost identical suit.. * HOPE alone won the lawsuit to halt the aerial pesticide spraying of our Monterey Peninsula scheduled for June 1, 2008 (argued solidly by our lead Attorney Alexander Henson).. On May 12, 2008 Judge Robert O'Farrell ordered a stop to aerial spraying of untested pesticides over Monterey until an Environmental Impact report is certified.. No Monterey area city, community group or individual joined HOPE's suit (even though they were asked), though the County and City of Santa Cruz filed an identical suit to our a month or so later.. (Argued brilliantly by Santa Cruz County Attorney Jason Heath).. * HOPE's efforts were the first to actually stop aerial pesticide spraying of our cities (October 10, 2007) with a Temporary Restraining Order although it only lasted for 2 weeks.. (Unfortunately, Santa Cruz County attorneys tried to achieve the same thing later, but failed.. HOPE researched and wrote a comprehensive litigation strategy in September 2007, including the use of our.. Constitutional Right to Obtain Safety.. and the use of common law including trespass and nuisance,.. HOPE wrote a comprehensive action strategy in September 2007, with Goal # 1 of "putting out the fire" (stopping the aerial spraying),.. To Donate or Volunteer to Help HOPE.. PERMANENTLY.. Stop the Spraying (click here).. 3 Leading Focused Organizing.. HOPE organized dozens of people for dozens of the original public meetings on this issue (in Monterey and Pacific Grove).. ; distilled the complex issues into powerful sound bytes, prepared numerous FlipChart, Powerpoint, and overhead presentations for public education, participated in meetings where we successfully persuaded the first government agencies to officially oppose the aerial spraying; the cities of Monterey and Pacific Grove; cities which do not normally oppose anything environmentally harmful,.. (LeVonne Stone and Sylvia Quarles of FOEJC organized many people to the very first CDFA/USDA "fake" meeting in Seaside).. HOPE organized the Safe, Clean Air rally at California Certified Organic Farmers's (CCOF) 2007 Annual Meeting, where CCOF's President then invited HOPE to make a 3 minute presentation, which lead to CCOF's position changing to oppose the spraying,.. 4 News Updates and Public Education.. HOPE has provided breaking news on the LBAM spraying since August 2007.. (We do the same for all issues wework on).. We translate bureaucratese, law and technical science into understandable everyday English.. HOPE serves as a credible source of information on issues, because we carefully verify all information we provide.. HOPE shares its science, law and strategy expertise.. worldwide through our website, Newsletters, Alerts, Press Releases and media education.. We send information to the.. many groups.. , media, passionate individuals (and to give bureaucrats every possible chance to do the right thing).. We even give the offending and hostile government agencies the.. best available environmental impact and alternatives science.. and give them plenty of warning of the laws we intend to use to stop the aerial spraying of untested secret pesticides on us; on children, cities, public areas and wildlife habitats,.. HOPE has spent hundreds of hours keeping all interested parties, especially activists, public officials and the media, updated with accurate, verified information to provide a reliable source of information for this issue (in spite of two serious computer failures since this battle began).. We have provided expert research to dozens of TV, radio, web and print media, given interviews and been quoted in the Associated Press, LA Times, NPR, International Herald Tribune, The (British) Guardian, the SF Bay Guardian, Chronicle, KGO, KPFA, and an unknown number of other media outlets.. (for a sample see Google News archives).. HOPE successfully debated Secretary Kawamura and his "Fish Stories" on several radio shows including KGO.. 5 Turning Research into World Class Expertise.. HOPE is not merely effective, we are experts on the issue - b.. ecause we research, distill and use the best available science.. the strongest laws.. HOPE has conducted hundreds of hours of expert science and legal research on this issues, and are experts on the science of many of the several dozen facets of aerial pesticide spraying and for legal matters.. 6 Prying Vital Information out of Government.. Since August 2007 HOPE has shaken loose vital information on the aerial spraying from government and corporations.. HOPE's lawsuit and our Public Records requests have revealed some of the secret pesticide ingredients and the fact that LBAM has caused absolutely zero documented damage to California.. HOPE co-organized and moderated a meeting with 10 public health officials from three state agencies on May 28, 2008.. (Calif Dept of Public Health, Dept of Pesticide Regulation and.. Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment or OEHHA.. ) and 7 community members.. At the meeting OEHHA public officials admitted that the pesticide particle size was small enough to harm lungs - contrary to the false facts they based their "No Link" report on.. OEHHA refused to commit to withdrawing their report or even revisiting it.. OEHHA also admitted the Press Release for their "No Link" report did not correctly represent their report's conclusions and that they did not know who was responsible for wrong Press Release.. OEHHA also admitted the "six-pack" human health tests on the pesticides were mostly completed and were circulated for agency review.. 7 Support Services for Individuals and Groups.. HOPE has provided expert research and advice for dozens and dozens of individuals, groups, public officials, government agencies, attorneys (and even government lawyers) working to stop the spraying -.. the best available science.. , the.. strongest laws,.. organizing tools and advice on tactics and strategies.. For example HOPE helped (in very small ways like preparing the forms and press release) Mike Lynberg and Stop Overhead Spraying with their vital research and report on medical symptoms after the aerial spraying of pesticides on our communities,.. 8 Identifying Key Topics.. HOPE was the first to report the "moderately toxic" nature of the pesticide admitted by USDA which they aerially sprayed,.. HOPE was the first to object to the secret nature of the pesticide ingredients - the misleadingly named "Inerts",.. HOPE publicly identified that there is no public health agency collecting, analyzing or reporting on the health impacts on the humans subject to the aerial spraying, and then we created the only spray monitoring plan,.. 9 Preparing Safe Alternatives.. HOPE also provides expertise.. on feasible, more effective non-spraying non-toxic alternatives, so.. we created a viable, more effective, safe non-spraying solution - the Targeted use of pheromone-baited sticky traps which has now been partially adopted by CDFA,.. (But CDFA as irrational as ever insists on adding a strong toxic to the sticky traps - even though the traps kill just as many moths without any added toxics.. HOPE does not approve of toxic pesticide use, we try to get agencies to use mechanical methods.. 10 Legislative Loophole Research.. HOPE analyzed and prepared six ideas for state legislation (including Informed Consent) which were endorsed by the Santa Cruz City Council,.. 11 Monitoring Support Progress.. HOPE prepared the chart showing who is protecting us from the pesticide spraying - and who isn't, and continually identifies the most important elected officials (Farr and Pelosi currently) and agencies to persuade,.. 12 We Celebrate Success.. HOPE provides leadership and encouragement awards for those actions which have significantly helped stop the aerial pesticide spraying of our cities.. __________.. While all of California's people and wildlife could not have won this landmark victory against.. the villainous bureaucrats.. without the.. fabulous supportive network, and huge number of highly informed, passionately focused and effective people.. now working hard and spending thousands of hours, (many - actually most - of whom.. have never before fought an environmental or democracy battle !!!.. ).. -- no one has been fighting this battle longer or harder (and I suggest - more effectively ) than HOPE.. For more information please call 831-624-6500.. # # #.. (Nov 1) SC County Judge refuses to delay aerial spraying for County of Santa Cruz.. (Oct 20) Governor Orders Release of names of chemicals in one of the pesticides (LBAM-F).. He fails to order release of the concentrations of the chemicals and fails to release chemical names of pesticide (OLR-F) that may have caused 117 illnesses.. Has not yet ordered use of Sticky Traps – the only known effective solution.. (Oct 19) Judge Lifts Restraining Order.. Allows CDFA to Resume Aerial Pesticide Spraying of Humans.. HOPE determined to bring our CEQA suit before the year’s end.. (Oct 19) LA Times Editorial on Pesticide Secrets.. (Oct 18) Spray in Court: Even with a seriously unprepared Deputy Attorney General the Judge is inclined to lift a halt to spraying (injunction), but he wants reassurance of public of safety with monitoring.. After a 3 hour wait, CDFA essentially provides only a pesticide spray tank cleanliness monitoring plan! The Judge is clearly not satisfied.. In the same 3 hours HOPE prepares and provides a complete monitoring plan for human, insects, wildlife, pets, water and endangered species that requires a Public Health agency (not CDFA) and Fish and Game Dept to collect, analyze report information.. (Oct 18) Suterra again asks Monterey Court to