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  • Title: Matthew Inman - Marketing & Design
    Descriptive info: .. Matt Inman - 0at.. org - Marketing Design.. Home.. Everything.. About.. Portfolio.. Blog.. Latest Project.. I drew vector art of duck sitting in some coffee.. Read More.. Recent Blog Posts.. I'm retiring this blog.. Posted on 13/7/11.. I'm no longer updating 0at.. org.. 16 Things You Never Knew About The Automobile.. Posted on 13/10/09.. I created my first infographic today  ...   can really change the tone of an email.. More from the blog.. About Matthew.. I am no longer updating this blog, but you can follow all of my latest work over at.. The Oatmeal.. Web Design, Art, Other Stuff.. All Images and Content are Copyright © 2003-2009 Matthew Inman.. Friends of mine:.. Maggie.. TN Multisports.. Design is Blind.. Play Risk Online.. Mihmorandum..

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  • Title: Everything I've created - Matthew Inman
    Descriptive info: Everything I've Created.. This list represents just about everything I've created on the web, including quizzes, comics, and other viral microsites.. Follow.. Matthew.. The State of the Web - Winter 2009.. The State of the Web - Summer 2008.. The 8 Phases of Dating.. Ten reasons it would rule to date a unicorn.. 9 reasons NOT to date a Tyrannosaurus Rex.. Online Coupon Generator.. Things Bears Love.. What are your chances of getting a tapeworm?.. Types of bad kissers.. Ten reasons to grow a giant beard.. How to turn your car into an unstoppable murder machine.. How many people died on your birthday?.. The Booze Test - Name That Alcohol.. What is your blog rated?.. Vectorizing Barack Obama.. How long could you survive trapped at home?.. The mind of a web developer.. Send a link, get an email when someone clicks it.. Dear Twitter: Please make 3 minor changes.. What code DOESN'T do in real life.. The blog readability test.. How much do you know about movies?.. Find out where an IP address is geographically located.. Social media websites in illustrated form.. The State of the Web - Summer 2007.. A collection of bumper stickers to put on  ...   plotting to kill you.. Ann's Monsters.. Zombie Harmony.. What are your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse?.. The Cadaver Calculator - How much is your dead body worth?.. How myspace was born.. How dating my ex was like playing doom II on nightmare mode.. Stop Saying Fail.. What Nelson Thinks.. 15 Free RSS Icons.. How many 90 year olds could you take in a fight?.. A demon barbarian's guide to impressing a girl.. Eat Sea Bacon!.. How to impress a girl, from ancient history to now.. How many cannibals could your body feed?.. How much do you hate myspace?.. How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?.. Skitters - Pet Detective.. The caffeine click test.. Is your brain wired for creativity?.. Could you pass 8th grade science?.. What I learned about web design from Tokyo, Japan.. How much electricity does your body produce?.. How many colors can you name in 5 minutes?.. Would you eat your buddies in a blizzard?.. Would you make a good human shield?.. Name that beer label.. NameThatWhatever.. com Quizzes.. Generate a countdown timer for your website.. The moon survival challenge.. Who is linking to me?.. 5 HTML elements you probably never use..

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  • Title: Matthew Inman - About
    Descriptive info: I used to design websites but now I'm a comic artist.. I don't update this website anymore but you can follow everything I do at..

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  • Title: Matthew Inman - Portfolio
    Descriptive info: My Portfolio.. Web Design.. Miscellaneous.. Art.. There's a duck in my coffee.. Business Cards.. Mingle.. 2.. " />.. Barack Obama.. (version 2).. (version 2)" />.. SEO Rankings Monitor.. Shopping Baskets.. Twitter Pterodactyl.. Octopus, Tomato, and Peanut Butter.. Zombie Uncle Sam.. Bird.. RentWiki.. 0at.. org Failed Design Concept.. A girl with a teddy bear.. 10 reasons it would rule to date  ...   Bears Love Boomboxes.. The Blog Readability Test.. Web 2.. 0 Awards - 2007.. The Death Report.. Drivl.. The Cadaver Calcuator.. ZombieHarmony.. JLM Couture.. Bloblets.. Zombie Survival Quiz.. The Booze Test.. LineBuzz v1.. FilmCritic.. Fun with Lighting, Drips, and Sprays.. SEOmoz Wallpaper.. Sundance Landscaping.. Dr.. Craig Christian.. 0 Awards - 2006.. Drivl Version 2.. LineBuzz v2.. Avatar Financial.. The Perfect Drug..

