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    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. ABOUT.. SUPPORT US.. STORE.. NEWSROOM.. Our films.. THE BELIEVERS gold hugo.. winne.. r for best documentary at CIFF.. click.. here.. for official website.. STATUS:.. DISTRIBUTED INTERNATIONALLY BY TVF.. The Believers begins in March of 1989, when two respected scientists from the University of Utah stand in front of a wall of reporters; flashbulbs pop as the pair one shy, the other cracking jokes announce a startling claim: they can solve all the world’s energy problems using seawater, batteries, and the mysterious glass contraption they hold in their hands as they pose proudly for the US and international press.. “Cold Fusion” is born.. Within days, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann are on the cover of Time Magazine.. But, only three short months later, their careers in tatters and their reputations ruined, they flee the country and cold fusion becomes synonymous with bad science.. Everyone the press, the public, and especially the mainstream science community assume Cold Fusion is dead.. But there are those who refuse to accept that.. More than twenty years after the infamous event, a band of professional and amateur scientists, a high school whiz kid and a Hollywood based internet DJ are confident that Pons and Fleischmann were right after all and Cold Fusion will save the world.. They're The Believers.. THE ATOM SMASHERS.. broadcast on independent lens (PBS).. available: amazon / itunes /.. hulu.. STATUS: completed 2008.. Physicists at Fermilab, the most powerful particle accelerator in the United States, are closing in on one of the universe’s best kept secrets: the God particle—the Higgs boson—whose existence was theorized nearly 40 years ago by Scottish scientist Peter Higgs.. The physicists searching for the Higgs boson are excited; they may be approaching the discovery of a lifetime and there’s almost certainly a Nobel Prize for whoever finds it.. Wars, natural disasters and a growing deficit are chipping away at America’s ability to maintain its role as science leader.. In the midst of this uncertainty, Fermilab struggles to stay alive, just as a new and more powerful accelerator  ...   and value of science.. Archival film and vintage footage illustrate the history of Fermilab and cultural attitudes towards science in America, with key scientific ideas brought to life through animation.. Despite the setbacks, the physicists at Fermilab continue the search.. Until Europe’s atom smasher goes online and starts generating the massive amounts of collisions it takes to find such a minute particle, there’s still a chance that they can win the race.. As physicist John Conway says, “This work is too important not to be done somewhere.. ” But will it be done here in the U.. S.. ? Or will he and the rest of the physicists at Fermilab soon be packing their bags for Europe?.. science at work.. created for fermi national laboratory.. for Fermilab website.. Click.. HERE.. to watch the film.. STATUS: completed 2012.. As Fermilab looks toward the future after the permanent shutdown of the Tevatron, their message to the world is that the future is brighter than ever for Illinois' lab on the prairie.. After 137 Films' success with The Atom Smashers, the lab reached out to us to create their next promotional video.. Touting cutting edge research in Muons and Neutrinos, Dark Energy Cameras and Cosmology, Fermilab is arguably busier than ever.. Science At Work explores the new research and exciting developments happening when scientists head to work every day at America's most impressive science research facility.. THIS HAS BEEN TO SPACE.. runtime: approx.. 16 minutes.. STATUS: post production.. This Has Been to Space is a short film about the Adler Planetarium's Far Horizons program in which young people help design, build, and launch experiments on high altitude balloons.. The balloons reach 100,000 feet, touching the edge of space, at which point they pop and float back to earth underneath a parachute.. A chase begins the team tracks the rapidly descending experiment using GPS devices, criss crossing Indiana in a pair of white vans.. This chase, however, had an unexpected ending as the balloon landed somewhere the kids and their science counselors certainly didn't anticipate..

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    Descriptive info: 137 Films is a non profit, 501(c)(3) documentary production company based in Chicago that promotes science literacy through storytelling.. We create films out of the stories found in the world of science to entertain, educate, and inform by exploring how science's search for answers impacts our cultural, political, and personal lives.. our staff.. clayton brown.. monica ross.. amy ellison.. mia capodilupo.. stephen poon.. laura kick.. hillary bachelder.. executive director.. artistic director.. director of development.. director of operations.. assistant editor.. ASSOCIATE PRODUCER.. POST PRODUCTION COORDINATOR.. our board.. philip cable.. GORMAN COOK.. andy swindler.. peter doetschman.. CAROLYN BLESSING.. ROBYN BOWLAND.. president.. TREASURER.. secretary.. Sign up for our newsletter, The Constant!.. Email Address:.. 118 North clinton, LL362.. chicago, il 60661.. 312 870 0137.. 137 Films and our films are supported, in part, by grants from the following organizations:.. And by over 150 individual donors.. You can.. join.. them!.. Web hosting and support provided by.. why 137 films?.. One hundred thirty seven is a magical and bizarre number for physicists.. It is the value of a number called the fine structure constant.. This constant, 137 (or actually, 1/137), is the way physicists describe the probability that an electron will emit or absorb a photon: it's the square  ...   told his friends that the problems of quantum theory would disappear only when 137 was explained, and spent years trying to explain it; fortunately, the problems did go away despite his failure.. Richard Feynman, one of the greatest physicists of this century said that physicists ought to put a special sign in their offices to remind themselves of how much they don't know.. The message on the sign would be very simple.. It would consist entirely of one word, or, rather, number: 137.. Dr.. Leon Lederman, Nobel Laureate, in his book The God Particle said I tell my undergraduate students that if they are ever in trouble in a major city anywhere in the world they should write '137' on a sign and hold it up on a busy street corner.. Eventually a physicist will see that they're distressed and come to their assistance.. During an interview for The Atom Smashers, John Marburger, President Bush's science adviser (himself a physicist), asked if we had ever stood on a street corner and tried it.. Monica said we named our company after it, held it up, and physicists have been coming to our assistance ever since.. (thanks to Charles C.. Mann for information about 137)..