seal documents.. This time it is opposed not just by HOPE, but by Santa Cruz Sentinel and Monterey County Weekly.. (Oct 17) Open Court Hearing tomorrow morning on whether to continue Aerial Pesticide Spraying halt until HOPE’s CEQA case is decided.. Monterey County Courthouse in Monterey on Aguajito Rd at 9:am.. Everyone is welcome, but please bring respect for the seriousness of the Court and leave signs and posters at home.. We should win on the facts and the law.. (Oct 17) HOPE Files papers to support leaving the Spraying Halt (Injunction) in place until an Environmental Impact report is prepared.. Former EPA PhD Chemist authors analysis explaining how the Checkmate pesticide has chemicals that can cause harm but have never been tested for harm when inhaled by humans.. (Oct 17) Two Judges reject pesticide maker Suterra’s demand to force HOPE and two newspapers to hide the names of their secret pesticide ingredients.. In their papers, Suterra admits the PPI is used in the pesticide manufacturing process but then falsely claims there is absolutely zero residual PPI left in the pesticide.. (Oct 16) HOPE's FOIA request to US-EPA for list of Checkmate pesticide ingredients.. (Oct 16) Santa Cruz County Supervisors will discuss taking action against the Aerial Spraying tonight at 7:pm.. HOPE sends letter inviting County to join our lawsuit and outlines why.. (Oct 15) The Pesticide manufacturer, Suterra, asks the Judge to hide ("seal") all court papers including those describing the names of their pesticides’ ingredients and their toxicity to humans, even though the ingredient names have been printed by Santa Cruz Sentinel, Monterey County Weekly and Monterey County Herald.. (Oct 15) US-EPA who accidentally leaked the names of Checkmate pesticide ingredients which turned out to be harmful, is now trying to claim one harmful ingredient they disclosed, PPI, is not in the pesticide.. (Oct 14) HOPE gives 21 "Safe, Clean Air Awards" and Citations to people who generously gave their time, expertise and credibility to helping stop the Spraying.. (Oct 10) Monterey County Judge agrees with HOPE’s lawsuit and Halts Spraying Scheduled for tonight (Wednesday).. This stops the spraying for about 10 days when HOPE’s attorney, Alexander Henson, will ask the Court to delay the spraying until the full lawsuit is decided in 12-18 months.. (Oct 9 - 10:pm) City of Santa Cruz votes to either join HOPE’s lawsuit or file separate suit to stop spraying.. (Oct 9) HOPE files Supplemental papers with the Court including mention of a formerly secret "inert" ingredient in the Checkmate pesticide (revealed by Santa Cruz Sentinel) of an Isocyanate which can cause serious breathing impairment, skin rashes and eye problems.. There is a remarkable overlap with the symptoms reported by 110 local residents and the symptoms newly known to be caused by the isocyanate.. Court should issue decision on halt by Wednesday.. (Oct 9) Aerial Spraying Postponed (24 hours?) by CDFA due to Rain and Wind.. (Oct 8) *** TRO should be decided tomorrow before 5:pm - before spraying planned for tomorrow night.. There likely will NOT be a hearing in Court, the judge may decide the issues just on the papers filed.. (Oct 5) HOPE files TRO with Monterey County Superior Court to stop Spraying scheduled for Tuesday.. (Text of TRO – Termporary Restraining Order).. Oct 4 City of Seaside votes to Oppose Spraying.. Oct 2 Monterey City Council adopts strong resolution against Aerial Spraying of Checkmate Pesticide (text not yet available).. (Oct 2) Monterey City Council today to discuss 1.. Whether to join HOPE’s suit (ask them in 4:00 session public comment to do so) , and 2.. Resolution about the Spraying (ask them in 7:00pm session to include "Support for non-spraying Alternatives").. (Sept 28) HOPE files Public Records Request with CDFA Monterey County to get information on exactly when and where the planes turned their pesticide sprays on and off.. (Sept 28) PANNA (Pesticide Action Network strengthens their concern and opposes Aerial Spraying "Until CDFA responds to legitimate community and scientific concerns about efficacy and safety, PAN cannot support further aerial spraying.. (Sept 27) Numerous news stories on HOPE’s lawsuit.. (KSBW, KION, Herald, KSMS, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Metro Santa Cruz).. (Sept 26) Monterey County Weekly Reports on HOPE’s lawsuit, the many people who got sick and the $140,000 campaign contribution to the Governor by the Pesticide Manufacturer (by Kera Abraham).. (Sept 26) HOPE letter to US-EPA Request to Rescind Aerial Spray Chemical Testing Exemption because LBA Moth is Not an Emergency, it is a False Alarm.. (Sept 24) California Assemblyman John Laird writes a stinging critique of CDFA’s spraying, but still does not oppose the Spraying or support non-spraying