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  • Title: Matthew Inman - Marketing & Design Blog
    Descriptive info: Matthew Inman.. Marketing Design Blog.. Vector Art: There's a duck in my coffee.. Posted on 5/10/09.. My New Site: TheOatmeal.. com.. Posted on 6/7/09.. I finished my new website, go check it out and bask in Oatmeal flavored glory.. I quit my job and I'm fleeing the country.. Posted on 9/4/09.. This is a short update on what's happening with my job situation.. How to Tell if a Movie is Going to Suck.. Posted on 3/4/09.. I created a simple graph showing how to tell if a movie is gonna suck gigantic balls.. If I built this SEO software, would you use it?.. Posted on 27/3/09.. I mocked up an SEO tool idea for something I need.. If I built this, would you use it?.. Posted on 2/2/09.. I created a followup to the summer '08 collage, this time it's the winter version.. Posted on 29/1/09.. I take a stab at turning Barack Obama into a vector illustration.. Switching to Adobe Illustrator (and Santa Claus).. Posted on 19/12/08.. I launched my first project using Adobe Illustrator: What Santa Really Does While You Sleep.. My 404 Page.. Posted on 4/12/08.. I created a custom 404 page for 0at.. org.. Have a look-see, whydontcha.. Dear Twitter: Please Make Three Minor Changes.. Posted on 19/11/08.. I highlight three minor fixes that would make the twitter.. com substantially less painful to use.. 8 Phases of Dating, Beards, Cats, & More.. Posted on 15/11/08.. I've been crazy busy lately drawing guides and comics.. Here's a list of some of my recent projects.. Posted on 26/9/08.. I like drawing, and people on the internet like free stuff, therefore I drew a bunch of RSS icons free for the taking.. My Mother's Monsters.. Check out these sock monsters created by my Mom.. Dating a Zombie & Tyrannosaurus Rex.. Posted on 25/7/08.. My latest project: a dating site for zombies and 9 reasons not to date a Tyrannosaurus Rex.. Posted on 7/7/08.. I've put together an illustrated collage of stuff that's happening on the web right now.. India - Dirt, Diarrhea, and Death.. Posted on 13/5/08.. India is a nightmare.. I'm a fairly open-minded guy and I know making generalizations about an entire country based on  ...   decided to create a webcomic.. I Wish I Knew More Web Designers.. Posted on 18/2/08.. When it comes to online marketing, I know a ton of people.. If someone were to ask me to refer them to a reputable SEO firm, I'd have no trouble finding someone I could send them to.. When it comes to web designers, however, I'm kind of stuck on a drop-shadowed-gradient-filled desert island.. Apparently I'm an Evil Genius.. Posted on 14/2/08.. This morning I was featured in the technology section of The Guardian, a British newspaper with a daily circulation of around 400,000 readers.. The article was about my viral marketing tactics and although slightly inaccurate, it paints a pretty fair portrait of what I do.. What I learned about web design from walking around Tokyo, Japan.. Posted on 12/2/08.. As a design-minded pedestrian, walking around Tokyo was like being force-fed every possible permutation of every possible design idea that ever existed or will ever exist.. I was exposed to a (sometimes overly) rich array of light, shape, and color.. This post details a few things I learned about web design from the world's brightest city.. Announcing LinkBlip.. Posted on 7/2/08.. I just finished putting the final touches on LinkBlip, a simple little web app that notifies you when someone clicks a link you send them.. It also tells you where they were geographically located when they clicked it.. Fighting 5 Year Olds.. Posted on 3/2/08.. "How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?" In terms of traffic and links, this quiz was by far the most successful piece of linkbait I've ever created.. org Failed Concept.. This was one of the rejected versions of the new 0at.. org website.. It's got some good elements in it, but overall this thing is a mess.. How to Make Awesome Business Cards at Home.. Posted on 1/2/08.. I finally made some business cards that I'm happy with.. I've never been very good at print media, especially when a third party printer is involved, but after toying around with some cardstock at home I came up with these memorable cards that I think do the trick nicely.. Enter your email address:.. Delivered by.. FeedBurner..