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    Descriptive info: PROMOTE INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING.. advance the understanding of.. mind bending science.. become a 137 films backer.. No one else does what we do.. We make films that tell the human stories behind compelling scientific discoveries, finding the poetry in the often intimidating world of theory, data and equations.. With this unique approach, we inspire viewers to deepen their relationship to science.. As one viewer of The Atom Smashers put it, You made me want to think about science.. That hasn’t happened in a long time.. By choosing from one of the Backer levels to the right, you will give 137 Films the financial stability we need to bring art and science to more audiences.. Even better, you’ll also receive special gifts, designed and selected with 137 Films art/science flair.. And pledging your support brings you closer to 137 Films filmmakers with special screening and social events just for Backers.. The Fusion Plan.. Instead of making a one time donation, you can divide your contribution into twelve monthly payments, starting with the “137 Level.. ” Selecting the FUSION option will begin monthly payments that automatically renew until you choose to stop.. Be a Fusion Backer and receive a free copy of The Atom Smashers.. Our mission has been  ...   Films screening event.. to make a one time donation at this level and become a Fibonacci 137 Films Backer.. $64 quark level.. Quarks entered the standard model in 1964.. Backers receive everything in the Fibonacci level plus a hand crafted 137 Films tile magnet.. to make a one time donation at this level and become a Quark 137 Films Backer.. $137 level.. 1/137 is the fine structure constant.. Backers receive everything in the Quark level, the 137 Films Survival Kit, and admission for TWO to a 137 Films screening event.. to make a one time donation at this level and become a Fine Structure 137 Films Backer.. FUSION!.. to make ongoing contributions of $11.. 42 per month (contact us to cancel any time).. $365 relativity level.. acknowledge the passing of time: donate a dollar a day.. Backers receive everything in the 137 level, a 137 Films T shirt, and admission for TWO to Science Fair, the 137 Films annual fundraising event.. to make a one time donation at this level and become a Relativity 137 Films Backer.. FUSION! Click.. to make ongoing contributions of $30.. donate another amount.. Unbounded space, time, or quantity.. to donate an amount of your choosing and become an Infinity 137 Films Backer..

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    Descriptive info: Small.. Medium.. Large.. X-Large.. MEN'S.. women's.. The BELIEVERS DVD $20.. Plus shipping and handling.. Production year: 2013 • Stereo: Yes • Length: 82 minutes on 1 Disc English Subtitles: Yes • DVD Extras: Directors' Commentary, Deleted Scene, Cold Fusion on Youtube.. NOTE: This DVD is NTSC in format (widescreen).. The BELIEVERS Blu Ray $25.. Watch The Believers in high definition!.. The Atom Smashers DVD $20.. Physicists at Fermilab, the world's most powerful particle accelerator laboratory, are closing in on one of the universe's best kept secrets: why everything has mass.. With the Tevatron, a four mile underground particle accelerator, the scientists smash matter together at nearly the speed of  ...   80 minutes on 1 Disc • Closed Captioned: Yes.. DVD Extras: The Fermilab Tango Club, The Fermilab rock band, The Fermilab model airplane club, The Superconducting Supercollider, Science, Culture and Politics.. 137 Films T Shirt $20.. Wear it like you're confident you don't know all the answers.. You'll probably get some questions, so have your definition of the Fine Structure Constant ready and brush up on.. Leon Lederman's anecdote.. about why you might want to hold up the number 137 on a busy street corner.. Available in both men's and women's sizes.. Price includes S&H.. Please choose domestic or international.. Domestic $25.. 00 USD.. International $30.. Domestic $30.. International $35..

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    Descriptive info: Click on one of the folders to download a press kit.. 137 Films was founded in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.. Contact information:.. info@137films.. org.. 118 North Clinton, LL362.. Chicago, IL 60661..

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