Alternatives.. (Sept 24) HOPE Sues California Dept of Food Agriculture for violating Environmental law (CEQA).. (Full text of Lawsuit Petition).. (Sept 23) USDA planning to re-spray the Monterey Peninsula beginning on Oct 9th, 2007.. They intend to Spray most coastal Santa Cruz cities soon after.. (Sept 20) Atmospheric Modeling expert calculates Drift is likely at least 3 times father than CDFA USDA claim – chemicals probably fell in Sanctuary.. (Sept 20) Illness and Symptom Claim form to request Compensation from CDFA.. (Sept 19) Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took more than $143,000 from Suterra’s owner Steve Lynda Resnick, the manufacturer of the Checkmate chemical, which is being sprayed from airplanes on our Monterey Peninsula cities.. (Thanks to ArnoldWatch).. (Click here to see all contributions by the Resnicks on California Secretary of State's website).. (Click here to see contributions to Governor S.. (Sept 17) Download Flyer Petition – Overview of Aerial Spraying.. Back has Petition Opposing Spraying and Supporting Non-Spraying Alternatives.. (Sept 16) "Stop Overhead Spraying" (SOS) Group Formed to Stop Spraying.. Contact – ‘ReactionToSpraying at Yahoo dot com’.. (Sept 14) Several people are seriously ill, and many others have symptoms they believe may be caused by spraying.. They’ve created a Yahoo group to communicate - (.. [email protected].. (Sept 12) Sprayers "miscalculated" and had to spray a 4th day in Pacific Grove.. (Sept 11) Spraying on Radio: KRXA (540 AM) at 2:pm Tuesday.. HOPE’s Exec.. Dir.. David Dilworth discusses the science and the law on the aerial chemical spraying claims - Deborah Lindsay’s "Tomorrow Matters" show.. Call in = 394-5792.. (Sept 11) United Press Intl article on Aerial Spraying.. (Sept 11) LA Times article on Aerial Spraying.. (Sept 10) USDA Hides from live Questions: On "Tomorrow Matters" show USDA Spokesman Larry Hawkins refuses to appear if they allow call-in questions.. (Sun.. Sept 9th) According to Monterey’s City Manager -- Spraying will start tonight in Marina Seaside (Zone CAM-9 CAM-11 on Map – Click here for Spray Map).. Monterey to be sprayed Monday Night; Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach (including the Lodge Spanish Bay Resort) and Carmel Woods are Tuesday evening.. Sept 9th) HOPE is preparing a lawsuit to Stop the Spraying.. Among a half dozen other laws, they are arrogantly violating our fundamental human Right to "Safety" which is explicitly in our California Constitution; in the first paragraph of our State Constitution.. There is no specific Right to "Safety" in our Federal Constitution.. Sept 9th) Rally at 3:pm CDFA Press Conference in Salinas.. Aggrieved residents to complain at event.. (Sept 9th) For Evacuees: Monterey will be sprayed first tonight after 8:pm (For other times and places call !CDFA! at 800 491-1899.. Lets hope their information on this is not false like everything else they tell us.. ** (Sept 9th) Navy School Professor of Meteorology Wendell Nuss calculates chemical sprayed at 500 feet above the ground can drift 2 miles from the plane in "calm" night winds.. This means planes must spray no closer than 2 miles from coast.. But CDFA fiercely demands to spray closer than 300 yards feet from Sanctuary.. (Sept 9th) NOAA law Enforcement staff will be "closely monitoring" the spraying tonight to see if any chemicals drift into our bay.. (Sept 8) Rally for Safe, Clean Air at Seaside’s Laguna Grande Park Saturday 2 pm.. (Hazmat suits will be available.. (Sept 7) Voting for a bill to enable Spraying funding are Assemblyman John Laird and Senator Maldonado.. Governor Arnold signed it.. All three failed to support "Non-Spraying Alternatives" after asked this week.. (Sept 6) 80 to 110 People Rally for Safe Clean air at Window on Bay at 5:pm.. (Sept 5) **NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary sends warning letter to California Sec.. of Agriculture advising his proposed Spraying set for Sunday could seriously violate federal law and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.. (Sept 5) * Pacific Grove City Council unanimously opposes spraying, directed City Attorney to prepare to sue to stop the spraying; and taking one step further than the Monterey Council – endorses use of less toxic alternatives.. This was put on the agenda as an Emergency Item by Councilwoman Lisa Bennett.. (Sept 4) Rally for Safe, Clean Air organized for Thursday evening Sept.. 6th at Window on Bay in Monterey by HASMAT - Humans Against Spraying Monterey Area Terrain.. (Call 373-0823; 372 8323; or 625 5577).. (Sept 4) A.. Kawamura Decides to Spray Starting Sunday evening Sept 9th angering many local officials who expected the delay would be meaningful enough to allow the public to get answers – not a mere 4 days.. (Sept 4) Seaside Mayor