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  • Title: Vector Art: There's a duck in my coffee - Matthew Inman
    Descriptive info: M.. y sister is opening a.. used book store.. in Marysville, Washington.. I wanted to create her a wall hanging to put up in the store.. I suck at photoshop, and I'm not great at using real life mediums, so I decided to go with vector art.. The problem with vector art, however, is that it looks like vector art: it has crisp edges, perfectly symmetrical shapes, and even strokes.. I wanted this to look like a painting, not something digital.. I stayed up until 3am sunday night working on it, and the result was "There's a duck in my coffee.. ".. Click the image to zoom.. Here's some closeups of the duck's head, along with a highlight of the paths I used to create this with the pen tool.. I used adobe fireworks.. Click the images to zoom.. I ordered a print of it from a service that does digital to canvas printing.. Hopefully it looks nice on paper.. The inspiration for this came from one of my favorite artists,.. Michael Sowa.. If ducks are your thing, check out.. this drawing.. I did with prismacolor colored pencils in high school art class.. More stuff I've created.. Comments.. New Comments disabled.. Due to the high volume of spam and the fact that I barely update this blog anymore, new comments have been permanently disabled.. Jen.. writes on 5/10/09.. Awesome work, Matt! I love it! I'm sure Sierra will treasure it.. When does her store open? I wanna come see it (and this).. The store is actually already open, but it's a soft launch.. The store has lots of good stuff: used books, espresso, wifi, pastries, open mic night, and even psychic readings on friday (i think?) nights.. I'm super excited because it's the first brick and mortar business in our family.. She's doing the full grand opening with press releases in a few weeks, after all the kinks are worked out.. nOeL.. I have an appreciation for vector art.. Great work!.. Andrea.. The duck you drew in high school is insane! I would put that on my wall, for sure.. (The duck in coffee is nice, too!).. relaxdelax.. Wow.. I'd buy a tshirt with that.. I allways find ducks floating on my morning coffe.. So awesome!.. terina.. wow very nice.. well done!.. Sister.. This is so awesome! It does remind me of my dead duck -- thanks little brother! :).. f r.. writes on 6/10/09.. nice work.. try this italian vector artist - she applies the traditional painting techniques to vector drawings, and she's been doing it for years, so she's quite good at it.. http://www.. b-9.. it.. it's probably similar to what you were trying to do.. best.. fr.. DuckFeet.. This person, you should envy.. http://lifeinvector.. com/?cat=3.. adchick.. writes on 7/10/09.. Stumbled on your stuff.. well done.. AFLAC should buy this from you.. I smell a TV spot here.. Jimmy Pooflinger.. writes on 5/11/09.. Ping, pong, Puck!.. I See a Duck!.. Brett.. writes on 24/11/09.. Which digital to canvas service did you use? When you get your print, can you let me know if you'd recommend them?.. Khrystah.. writes on 4/12/09.. *right click set as desktop wallpaper*.. I love it! Hope you don't mind me "borrowing" it to pretty up my desktop.. :).. Casey.. writes on 9/12/09.. F.. A.. I.. L.. !!!!.. Hong.. writes on 10/12/09.. Wow, amazing work!.. Kamille.. writes on 15/12/09.. omg.. the colored pencil one is awesome.. you're good in digital AND traditional art.. something quite rare nowadays.. i salute you!.. Noah.. writes on 16/12/09.. Hey, in all honesty, I'd buy a print of that.. Is there  ...   