Ralph Rubio writes to Sec Kawamura requesting an immediate delay in spraying; wants a "Comprehensive public process that emphasizes sound science.. Pacific Grove Council sets Special Meeting on Aerial Spraying for Sept 13 at 6:00pm (cancelled as moot when they took emergency action on Sept 5th.. (Sept 5) ** National Marine Sanctuary withdraws support.. Spraying Permit may not be issued because of toxicity to aquatic invertebrates.. Sec of Ag USDA to "persuade" them in a Conference call Tuesday morning Sept 4.. (Aug 31) (Call Congressman Farr (649-3555) to insist Sanctuary is not threatened by federal authorities.. (Aug 31) Spraying Delayed (for 24 hours?) by Sec of Food and Agriculture.. (Aug 30) ** City of Monterey Unanimously Opposes Spraying, Hints at Legal Threat.. (Aug 30) HOPE prepares a viable Alternative based on Moths not flying more than 100 meters (yards) from their birthplace.. (Aug 30) Herald Biases article and omits crucial Facts on large Conference Center Meeting.. They Fail to respond to HOPE letter on this.. (Aug 29) 250 people fill Monterey Conference Center, all but one speaker Opposes Spraying.. HOPE prepares 2 pages of Questions for Aug 29 Conference Ctr Meeting –Moderator fails to ask even one of HOPE’s questions we spent 2 days preparing.. Apparently CDFA staff removed our questions from the set given to the moderator.. We then hand-delivered a set to Secretary Kawamura that evening.. He has not replied to HOPE at all.. (Aug 22) HOPE news brief: Monterey Council Alarmed by Aerial Pesticide Spraying.. City holds emergency vote to express serious concern and to hold a focused Council meeting on the pesticide Spraying the week of Aug 27th.. (Aug 20, 2007) HOPE letter to State Insisting that an Environmental Impact Report be prepared.. (June 18, 2007) New York Times story on LBAM.. Feedback - Info7 * 1Hope.. org (replace star with at sign).. HOPE,.. Search whole Web.. This page updated almost daily.. Pesticides Page.. Ecosystems Page..

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  • Title: HOPE - Even Developers Know Voters Overwhelmingly Supports No Growth
    Descriptive info: "Solid 'no growth' sentiment among Monterey Peninsula voters.. -Monterey Herald Editorial, November 7, 1996.. Caring for our environment is universal -.. Most American voters (76-percent) consider themselves to be 'environmentalists' or 'pro-environment.. '.. Most American voters (80-percent) say the environment is important to the health of them and their families.. - 1997 Survey made for the.. anti-environmental.. corporate funded (Phillip Morris).. group.. Citizens for Sound Economy.. "No-Growth Movement Can Declare Victory.. -Carmel Pine Cone Editorial, April 13, 2001.. The Monterey County Herald, Thursday November 7, 1996.. Herald Editorial.. "What the voters told officials".. "Its always a bit of a dance to speculate on what local election results 'mean.. ' And the broad range of seats and issues before voters this year make that even more of a challenge.. But a few patterns do seem to hold up across several races.. One is a solid 'no growth' sentiment among Monterey Peninsula voters.. Voters rejected Measure M, thus rejecting the Rancho San Carlos project that the Board of Supervisors had approved.. Arguments about impacts on traffic and water apparently carried the day.. No growth also fueled the initiative drive to change countywide procedures for approving development projects in unincorporated areas.. "Meanwhile.. Dave Potter defeated Jeff Davi.. in the race  ...   deadlocked the contentious panel for the past two years.. Lehman solidly defeated Chesshire.. by a count of 1,228 to 954.. Monterey County Herald top headline Wednesday, November 3, 1999.. "Dam foes win water seats".. "Election of Erickson, Lindstrom shifts water board majority".. Two anti-dam candidates were elected.. to the board of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District on Tuesday.. Its the first time in the District's 21-year history that the board will be opposed to building a new dam.. Even developers recognize we always vote against growth.. Remember how we resoundingly voted down the Carmel Valley Dam? 57% to 43%?.. Q.. What did Cal-Am do immediately afterwards?.. A.. They came out with their ".. No-growth" Dam.. Why did Pebble Beach Company and Clint Eastwood put Measure A on the ballot?.. Because Clint feared we would put their project on the ballot.. Their Measure A was almost purely intended to prevent a public vote against their project.. Sadly, we do not vote nearly as well for public officials as we do against growth.. But even so, Sam Karas and Dave Potter were both primarily elected as Peninsula Supervisors because they opposed the Hatton Canyon Freeway while their losing opponents supported it.. This Page Last Updated Jan 22, 2005..