i think its great the way that you still have that slight vector effect, gives it that POP look.. Can't believe you used fireworks for this.. I've long been a fireworks diehard (my colleagues poke mirth at me for this).. is this what you always use Matthew?.. Just wondering how well it printed? One issue that I have with fireworks is its lack of compatibility for pdf/cmyk - you can't even maintain paths when you shift it to another adobe app - thats due to the weird png vector thang.. Cheers - love ur work.. Blake.. C Fairweather.. writes on 12/1/10.. I appreciate your work so much.. You're very gifted!.. I've had endless laughs at your insight and randomness at theoatmeal, and I've passed it onto all my friends via fb.. Once my funds come up (I get paid for web work), I'll be getting your book.. Do you have any others?.. It's too bad you're up in Seattle, so far from San Diego.. I guess I'll have to settle for buying a cup of coffee from afar.. Lisa.. writes on 31/1/10.. I love your work so much! My friends and I are obsessed with The Oatmeal.. Keep it coming and good job! :).. Vanessa.. writes on 1/2/10.. Nicely done! I've always admired your work, and this vector illustration definitely struts your skills.. I'd buy this for my pastor friend -he likes ducks more than people!.. seeanna.. writes on 2/2/10.. wow, i'm instantly in love you.. thanks for making me laugh my ass off :) your design just speaks to me and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. thanks soooo much!!!.. Piggy.. writes on 3/2/10.. This is quacktastic!.. I think I've browsed around all of TheOatmeal and 0at.. org today.. Fun stuff, lots of it was blocked at work (like all those quizzes, I could answer the questions but my result would be firewalled) but I still enjoyed it.. I think the crazy emails was the best, someone is going to get some "fun" emails tonight! ha!.. Sara Lueders.. writes on 4/2/10.. You are funny.. I have looked at some of your work, and I think you should be writing for one of the late night talk show hosts.. Keep making us laugh.. thanks for your fun thoughts.. Wallace.. writes on 10/2/10.. It's nice to see someone who does such great work both digitally and in traditional mediums.. And creates really awesome images without using Photoshop! I am one of very few in the graphic/digital art classes I take that uses Illustrator to do vector art instead of Photoshop, so your portfolio has actually been quite inspiring to me.. Keep it up! :).. Brad.. Just found The Oatmeal & Oat.. org and I'm so glad I did! "Special" (read similarly disturbed) people dear to me will be receiving your posters as gifts.. Keep it coming!.. @tiffzny.. writes on 12/2/10.. You are an incredible artist.. FANTASTICO, MATT (if I may call you that), FANTASTICO.. Armitage.. writes on 25/2/10.. I'm not gay, but I want to have sex with you.. I don't understand how you make a living doing this! OMG, ugh, please don't stop!.. Chris.. writes on 2/3/10.. That is a winner.. duck lover.. writes on 10/3/10.. I also love ducks - they are delicious !!!.. SuperSemicolon.. writes on 14/3/10.. Can you sell this picture as a poster in your Oatmeal store? I would love a copy for my dorm room!.. cheap logo design.. writes on 20/3/10.. Preety nice.. I realy like the way it is design.. Back to Top.. More from the Blog.. More Blog Posts.. -.. RSS Subscribe..