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  • Title: HOPE - Environmental Science
    Descriptive info: Environmental Science.. Weather and Today's other Environmental Conditions.. Wildlife (Biota).. Ecosystems.. Animal Pictures.. Plants.. Monterey Pine Forests.. Living Soils.. Lichens.. Imperiled Species.. Mark Trail Comic Strip.. Clean.. vs.. Polluting.. Zero-Waste.. Clean Air.. Clean Water.. Water Scarcity.. Clean Food.. Silence is Golden.. Chemicals Pesticides.. Light Pollution.. Clean Energy.. "Green" Clothes.. Unnatural  ...   Livable Cities.. Roads Freeways.. Dams.. Buildings.. Golf Courses.. Research.. Carmel River Pesticides.. Monterey Pine Cone Opening.. Animals Killed by Cars.. Amount of Enforcement of Environmental and Public Participation Laws in Monterey County.. Other References:.. Envirolink.. New Scientist - Daily Science News.. This Page Last Updated Jan 28, 2005.. Democracy Science..

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  • Title: HOPE - Four Legs of Democracy
    Descriptive info: The Four Legs of Democracy.. (How to measure Democracy).. (c) Copyright 1996-2011 David Dilworth.. Our Planet has no genuine governmental Democracy as of 2011.. Some places, such as California, come close.. but we still await - the real thing.. Democracy is defined as "the.. Consent of the Governed.. " It means.. shared power or shared governance.. It can not reasonably be called consent when the most important political decisions made by government officials vary grossly from the will of the voters and the public good.. Democracy is war without guns.. Prior to the time of Napoleon if you had more than half the armed soldiers, you almost always won the battles and the wars.. We now have a far less bloody way of solving major political power disputes.. If you have more than half the votes, you (should) win elections.. This modern trend is notably less messy both physically and emotionally.. The continuum of power sharing has dictatorship on one end (no power shared) and at the other end is - the required voter approval of all policy and priorities of lawmaking, law application and law enforcement.. Real democracy occurs when the decisions actually reflect the will of the majority of those affected, while protecting the rights of all minorities; when there is no Political Gap between the will of the people and the actions of the culture.. A Republic without an initiative process is not a Democracy.. A Republic removes direct power over lawmaking and enforcement from the public and employs "elected" officials to make governmental decisions.. The elected are almost always those with no other leadership qualifications than being the "lesser of two evils" who can raise the most campaign money.. There is no federal initiative process in the United States.. and twenty seven (27) of the 50 US states do not have an initiative process.. Real democracy, like a table, is supported by vital four legs.. The four essential legs are court enforced freedom of speech and of publication; allowing everyone to vote, an easy way for citizens to put issues on the public agenda - generally known as an initiative process, and severing money from governmental decisions.. Facade or rhetorical democracy ("Democrafacade?") is when one of these critical legs is missing, is skipped, or when one or more of the legs is short or weak.. As we will examine, just as there are tricky battle maneuvers, elections and other vital democracy components can have loopholes that make the appearance of democracy a dangerous facade.. The Four Elements of Democracy:.. Speech/Agenda/Votes (SAV).. (Free Speech, Agenda Setting, Everyone Votes, and Money and Governmental Decisions are Severed).. The structure of the four elements.. 1) Free Speech and Media Fully Enforced by Courts.. Even today in 2003, people are regularly murdered in some countries for merely speaking or writing criticism of their governments (e.. Nigeria's Ken Saro Wiwa in 1995).. Murder of citizens protesting government abuse is so common that Amnesty International (AI) has a policy of not conducting a campaign from within a country where AI is trying to stop the human rights violations (even in the U.. S.. !).. Without Free Speech and freedom of all media to publish information highly critical of government, which some might call repugnant or even false information, there can be no other freedoms or rights.. How can anyone ever become informed if free speech and criticism is prohibited or even merely discouraged.. For those who mistakenly believe United States citizens are fully informed by the press you might visit the.. Project Censored web site at California's Sonoma State University.. a.. Assertion of Free Speech.. How many Countries protect free speech in their constitutions? I have only found a few - the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain.. England, Canada, and Switzerland do not even pretend to protect free speech.. Germany's protection has significant exceptions.. Consider England's "Official Secrets Act" which is regularly used to halt any speech the government finds offensive.. However, the United States Constitution fails the free speech test in three major ways.. 1) It allows people to sign away their right to free speech when entering a contract - such as getting a job where workers do not have a right to free speech on corporate property.. An.. un.. alienable.. right to free speech will not allow an employer to take away your rights to free speech.. 2) Unlike California's constitution, the U.. constitution does not allow you to sue government or a business for restricting your free speech; it only allows a suit to defend your free speech if your are charged with lawbreaking.. California's are called self-executing rights.. You can use them to sue government or a business for restricting your free speech or any other right in California's Constitution.. 3) Because so very few corporations now own most TV, radio, magazines, bookstores and newspapers, and because the U.. Supreme Court has falsely given corporations the right to free speech - corporations drown out the public's speech and refuse to publish information which undermines their power and dissenting opinions.. b.. Court Enforcement.. Free Speech is not real if the Courts refuse to uphold it.. China claims to have  ...   paper trail that can be examined in public - for free.. In some areas ballots are placed in a locked glass box so everyone can see the box is empty (not stuffed with bogus votes) when balloting begins.. Citizen's votes must be secret and cost nothing.. Making an individual citizen's choice of vote public can intimidate them from voting their true desire.. In extreme cases allowing others to learn how you vote can put your life at risk.. Charging someone to register or vote called a "Poll tax" can keep poor people from voting.. Several southern (U.. ) states had poll taxes until the 1960's.. Judicial System where election complaints are decided fairly.. This should be self-evident.. The U.. Supreme Court 2000 Bush v Gore decision is an example of courts failing to uphold the rule of law.. Meaningful Voting - No "Political Gap".. Votes must make a difference.. We have a huge "Political Gap" in the United States.. Poll after poll, decade after decade shows a vast majority of the American public wants changes that elected officials refuse to adopt.. The issues range from Public Campaign Financing to Universal Health Care to genuine Environmental Protection.. The reasons for this are legion, but the only important point is.. all those issues would be law and funded if our votes had meaning.. e.. Only people can vote.. Corporations, businesses cannot vote; and land owners have no more vote than others.. 4) Money and Fear are Severed from Governmental Decisions.. No one may give money or anything of value to government officials.. Bribery occurs when someone gives something of value for a political decision.. It could be a gift, a promise of a future job, a job to a relative, a campaign contribution or simply cash.. Examples abound: In 2005 Jack Abramoff admitted bribing Congressmen.. Separately, in 2006 California Congressman Duke Cunningham was convicted of receiving millions in bribes.. California fails on this count because while it has limits on gifts - it explicitly allows elected officials to vote and influence a project that exclusively financially benefits a campaign contributor.. (Political Reform Act section 82030 b1).. No one may threaten a government official.. A threat (blackmail or extortion) to an individual can affect their family, their friends and their work.. A threat to a government official can affect the lives of millions.. Yet very few laws consider a threat to a government official any differently than the same threat to an ordinary citizen.. Finally, there is one criteria which trumps them all, yet cannot be easily measured - Encouragement or Hostility?.. Is your government hostile to public participation or does it encourage the public to participate?.. Lets apply these three criteria and compare some well known versions of governance.. The lowest score a government can get and call itself a democracy is three.. The US itself and twenty seven (27) U.. states do not have an initiative process so the maximum points any of them can get is two.. Loss of a full point.. While the Supreme Court consistently upholds most free speech, the US Constitution has no provision for real penalties or substantive deterrence for those who interfere with free speech or free media.. Further, it allows you to sign away your right to free speech to an employer.. These cripple its Free Speech leg by 2/3rds.. The US Supreme Court has refused to abide by laws as shown by their decision in Bush v.. Gore in 2000 - that loses 1/4th point.. Ballots cast for President in many states besides Florida are opened and counted in secret - losing another 1/4th point.. This leaves the US with a democracy score of only 0.. 83 out of 3.. 00.. That is less than a third (28 percent) of the bare minimum required by this method of measuring democracy.. By contrast, California has an Initiative process that cannot be overturned by lawmakers, has real penalties or substantive deterrence for those who interfere with free speech or free media, its courts generally abide by the law, and it does have its ballots opened and counted in public.. However, California ignores all its authority over broadcast and cable media allowing media monopolies to drown out alternative voices.. This reduces its score by 1/3 point.. So California gets a 2-2/3 out of 3, or 89% of the minimum required for a democracy.. So now you know what it takes to have a real democracy.. Consider taking inventory of your own local or state government or even your membership organization to see how it measures up to the 10 criteria explained here.. Encouragement vs Hostility.. A genuine democracy encourages public participation and improvements to it.. An Anti-democracy is hostile to public participation.. As an example, the town of Pacific Grove has a policy of refusing to allow inspection of public records.. It regularly tries to take action to reduce public comment at Council meetings.. When I learn of a government agency which encourages public participation and improvements to it, I will update this article.. ____________.. Shared Power means.. Of the People,.. By the People, and.. For the People.. with.. This Page Last Updated Friday, March 17, 2006..