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  • Title: I'm retiring this blog - Matthew Inman
    Descriptive info: As you may have noticed, I'm no longer updating this blog.. I'm now focusing 100% of my energies on.. and anything I do will show up over there.. I'll still keep this site up and running as an archive of my older work, but I don't plan on posting anything new.. If you want to follow my updates, subscribe to.. The Oatmeal RSS.. or just.. follow me on Twitter..

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  • Title: 16 Things You Never Knew About The Automobile - Matthew Inman
    Descriptive info: I created my first infographic for a client and it came out pretty bitchin.. It's for.. The Car Connection.. and it's a visual walk-through of interesting facts about the automobile.. Click here.. to see the whole thing.. Click here to enlarge.. Mark.. writes on 17/11/09.. Your illustration/design style is super.. It would be excellent to get someone like you in to talk to our class in uni instead of the dull old men in grey suits talking about marketing.. everyone i show loves your stuff, keep it up.. Habib Q.. writes on 18/11/09.. I absolutely love your work.. The colors, the humor always brightens my day.. George Campbell.. Everything is so professional.. Now I need the time to check out all your productions.. Mudassir Azeemi.. Awesome stuff you have! One of my friend shared the Web Design Blunders from.. http://theoatmeal.. com/.. I just forwarded your stuff to my office-mates and now your website is in our "Highlights of Interwebs" the place where we put, funny, strange and cool Links!.. Awesome Job dude!.. Keep doodling!.. Shane.. writes on 7/12/09.. Matt - You are an inspiration to us wannabees, the greatest talent online at the moment.. I have been laughing for days.. as well as making notes and learning from you.. Thanks for both, bro !!.. Ashamed Indian.. writes on 21/12/09.. I saw your post on your India visit.. My profound apologies as an Indian.. I read that with a mixture of profound shame and remorse.. I see only one hope for us: economic development.. In some of the relatively more prosperous places in India (it is all relative, there is no place that is *really* prosperous in India yet, but bear with me), some of the stuff you observed, like beggars everywhere, human-powered rickshaws, obviously sick people dying in the streets - I have seen them gone away in my lifetime in the Southern state I come from.. That gives me hope, because the stuff I used to think would never go away as a kid has gone away.. Even so, we are probably the dirtiest nation on the planet.. We have to get about a lot richer before we will get cleaner.. Based on the past 15 years of evidence, I have to say we are getting richer, but places like Varanasi have been untouched by growth.. And places like Delhi have been swamped by people from those places untouched by growth.. As hard as it might be to think this thought after your visit, please remember that those people, even the poorest maggot-ridden beggars dying on the street, are still human, and some day their descendants will achieve their full human potential.. Indian Queen.. writes on 24/12/09.. wow.. I just read your India post and all I can say is: you're an arrogant, spoiled, whiney, weak-ass privileged white douche-bag.. Eat a dick.. Jillian (back to the nest).. writes on 2/1/10.. I just discovered your work and absolutely love all of it, especially The Oatmeal.. Thanks for being awesome!.. Thomas Antony.. Mr.. Oatmeal.. your posts are damn funny.. :D.. I found this site when one of my friend referred me to your 'Twilight' post on TheOatMeal.. com.. Being a web developer myself.. your feat of developing a full-fledged site in 66.. 5hours.. and then gettng it 90k visitors in the first month.. is simply awesome.. Hats off to you! :D.. As for 'Indian Queen'.. I am myself an Indian.. And badmouthing him for telling the truth is not the right thing to do.. After all.. it IS the truth.. I am from South India.. and even I have had such experiences of cab drivers and rickshaw drivers crowding us when we went on vacations.. I can't even imagine how it  ...   200 years, but think they own the world, you people are so far up your own ass you can't see past your own arrogant noses.. LOL.. And worst of all, the world saw how greedy and lacking in any empathy you were when Katrina struck New Orleans and your people were just left to die and suffer because they were POOR.. How sick.. Look at yourself and your own disgusting country before pointing at anyone else!.. Steve.. Look, the fact of the matter is he had a shitty vacay! Sure, he was harsh, but obviously he just wasn't prepared for what he was hit with.. He'd rather have a vacation not filled with the guilt that he has so much and they have nothing, and no reason for such an unfair tip in the scales of life.. And, of course, you proud Indians are just trying to be patriotic; you (and I) will defend your home country to the death, because it is yours; it is your identity.. For example, I'm going to PUNCH IN THE FACE the next person who says the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Canada were bunk (they were), because it's my homeland; I'm not just going to let you insult my country.. So lay off 'im.. Riddhi.. writes on 19/2/10.. With all due respect- well actually no, no respect really, considering you can't seem to give other people/ countries/ nations the respect they deserve-you're a fucktard.. Wrt what steve said, I'm living in Canada too atm, and if you realize the fact that as a Canadian you'd stand up for your country "I don't get your logic in telling Indians to 'lay off' this douchebag.. Anyway, my point is, if today I went to the Bronx and had the worst experience of my life, wound up raped and pressured into buying drugs and then came back and said that the U.. S is the worst place there is, that would be me making an asshole of myself for giving a one-sided view after landing up in the wrong place.. That's more or less akin to what you seem to have done.. I've lived in India for a while before and yeah, I have seen poverty but not at the 'Oh sweet mother of God it's a personal insult' level.. And oh I dunno, viewing it maybe with a little, Empathy? Which you obviously lack.. Sense as well.. How convenient to write a retarded post such as that and then disable comments.. A little bit of a coward aren't you? Ah well, it's alright.. Everyone can't be a man y'know.. @Ashamed Indian- You're nothing but a whitewashed wannabe.. And don't kid yourself- that doesn't leave you white nor does it leave you Indian.. It leaves you somewhere in the middle licking white ass like an alley dog, which when you come to think of it, is basically just ass.. @Traveler- You're smart =).. @Jason- You're a prick.. And actually no it doesn't.. Have you ever Been to India asshole?.. This is really cool - as always! Nice to see someone who enjoys his work so much.. Thanks for setting such a great example.. :-).. D.. Aristophanes.. You are so funny and a great artist.. You are the best! We should be together, too.. john.. writes on 11/3/10.. Matt! You have one of the funniest blogs around.. Your comics are hilarious.. I have not laughed aloud so often since I discovered Perry Bible Fellowship.. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good stuff!.. Garry.. writes on 15/3/10.. Website needs to 'pop' more.. Ya know? You know.. POP.. POP.. David.. writes on 16/3/10.. Useful information.. Helped me figure out few things.. Keep up the good work..