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  • Title: HOPE - State of Our Monterey Peninsula's Environment 2011
    Descriptive info: State of Our Monterey Peninsula's Environment 2013.. By David Dilworth, Executive Director.. Here on our Monterey Peninsula --.. We have seriously endangered some 82 local animal species plus 19 trees and plants who have lived here for millenia before we arrived,.. There is something seriously wrong with the magnificent dark green cloak that protects and beautifies our Peninsula, warms us in the winter and cools us in the summer - our Monterey Pine Forest,.. Our Carmel River and its biggest animals are dying; and you and I are enduring an official water supply emergency,.. Our Peninsula is infested with Gridlocked Highways,.. Yet most of our.. elected officials.. keep approving more water guzzling golf courses, more habitat destroying subdivisions, roads and mansions as though nothing is wrong!.. They have no concept of -.. "Enough".. As recently as the early 1970s Monterey Peninsula residents enjoyed a quiet, gentle life -- when we could drink clear tap water without thinking about it, walk safely across any street, walk in untouched forests, and watch a sunset turn into a constellation - all in solitude.. We must now brave daily gridlock and road rage, the screaming noise of constant construction machines and chainsaws destroying trees, rationing of repugnant water, endure smoke and flames from burning Fort Ord and perpetually increasing loss of our beautiful Monterey pine, Cypress and oak forests and other wild habitat and views - all lost to greed for more subdivisions, mansions and.. golf courses.. Welcome to Paradise.. Monterey Pine Forest - Down and Threatened.. Most of our beautiful.. Monterey pine forest has been destroyed by bulldozing, paving.. and building of Pacific Grove, Monterey  ...   some.. 8,000 new water connections.. (this is not a mis-print) several of which are.. new golf courses.. This has greatly helped cause the imperilment of the.. West Coast Steelhead.. Carmel Valley Red-Necked Frog.. (just kidding - its the.. California red-legged frog).. Dangerous Chemicals in our Water.. Pebble Beach, and the cities of Pacific Grove and Monterey regularly let raw sewage run into our bays - harming Sea Otters and a huge spectrum of other wildlife.. Every year the some 20+ local.. use thousands of pounds of pesticides and tons of fertilizers - much of which run off into the Carmel River, Carmel Bay and our Marine Sanctuary.. Gridlock.. The highways from the Carmel River all the way to Pacific Grove (Highways One and 68) are.. officially in gridlock.. (Level of Service "F"); so is Highway 68 all the way from Salinas.. Mornings, even the freeway past Fort Ord between Seaside and Marina is in gridlock.. Insanity.. Our elected officials have the right, the authority and the duty to refuse and deny more development and subdivisions.. -- but they keep right on approving them as though absolutely nothing is wrong; as though we have unlimited water and traffic capacity; as though the public wants imperiled species and habitats destroyed.. Insanity has been described as "Doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.. We all know are all headed off the waterfall, yet greedy developers are still shouting and demanding for the politicians to keep paddling downstream.. And they do.. Fasten your seat belts - we're going over the falls.. What are your thoughts on this?.. This Page Last Updated Jan 5, 2011..

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