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  • Title: Oops - Matthew Inman
    Descriptive info: Here's a bunch of crap I've created.. John Doss.. Wow thats amazing dude!.. RT.. www.. anon-web.. int.. tc.. Anderson.. That was pretty funny, I enjoyed it.. Thanks for all your Internet shenanigans, 0at.. Retards,.. -Anderson.. Torley.. Heh, I first heard of "Best Retards" from Al Lowe of Leisure Suit Larry fame.. You actually got one in the wild!.. BTW, Matt, have you ever had someone offended because of the word "mockup"? It's happened to me and neither of us were pleased.. scootatar.. Wow, thats amazing.. I bow to the retard that you have for your clients.. scoot.. Joney S.. that's stupid.. Adam.. That's not really so amazing.. jason.. Yeah.. "RETARDS" lol.. Greg.. And the T is right above the G, so it's a legitimate typo.. matt.. removeD.. maz.. funny.. William.. This is when the gmail "undo" function can come in handy.. tek.. writes on 8/10/09.. That's a winner.. pixjm.. funny.. pixjm.. פורומים.. haha! one of the best spelling mistakes i've ever seen :-) keep on.. Tom.. I don't get it.. Missing 'd' off remove? I've removed my email from this post in case I look stupid!.. Will.. WOW MAN, THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE SEEN ALL DAY!!.. Mohan Arun L.. Great typo you got there!.. Loool, that's really funny!.. tsung.. writes on 10/10/09.. this cracked me up, good one.. Agent Smith.. writes on 15/10/09.. Tom writes:.. Missing 'd' off remove? I've removed my email from this post in case I look stupid!.. Look further down.. "Retards" instead of "regards".. writes on 16/10/09.. LOL!.. Ian.. i guess thats why  ...   the original programmer would be put back on the customer's project.. The last sentence was to read ".. and I know you'll be pleased to hear that Don will now be assigned to complete your project.. ".. Unfortunately, there was a typo.. The sentence which went out actually said ".. and I know you'll be pleased to hear that Don will not be assigned to complete your project.. It did not make the customer happy.. Burke.. Hilarious.. It's even better that it's placed at such a point in the email that you can hear it, muttered, like an afterthought.. Awesome.. Rob.. That is funny.. Well done.. Axel Garcia.. i would laugh if i got an email like that.. Carissa.. writes on 6/2/10.. That would be embarrassing when you realized you misspelled something in an e-mail you already sent.. Was there any aftermath?.. You amuse me so much.. ^_^.. alicia.. lol, I'm a lil dyslexic between c and s which has caused problems.. I burnt a dick for you, it's in the post.. Dana White.. writes on 18/2/10.. Ha ha ha LOL that's hilarious.. F*CK.. Mark Payne.. writes on 22/2/10.. I worked for a BIG Japanese company.. We had a change of management at the very top in Japan, and being "One of the people" he sent a message to all employees globally.. The typo is in the first line - see if you can spot it.. "Hi all you gays,".. ----edit for length----.. he's gone now, but I confess I peed a little when I read THAT one.. Mark..

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  • Title: The State of the Web - Winter 2009
    Descriptive info: State of the Web - Winter 2009.. Created by.. Google maps is feeling lucky.. (Bambi isn't).. Lights out for Pownce.. Farewell, we barely knew thee.. Twitter starts seeing some uptime.. (Now they just need to figure out how to make money).. Also, Twitter, if you're reading this:.. please take my advice.. Sad.. {whatever}.. is sad.. Happy.. is happy.. Out with the old.. In with the new.. Reddit adds sponsored links.. (yo, Digg - get with the program).. Zunes commit mass suicide.. Welcome to the new year.. 1 in 50 people on earth are using Facebook.. AdultFriendFinder files for IPO.. Wikipedia surpasses fundraising goals.. Google maps the ocean floor.. You can now read your gmail messages while offline.. Another nail in  ...   I designed and coded an online dating website, from concept to launch, in.. 66.. 5 hours.. In a typical work week this would amount to about a week and a half.. The end result was.. , and within 6 months of launch the site exploded in popularity and was acquired by a bigger company.. Since then, it has become one of the world's largest free online dating sites, having nearly one million users and garnering over 40 million page views a month.. In addition to my full time job at Mingle.. , I also create web comics, quizzes, and other viral microsites.. View.. everything I've ever created here.. Matthew's Blog.. More Comics Stuff.. Friends of Matthew:.. Maggie Mcdonald.. Auto Insurance..

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  • Title: The State of the Web - Summer 2008
    Descriptive info: Created by Matthew Inman of 0at.. Like this? There's a newer one:.. This was created on a cloudy afternoon in Seattle by.. of.. Follow me on Twitter.. Subscribe to my Blog.. More about me.. Celebrity News..

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